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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will never crumble — not even in sand form. 

Take a look at how sand artist Jianpeng Sun recently made a sand model out of The Rock`s face in Toronto, Canada. It apparently took Sun five hours to finish the job.

To make sand art like this one, artists typically use a small pipette, funnel, or other device to layer sand strategically into a glass container or vase.

This is sand art in its highest form. 

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Do we really need eight glasses of water a day? Science finally has the answers. Read more...

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No, it wasn`t just your imagination. 

Twitter was ablaze Sunday following the night`s episode of HBO`s Game of Thrones, with show-related content practically everywhere you looked. According to Twitter, the social media love fest was even more intense than usual — setting a new tweet record.  

"We`re breaking records over here," wrote the Twitter communications team. "Last night`s episode of @GameOfThrones was the most Tweeted about episode of scripted television EVER with nearly 8 MILLION Tweets."

We`re breaking records over here!

Last night`s episode of @GameOfThrones was the most Tweeted about episode of scripted television EVER with nearly 8 MILLION Tweets. 🐉📺 https://t.co/D5IVk8R9LX

— Twitter Comms (@TwitterComms) April 29, 2019

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It`s that time of year again – graduation season!

Which means you need to figure out what to give as a graduation present. Graduates are about to enter the terrifying world we call adulthood and you`re tasked with giving them something to help ease the transition. 

As they leave college and enter the working world they might have a new laptop, kitchen gear, or cleaning appliances on their wishlist.

The trick is to find that sweet spot between getting your college grad something they`ll really need in life and something they`ll actually want to use. New graduates might not even know what they need to survive post-grad life (turns out home security cameras can vastly improve your life if you live alone). Read more...

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WARNING: Major spoilers for Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 3

The Battle of Winterfell should have been the battle to end all battles. Instead, it was just... meh. 

Don`t get me wrong: I enjoyed the White Walker v. Winterfell face-off just fine. The aerial shots were stunning, the pacing was heart-wrenching, the scope was unbelievable, and the episode was overall very entertaining. If this were any other franchise, I`m sure I would have been blown away.

But, this is Game of Thrones. 

With high-stakes conflicts like the Battle of the Blackwater and the Battle of the Bastards (and the major losses that came with them) in recent memory, the surprisingly cheery Battle of Winterfell failed to deliver much of what makes Thrones so typically phenomenal.  Read more...

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College students are rejoicing (and maybe freaking out a little bit) now that graduation season is just around the corner. You all know what that means: Time to get that grad in your life the perfect gift to send them off into the real world. Those years they spent studying most likely weren’t the breeziest, and now that they’re faced with getting a job, they`ll need a machine that`s up to the task.

There are many routes you can take — you could grab them a high-quality coffee maker to make their future morning commutes better, a new mattress to ensure they get some rest (they’re going to need it), or even a fitness tracker so their health doesn’t end up falling by the wayside. (Peep our full list of the best useful graduation gifts here.) Read more...

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A popular Chinese ride-hailing company that only offers high-end electric vehicles is fed up with Tesla.

IUnicorn, also known as Shenma Zhuanche, expressed its annoyance with the electric carmaker last week when it revealed Times Square billboards that were directed at Tesla — all of which publicly shame the company for delivering faulty vehicles.

On IUnicorn`s Weibo page, the company shared its  new campaign calling out Tesla for bad quality control in China. It also rolled out several large Times Square billboards as part of the campaign. 

Here`s what the billboards looked like, according to the company`s posts. Quartz reports that the messages were only up for 30 minutes. It`s unclear why the notices were pulled so quickly. Read more...

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Ninja warrior.

The Hwarang were an extraordinary group of ancient knights from Silla – one of 3 kingdoms in the region of the Korean peninsula. They were an elite sect, chosen from high society families whilst still in their childhood to train as warriors. How did the hwarang come about?


It was really only a matter of time. Samsung has made a TV for vertical video in an effort to woo social media-addicted millennials. 

Yes, you read that correctly: a vertical TV. It`s called the Sero, and it`s a 43-inch set with Samsung`s Bixby assistant built in.

The TV has a rotating display, so it is possible to flip the screen and watch horizontal content as well, but Samsung says the design is meant to appeal to younger buyers who want to watch vertical videos from their phones on a larger screen. 

Samsung`s Sero TV in a vertical position.

Samsung`s Sero TV in a vertical position.

