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Ayman May 9 '18
Kilroy sign It's nice to have a way of greeting other avatars visiting when you are not around yourself. You could aquire one of the many (expensive) signs available in Shop or Auction. But there's another and more cheaper way to "express yourself" - by means of an object called "Invisible Destination". This object available in Shop for 5,000TB is usually used for making a Teleport Destination - that is a Teleport Link for any teleportable object/place/zone in There. But it also has the option of adding a message - and even function as a kind of guestbook. This feature is what has given it the name "Kilroy Sign". Funny thing though is that the Message can only be seen from one side - it's invisible from the other side. When you take it out you are looking at the invisible side, but if you move around it you will see the visible side of it. To make it work as a Kilroy Sign you first need to get the DOID number for your Invisible Destination object (which you have to aquire first of course). To get to that number do either of the following: Click on About for it and look at the URL address of your browser window. At the end of the URL you will find a long number - note it down or copy it. OR... Take out the Invisible Destination object and activate DOID View by means of pressing the keyboard hotkeys CTRL+SHIFT+D once. That will bring up black boxes with WHITE numbers close to the objects they belong. Find the number closest to the Invisible Destination object. Then hit the hotkeys three more times to turn off the numbers completely. Now comes the tricky part - crafting the special URL: Teleport Link: To make it work as a Teleport Destination you need to add the following URL into whatever you want to hold a link for your destination. For instance a Scroll, Book, Quest Clue etc. You add the DOID number of your Invisible Destination object to the end of the URL: http://webapps.prod.there.com/goto/goto?obj= Edit Link: Now it would be nice if you could edit the message on the sign. To do that you need another specially crafted URL - add your DOID number at the end of this URL: http://webapps.prod.there.com/...&mode=OT&id= Guestbook Link: Finally if you want others to be able to leave a message (you can do that yourself too of course) you need to add the following URL to a document that others can open and read (Book, Scroll, Quest Clue etc. that can hold a link) - add your DOID number at the end of this URL: http://webapps.prod.there.com/...&mode=OT&id= And place that document next to the Invisible Destination object. That's pretty much it. Please notice: There's a bug in this object - sometimes the message jumps up a little higher above your head. I haven't figured out when or why it does this and it doesn't inflict on its functions. If anyone has a clue please let me know. Also you might want to add a nice frame to the sign. There's sometimes nice wooden or "stoned" Kilroy Frames in auctions that you can place right behind the message to make it look like a really nice sign. If it weren't for the bug that makes the message jump above this is a perfect Kilroy Sign solution. A few final tips and notes: The Invisible Destination object doesn't have any tags itself - you need to retrieve it by means of the "My Things" menu. It appears that some Invisible Destination objects won't work as a Kilroy Sign (Thx Orielle) To make the Guestbook thing look just right place the document on top of the Invisible Destination object and then place one of the Kilroy Frames so it covers the document. This way it looks like the Kilroy Sign has it's own action tag.
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