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Ayman May 9 '18
Create teleport link

You can create a teleport link for a portazone, There house, Frontier and Fun zone, most signs and the Invisible Destination thing.

First you need the DOID - press CTRL+SHIFT+D - locate the right DOID number. Then put that number after this link without spaces:

  • http://webapps.prod.there.com/goto/goto?obj=

You can also find the DOID number by opening the About page (click About in action tag or MyThings) for the object in question. Look at the URL address of the opening window and find the DOID number. If there's no address visible then right-click on the background of the page, select Properties and find the URL address and DOID number there.

That's it. Read more about this feature in ThereCare.


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