Image: samsung

The Sero has a rotating display.

The Sero has a rotating display.

Image: samsung

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With phase three of Marvel`s cinematic universe coming to an end, fans are wondering what comes next. Here are five Marvel movies coming out after Avengers: Endgame that you should be excited for. Read more...

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Brands, may we remind you for the umpteenth time, that if you`re trying to get #relatable on Twitter, you`re opening yourself up to being completely and utterly owned. 

People have a lot of strong feelings about when and where brands can interject their own witty repartee in online discourse. No matter how seemingly wholesome (woke soap, anyone?) to the unbelievably tone deaf (Sunny D`s faked mental health crisis), the response is usually a resounding SILENCE BRAND

JPMorgan Chase was the latest brand to get shut down over a failed attempt at reaching the masses with a tweet that has since been deleted. However, the internet always keeps the receipts.  Read more...

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Burger King`s vegetarian "Impossible Whopper" made its debut earlier this month in a test run in St. Louis, Missouri. The fast food chain will now debut it around the U.S. after reporting very good results. Read more...

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Samsung may not have perfected foldable screens quite yet, but the Korean tech giant has some other wild ideas up its sleeve.

A new patent awarded to Samsung last week reveals an ambitious phone concept that includes a screen that wraps around the entire device, from front to back. The patent was first spotted by  the tech website Let`s Go Digital

Since it`s just a patent filing, there are no official product photos or videos showing the concept device in action. Instead, we have a bunch of illustrations that give us an idea of how a phone with the wraparound display might work. Read more...

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Avengers: Endgame is a long movie, and sometimes nature calls — whether you like it or not. According to Gamespot, there are three times during the three-hour epic to relieve yourself. Read more...

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Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. He did it with a simple snap, a physical action — even though the power granted to him by a fully powered Infinity Gauntlet meant he could accomplish the same feat with nothing more than a thought.

Enter the question that kept coming up in my mind as Endgame revisited the snap repeatedly: Why even bother with a snap?

It goes back to the comics, of course. In the original Infinity Gauntlet series, written by Thanos creator Jim Starlin, the moment that directly inspired Infinity War`s Snappening played out in roughly the same way. Thanos dramatically assembled the Infinity Gems and fended off an onslaught of superhero attacks long enough to raise his arm up and ..snap. Read more...

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has some seriously dedicated Marvel fans who aren`t afraid to go big to show their love for the franchise.

On Sunday, The Boston Globe reported that a group of "pranksters" transformed MIT`s Great Dome into Captain America`s iconic red, white, and blue shield on Saturday night in honor of Avengers: Endgame.

Now, thanks to a video uploaded to YouTube by MIT sophomore Raymond Huffman, Avengers fans all around the world can see the display.

The dome redecoration was carried out by an ambitious group consisting of dozens of people, who call themselves the MIT "hackers." They reportedly started planning the Captain America tribute about a year ago, after learning when the final Avengers film would be released, and have been hard at work for the past few months making sure everything was set for the big reveal. Read more...

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It`s that college graduation time of year again. And like any friend or relative who doesn`t want to just gift a wad of cash, you`re probably stumped.

We`ll give you some hints: While a new drone or all the storage Ikea has to offer may hit for high schoolers, college grads need a gift that makes them feel like an independent adult. What better way to say "You`re on your own now, pal" than with a 4K TV for their new place? Even if they`re living in a new city completely alone, you`ll be comforted knowing that Netflix and HBO are keeping them company.

We`ve pulled the best TV deals from Amazon, Walmart, and PCMag this week, including almost 50% off a 49-inch from Samsung and over 50% off a 77-inch from LG — with a huge selection of sizes and prices in between. Read more...

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (and some would say it’s also the best one), so why not make sure it’s as enjoyable as possible? A fan-favorite meal, the Belgian waffle, is a great way to start off your morning, and making one has never been easier than with this nifty appliance from Hamilton Beach.

Treat yourself to a Hamilton Beach Belgian waffle maker and feast like royalty each day — save 50% off the price tag when you purchase one at Walmart. That`s just 12.88 to make your mornings special.

