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The best laptop and tablet deals you`ll find this weekend: Save on iPad Air and more

You may have heard that there is a certain sporting event happening this weekend... 

But you may also be that certain type of person who couldn`t care less about it. No, you`d rather bundle up under a cozy blanket all weekend with your laptop or tablet to watch through the latest season of Sex Education. That`s what we`ll be doing, anyway.

If you want to join us, check out these deals on both laptops and tablets that we found — we`ve got our hearts set on this iPad discount (which is almost sold out), but there are plenty more to go around. Read more...

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Natural-language processing has taken great strides recently—but how much does AI really understand of what it reads? Less than we thought.
Ayman Jan 31
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CAIRO – 31 January 2020: Greek frigate HS Nikiforos Fokas headed towards a Turkish research vessel in the Mediterranean, Greek media reported, after the vessel reportedly entered Greece’s continental shelf area.

Greek officials have expressed their readiness to counter the Turkish ship sailing east of Crete and western Cyprus.

This comes a month after the head of the Libyan Government of National Accord Fayez al Sarraj and Turkish President Recept Tayeb Erdogan inked a controversial MoU on drawing maritime borders in the Mediterranean Sea- one of the largest natural gas resources in the region- and on enhancing military cooperation.

The deals signed between Sarraj and Erdogan provoked anger in Egypt, Cyprus and Greece that voiced their rejection of the deal as they say it contradicts with the international agreements.

In a joint press conference held in Cairo for the foreign ministers of Egypt, Greece, France and Cyprus, the ministers affirmed the necessity to fully respect the sovereignty of all countries, including their sovereign rights in their water regions in the Mediterranean Sea.

In this regard, they strongly condemned the continuous Turkish acts (drillings) in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone and regional waters and called on Turkey to immediately halt illegal exploration activities.
Ayman Jan 31
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CAIRO – 31 January 2020: Bahrain has urged its citizens to avoid non-essential travel to China and other world countries, where new coronavirus emerged.

“In light of the spread of the coronavirus ... we call on all citizens to avoid non-essential travel to China”, Bahraini Foreign Ministry said in a Friday statement.

The ministry also advised all its nationals against travelling to other world countries, where the deadly virus spread, to ensure their safety.

On January 30, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi directed the government to take all necessary measures for returning the Egyptian expatriates in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the birth-place of the deadly coronavirus (nCoV), said the Cabinet in a statement.

The Egyptian ambassador to China Mohamed al-Badry contacted the Chinese authorities to get permission for returning the Egyptians who want to go back home and leave the city, said added.

The cabinet called upon all Egyptians who want to leave the city to call the embassy on 01065322541 or send an e-mail on [email protected] , besides the other various ways of contacts on the social media platforms.

on Thursday, Egypt’s Health Minister Hala Zayed announced sending 10 tons of medical supplies to China, to help prevent the spread of the new deadly coronavirus, affirming that the Egyptian state would provide support to the Chinese people in Egypt.

The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a public-health emergency of international concern Thursday as the first person-to-person transmission of the virus was reported in the US.

China`s National Health Commission said there have been an additional 43 deaths and 1,982 new confirmed cases, as of the end of Thursday. That brings the country`s total to 213 deaths and 9,692 confirmed cases, the government said.

Additional reporting by MENA
Ayman Jan 31
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T3 Micro`s hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers are 20% off

TL;DR: T3 hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers are 20% off for Valentine`s Day — use code ROSE20 and receive a free 85 value gift when you spend 150.

Self-care Twitter has been preaching "You`re your own damn Valentine" for years, so we`ll save you that speech. 

But those treat yo-self speeches usually involve buying yourself a box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses, but you don`t need to succumb to clichés just because you`re gifting to yourself. This year, give yourself the gift of looking bomb on Valentine`s Day and every other day — whether that`s for yourself or your significant otherT3 Micro is offering 20% off their rose gold collection of award-winning hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers. And when you spend 150, you`ll get an extra 85 value gift for free. Read more...

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Add some sweetness to your V-Day and game day plans with Edible Arrangements

TL;DR: Edible Arrangements is kicking off February with some sales — save up to 20 on Valentine`s Day gifts and 20% off party platters with code PARTYTIME.

We`ve finally made it to the end of January 2020, which somehow lasted 100 days. As we head into February we get to look forward to Valentine`s Day and the big game that shall not be named.

