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Everything was fine until somebody touched the shrimp fried rice.

The communal office fridge is one of the most contentious areas of any office. Long lost leftovers go forgotten until it`s hard for anyone to avoid the stench, unorganized stackers become apparent, and  inevitably, someone`s precious food or condiment will be violated. There are a few unspoken fridge rules for any office, however, the golden rule is to never, ever eat or discard someone`s lunch. Ever. 

Comedian Zak Toscani shared a controversial tale of an office lunch gone wrong, which he says started Thursday evening after his coworker noticed their lunch had gone missing from the fridge. We were unable to confirm the events actually took place (this may be a big joke ... he`s a comedian after all), but the story is so good, it must be read. Read more...

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My iPhone isn`t even two years old, and it`s already dying.

That`s the upshot of Apple`s new "Battery Health" feature, introduced in iOS 11.3 Thursday. Though the device assures me it`s operating at "peak performance," it also indicates that the battery can only hold 93 percent of the charge it once did.

So it goes. Every battery degrades over time, and there`s not a lot Apple can do about that. In fact, this new feature is a step in the right direction: it`s a sort of mea culpa after the tech giant was caught slowing down old devices without user consent, supposedly to combat unexpected shutdowns. The more information users have to counteract — or at least anticipate — the negative effects of iPhone aging, the better. Read more...

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From the Book of Sister Jean, Chapter 1, Verse 3: "God is probably a basketball fan, more of the NCAA than the NBA."

The word is truth, especially when it`s spoken by Loyola-Chicago’s Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt, the school`s basketball team`s chaplain. On Friday, the internet celebrity and 98-year-old nun gave her own press conference ahead of the Ramblers` game on Saturday night, delivering one gem after another.

Asked if God was a basketball fan, Sister Jean had this to say:

"He probably is. And he’s probably a basketball fan more of the NCAA than the NBA." Read more...

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While it`s fun to explore the world by zooming around on Google Earth, there`s just something uninspiring about most satellite images. While the earth is 100 percent most definitely round, many of these images are taken straight down, making the world appear flat, and, well, kinda boring. 

However, when an image captured by a satellite is taken at an angle, the perspective changes. Photos of landscapes and structures no longer look like two-dimensional maps. 

Planet Labs, Increcently released a collection of these stunning images, which show the wonder and beauty of Earth in a perspective unlike the satellite imagery we`ve become accustomed to. From the bustling skyline of Shanghai to the the world`s tallest waterfall, experience the world around you like never before. Read more...

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The first time I read A Wrinkle In Time as a kid, I remember being utterly terrified.

Beginning with the iconic opening line "It was a dark and stormy night," Madeleine L`Engle`s classic children`s sci-fi tale takes us on a harrowing journey with iron-willed Meg Wallace, precocious Charles Wallace, and charming Calvin as they they bend time and space to find Meg and Charles`s missing father.

It wasn`t until I re-read the book as an adult that I figured out why: As a kid, I was used to stories about kids persevering and fighting the challenges to discover the moral of being themselves. I wasn`t used to reading stories where the youthful protagonists face such grave mortal and existential peril.  Read more...

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Jim Carrey, actor, comedian and Renaissance painter, just submitted his first masterpiece.

Or, uh, so the people of the internet think. On Thursday, Jim Carrey submitted his "official portrait" of Donald Trump to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery via Twitter. The portrait features Trump sitting in his bathrobe eating an ice cream cone which is highly accurate, so he obviously has my vote.

“Dear Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery,” Carrey wrote on Twitter. “I know it’s early but I’d like to submit this as the official portrait of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump. It’s called, ‘You Scream. I Scream. Will We Ever Stop Screaming?” Read more...

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A prescription for an antidepressant is hope. It can also be a guessing game. 

"Do I feel different? Do I feel better?" Nausea, weight gain, and sexual side effects — those can hit right away. But it can take weeks to feel a change in mood, then another few weeks to tell if an antidepressant is actually doing any good.

