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Ayman Mar 29 '16
Sailaway version 0.4 is available for testing. Since an overwhelming 600+ people have volunteered to become a pioneer and want to help with beta testing, the distribution of this beta version will have to be turn based. You are selected in the group to test this version!

The release notes of 0.4 can be found athttp://sailaway.world/20160321_release_notes_0_4.htmlView in your browserSend your findings by email to [email protected] and if you find anything that doesn't work or that you don't like, please don't make it public before I've had a chance to fix itYou can download Sailaway 0.4 here:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwZsQDbVzLqRYVdheWRkSE5BZG8
Click the version you need, it will open a panel with a tiny download button in the center of black title bar above (I also missed it the first time).

This version is about sailing together and the only way to test that is to invite your friends:
- Set your avatar image (settings button with cog wheel)
- Plan a voyage and start it
- Try to invite your friends to sail with you
- Test if you can see eachother's boat
- Test the chat function if your friend is on board the same boat or test the mariphone function if they sail nearby (range about 30km)
- Try to adjust the sail trim together
- Try out the new HUD (glasses button in left bottom corner)
- Do you have any suggestions for improvements
- Try to send a screenshot if you report an error or have a suggestion

Things that I know are not yet 100% ok:
- It may take 10-30 seconds before you see eachother
- There is no documentation yet (yes, we developers are all the same)
- There is no check on water depth yet. You can sail straight across the Sahara desert if you like.
- There is no current yet
- The land does not look very pretty yet

Mail me
Please let me know your findings by mail[email protected]. If possible, add as much info or screenshots as you think relevant.

Hope you will like it :-)

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