Edible Arrangements is here to help you celebrate both. Ordering V-Day gifts now will save you up to 20. Or if you want a yummy addition to your game day snack spread you can save 20% on select platters by using the code PARTYTIME.

For Valentine`s Day, Edible Arrangements offers a bunch of cute gift sets. You can get just fruit or spice it up with some fun balloons, chocolate, cookies, and teddy bears. Only select items are on sale, so pay attention to the discounts in red. Read more...

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The number of Americans booking flights to Brazil has jumped 39% since the government of President Jair Bolsonaro waived a visa requirement for U.S. citizens in June, according to its official tourism agency, which is devising plans to draw more.
Ayman Jan 31
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The United Kingdom leaves the European Union on Friday with a mixture of joy, anger and indifference, casting off into the unknown in one of the biggest blows yet to Europe`s attempt to forge unity from the ruins of World War Two.
Ayman Jan 31
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Some companies have warned that a coronavirus outbreak in China that has killed more than 200 people and infected thousands could disrupt supply chains or hurt bottom lines as factories and shops shut and airlines suspend flights.
Ayman Jan 31
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Sweden`s Public Health Agency said on Friday that a woman had tested positive for coronavirus and was being kept isolated at a hospital in southern Sweden.
Ayman Jan 31
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The EU might try to force Apple to ditch the Lightning port. Will it work?

On Thursday, the European Union`s Parliament voted, by 582-40, for a resolution that urges the European Commission to make phone makers conform to a single charger standard. 

The reasoning behind the regulation is reduction of electronic waste — 50 million metric tons of e-waste is generated globally per year, the text of the resolution says — and the MEPs would like to see the changes implemented by July 2020. (The EC agreed to do this at a later date, sometime in the third quarter of 2020.)

Apple opposes this measure. “We believe regulation that forces conformity across the type of connector built into all smartphones stifles innovation rather than encouraging it, and would harm consumers in Europe and the economy as a whole,” the company said in a statement last week.  Read more...

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These Bluetooth speakers are all on sale for less than 30

While Beats and Bose are amazing, they`re not the only good speakers out there. 

Gone are the days when we had to either pay a ton of money to get quality speakers or settle for blasting our phones as high as they would go. You can have the best of both worlds with brands, like JBL, that offer great sound for a price you can stand. 

Right now, Amazon has the JBL GO2 waterproof ultra portable Bluetooth speaker on sale for 29.95 (a 10 savings). It has five hours of playtime and can even act as a speakerphone. 

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CAIRO – 31 January 2020: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrived, Friday in Egypt to attend the Arab League emergency meeting expected, Saturday.

The meeting comes upon an invitation from Abbas according to Palestine`s permanent representative to the Arab League and the Ambassador to Egypt Diab al-Louh.

The meeting is set to discuss the US-proposed plan of peace agreement [aka the Deal of the Century] between the Palestinians and the Israelis, which was announced by U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday.

Trump presented his peace plan on Middle East, giving Israel the right to annex West Bank settlements and to have Jerusalem as its capital, a move that initially angered many Arab countries when announced late in 2017.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement issued Tuesday that Egypt appreciates the American efforts to realize a comprehensive and fair peaceful resolution for the Palestinian cause in a way that contributes to the stability and security of the Middle East.

“Egypt values the American administration’s initiative to reach a fair settlement for the Palestinian cause in a way that restores the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights that include the establishment of an independent state with full sovereignty over the occupied lands in accordance with the International legitimacy,” read the statement.

Therefore, Egypt calls on the two relevant parties to undertake a careful and thorough consideration of the US vision to achieve peace and open channels of dialogue, under US auspices, for the resumption of negotiations to present their respective views on reaching an agreement that satisfies the aspirations of both peoples to achieve a comprehensive and just peace and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar took a similar stance and made carefully worded statements that all look almost the same.

Ayman Jan 31
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Organizers of Asia`s largest art fair, Art Basel Hong Kong, are facing mounting pressure to postpone or cancel the March event as the deadly Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread around the region.
Ayman Jan 31
Ayman Admin
The United States, Japan and others tightened travel curbs to virus-hit China on Friday while businesses struggled with supply problems from an epidemic that has infected nearly 10,000 people and been declared a global emergency.
Ayman Jan 31
Ayman Admin
India on Friday banned the export of personal protection equipment such as masks and clothing amid a global coronavirus outbreak.
Ayman Jan 31
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John Krasinski returns in the Super Bowl spot for `A Quiet Place Part II`

A new look at A Quiet Place Part II is here, and thanks to a harrowing flashback fans get their first glimpse at John Krasinski.

