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Ayman Aug 11

We have identified a known cause of segmentation violations and graphics corruption in the Forceware drivers from Nvidia. One common symptom of this issue is that all avatar faces will appear pastey or "gray".

There is a workaround, but it is not known to work on all systems and all drivers. We have had the most success with Nvidia's driver version 56.72, and we recommend that you first try upgrading to 56.72 if it or a later driver is not already on your system.

Once Forceware 56.72 or a later driver is installed, please go into Nvidia's display driver control panel:

1) Right-click on your desktop and choose Properties
2) Click on the Settings tab
3) Click on the Advanced button
4) Click on the GeForce tab.
5) In the sidebar menu that opens up, select Performance and Image Quality Settings
6) Change "Image Quality" to "Quality". The settings "Performance" and "High Performance" are where the bug lies in the Forceware drivers.
7) Apply settings, and attempt to log in to There.

Please note that this setting will impede performance. This is not prominent in There, but other games may show a slowdown or low performance. You may want to consider creating a 'profile' in the Nvidia driver control panel that sets Image Quality to Quality only when running There.exe.


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