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Ayman Aug 11 '17

Skills in There measure your experience and are a reflection of what you enjoy doing in There. You earn skill points by participating in the in-world activities you enjoy: like chatting, driving Buggies, racing HoverBoards, or attending fun events with your friends.


  • Leveling up
    Each Skill (there are 16 in total) has five levels of achievement: Casual, Avid, Expert, Renowned, and Legendary. As you have fun in There - meeting new people and participating in activities - you'll "level up". Each time you level up, you'll automatically receive fun gifts.  You might get a fun new place to visit in your Favorite Places menu, a cool item of clothing to wear, etc.  As you level up in skills, you will also be making progress toward increasing the level of your FunPass.   
  • Leveling down
    If you behave in a disruptive or harrassing manner, you will impact your skills negatively and possibly "level down". Any items you receive, however, are yours to keep.

    Of course, you can always level up again.  You will only receive a gift the first time you level up.

For more information, see the Help pages that are associated with each individual Skill. They contain valuable tips on how to level up, and details about the rewards you'll receive when you do!

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