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Ayman Nov 7 '17
There Web Address Tweaks

Ever wondered how someone made an event at 7:17 when there's event creating form only allows events at :00 and :30 past the hour? Ever want to view all the results from any there search or even happening now on one page? You can with these simple address changes.

Note: Previously, I had no problems just right clicking on a page and then clicking properties to be able to see the URL I am at in There. You can try this if you want, if it doesn't show a long line of text after the url, come back. Now that I've installed SP2 and the Google toolbar, I can no longer see the entire URL in the properties dialog. The fix for this is simple, install the google toolbar! It adds the option "backwards links" to your right-click menu. Copy the address in the google search that comes up and remove the link: before it.

Changing an Event's start time:

Complete the event form with the next available timeslot. When you get to the Confirm Event page, STOP and copy the URL. Paste this URL in notepad or a similar non rich text program. Don't use Word or Wordpad, they can and will mess up your URL.

In notepad you should now see something like this (minus the line breaks, # symbols will be replaced by actual numbers.):


lets focus on the "&StartTime=2005-07-31+03%3A00%3A00" part of the link. This is the part we need to change for an anytime event. It needs to be after the current time, you cannot schedule an event that starts before the current time. If you want a shorter event, you may change the "&Duration=30" part of the link to your desired amount of minutes.

Let's bisect the "&StartTime=2005-07-31+03%3A00%3A00" portion of the link and tell you what each number means:

2005: The year the event will start in. Unless it's 11:45 P.M. on New Years eve (in Pacific time), there will be no need to change this. The easiest way to tell if the year is wrong for you is to make sure it's the same year that your clock currently shows.

07-31: The date. Unless you're scheduling an event at 11:30 - 11:59 P.M. PST, you won't need to change this. The easiest way to tell if the date is wrong for your event is to make sure it's the same date that your clock currently shows. If scheduling an event for the future, change the date in the event form before coming into notepad.

+03: Has to do with the hour the event is during. Not sure exaclty how it is calculated, but if you're scheduiling an event from :30 to :59 past the hour and want it to start before the next hour, you'll need to minus one from this number. You can go negative (ex: +-01), but only if the number is already 00.

%3A: Ignore

00: Minutes past the hour. Ex: Set to 17 for 17 minutes past the hour

%3A00: Ignore (I'm guessing this is seconds, which are irrelevent).

Once you have what you want, recopy the URL, open a Therebrowser (by going to There > Browser ingame) and paste in the link. Hit enter, review your changes and click confirm.

Have fun scheduling events at any time, and remember their practical use for removing a greifer. If you just want to drop something and leave, you might want to change the duration to 5-10 minutes, too. Remember, you can review the changes in the confirm window before clicking the confirm event button. Also remember there is no need to mess with any of the other settings in this URL they can all be changed within the event creation form.

Viewing all listings for any There page with numbered pages:

Please Note: Opening all pages for a listing with over 10 pages could cause There, IE or your entire computer to freeze. This depends on many things, but all you can do is try it. If it locks up, your computer can't handle that many pages at once. Refine your search or simply set a lower amount of results per page.

Please Note 2: On some pages, you will need to go to page 2 to view the full URL.

The link will look something like this minus the line breaks. This example is a happening now page. Paste it in notepad.


we need to focus on the "Page=2&PageSize=10" part of the URL. This is the same on ALL there pages with numbers, but it could be in a different part of the URL.

Page=2&: If the number here isn't a 1, make it a 1.

&PageSize=10: Make this number alot higher. I usually just enter 999. Ex: &PageSize=999. If your computer can't handle all the results from a search, simply make it a lower number like 99. You will need to change the page number manually in some cases (just change the 1 to a 2, 2 to a 3, etc. in the address bar), but you will have many less pages to click through.Info by Doug


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