Now imagine this future: You walk into a psychiatrist`s office. They swab inside your cheek, or put sensors on your head, and then prescribe you the right drug. No trial and error. No false starts. Just an antidepressant that works with minimal side effects.

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It ain`t an iPhone, but a new Android Go device will get you online for 80.

The ZTE Tempo Go phone just launched in the United States, delivering a pared down version of Google`s mobile operating system at a low price. It has a 5-inch screen, some pretty weak cameras, and — yes! — a headphone jack.

Let`s also reiterate: It costs 80.

Of course, the phone isn`t meant to be powerful. It runs Oreo Go, a version of Android for "entry-level" phones. And Google does mean entry-level. Inexpensive Android Go devices are intended to help the absurdly powerful tech corporation make inroads in growing markets like India, where just over 22 percent of the population used smartphones last year compared to 69 percent in the United States, according to one analysis. (Note that surveys from Pew indicate that 77 percent of Americans now own smartphones; there`s a bit of wiggle room to these statistics.)  Read more...

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It`s 2018, and there`s one thing on the back of everyone`s minds — nuclear warfare.

If it isn`t, it should beIn January of this year, the doomsday clock moved two minutes closer to midnight because of elevated nuclear warfare riskThe Outrider Foundation decided to take advantage of this uniquely terrifying moment in history and publish an interactive nuclear bomb simulator, allowing users to see how their houses and neighborhoods would be affected if they were hit by a nuclear bomb.  

To use the map, simply type in your address and zip code and choose your bomb of choice. The visualization can show you how the large the impact of the bomb might be, how much of your neighborhood would likely be vaporized and how many people might be affected by radiation poisoning — ya know, all the good stuff. Read more...

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It`s been a bad month in crypto-city. 

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is trading at 7,076 — a 7% decrease in the last 24 hours and a 34.6% decrease on a monthly basis. The second largest coin, Ethereum, is being absolutely pummeled, having dropped 5% to 398 in the last 24 hours, and losing more than half of its value (55.1%) since March 1. And none of the other major cryptocurrencies fared much better. 

A part of this price drop can be explained by an onslaught of bad news, mostly having to do with increased regulatory scrutiny of ICOs (initial coin offerings) and cryptocurrency trading in most of the world`s markets. The fact that Facebook, Google and Twitter all banned cryptocurrency-related ads on their platforms didn`t help. Other recent news, including a rumor of a new mining chip being built for Ethereum (which could make it more centralized) as well as an important, bearish technical indicator called the "death cross" happening on Bitcoin`s charts, have certainly contributed.  Read more...

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One of the most special things in television universes are the ridiculously fake apps and websites that characters use. 

Generally, there are two types of these fake internet-ings. The first are the type that are just stand-ins for real-world sites and apps that would`ve cost the production company licensing fees otherwise. The second are the type that exist solely within the fictional universe and serve their unique storyline purposes.

Scouring the best of these ersatz services, we compiled the best of these websites and apps, chosen for being either oh-so-obvious stand-ins or notable staples of their respective fictional worlds.  Read more...

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April Fool`s Day is nearly upon us. 

Yes that means the season of (extra) fake news headlines, elaborate Google pranks, and #brandfails is upon us. Now`s a time of year that you need to keep your head on a swivel, making sure you do not fall victim to all-too-common April Fool`s Day prank.

And look, we all love a good prank, but none of us wants to take the time to plan one out. That`s probably how you found yourself here. If you`re looking for a good last-minute prank that doesn`t take all too much time to plan out, here are a few good ones to try out. Read more...

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It`s been almost 20 years since the first book in Lemony Snicket`s A Series of Unfortunate Events; 14 years since the meandering movie adaptation, 12 since the books ended, and just over a year since the series premiered on Netflix.

And in that least year especially, things have changed drastically. Time seems to both drag and splinter in the Trump era (there`s a reason this winter feels as long as one out of Game of Thrones). The internet seeks solace in gallows humor and routine evisceration of those who got us in this mess – and oddly, it`s the perfect environment for A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2. Read more...

