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This song, which breaks the record held by both Mariah Carey and Luis Fonsi, is Nas X`s first single from his current EP.

Read more here.

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It turns out Facebook`s research into brain-reading computers is still very much alive, and the work could have significant implications for another one of the company`s ambitious projects: augmented reality glasses. 

On Tuesday, Facebook gave its first significant update on its brain-computer interface research since it first introduced the project onstage at F8 in 2017. The ultimate goal of the work, as Facebook has described it, is to create a system that can "decode silent speech" without the need for implanting electrodes into the brain. 

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, who have been collaborating with Facebook, say they have taken an important step toward that goal in a new paper published in Nature. The researchers, who were working with people already having brain surgery for epilepsy, created an algorithm that was able to "decode a small set of full, spoken words and phrases from brain activity in real time." Read more...

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There`s nothing quite like trying to coordinate your group chat to complete any one, singular task. Even within my own friend group, on occasion it`s felt like herding several semi-sentient cats with opposable thumbs just to plan a date to meet up

Groups chats, especially with five people or more, can be almost comically chaotic. Someone`s pontificating on their crushing anxiety about the future, you put your phone down, five seconds later  you`ve missed 50 messages, and now everyone going on about Minecraft parody songs

You may not think that`s relatable, but for several group chats across Discord, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter, they`ve attempted this exact scenario — bringing everyone together to collectively replicate the lyrics to a little Minecraft-themed ditty.   Read more...

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By now, you’ve likely heard about Equifax’s settlement with the FTC for its massive data breach in 2017. News spread quickly regarding the restitution, a possible 125 cash payment (or 10 years of free credit monitoring services) to the nearly 150 million affected. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even tweeted about it. 

However, if you’re only requesting 125 from Equifax, you’re not asking for enough. If you spent hours dealing with the fallout, you should at least be asking for 375.

When filing at the Equifax settlement website, consumers can elect to claim 25 per hour, for up to 20 hours, for time spent dealing with the fallout of the breach. This is in addition to the 125. If an individual claims no more than 10 hours, no documentation proving identity theft or fraud is necessary. They just need to describe what actions they took and how much time was spent dealing with the breach. That’s 250! Read more...

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The rock band is best known for their song "Last Resort." The band quoted tweeted the president using lyrics from the song. The tweet regarded the recent investigations into his potential obstruction of justice.

Read more here.

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Contained in the exposed data was credit scores, credit limits, balances, payment history, and contact information. The company was hacked in March.

Read more here.

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While an upcoming update means you`ll be able to stream Netflix and YouTube on Tesla`s massive touchscreen dashboard display, there will be a safety feature to ensure the company isn`t courting disaster.

Forget any notions of flying along the freeway while Black Mirror plays, because you won`t be able to watch streaming services while the car is moving. You`ll only be able to watch while parked. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk casually explained how the feature will work on Twitter, saying the streaming will, for now, only work "when car is stopped." 

Ability to stream YouTube & Netflix when car is stopped coming to your Tesla soon! Has an amazingly immersive, cinematic feel due to the comfy seats & surround sound audio.

— e^👁🥧 (@elonmusk) July 27, 2019

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The robot, which is about the size of the world`s smallest ant, is 3D-printed and powered by vibrations. Georgia Tech researchers were behind the bot`s creation. Read more...

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Attention shoppers: I`ve seen the future of grocery store technology, and let me tell you, we can do better.

I’m no Marty McFly. I simply reside in a small Connecticut town, which means that in addition to doing Extremely New England things like commuting to the city on the Metro North, bragging about beaches, and the fact that the state inspired the picturesque fictional town in Gilmore Girls, I occasionally spend some time on the weekends shopping for groceries at a local Stop & Shop.

Prior to 2019, the Stop & Shop shopping experience was similar to that offered by most any other large grocery store chain. But this year, Stop & Shop introduced giant, gray, aisle-patrolling robots at more than 200 stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. Read more...

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If you thought President Trump could speak about the brave work of 9/11 first responders without giving himself a little shout out, you`d be wrong.