The steps to breakfast bliss are simple with this waffle maker — just add your batter, wait, and you’ll have a delicious Belgian waffle in less than 10 minutes. Any batter will do, by the way — you can make savory waffles, sweet ones, and anything in between. The included indicator light guides you seamlessly through your waffle-making adventures, all leading to golden brown goodness that is ready to enjoy in no time at all. The compact device fits easily into any cupboard, and is thoughtfully designed to make your life easier. And when it’s all over, the non-stick plates allow for quick removal and cleanup so you can get back to the day’s activities.  Read more...

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WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. Only read if you have seen Avengers: Endgame. Seriously. So many spoilers. 

It might have seemed impossible for one movie, however long, to wrap up the first ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Avengers: Endgame managed to do just that. 

While some Avengers sacrificed themselves to save the universe and others chose a different path for themselves, the end of the Infinity Saga is only the end of one chapter in Marvel`s ever-expanding story. 

Some of the surviving characters will live on as stars of their own TV series on Disney`s upcoming streaming service, and others still have something of a future in the MCU. Here`s where the main characters ended up after Endgame and our best guess for where (and if) they`ll turn up next. Read more...

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The hospitality group Marriott International is getting into home sharing, the concept that was supposed to disrupt the hotel industry itself.

As soon as next month, Marriott will launch its new home sharing vacation rental program, the Wall Street Journal reports. It takes on home sharing competitors, namely Airbnb, that have been eating away at hotel profits. 

The new offering is an expansion on a small pilot program the company ran in European cities last year. It will have some key differences from Airbnb,  that could attract customers who want the uniqueness and space of a home rental, with more assurances of the quality of their experience. Read more...

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Adidas is releasing six shoes as part of the "Heroes Among Us" sneaker collection inspired by Avengers characters like Thanos and Captain Marvel. Read more...

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Uber is rapidly backpedalling today after an extremely racist tweet from its support account shocked the internet. Of course, this being the internet, it`s likely that a troll was involved in this sordid mess. 

"We`d like to sincerely apologize for the offensive tweet that was sent earlier," reads the early morning apology tweet from Uber`s support team. "We`re investigating what happened to make sure it doesn`t happen again."

We`d like to sincerely apologize for the offensive tweet that was sent earlier. We`re investigating what happened to make sure it doesn`t happen again.

— Uber Support (@Uber_Support) April 29, 2019

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The golden age of television is here: Spotify and Apple are both serving up their share of stellar original content in the podcast space, while micro-content on Instagram and other social media platforms have users hooked in their hypnotic grasp.

But, do people even read anymore?

Turns out, they do. Lots of them. The issue isn`t that people like reading any less, it`s that they don`t think they have time to do it. Content consumption in today`s digital era, after all, often occurs in bite-sized pieces: five to ten minutes of scrolling here, a YouTube video there. Given this, reading a whole book may seem akin to watching all Star Wars movies in one go. Read more...

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So many appliances have become automatic — coffee makers are programmable to have coffee ready for you when you wake up and Instant Pots basically require no work to make a meal. But toasters, for the most part, have stayed relatively manual.

However, the Cuisinart Touch to Toast is lever-less and has an LCD display countdown feature to provide you with a more advanced toasting experience. The toaster is currently on sale for 79.95 at Walmart, a savings of 20.

Analog toasters with dials make it pretty easy to burn toast or produce a bagel that hasn’t quite reached golden brown. Plus, you have to keep an eye on your food because what the hell do the numbers on toasters even mean anyway? With the Cuisinart you get a digital countdown to see exactly when your toast, bagel, or whatever will be ready. Read more...

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If you’re looking to bling out your wrist with something a little more technologically advanced than your standard Timex watch, the Samsung Gear S3 is the perfect way to go. It’s sleek, intuitive, and a great way to become even more connected with your other smart devices

You can currently save 149.99 on a Samsung Gear S3 on Amazon — it usually goes for 349.98, but pick one up now and you’ll only spend 199.99.

With this Samsung smart watch, you can text, call, and get notifications directly from your phone without ever reaching for it. The built-in GPS constantly keeps track of your activity — you can also share your location with others easily. The S3 also has the ability to store your credit card information, making it possible to use Samsung pay almost anywhere you go without taking out your wallet. With military-grade performance, this device can withstand dust, water, extreme weather, and the occasional drop (but do your best not to drop it). (Also, unlike most smart watches, it looks like a normal watch.) Read more...

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Spring is a great time to bag a bargain. There isn`t the widespread craziness that comes with Prime Day or Black Friday, but there are plenty of great offers out there.