The 30-second Super Bowl spot builds on the first trailer by showing more of the day the monsters appeared and wreaked havoc on the world.

Like A Quiet Place, the sequel will again be written and directed by Krasinski, but this time, in addition to Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe, it will star Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou.

A Quiet Place Part II doesn`t hit theaters until March 20, but Paramount also dropped an exciting segment that features Krasinski and Blunt discussing the film to hold you over. Read more...

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Netflix confirms `The Crown` will end with Season 5 starring Imelda Staunton

Netflix`s The Crown has confirmed its final season — and its final queen. 

Harry Potter actress Imelda Staunton (seen most recently in the Downton Abbey film) will play Queen Elizabeth II for The Crown`s fifth and final season.

Imelda Staunton will play Queen Elizabeth II in the fifth and final season of The Crownpic.twitter.com/hUOob58A9p

— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) January 31, 2020

While many viewers and show runner Peter Morgan himself expected six seasons, Morgan told The Hollywood Reporter that Season 5 felt like "the perfect time and place to stop."

Each season of Netflix`s The Crown has covered roughly a decade in the British monarch`s life and times, with Season 3 taking us up to 1977. Season 4 will likely cover the `80s and some of the `90s (we already have a Princess Diana actress cast, though she has yet to appear), ending with a fifth season before Prince William and Prince Harry`s adulthood (so no Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle). Read more...

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Roku accused of `intimidation tactics` for pulling Fox channels before Super Bowl

Roku owners should put together a Plan B right now for the Super Bowl.

On Thursday night, Roku sent an email to customers with a sudden and largely unexplained warning: All Fox streaming channels will not be available on Roku devices after Friday. This is a problem because the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers battle for NFL supremacy on Sunday night on Fox. 

Roku`s email didn`t provide any specifics beyond that, or even mention the Super Bowl. In a statement to Mashable, Roku confirmed that this is a rights dispute between the two companies. They had a distribution deal that runs through Friday, but nothing beyond that. Read more...

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Wuhan, the epicenter of a coronavirus that has quickly spread beyond China`s borders in recent days, should have taken measures sooner to contain it, the city`s Communist Party chief said on Friday.
Ayman Jan 31
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Frustrated by one of the world`s highest rates of sexual assault, poor law enforcement and tribal taboos that keep people quiet about gender violence, some Nigerian women are breaking with tradition to take self-defense classes.
Ayman Jan 31
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CAIRO – 31 January 2020: Egypt’s Health Minister Hala Zayed on Thursday announced sending 10 tons of medical supplies to China, to help prevent the spread of the new deadly coronavirus, affirming that the Egyptian state would provide support to the Chinese people in Egypt.

The meeting chaired by Zayed with the participation of the representatives of ministries and security authorities was held to discuss the implementation of a medical strategy to receive the Egyptian citizens coming from China, the birthplace of the coronavirus that emerged in December last year, killing dozens of people.

On Friday, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry denied reports claiming that coronavirus cases were detected among the Egyptian community in China, the Cabinet media office reported.

The Foreign Ministry added that the Egyptian embassy is directly communicating with Egyptian expatriates in China`s Wuhan city in Hubei province, where the virus emerged, to follow up their health conditions and offer them needed help after the decision of the Chinese authorities to impose a quarantine on Wuhan.

The Cabinet also denied news circulated on social media claiming that the Health Ministry has launched campaigns to inspect and close Chinese restaurants in the country over the outbreak of the deadly virus.

The Cabinet media center said it contacted the Ministry of Health, which dismissed the reports, asserting that all Chinese restaurants in Egypt are working normally.

The ministry added that its bodies carry out constant and periodic campaigns to inspect food facilities nationwide to make sure they meet the required health conditions.