On Monday, Trump signed the act that will extend the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund before more than 200 people who were impacted by the attacks on 9/11. The bill, which was publicly supported by Jon Stewart as it traveled through the House and Senate, will ensure first responders are given financial support through 2090.

As Trump was addressing the crowd, however, he said something that came across as a bit controversial. (Shocker.)

"Many of those affected were firefighters, police officers, and other first responders," Trump said. "And I was down there also. But I`m not considering myself a first responder. But I was down there, I spent a lot of time down there with you." Read more...

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Esqapes virtual reality massage
The Good
Unexpectedly relaxing • Affordable • Immersive elements are creative and effective
The Bad
It`s not a real massage • Dystopian future vibes
The Bottom Line
The VR massage relaxes you by engaging your curiosity and giving you an affordable, any time escape.
⚡ Mashable Score 4.0
😎 Cool Factor 3.0
📘Learning Curve 4.5
💪Performance 4.0
💵 Bang for the Buck 4.5

I`m sitting in a shallow pool, with palm trees in my view, and the sun warming me from above — but my feet aren`t getting wet. That`s because I`m inhabiting a Virtual Reality paradise (courtesy of an Oculus Rift S headset), while a massage chair squeezes my calves and forearms, and a fan and sun lamp warm me and keep me cool at the same time.  Read more...

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If you`re a fan of checking out e-books from your local library — and you very much should be — you may have to wait longer for new releases from one major publisher that`s angered the library industry. 

Publishing giant Macmillan will only allow libraries to purchase a single e-book copy of new releases and impose an eight-week embargo on buying additional copies starting Nov. 1, 2019, Publishers Weekly reports

The move follows a similar, controversial four-month embargo that Macmillan placed in July 2018 on new e-book releases from its sci-fi/fantasy imprint Tor

While known as a major publisher of educational books, Macmillan is also home to imprints like Henry Holt and Company and Farrar, Straus, Giroux, both of which have released a bevy of best-sellers and award-winners, including recent Pulitzer winners like Locking Up Our Own and Prairie FiresRead more...

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TL;DR: Get the powerful Beats Pill+ portable Bluetooth speaker for 113.99. Usually listed at 179.95 on both Amazon and Apple, you`ll save 65.96 on the Beats by Dre favorite.

If you’ve watched a hit music video directed between the years of 2013 and now, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen a Beats Pill speaker pop up more than a few times. The portable speaker makes its appearance in not-so-discreet flashes of product placement alongside pop queens the likes of Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, and everybody’s favorite ex-Disney wild child, Miley Cyrus. 

Beats Pill+, the newest version of the heavily product-placed speaker, is actually worth the hype and you can get one right now on Amazon for 113.99. You`ll score a savings of 65.96 off its usual price on both Amazon and Apple, meaning it`s a really good deal. Like, the lowest we`ve ever seen  good.  Read more...

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The U.S. Soccer Federation`s (USSF) president says the women`s team made more money than the men`s team. Read more...

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The 350-year-old gold signet ring found on the lakeshore of Loch Lomond in Scotland.

Metal detectorists have made a number of extraordinary finds in recent years. A detectorist on vacation in Scotland discovered a ring that belonged to a 17th-century English courtier who was unjustly executed. 


TL;DR: The ultra-portable Nintendo Switch Lite is the newest iteration of the handheld console that changed it all, and you can pre-order yours now for 199.99.

The Nintendo Switch was the console that changed handheld gaming forever. A small, portable device that could support huge games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on-the-go? One that you could place on a dock and seamlessly transfer your gameplay to your home TV screen without having to even pause what you’re doing? Bonkers. Years ago, something like the Nintendo Switch was just a fantasy to gamers everywhere.

But it’s here (well, it’s been here for a bit at this point), and now we have the next iteration of the universally acclaimed handheld console that set the games industry ablaze with excitement: The Nintendo Switch Lite. And even more exciting, you can pre-order yours starting now for just 199.99. Read more...

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You ever see a video on the internet and know, somehow, that it will be a pretty big deal for you? That is how I felt on Monday, when my brother Owen (hello, Owen) dropped a video of a duck falling asleep into the family group chat. 