Spring is the perfect time to shop for travel accessories like luggage, cookware and kitchen appliances, bedding, and clothing. It`s also the best time to shop for office products like furniture and technology, especially when Dell`s Small Business division is having a clearance sale.

Take your pick from a wide range of huge deals on innovative laptops, desktops, monitors, and accessories for your business or home office, available until May 3: Read more...

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Extremely mild spoilers for Avengers: Endgame ahead.

Avengers: Endgame has officially hit theaters, which means the many cast members who`ve spent months holding back spoilers can finally take a relaxing breath.

Since fans around the world began filling theaters to see their beloved Marvel characters assemble for one last time, cast members have started reflecting on the filming process by sharing emotional tributes, as well as behind-the-scenes photos and video from set.

Chris Pratt recently posted an especially captivating video of the cast preparing to film the final battle sequence in Endgame. Seeing the actors together on the dirt-covered set while wearing their regular clothes is quite a sight. Read more...

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If you made a beeline for the Apple Watch section during Best Buy`s Apple Event last week, you probably noticed something: Apple Watches got booted from the cool kid`s table. (Unless you were interested in the Series 1, I guess.) 

While Garmin, Fitbit, and the other top watches in the fam are constantly discounted, Apple Watch fans get left out in the cold.

Try looking at Walmart for a change: Most models of the Apple Watch Series 3 are 80 off, making prices as low as 199 (vs. not being on sale at Best Buy or Apple.) *Hair flip emoji*

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Whether your weekend was filled with relaxing activities and sleepy mornings, or wild parties and an exhausting schedule, you can start this week in the best possible way with deals.

We have lined up the best offers on health and fitness devices, headphones, speakers, and more, from top brands like Sony, Bose, Slendertone, Fitbit, and Anker. You can pick up fitness trackers, portable chargers, vacuum cleaners, and a whole lot more with this round-up.

These are the best deals from across the internet for April 29.

Best of the best

Take your pick from this selection of deals on everything from lawn mowers to spirits, including an Epson Lumens Projector that`s reduced by over £100. Read more...

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£140 OFF (40%) £349.99

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£6.6 OFF (20%) £32.99

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£5 OFF (29%) £16.99

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£100.99 OFF (25%) £399.99

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£6.86 OFF (21%) £32.86

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£35 OFF (39%) £89.99

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£45 OFF (35%) £129.99

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£16.67 OFF (33%) £49.99

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£33 OFF (66%) £49.99

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£9 OFF (25%) £35.99

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£4 OFF (11%) £35.99

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£55 OFF (31%) £179.99

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£60.3 OFF (40%) £149.99

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£60 OFF (21%) £279.99

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£37.99 OFF (19%) £199.99

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£41.04 OFF (51%) £79.99

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£9.01 OFF (30%) £30

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£40.5 OFF (20%) £199.95

Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f977390%2f2d1e5eb5 eec2 44d4 80a0 6ab1f6511fa8
£10.01 OFF (40%) £25

Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f977396%2fbabcccad df60 4480 b02b d407cb62d1c0
£80 OFF (35%) £229.99


YouTube star Felix Kjellberg, known worldwide as PewDiePie, has officially called for an end to the "Subscribe to PewDiePie" meme. 

In a video posted Sunday, the creator of YouTube`s second most-subscribed channel addressed the meme and its connection to the Christchurch terror attack in March that left 50 people dead.

While livestreaming the attack on multiple mosques on Facebook, the perpetrator of the shooting could be heard saying the words, "Subscribe to PewDiePie." 

It`s a reference to the meme and movement formed during the nearly half-year long race to become  YouTube’s most subscribed channel, a battle waged between Kjellberg and Bollywood studio T-Series. Fellow creators and supporters of Kjellberg worldwide had used the phrase as a rallying cry to help PewDiePie win the subscriber race. Read more...

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You might think that you`re a big Nintendo fan, but you can`t really be considered a top fan until you`ve put it on a T-shirt.

You can now get Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and other Nintendo stalwarts on a shirt, at super low prices. Nintendo T-shirts are now available for just £8.99 with free delivery, if you use the code NINTENDO at the checkout of the IWOOT store.

You do have a choice when it comes to codes though. If you opt for the code TWINNING, you can grab a free kids shirt with any adult shirt. You can`t combine the codes unfortunately, but two codes is better than one, right?

