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Ayman May 9 '18
PortaZone Tricks

You can do several tricks with a paz to "enhance" its use:

  1. The size drop trick:
    You are not limited by the size of the paz when dropping objects bigger than the paz. Start by taking out a small object and place it as close to the boundary as possible. Pick it up and take out the bigger object. Notice that the action tag on that object now has a put back option - click it. Now both the previous and the new object are placed at the same spot. Finally retrieve the small object.

  2. The extra drop trick:
    You can exceed the drop limit in a paz by 1, ie. a 10 drop paz can hold 11. Is actually just the trick #1 - only this time you move the first object for its final position before taking out the last object and then issue the put back option. The last object will take the first objects last 'saved' position so there's no point in trying to move the last object. Oh - and if the last (the exceeding drop) is a seat - the seating nodes won't work.

  3. The stack drop trick:
    You can stack paz' on top of each other to get more drops. The trick is to make sure the boundary poles (corners) of the second paz is not inside the other when dropping. Use "preview drop location" and top-down view.

  4. The duplicate drop trick:
    You can reuse a single object in multiple paz'.
     This trick (exploit) was made obsolete in the server update of march 12, 2009.

There's even more tricks but these are the only ones I know myself.

Be warned though that There does not endorse any of these tricks and might take actions if they encounter the (mis-) use of them.

source : http://test.kihap.dk/...nes/PortaZone-Tricks

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