The clip features a voiceover from comedian Tony Baker, who`s playing a schoolteacher scolding the duck — Mr. Duckworth — for falling asleep during lecture. "Had a long night, Mr. Duckworth? Class is not for sleeping," Baker says as Mr. Duckworth`s head lurches forward. (If you`ve ever fallen asleep at your desk, you know the feeling.)

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Despite the fact that the economy is strong, four in 10 Americans don’t have enough savings to cover an unexpected expense of 400. That said, it’s probably no surprise that one-quarter of adults haven’t started saving for retirement yet — how are you supposed to save up money when you can’t afford to get your laptop fixed?

Turns out you don’t have to be flush with cash or even give up brunch in order to start saving for retirement. The key to smart financial planning is to break it down into small but impactful habits — like sticking to a budget and banking with benefits — that make a big difference in the long run.  Read more...

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TL;DR: The versatile Lodge five-piece cast iron cookware set is on sale for 69.95, saving you 80.

I knew I was creeping into adulthood when I put a cast iron skillet on my Christmas wish list a few years ago, and I knew it even more so when I excitedly tore into the wrapping paper that contained that heavy piece of cookware.

I’d been excited about kitchen appliances before, like when I got my first slow cooker, but I felt a genuine pride in owning a cast iron skillet. I have since used it to make dishes like burgers, mozzarella stuffed chicken, blackened veggies, and tons of other stuff that was made significantly better by being prepared on seasoned cast iron. Read more...

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TL;DR: This leak-proof food storage set from Rubbermaid contains 18 pieces in total, and you can get it all for just 19.26 at Walmart — a savings of 10.

Nothing hits quite like a good batch of leftovers from the night before — they just inexplicably taste better (don’t believe us? Here’s proof). But if you don’t have anything to store those lovely food scraps in, you’re out of luck. Now, you either have to scarf it down and risk a massive stomach ache, or throw out it and waste it all (now that’s not very eco-friendly, is it?).  

Cement your food storage plan with this 18-piece set from Rubbermaid — it’s literally only 19 at Walmart (10 off the usual asking pricing) and will totally eliminate your leftovers dilemma for the foreseeable future.  Read more...

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No matter what space you call home, from dorm rooms, studios, or even your parents` basement, vacuums are one tool you just can’t live without. 

Dyson is a brand that essentially dominates the vacuum market: Their products have not only become a household name but a household essential as well.  

As avid shoppers, we all know that high quality often comes with a big price tag — and Dyson is no different, with products typically running you hundreds of dollars.

Lucky for you, Walmart is currently having a sale on several Dyson vacuum models so you can snag a top product at a great price. See our picks for the best deals below. Read more...

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TL;DR: The retro KitchenAid 5-speed Classic Mixer is on sale for 74.99 in three colors at Walmart, saving you 25.

The Adulting Appliance Trifecta: a slow cooker (or an Instant Pot), a legit vacuum, and a blender.

It`s hard to balance price with quality, especially as a first-time buyer. This deal makes it easy: The KitchenAid 5-speed Classic Blender is on sale for less than 75 at Walmart. We`ll take 25% off a big-name brand any day.

Yes, guys, KitchenAid makes more than pastel, Instagrammable blenders. The blenders are the same combination of vintage design and power and durability (up to 15 years!), which are a must for blending hard fruits, veggies, and other thick ingredients.  Read more...

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Jason Momoa’s surprise birthday bash just brought the "Game of Thrones`" reunion everyone was hoping for. Read more...

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Mario Lopez takes a trip down memory lane with some of his Saved by the Bell fashion choices. Read more...

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TL;DR: Get the 64GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 for just 499.99. It`s normally 649.99, so you`ll save 23%.

Nearly a decade after the release of Apple`s first iPad, tablets "are finally living up to the `post PC` promise" with a host of "productivity-driven features" that make them suitable for both work and play. That`s according to Mashable`s tech guru Ray Wong, who pointed to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 as a case in point. 