The shirts are usually dispatched within two days, so you shouldn`t have a long wait to get your hands on your chosen design. If you want to go with the £8.99 deal then you need to act pretty fast though, because this offer expires on May 2. Read more...

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Some spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame.

Because Avengers: Endgame is a movie about time travel, it has a scene in which the Avengers rattle off a list of time travel movies. 

There`s Back to the Future, of course. And Star Trek, Terminator, A Wrinkle in Time, Bill & Ted`s Excellent Adventure, Time Cop, Hot Tub Time Machine — 

WaitHot Tub Time Machine

Starring this guy? 

Also familiar to Marvel fans as this guy?

Yep, Avengers: Endgame, a movie starring Sebastian Stan, has a reference to Hot Tub Time Machine, another movie starring Sebastian Stan. Which opens up a whole new can of worms for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is basically all cans of worms already. Read more...

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Ancient secrets of medicinal mint unlocked through science. Source: Yü Lan / Adobe.

The precious chemistry of a plant used for 2000 years in traditional Chinese medicine has been unlocked in a project that raises the prospect of rapid access to a wide array of therapeutic drugs.


Victims of crimes in England and Wales, including survivors of rape and sexual assault, are being asked to grant police access to their phones. If they do not hand over their phones, investigations into allegations risk being dropped.

Rape charities have raised serious concerns over complainants` privacy and the fact that suspects aren`t being placed under the same level of scrutiny by police. 

According to the BBC, complainants will now be given consent forms stating that they`ll have the opportunity to say why they don`t want police to access their phone data. The forms request permission to access messages, emails, social media accounts, and photographs. Read more...

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Good morning. Still feeling down from missing out on Best Buy Apple sale event last week? If so, here is another opportunity, as Best Buy is holding a 24-hour Apple sale. With savings of up to 400 off select MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iMac, and iPhone. These would make an excellent Mother`s Day gift but act fast this time, so you don`t miss out.

Check out more of today`s best deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Adorama for Monday, April 29:

Best of the best

Road trips are fun and all, but when your phone battery dies, it can be scary. So make sure you pack a car charger before you set out. If you don`t have one, Amazon is offering up to 44% off select Anker car charger, giving you that ease of mind. For extra security during your road trip, you can also get an Anker Roav C1 Pro dash cam. Saving you 55 off the listed price. Read more...

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Warning: Contains giant spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 3.

There were a lot of heroes at the Battle of Winterfell.

And while there may have been characters with higher, or more game-changing, kill counts, there was ONLY ONE CHARACTER THAT DIED STABBING A GIANT ZOMBIE IN THE EYE.

Let`s give it up for Lyanna Mormont.

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Warning: Contains chilly spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 3.

If there`s one thing we should have learned by now with Game of Thrones, it`s that predictions are futile.

After months of assuming the Night King would be the final, ultimate enemy, Arya came running into our lives and shattered him into a million dead pieces.

And, as is also often the case with Game of Thrones, the clues were there all along. Even if they were predictably vague.

First, let`s jump quickly back to Season 3 Episode 6 — when Melisandre met Arya and made the following prediction: Read more...

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Jaguar Land Rover has partnered up with cryptocurrency IOTA to add several crypto-related options to its cars. 

Most importantly, drivers will be able to earn cryptocurrency by allowing the car to hand over some driving data. These coins will be redeemable for things such as coffees, parking tickets and electric car charging, the company announced Monday.

This technology, which is currently undergoing testing at Jaguar Land Rover, will allow the car to automatically report "useful" road conditions, like traffic congestion or potholes to entities such as navigation providers or local authorities. If the car owner allows this, they will get "credits" — presumably IOTA coins, though it`s not specified — which will be redeemable for a variety of products and services.  Read more...

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If you`ve never heard the name Chiitan before, you sure have been missing out. 

In his own words, the Japanese mascot is a "0-year-old fairy baby" who "plays around super actively every day!" 

As John Oliver points out in his deep dive into the world of Japanese mascots, Chiitan is a "giant otter wearing a turtle as a hat," who posts deeply entertaining videos of himself behaving in rather strange ways. 

Words can`t really do justice to Chiitan`s power to entertain. Just watch the video and see for yourself.  Read more...

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The dead have finally arrived, and we are all set for one of the biggest battles in GoT history. Read more...

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It`s one of the most iconic rescues in cinema, but you haven`t seen it like this.