MENA contributed to the reporting.
Ayman Jan 31
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Russia said on Friday it would begin moving its citizens out of China via its Far Eastern region on Feb. 1, in response to the coronavirus outbreak, regional authorities said.
Ayman Jan 31
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Kenya`s high court said the government could go ahead with a new digital ID scheme, as long as it brought in stronger regulations and did not use it to collect citizens` DNA and geo-location data.
Ayman Jan 31
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Portrait taken at the Burqash Camel Market (photo by Rania Shereen)

Rania Shereen is an Egyptian photographer who enjoys capturing beautifully constructed photos through her unique perspective, from the rawness of simple Egyptian rural life to the joyous – and oftentimes extravagant – festivities of weddings.

“I don’t exactly know how I got into photography, but I guess I always liked it,” explains Shereen. “In high school, I got my first camera and started exploring with it as a hobby… I have been doing it professionally for the past three years or so.”

Shereen is widely known for her wedding photography, as she seems to perfectly capture the rollercoaster of emotions of both the bride and groom, as well as the attendees. 

The young photographer manages to somehow go beyond the lens, and have her photos reflect the essence and soul of her subjects. This collection of photos Shereen has taken throughout her travels across Egypt are a particularly great portrayal of this ability. 

Shereen herself claims to enjoy portrait photography more than anything else, and she especially gets drawn towards faces that “make [her] look twice,” especially the faces of strangers. 

When it comes to this series of portraits Shereen says, “the farther you are from the capital, the more authentic features you stumble upon.” As is evident in the rigid lines of her subjects’ faces or the mostly stark expressions that seem to carry layers of stories, these everyday Egyptian individuals are as authentic as they come. 

“I really want to do documentary photography and work on a full project highlighting a certain issue, culture, personal stories, etc.,” says Shereen. The depiction of these Egyptians who we don’t often come across in our everyday lives in the capital is a sure way of paving her way to further documenting the varied richness life has to offer. 

Portrait taken at the small town of Humaithara, part of the Red Sea governorate (photo by Rania Shereen)

Portrait taken at the small town of Humaithara by the Red Sea (photo by Rania Shereen)

Portrait taken at the small town of Humaithara by the Red Sea (photo by Rania Shereen)

Portrait taken at the small town of Humaithara by the Red Sea (photo by Rania Shereen)

Portrait taken at the small town of Humaithara by the Red Sea (photo by Rania Shereen)

Portrait taken at the Burqash Camel Market (photo by Rania Shereen)

Portrait taken at the small town of Humaithara by the Red Sea (photo by Rania Shereen)

Portrait taken at the small town of Humaithara by the Red Sea (photo by Rania Shereen)

Ayman Jan 31
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The task of containing and preventing the spread of the coronavirus outbreak in the central Chinese city of Wuhan remain "severe and complex", its mayor Zhou Xianwang said on Friday.
Ayman Jan 31
Ayman Admin
A plane carrying 83 British and 27 foreign nationals landed in Britain after flying from China`s central city of Wuhan, the centre of a virus epidemic that has killed more than 200 people and infected more than 9,000.
Ayman Jan 31
Ayman Admin
CAIRO - 31 January 2020: An Egyptian journalist was found killed in her apartment in Maadi district, Southern Cairo, amid unclear circumstances.

Security forces found media organizer of the Luxor African Film Festival Rehab Badr was strangled to death on her bed in her apartment, security source told Akhbar al-Youm newspaper.

When her husband, who was in Alexandria at that time, found no answers from Badr after several calls, he asked his mother-in-law to go to their apartment and see if Badr is fine, he added. However, her mother received no answers when she was at the door of Badr’s apartment and broke into it to find her daughter killed.

Immediately, a team from the Criminal investigation Department was formed to probe into the accident. They questioned her husband and her mother.

Badr is a journalist but not a member at the Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate; many Egyptian journalists are not members at the syndicate.
Ayman Jan 31
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China may have to cut taxes, boost spending and slash interest rates to prevent the coronavirus outbreak wreaking havoc on an already fragile economy.
Ayman Jan 31
Ayman Admin
Delta Air Lines plans to replace the uniforms that hundreds of its employees complain are causing health problems.
Ayman Jan 31
Ayman Admin
International alarm over the coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan, China in December is driven by its rapid spread and the fact that infectious disease experts cannot yet know how deadly or contagious it is.
Ayman Jan 31
Ayman Admin
Iraq`s leading Shi`ite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, on Friday condemned the use of force to disperse protest camps across the country, as security forces stepped up a crackdown against demonstrators.
Ayman Jan 31
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Teeth of OH1 (John C Willman) and the proposed facial piercings. (Lou-Octavia Mørch)

The earliest evidence of facial piercing may have been found on the skeleton of a man who lived in East Africa towards the end of the Late Pleistocene (20,000 to 12,000 years ago). 