But here`s the thing about most tablets on the market: They`ll cost you. Making a portable device powerful enough for productivity is expensive, apparently; the Tab S4 starts at 650, and accessories like keyboards and mouses cost extra. For that kind of money, you might as well buy a PC, right? Read more...

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Mindy Kelly is not only the fight/stunt choreographer for the film The Art of Self-Defense she is also a world champion martial artist that fought her way to the top Read more...

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Get ready to sit back and relax with The Office on Netflix while waiting at a traffic light! Read more...

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TL;DR: Get the retro-style Nostalgia 2.5-ounce popcorn maker for 39.99. It`s normally 59.99, so you`ll save 33% off its usual price tag. 

Let’s be real: Sometimes the best part of going to see a movie is indulging in classic movie theater popcornStreaming services and cinema-level surround sound have made it easier than ever to enjoy blockbusters from the comfort of your own couch, but microwave popcorn doesn’t always cut it. You need the real, air-popped, butter-drenched deal. 

One of the easiest ways to elevate your at-home entertainment experience is to bring the theater classic into your kitchen with a kettle popcorn maker. Right now, you can get 20 off a Nostalgia 2.5-ounce kettle popcorn maker at Walmart — a savings of 33% off its usual ticket price.  Read more...

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There are a couple constants in baseball — absolutely no crying, the beer should be cold enough to give your hands freezer burn, and you will hear "Baby Shark" at some point during the game.

Sure, there`s nothing more exhilarating than getting thousands of people to stomp and clap in time to "We Will Rock You" or yell "BUM BUM BUM" during "Sweet Caroline." But those songs have worn down stadium loudspeakers for long enough — it`s time to flex fingers and all collectively show off our chomping game to the other team. In the name of baseball, of course.

It doesn`t look like we`ve lost the ability to go absolutely wild for "Baby Shark," especially if Nationals Park is any indication.  Read more...

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I`m not exactly sure why Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe seem to be losing their minds in black and white and a 4:3 aspect ratio, but I sure do look forward to finding out.

This trailer for The Lighthouse gives us a peek at the next effort from Robert Eggers, writer and director of The Witch. It`s light on story, but heavy on booze-addled delirium. As far as I can tell, Pattinson and Dafoe are a duo of lighthouse keepers who drink, argue, hug, and play with sea creatures.

There`s also a shot of what looks like a makeshift grave at one point. Spooky. You should expect nothing less from Eggers, after The Witch. It`s not clear when The Lighthouse is coming, but the trailer promises it`ll be soon. Read more...

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It’s the summer season, which means it’s time to freshen things up. New summery threads, new sunnies, and – perhaps most important of all – an all-new summer fragrance. 

That’s right, last year’s bottle is so, well, last year. What you need is a scent that’s going to capture those summer vibes and put you in a sunny mood. A little splash here and there and you’ll feel (not to mention smell) like a new man.

The tricky part is finding the right fragrance for you, so we’ve looked at the biggest brands and scents for this season, and compiled a list of the best. Here are 10 of the very best summer fragrances for men in 2019. Read more...

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IMAGE: Amazon


Tom Ford’s Costa Azzurra Acqua

Drawing inspiration from tranquil beaches, Tom Ford’s Costa Azzurra Acqua paints a picture of lush and exotic landscapes.

    £199 from Amazon
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    IMAGE: Debenhams


    Azzaro Chrome Aqua

    This aromatically fresh fragrance is enriched with green notes, including grapefruit and basil.

      £44 from Debenhams
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      IMAGE: Amazon


      Hugo Boss Bottled Infinite

      Deep and soft, with masculine base notes of rich olive tree and sandalwood.

        £81.20 from Amazon
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        IMAGE: Amazon


        Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Sun Pour Homme

        A woody fragrance inspired by Mediterranean sensuality.

          £47.14 from Amazon
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          IMAGE: Amazon


          Montblanc Explorer

          An unconventional leather fragrance with Italian bergamot and fresh notes.

            £52 from Amazon
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            IMAGE: Amazon


            Tommy Hilfiger Tropics

            Aromatic fragrance transports you to island living, with a single spray.