In the latest of Disney`s Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures series, a collection of super short, kid-friendly versions of iconic Star Wars scenes, we`re whipping through the rescue of all-round scoundrel Han Solo by his badass love, Princess Leia Organa.

Although Han dropped the whole "I know," bullshirt on Leia before he was frozen in carbonite on Bespin and taken to Jabba the Hut`s palace on Tatooine, she`s still the only kween who can get him outta there (with some help from your pals Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca of course). Read more...

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If you can see through your tears, the scenes for next week on Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 is here. And it is all about the bloody aftermath that will seemingly follow the Long Night we just survived.

"We Have won the Great War,"  Daenerys says. "Now we will win the Last War."

Surprisingly, this strongman tactic appears to work on the ice cold northerns, who seem to finally be warming up to their new dragon king. Read more...

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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3.

Game of Thrones fans around the world were stunned at the end of the Battle for Winterfell.

The entirety of Episode 3, Season 8 of Game of Thrones had a tremendous amount of tension, beautifully built up through nearly 80 minutes of battle scenes and beloved characters fighting for their lives. All of that tension released in the last 10 minutes of the episode as Arya Stark stabbed the Night King and ended the onslaught of undeath on Winterfell.

While there was plenty of death at the Battle of Winterfell, including the heartwrenching demise of Theon, Beric, and the heroic Lady Mormont, the most impactful demise of the season, if not the series, was that of the Night King. Read more...

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Ending five years of anything is hard, but you`d ideally like to go out in a blaze of glory.

It`s not quite the situation that saw the unlucky end of a five-year run of Minecraft, reportedly the longest known on the game`s hardcore permadeath mode.

As Polygon reports, talented Twitch streamer Philza ended his lengthy five-year run after being attacked by a dreaded zombie baby in magic armour, and finished by a spider.

"No! Really? That`s how I die?" said Philza as the screen suddenly flicked over to `Game Over.` Read more...

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llustration of an Aleut paddling a baidarka, with an anchored Russian ship in the background, near Saint Paul Island, by Louis Choris, 1817. The Chaluka site was inhabited by ancient Aleut people. Source: Public Domain

Alaska is often referred to as the last frontier because of its unspoiled nature and sparse population. 

Traditional Tammari people village of Tamberma at Koutammakou, the Land of the Batammariba, Kara region, Togo.

Koutammakou, the land of the Batammariba people, has many unique architectural and ethnographic attractions found nowhere else. The harmonious integration the Batammariba have with nature is rarely seen today.


To the total stranger who seemingly ran all 26.2 miles of the London Marathon while wearing a full-body Big Ben costume: I salute you.

Who does this? What kind of a brain dreams it up? There`s actually a good, heartwarming reason. But first, you need to see it. Behold the excellence of this absolute real life superhero....

Meet Lukas Bates, who is aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon dressed as a landmark building.

📺 @BBCOne
📻 @5livesport extra#GetInspired #LondonMarathon pic.twitter.com/e7RUIG0dSL

— BBC Get Inspired (@bbcgetinspired) April 28, 2019

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Mild spoilers ahead for Us, proceed with caution if you haven`t seen it yet.

Here`s a different song of ice and fire, compliments of Us star Lupita Nyong`o.

For reasons that aren`t explained — and whatever, who cares, this is great — Nyong`o took to Twitter on Sunday to do a little analysis. The Us star is caught in the grip of Game of Thrones fandom, just like everyone else. And because loving Game of Thrones involves thinking about Game of Thones constantly, Nyong`o has some Thoughts.

Specifically, she feels there are cinematic and textual links to be found between the Tethered in Jordan Peele`s March 2019 hit and the soon-to-be-completed HBO series` White Walkers. You might or might not agree, but talking it all out is a good way to kill time while we count the hours together until the next Thrones episode. Read more...

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With the mobile game market booming, one company has taken the next step in portable gaming: it`s created a phone with an internal cooling fan.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Nubia has announced the latest refresh for its popular mobile gaming device, the Red Magic 3. Judging by its specs, the phone is about to provide some real extra competition in a fast-growing space.

Nubia’s latest flagship gaming device is the first mobile phone with a built-in fan. The company says the fan is quiet and can spin up to 14,000 rpm. Along with the fan, the Red Magic 3 will utilize a liquid cooling system which has become popular with its competitorsRead more...

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