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These clever reusable pouches are a great replacement for plastic bottles

TL;DR: The Vapur® 1L Wide Mouth Anti-Bottle is on sale for just 14.99 — down 34% from the usual retail cost.

In 2019, we said goodbye to many things: political indifference, vapes, typical nine-to-five jobs, and single-use plastics. Yes, that means you will likely be socially shamed if you still drink out of plastic, single-use water bottles (sorry not sorry). That also means 2020 is the year you finally invest in a reusable receptacle to house your hydration. Welcome to the club.

We know what you`re thinking. Carrying around a large, bulky bottle everywhere in pursuit of hydration is not your idea of a good time. We totally get it. And that`s exactly where the Vapur® Anti-Bottle swoops in to save the day. Read more...

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Peep this exclusive coupon code for the Eight Sleep Pod smart mattress

TL;DR: The intelligent Eight Sleep Pod mattress is 250 off with the Mashable-exclusive code MASHABLE250.

Getting enough quality sleep is vital for your mental and physical health and overall wellbeing. If your mattress is preventing you from doing so, it`s time to upgrade.

The Pod from Eight Sleep is more than just a mattress; it`s a whole-ass sleep system, with smart technology to monitor and regulate temperature and track your sleep. This advanced bed starts at 2,295 for a full, but Mashable readers can save 250 through Feb. 6 by using the code MASHABLE250.

So, what makes the Pod so great? It tracks and learns your sleeping habits and adjusts its temperature to provide you with optimal comfort. It even features a thermo alarm that begins gradually cooling the bed to gently wake you up in the morning. Try making an excuse for falling back asleep when you no longer have a warm bed waiting for you. Read more...

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Image credit: Unknown

According to local news outlet Youm7, 48-year-old Orascom Development CEO Khaled Bichara died in a car crash in Giza early Friday morning. Giza’s General Department of Investigations has launched an investigation to uncover the circumstances which led to the accident.

The car crash is said to have happened around 1 a.m. local time, at the area where the Ring Road leads into Remaya Square, reports Youm7.

Images circulated through social media show Bichara’s car severely damaged as a result of a heavy collision.

Legal measures are being taken towards the driver who caused the accident, as it is said to have been a hit and run.

Bichara graduated from The American University in Cairo in 1993 with a BA in Computer Science and a minor in Business Administration. He also went on to continue his studies at Stanford University.

Bichara ventured in multiple successful telecom operations in his professional life, having been involved in LINKdotNET’s regional success in the early 2000’s, as well as becoming the COO of the Italian Wind Telecom company in the mid 2000’s.

Having originally been the Managing Director of Orascom Telecom Holding, Bichara went on to become the CEO of Orascom Development Holding. His wife is Marianne Bichara and he has two children, Sherif and Galal Bichara.

*Featured image credit unknown

Ayman Jan 31
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Russia reported its first two cases of coronavirus on Friday and said the infected people were Chinese citizens who had been isolated, Russia`s Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova told reporters.
Ayman Jan 31
Ayman Admin
The United States and other countries tightened travel curbs on Friday and businesses said they were facing supply problems because of the coronavirus in China, a day after the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency.
Ayman Jan 31
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Learn to build dynamic web apps using PHP with this 30 training

TL;DR: Learn about the foundation of coding with The Essential PHP Coding Bundle for 29.99, a 94% savings. 

Despite the growth of Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, good `ol Facebook still reigns supreme as the most-used social network around. Crazy, right? With 2.45 billion monthly active users, it`s clearly doing something right. Perhaps, now hear us out, it`s all in how it`s built.

Facebook, along with Wikipedia, Yahoo, Flickr, Tumblr, and 80 percent of websites all over the web are built with PHP – a server-side coding language used to create custom websites. Basically, while HTML lays the groundwork for your website or app, PHP takes it to the next level. If you`re looking to learn a coding language in 2020, go for the dynamic and powerful PHP with this four-course Essential PHP Coding Bundle. Read more...

