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Ayman Jun 17
Five steps to make stay hidden on the internet
Step 1
Change your IP More then once a day i would
suggest u change it 3-4 times Every day
Step 2
Have terminal open and type in netstat Every
5minutes to see what data is coming in and out
Step 3
Delete all your cookies !! And in settings of your
browser dont store anything dont save your
browser history . IF a person would attack your
browser u will have nothing saved in it .
Step 4
Dont login to any social media using your
"anonymous ip" IF they trace it they are gonna se
that your connected to facebook. And IF they scan
u , u can simply see that using step 2
Step 5
To avoid spammed etc when ur signign up to a
website use a fake email addres that forwards the
emails to yourmain email and after a couple of
hours the email is gone . i would recomend using
Note that some website dont like when u use melt-
mail like facebook thats why we cant link it in a
regular way

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