              £30 from Amazon
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              IMAGE: John Lewis

              BEST FOR BEACH BUMS

              Floris London Neroli Voyage

              A burst of lemon is complemented by marine notes for an added sea breeze freshness.

                £120 from John Lewis
                A2eabc66 ba22 4010 a121 56179551df3c
                IMAGE: Amazon

                BEST FOR ATHLETES

                Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend

                Made for winners, with powerful notes on metallic geranium, green laurel, salty grapefruit.

                  £48.89 from Amazon
                  9e77fe88 d706 449e bdb6 60cccefcaf76
                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  BEST FOR BUSINESSMEN

                  Creed Aventus Cologne

                  Inspired by a classic uplifting cologne, this fragrance aims to revitalise the wearer with a burst of ginger, mandarin, and pink peppercorn

                    £155 from Amazon
                    A7575b70 582d 4e87 903b 054f91169b09
                    IMAGE: Mashable

                    BEST FOR THE SOPHISTICATED

                    Dunhill London Icon Racing

                    Energy and masculine sophistication is distilled into every bottle, apparently.


                      TL;DR: The already well-reviewed Madden 20 Superstar Edition is available for PS4 and Xbox at Walmart for 79.99, and your purchase gets you Patrick Mahomes in Madden Ultimate Team.

                      The Madden 20 reviews are in: Madden is finally consistently good again.

                      The franchise has been struggling to put out a game comparable to recent NHLs or FIFAs, and no one blames you if you`re missing the good old days of Madden `04. But your mind might change with this summer 2019 release — and if pre-season starting on Aug. 1 isn`t enough to fill your football void, this Madden 20 deal at Walmart can help.

                      Through Aug. 26, you can grab Madden 20 Superstar Edition for PS4 and Xbox for 79.99 and get Patrick Mahomes (just the guy on the cover, NBD) in Madden Ultimate Team. Starting Aug. 2, you can get the same deal with the Standard Edition for PS4 and Xbox, both on sale for 50.94 (regularly 59.99) with free two-day delivery. Read more...

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                      It`s been two years since Tesla hit the switch on the world`s largest battery in South Australia — you know, the one Elon Musk made a bet to build in 100 days or he`d pay for it. Now the company`s unveiled another colossal project.

                      Following the success of the Powerpack system, the tech giant has unveiled the dramatically named Megapack, a giant new battery product designed "to match global demand for massive battery storage projects."

                      Tesla completed installing the world`s biggest lithium ion battery, a Powerpack system with 100 megawatts of capacity, in South Australia in November 2017. Connected to Neoen`s Hornsdale Wind Farm near Jamestown, three hours’ drive from Adelaide, the Powerpack system was meant to alleviate some of the state`s severe energy issues. Read more...

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                      Roman Baths Museum at Bath in UK.

                      2000-year-old Roman Baths in the English city of Bath have been closed for public bathing since 1978 after a girl died of a meningitis-related illness. 


                      How can you best protect your personal information when online? The simple answer is with virtual private networks, or VPNs. But which VPN is best for you, and do you need to pay for the service? Based on customer reviews, we have compared the best VPNs (both paid and free) in the UK to give you a clear answer.

                      For those feeling confused, here’s the inside story on a VPN. It’s essentially a connection method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like the internet.

                      Personal VPNs are becoming increasingly popular as more of our everyday life transitions to the web. A VPN improves privacy because the user`s initial IP address is replaced with one from the VPN provider. Those subscribed to a VPN can obtain an IP address from any gateway city the VPN service provides. Make sense? Read more...

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                      IMAGE: Mashable

                      BEST FOR SECURITY


                      One of the most popular services for securing your online activities.

                      • Monthly: £9.15/month
                      • 1 year plan: £5.35/month
                      • 2 year plan: £3.05/month
                      • 3 year plan: £2.29/month
                      07d77d00 5f12 42de bcdc 6a23cc48de89
                      IMAGE: Mashable

                      BEST FOR NEWBIES

                      CyberGhost VPN

                      CyberGhost combines usability with unique tools and powerful features.