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The powerful story behind Aimee`s `Sex Education` assault storyline

Content warning: this article contains explicit discussion of sexual violence. 

Every woman in my life has something in common with Aimee Gibbs from Sex Education. That shared something is a story of sexual harassment or assault. 

Aimee Gibbs` assault storyline has proved one of the most talked-about moments from the recent series. Not only is Aimee`s storyline moving to watch and painfully relatable, it`s also based on Sex Education writer Laurie Nunn`s personal experience.

In the third episode of the Netflix show`s new series, Aimee gets on a bus to go to school. She`s carrying a homemade birthday cake she`s made for Maeve`s birthday and trying to keep herself in an upright position when she becomes aware of a man standing behind her. We see Aimee`s confused face at his proximity before it dawns on her. "He`s wanking on me," she yells out. No one on the bus does anything. She gets off the bus and walks instead. When she gets to school, Maeve asks what happened to the cake. "It didn`t look so bad before but then I was on the bus and a guy wanked on my leg and I got a big of a shock and I shmushed the cake," Aimee says, before blithely asking: "Do you think it`ll stain, I love these jeans?" Read more...

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CAIRO – 31 January 2020: Italy and Britain each confirmed two cases of the new coronavirus, which have killed dozens of people in China where it emerged.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Thursday said two Chinese visitors who arrived in Rome a couple of days ago were found infected with the deadly virus. He affirmed that the two cases have been isolated.

Like many countries, Conte announced suspending flights between Italy and China in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

In Britain, Chris Whitty, Britain’s chief medical officer, said the country spotted two members of the same family infected with the virus, which emerged in December last year in China’s Wuhan city, in the central province of Hubei.

“The N.H.S. is extremely well prepared and used to managing infections,” Whitty said. “We are already working rapidly to identify any contacts the patients had, to prevent further spread.”

Alphabet Inc`s Google is temporarily shutting down all its offices in China due to the outbreak of a new coronavirus in the country, technology website The Verge reported on Wednesday.

The shutdown includes all offices in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, according to the report.

The flu-like virus has killed over 130 people in China and has set-off alarm across the globe with companies closing stores, putting travel restrictions on employees and warning of a financial hit from slowing business in the world`s most populous country.

Reuters contributed to the reporting
Ayman Jan 31
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RAMALLAH - 31 January 2010: Ten Palestinians were injured and three others arrested when the Israeli occupation forces attacked worshipers during Fajr prayer (dawn prayer) at Al Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli police elements chased the worshipers and fired rubber-coated bullets to force them to leave the mosque, Palestinian medical sources said on Friday.

The occupation forces also tightened restrictions to hinder the worshipers from entering the mosque and the Old City of Jerusalem
Ayman Jan 31
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Charging your toothbrush has never been easier

TL;DR: The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean electric toothbrush dual pack is on sale for £179.99 on Amazon, saving you 25% on list price.

There is a lot of clever technology that goes into an electric toothbrush nowadays, with the latest models packing everything from pressure sensors to smart timers. 

Top brands like Philips are continuing to release new and exciting innovations, and the latest charging solution is really something. You can now get a sleek glass charger that provides two weeks of regular use from a single full charge. 

The charging glass means you can finally ditch all those ugly wires that have been blighting your pristine bathroom for years. It`s the stylish charging solution that nobody wanted, but actually seems like a pretty great idea. Read more...

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How to grow (and maintain) a beard

Beards. Many of us want one, but not all of us can have one. It`s a bitter truth to reckon with, says this particular writer — a supremely jealous non-beard-haver whose facial hair just doesn`t want to connect or get even remotely thick. Alas, those of us who are cursed with an inability to grow a set of face locks will continue to live vicariously through the luscious scruff of everyone else.

Our follicly-blessed friends are lucky — the presence of a good beard has the potential to add an heir of brooding mystery to your aesthetic, making you all the more interesting compared to the others. So go ahead, grow one! Just do it right.  Read more...

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E691555d e883 4941 aa20 7da813bb8de0
IMAGE: Amazon


Beardoholic Beard Scissors

If you want the best shape-up for your beard, you should be using scissors — this pair is perfect for getting rid of scraggly hairs thanks to its high-quality blades and enhanced comfort.

    19.99 from Amazon
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    Kent Beard Combs

    Stimulate natural oil production in your hair follicles and gain a helpful trimming guide with this beard comb set from Kent.

