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Whenever someone reads a bookflyerscriptscroll or rulebook that you've written and placed in the world, you're building up your Author Skill.

There are five levels of achievement for Authors: Casual, Avid, Expert, Renowned, and Legendary. Each time you level up, we'll give you a special gift (look in your ChangeMe or My Things menu) and a new Author-themed location to explore (look in Favorite Places). You'll see these gifts the next time you log into There.

When you reach the Legendary level, you'll gain access to the Oro Lounge, a special building reserved for all our Legendary members in There. Hang out, trade tips, and meet other legends in There...you earned it!

The number of ThereDocs and signs�an avatar may have in world at one time, as well as the length of time these things will remain in the world,�are linked to�FunPass level:

How many ThereDocs may an avatar have in world at one time?
-FunPass: Basic:0, Bronze:1, Silver:10, Gold and above:20

How long may a ThereDoc remain in the open world?
-FunPass: Bronze and above: 10080 mins (7 days)

How long may a sign remain in the open world?
-Linked to FunPass: Bronze and above: 1440 mins (24 hours)

How many signs may an avatar have in world at one time?
-Linked to FunPass: Basic:0, Bronze:1, Silver:5, Gold and above:8


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