                      • Monthly: £10.29/month
                      • 1 year plan: £4.59/month
                      • 2 year plan: £3.09/month
                      • 3 year plan: £2.10/month
                      F5c16fa7 3175 40d8 b892 937fcc39f0ca
                      IMAGE: Mashable

                      BEST FREE OPTION

                      TunnelBear VPN

                      One of a small number of providers that offers a truly free VPN service.

                      • Monthly: £7.85/month
                      • 1 year plan: £3.92/month
                      • 2 year plan: £3.28/month
                      2144aac0 2b44 4306 8c1a f950af7610d3
                      IMAGE: Mashable

                      BEST FOR PRIVACY

                      IPVanish VPN

                      IPVanish`s privacy policy paints a positive picture of an extremely privacy-conscious service.

                      • Monthly: £3.93/month
                      • 3 month plan: £3.54/month
                      • 1 year plan: £2.55/month
                      826717bf 7911 4fb7 b55f b0aa8b38f69d
                      IMAGE: Mashable

                      BEST FOR TIGHT BUDGETS

                      Windscribe VPN

                      Windscribe offers up an interesting alternative to paid VPN services.

                      • Monthly: £7.07/month
                      • 1 year plan: £3.21/month
                      1f215cf0 60a1 45df ba22 f81ffdfa0f3e
                      IMAGE: Mashable

                      BEST FOR HIGH-END FEATURES


                      Strong distribution of servers and a slick interface make up for higher price.

                      • Monthly: £10.18/month
                      • 6 month plan: £7.85/month
                      • 15 month plan: £5.24/month

                      I never read The Boys, and I honestly don`t care to after watching Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg`s adaptation of the comic.

                      It`s not that I wasn`t a fan; quite the opposite, in fact. But The Boys, the one that`s now streaming on Amazon, is such a modern and aggressively human take on superhero stories that I`m worried about getting to know these characters in some other medium and spoiling everything.

                      The eight-hour first season — I pray there are more, because wow what an ending — introduces a world that actually gives a shit when superheroes screw up. The heroes themselves are untouchable corporate entities, but The Boys fixates on the collateral damage that tends to trail superhuman hijinks. Read more...

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                      A Los Angeles-based startup wants to be the Airbnb of the insta-buzziest concept of the 2010s: wellness. 

                      WellSet calls itself a discovery platform for "wellness services" like massages and acupuncture. On WellSet, users can find practitioners through a platform search or through recommendations from friends, brands, and public figures. Once users settle on a nutritionist or hypnotherapist, for example, they can book appointments within the platform itself.

                      The company, led by CEO Tegan Bukowski, is announcing Tuesday that it`s raised pre-seed funding from a team of investors. In the coming weeks, it plans to launch in Los Angeles featuring about 1,000 local practitioners on the platform, with a national expansion planned for later this year. Read more...

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                      TL;DR: Pick up a relaxing Philips Hue white ambience twin pack for just £24.99, saving you £15 on list price.

                      The key to a successful photo is good lighting. Anyone who has laboured over hundreds of failed panoramic attempts will know this all too well. If the lighting isn`t working, then it`s not worth posting.

                      Of course, life isn`t all about the pursuit of the perfect photo. As it turns out, lighting is also important when it comes to sleeping, relaxing, reading, concentrating, and more. Just ask anyone with a Philips Hue white ambiance smart bulb.

                      The Philips Hue white ambiance bulb can enhance your home with 50,000 shades of white light, ranging from warm white to cool daylight. These shades can be wirelessly controlled with your smartphone or tablet, so you can choose an ideal light setting for any mood or activity. Read more...

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                      Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2019 and we have the entire internet to contend with.

                      In an age of screens, augmented reality games and YouTube kid millionaires, it might seem unlikely that wooden peg boards, felt nesting baskets and pretend tissue boxes are filling up today’s playrooms. But toy industry experts say these beautifully crafted baby toys are making a comeback, thanks to the unique demographics of today’s parents. And they’re certainly flooding Instagram feeds. Read more...