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No 4K? No problem. But you might want to upgrade your PlayStation.

The upcoming God of War, perhaps the most anticipated PS4 game this spring, if not the whole year, will have a "performance mode" that "makes the game run so so smooth," according to the title`s creative director Cory Barlog. But there`s a catch: The mode is specifically geared toward PS4 Pro owners.

During a Q&A on Twitter Thursday, a God of War fan asked if it was necessary to upgrade to the console`s "Pro" version, which costs 100 more and features more powerful hardware than the "normal" PS4. The Pro`s biggest selling point is 4K video: On compatible televisions, you get a more detailed, crisp visual experience on the Pro than you would with the less expensive PS4.  Read more...

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There are only three things you need to know about Apple`s new 9.7-inch iPad:

  • It`s still the cheapest iPad at 329.
  • It works with Apple Pencil.
  • It`s noticeably more powerful than the previous iPad.

Of the three, Apple Pencil support is the most noteworthy, and it`s not hard to see why

Previously, if you wanted to draw or handwrite digital notes with the precision of Apple Pencil, you needed to fork over at least 650 for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and shell out another 100 for the stylus.

Now, 430 gets you both a powerful iPad and Apple Pencil. Compared to the 500 Apple used to charge for just an entry-level 9.7-inch iPad alone, it`s pretty clear the combo is a hell of a value. Read more...

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Snapchat just added an Easter-themed surprise to Snap Maps.

The company`s adding a Pokémon Go-style augmented reality Easter egg hunt game to its app for the upcoming holiday.

Starting Friday, Snapchat users can hunt for augmented reality eggs using Snap Maps and compete with their friends for points. The concept is similar to Pokémon Go and other AR games in that Snapchat users will have to physically travel to different locations in order to retrieve the in-game eggs. 

You`ll get points for the eggs you find and you can compete with friends for the top score (your points will only be visible to friends who can see you in Snap Maps already). The game will be live through the Easter weekend in the U.S and Canada.  Read more...

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Another day, another crisis for the social network.

Facebook employees are reportedly up in arms over a BuzzFeed report detailing a leaked "growth at any cost" memo from Andrew "Boz" Bosworth, a vice president at the social network, that was originally published in 2016. Comments from Facebook employees published by the Verge late Thursday suggest a growing sense of frustration and paranoia within the company, particularly in regards to leaked information.

"Thinking adversarially, if I wanted info from Facebook, the easiest path would be to get people hired into low-level employee or contract roles," one employee posted, according to the site`s report. Read more...

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A federal appeals court delivered a huge legal blow to Google on Tuesday, but developers are the ones who could end up paying the price.

Google and Oracle have been fighting a war in court since 2012 about whether Google stole Oracle`s intellectual property when it adopted Java naming protocols for Android app developers. And after much back and forth, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled in Oracle`s favor.

The case, however, is more than a battle of technology titans. The most recent ruling overturns decades of precedent about the spirit of innovation that up to this point has governed computer science: an environment in which developers build upon and improve others` work, and write compatible programs designed to adapt to multiple ecosystems and the latest technology. In short, developers could be afraid to innovate because of a ruling by a judge in a court that doesn`t usually rule on consumer technology copyright law. Read more...

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Gary Vaynerchuk and his agency Vayner Media are already known for dominating and owning social media. But now they`re turning their attentions to Voice AI. We caught up with Gary to talk about the massive opportunities and challenges that a future of talking to machines presents. Here`s the conversation in full: 

Can we establish your views on how revolutionary Voice AI is and is going to be in our day to day lives 

It’s going to be one of the core pillars of our interaction. I would say in a decade it’s going to rival  the cell phone as we know it today. Ultimately because of how much time we spend the cell phone will continue to be the primary, but I genuinely believe that voice AI enabled devices and infrastructure is going to become as crucial as the cell phone in the way we interact with technology.  Read more...