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      Beard Bib

      If you find yourself making a mess every time you trim your facial hair, the Beard Bib is a great time-saver that`ll keep your sink drain clog-free.

        23.99 from Amazon
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        Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer Series 7200

        The Philips Norelco`s vacuum and comb length dial features help it edge out the competition, making it one of the best electric trimmers you can get.

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          Wahl Micro Groomsman

          The Wahl Micro Groomsman makes finer detail work on your facial hair a way less stressful experience, and will have you looking sharp as ever.

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            Merkur Classic Two-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor

            It may take some time to get the hang of it, but this Merkur safety razor is essential to keeping you out of neck beard territory.

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              The Beard Club Boar Bristle Brush

              Keep your beard looking its healthiest and promote hair growth at the same time with this nifty boar bristle brush.

                9 from The Beard Club
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                Jack Black Beard Wash

                Preserve your beard and the actual face that lives underneath it with this conditioning facial hair cleanser from Jack Black.

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                  Brickell Renewing Face Scrub

                  Brickell`s exfoliating facial scrub is great for removing dead skin cells and grime that could cause ingrown hairs without being overly rough — the perfect partner to your daily beard cleansing routine.

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                    BEST BEARD OIL

                    Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil

                    Bear-clad faces need beard oil and Beardbrand`s lightweight formula will condition your facial hair without making it a greasy mess.

                      25 from Beardbrand
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                      IMAGE: Amazon

                      BEST BEARD BALM

                      Honest Amish Beard Balm

                      Get that conditioned, healthy beard oil effect with less grease buildup when you use Honest Amish`s beard balm.

                        19.50 from Amazon
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                        IMAGE: Amazon

                        BEST MUSTACHE WAX

                        Proraso Moustache Wax

                        A mustache routine cannot be ignored — tame it, shape it, and keep it looking neat with this handy mustache wax from Proraso.

                          12 from Amazon
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                          IMAGE: Ulta

                          BEST FOR BATTLING INGROWN HAIRS

                          Fur Ingrown Eliminator Mitts

                          Soothe and heal irritated ingrown hairs with Fur`s ingrown eliminator mitts — take a few with you when you leave for the day, and you`re good to go.

                            18 from Ulta
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                            IMAGE: Herschel

                            BEST FOR CARRYING ALL YOUR BEARD GEAR

                            Herschel Chapter Travel Kit

                            If you`re planning any sort of travel, you`re going to want to take your new beard products along for the ride and Herschel`s Dopp kit is a convenient way to do just that.

                              34.99 from Herschel
                              Ayman Admin
                              The United Kingdom leaves the European Union at 2300 GMT on Friday but Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a bulging to-do list for what he has cast as a "new dawn" for the country.
                              Ayman Jan 31
                              Ayman Admin
                              European Union leaders sought to put a brave face on Brexit on Friday, saying the remaining 27 countries united can tackle climate change and technological transformation despite losing a member state for the first time.
                              Ayman Jan 31
                              Journalist Vip
                              Tile keeps tabs on all your most important things

                              TL;DR: Tile Product Finders are on sale on Amazon, saving you 30% on list price.

                              Some people are just forgetful and nothing is going to change that. It doesn`t matter how many reminders these people are given, they will continually misplace keys, lose phones, and run around the house in a panic trying to track everything down.

                              All is not lost though, because Tile`s range of product finders can help. These clever little devices track down your belongings so that those moments of total despair could be a thing of the past.

                              Your smartphone can make your Tile ring when you misplace your things within Bluetooth range, or you can double press the Tile button to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent. You`re covered either way. Read more...

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                              Journalist Vip
                              UK politicians will finally be allowed to breastfeed in the House of Commons

                              UK politics isn`t exactly well known for being a welcoming space for working mothers. 

                              Stella Creasy made history in Dec. 2019 by becoming the first MP to get maternity cover. Historically, MPs were not entitled to maternity leave in the UK. 

                              Now, House Speaker Lindsay Hoyle has announced that MPs will be allowed to breastfeed in the Chamber of the House of Commons. 

                              In 2000, Betty Boothroyd — who served as Speaker of the House of Commons from 1992 to 2000 — banned breastfeeding in the Chamber of the Commons and in committee rooms. Until now breastfeeding was only allowed in other areas of the Palace of Westminster. Read more...

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