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                      Whether it’s snapping overhead shots of a pool party or simply entertaining a bored adult (too old for "toys"), drones are everywhere. If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing your first drone or adding a new one to your collection, these savings might be just the motivation you need.

                      Ryze Tech Tello quadcopter powered by DJI

                      At 99, the Ryze Tech Trello quadcopter powered by DJI is one of the best options at this price point. It takes incredible photos and videos (thanks to electronic image stabilization and a high-quality image processor) and has an impressive flight time of 13 minutes on a single charge. Plus, it’s programmable with Scratch, a system allowing novices to learn coding basics. In other words, this drone is fun and educational. Read more...

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                      Researchers at Israel`s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev created a haptic vest that lets humans communicate with dogs using a remote control. The scientists took an off-the-shelf dog vest and fitted it with vibrating motors. They then trained the (very good) dog to associate different vibration patterns with certain commands, such as "sit" or "spin." Read more...

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                      TL;DR: Pre-order the handheld Nintendo Switch Lite for £199.99 on Amazon, ready for the Sept. 20 release date.

                      If you`re a Nintendo fan, you`ve probably heard about the Nintendo Switch Lite. Actually, if you`re a gaming fan, you`ll have probably heard about it. OK, it`s Nintendo, everyone has heard about it.

                      The Nintendo Switch Lite has a lighter and smaller frame featuring a 5.5-inch touchscreen. It does away with the detachable Joy-Con controllers and HD Rumble, and there`s an actual D-pad on the left. You have the choice of three colours (yellow, turquoise, and grey), but the rest of the design is largely unchanged. It hasn`t been released yet, but that date is not far away. Read more...

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                      TL;DR: Pick up the helpful Ecovacs Robotics N79S robot vacuum for just £149.98, saving 40% on list price.

                      Technology has come a long way, and some devices are really neat, but do we really need them?

                      Yes, that new portable speaker is cool, with its long battery life and waterproof design, but do you need it? Likewise, that 4K TV you`ve been checking out, with the backlight, is really impressive, but do you need it? The answer you are looking for is "no". You can try and convince yourself otherwise, but you do not. 

                      We`re not saying that you shouldn`t treat yourself. You shouldn`t only buy new gadgets when you need them, but wouldn`t it be nice to want and need something? We`re looking at you, robot vacuums. Read more...

                      More about Mashable Shopping, Robot Vacuum, Shopping Uk, Uk Deals, and Ecovacs

                      TL;DR: Get a one-year membership to Dollar Flight Club, a word traveler`s dream subscription service, for 19.99. That`s a savings of 50% off its usual price. 

                      If only booking flights was as easy as grabbing an Uber, many of us would have probably seen half the world by now. Imagine randomly choosing a destination, booking a trip via an app, paying a minimal amount for the entire flight, and hopping on the plane. If it were that painless, we could cross out almost everything in our respective travel bucket lists.

                      But no, planning a trip entails subjecting yourself to hours of scouring for affordable flights, only to end up booking an uncomfortable economy seat with a painfully long layover. Read more...

                      More about Tech, Travel, App, Mashable Shopping, and Culture

                      Everyone has an awkward date story — but we doubt there are many people out there with stories that can top Melissa McCarthy`s.

                      During an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, she described a date where her companion spent the entire meal moaning about how expensive everything was, and how he could make it cheaper at home.

                      But that wasn`t even the worst bit. As they walked back to McCarthy`s apartment, the guy told her he had "this thing" in his bag that he`d got "from a guy at work." He said it was a ring.

                      "I`ll just say it`s not a ring for your finger or your toes," explained McCarthy. "This was my one and only offering of that after a date going terribly. I`m standing on Fairfax, which is a very busy street, and he`s got it from his friend at work — it`s not even new!" Read more...

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                      If you are in the market for a new game console, you are in luck. You can get the limited edition Days of Play PlayStation 4 system that comes complete with a 1TB hard drive and matching Dualshock 4 wireless controller. Why not pre-order the Madden NFL 20 game at a discounted price of 50.94. 