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Before you know it, the bitter winds will be drifting away and you`ll be trying to buy an air conditioner off Craigslist. But as we say goodbye to winter, we must also say goodbye to some of the best deals from everyone`s favorite neighborhood Mashable Shop.

These discounted learning bundles, top-rated earphones, and travel essentials won`t be available come April 1st. Seriously. Gone forever. That gives you exactly two days to take advantage of these items — and you can even take an additional 10% when you enter the code MADMARCH10 at checkout. Happy shopping, people! Read more...

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"Technology is exposing us, not changing us.” 

Gary Vaynerchuk is on a mission to spread his can-do message through his use of digital media. The entrepreneur, who`s CEO and co-founder of the digital agency Vayner Media, has something of a cult following online and IRL. Millions tune into his Instagram stories daily to learn from his positive and no-nonsense approach to life and success. This is the place where Gary Vee (as he`s known) has plenty to say about personal responsibility and not blaming others when things go wrong.

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Let`s be real here for a second. You only clicked on this page because you want the new Samsung Galaxy S9+. We can`t blame you, Samsung really pulled all the stops with this bad boy.

Although there isn`t much of an upgrade on the design front, almost everything else is brand spanking new — from the enhanced camera and all-improved stereo speakers to the faster chip and new operating system. As Mashable`s Raymond Wong put it, "at long last, Samsung gets it exactly right."

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ boast a slew of features that just might put the iPhone to shame. It has upgraded speakers that are 1.4x louder than its predecessor, a 12-megapixel back camera with not one, but *two* apertures, an 8-megapixel front-facing camera with a nifty Selfie Focus feature, and a smarter Bixby assistantBixby Vision can recognize food and inform you of its calorie content, plus it can also serve as a mini tour guide with its ability to identify places and tell you more about them. Oh, and the S9 still has a headphone jack, which counts for something. It also doesn`t have any annoying screen notches. Read more...

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When you think of Idris Elba, the first thing to spring to mind might be his legendary role as Stringer Bell in The Wire.

Or maybe you think of him going head-to-head with Matthew McConaughey in the blockbuster adaption of Stephen King`s Dark Tower series, or hunting serial killers in the London-based crime drama Luther.

What you probably wouldn`t think of are comedies and musicals. At least not yet.

Elba is keen to do more of both, though. At a roundtable event last year to promote his new semi-autobiographical comedy series In the Long Run, he spoke about his desire to try his hand at more light-hearted roles. Read more...

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Facebook`s security and product leads have been acting globally in the company`s effort to regain user trust and protect the integrity of elections worldwide. The world`s largest social network cannot take back what occurred on its platform during the 2016 presidential election, but the team has been trying to prevent bad actors, like Russian trolls, from using Facebook to nefariously affect election results in the future. 

"It`s really important for us while we`re solving the problems of the 2016 election that we`re not getting tunnel vision there," Facebook`s Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos told reporters on Thursday. "We don`t just want to be fighting the last war." Read more...

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham is trying to stymie the gun control fight the best way she knows how — by bullying teenage survivors.

Ingraham shared an article on Twitter yesterday revealing Parkland survivor David Hogg`s rejection from four separate colleges. Folks on Twitter immediately pounced on the pundit for this non-bit-of-news, before Hogg jumped in and launched a boycott himself, enjoining advertisers to withdraw from her show.

"David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges to Which He Applied and whines about it," Ingraham initially wrote on Twitter (that`s her random capitalization, not mine). Read more...

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In a year of epic superhero movie landmarks like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, one superhero will likely stand on his own as a hilariously irreverent sidebar among 2018`s film releases. Of course, we`re talking about everyone`s favorite "Merc with a Mouth": Deadpool 2 hits theaters May 18.

When the first Deadpool movie was released in 2016, it broke several records, including biggest opening weekend for an R-rated superhero flick at the time. It also gave superhero movies permission to take more risks with their storytelling outside of the traditional origin story, leading to films like the hyper-violent, critically-acclaimed Logan and the upcoming horror-esque flick, The New Mutants.  Read more...