                      Play your PS4 games on the QLED 4K UHD 55-inch Samsung smart TV for a complete gaming immersion experience.

                      If you want to treat yourself to something impressive, then the Phillips Brilliance 49-inch monitor will add the wow factor to your gaming station. 

                      Check out more of today`s best deals from Amazon, Walmart, Dell, Adorama, and B&H Photo-Video for Tuesday July 30th.  Read more...

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                      Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f1022790%2f810d3b7c 071d 4b6c b524 28994111217b
                      IMAGE: Amazon
                      4.99 OFF (9%) 54.98 Prime

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                      IMAGE: Amazon
                      15.00 OFF (43%) 34.99 Prime

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                      49 OFF (50%) 98

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                      100.99 OFF (17%) 599.99 Prime

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                      248.01 OFF (36%) 698

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                      40.00 OFF (29%) 139.99 Prime

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                      IMAGE: WALMART
                      9.05 OFF (15%) 59.99

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                      122.49 OFF (61%) 199.99 Prime

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                      49.99 OFF (50%) 99.98 Prime


                      There really isn`t a better place to be if you`re looking for a great deal on a vacuum cleaner, smart scale, speaker, 4K TV, or smart thermostat. We have searched high and low for the best deals, and this is what we`ve found. 

                      You can save on Philips TVs, JBL speakers, Miele robot vacuums, Garming smart scales, and a whole lot more in this round up. You can try and find better deals yourself, but we`re pretty confident that these won`t be beat.

                      These are the best deals from across the internet for July 30.

                      Best of the best

                      A handpicked selection of the very best deals in the UK, including 4K TVs, portable speakers, and protein powders. Read more...

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                      £30.01 OFF (17%) £180

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                      £190.01 OFF (32%) £600

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                      £530.01 OFF (41%) £1,300

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                      £120 OFF (60%) £199

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                      £13.01 OFF (33%) £39

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                      £23.20 OFF (55%) £41.99

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                      £31.20 OFF (57%) £54.99

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                      £99.02 OFF (40%) £249

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                      As we all know, Jeff Goldblum is one of the coolest customers in town. But when he gets behind the mic he turns into a demon.

                      In the clip above from The Late Late Show, the Jurassic Park legend goes head-to-head with James Corden in a fiery rap battle.

                      Here`s a very brief sample of the kind of burns he serves up:

                      "Crosswalk the musical makes you a star/
                      Because people tune in to hope you`re hit by a car."


                      Corden is going to need a whole bucket of ice after this. Read more...

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                      "Another weekend, another racist outburst from our racist president."

                      Late night hosts had plenty to work with on Monday night, with Donald Trump`s public appearances over the last weekend of July providing a wealth of wildly inappropriate, offensive, and delusional tweets and soundbites.

                      There was the threat to impose tariffs on French wine in retaliation for the European nation`s new taxes on big tech companies — and the stated preference, from the famous teetotaler, for American wines over French because of how they look. 

                      There was the thing where he blamed Obama for the White House aircon being too cold.  Read more...

                      More about Racism, Late Night, Stephen Colbert, Trump, and Late Night With Seth Meyers

                      It`s been six months since fact-checking got real on Facebook in the UK.

                      In Jan. 2019, the social media giant partnered up with Full Fact, a British charitable organisation that specialises in fact-checking, with the aim of obliterating fake news on the platform in the UK. 

                      So, what are the results so far?

                      On Tuesday, Full Fact published a 46-page report breaking down their findings, which included a list of "recommendations" for ways Facebook could improve their third party fact-checking programme.

                      Before we get to that, how does the service work? As the report explains, fact-checkers work through a queue of content that has been flagged by users as "possibly false" on Facebook. Items are prioritised based on factors like whether or not they could cause potential harm to readers — e.g. false health advice — and how quickly they`re spreading on the platform. Fact-checkers go through the list, verifying the content in any way they can, before attaching a report and one of nine possible ratings: "False, Mixture, False Headline, True, Not eligible, Satire, Opinion, Prank generator, and Not rated." Read more...

                      More about Facebook, Uk, Misinformation, Fake News, and Tech
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