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With the triumphant return of Roseanne 21 years after its last episode, the world seems like it`s primed and ready to take a look back to the past and reboot as many classic television shows as possible.

The world is in luck; there are already so many beloved (albeit mostly white) TV shows that are well on their way to getting rebooted, from 1980s staples like Miami Vice to the short-lived but transcendent `60s cartoon The Jetsons. Some have been greenlit, others have had pilots ordered, others are still in early stages of development, but they`re all shows that we desperately want to see back on our screens. Read more...

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Elon Musk`s SpaceX just got permission to operate 4,425 satellites that could one day provide internet service from space. 

That would vastly increase access to the internet — especially in rural areas — and possibly create a ton of space junk

Not that SpaceX is anywhere near ready to flip the switch on a new internet service. So far, it`s only launched two demo satellites. But this is a big step forward. 

In a statement released Thursday, the FCC said it was the first approval of "a U.S.-licensed satellite constellation to provide broadband services using a new generation of low-Earth orbit satellite technologies." Read more...

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It`s been a pretty strange year for politics. It`s even stranger now that major political figures are crowdfunding their legal fees. 

A GoFundMe stetup by "Friends of Andrew McCabe" launched Thursday to pay for the former FBI deputy director`s legal defense fund. 

McCabe`s GoFundMe is not only trending, it`s also raised a tremendous amount of money in the past few hours. As of the time of writing, it had raised 252,892 in just six short hours. People have been donating so quickly that the campaign increased its goal to 250,000 after it met its original 150,000 goal in less than four hours.  Read more...

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In the 11 days since a woman walking her bike across a major thoroughfare in Tempe, Arizona, was struck and killed by a self-driving Uber, the San Francisco-based ride-hailing company has generated a relentless flow of news.

The crash occurred at 10 p.m. on March 18 on a four-lane road in the city just outside of Phoenix where Uber`s self-driving program has been testing on public roads. A few days after the crash, Tempe police released a video showing the operator and roadway seconds before the Volvo XC90 SUV fatally hit the woman. 

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It`s damn near impossible to find someone who hasn`t been awe-struck at Hayley Willams` powerful voice on any one of Paramore`s anthems and now, thankfully, we can confirm that Kenny G is amongst them.

The legendary saxophonist let his "Paramore stan" flag fly high with his latest tweet, giving us all the caption of our dreams and the proof we needed to confirm that he is legendary. 

"I bet everybody here is fake happy too," he tweeted along with a picture of himself looking pretty fake-happy. Two musical giants, meeting in the most unlikely of places: a tweet.  Read more...

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Donald Trump does not like Amazon.

We were reminded once again this morning of our Commander in Chief`s specific animosity toward the tech giant as we are so often reminded of things in Trump World: via tweet. And yet, as is par for the 45th Presidential course, he managed to mostly miss the point. 

Trump lambasted Amazon for reportedly paying zero federal taxes last year on 5.6 billion in profits, using the United States Postal Service as "their Delivery Boy" (which, isn`t that kind of the point of the postal service?), and driving presumably brick and motor retailers to shutter.  Read more...

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When you`re a high-level Facebook executive and something you said in the past comes back to haunt you, your best hope for salvation is frantically taking to Twitter.

Or so it would seem for Andrew "Boz" Bosworth, the Facebook Vice President who is trying to distance himself from an internal 2016 company memo he wrote that was published Thursday by BuzzFeed News

The memo argues that the purpose of Facebook is to connect people, and that even if that connection means people literally die as a result, the company will not slow down in its attempts at growth.  Read more...

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Tesla announced Thursday a recall to all its Model S battery-powered vehicles built before April 2016 — that`s 123,000 vehicles globally.

The electric sedan has an issue in the power steering component, but the company assures no accidents or injuries have been reported because of the issue. 

Only an estimated .02 percent of vehicles in the U.S. have had an issue with the steering that apparently presents itself in cold winter climates where roads are salted. 

An email going out Thursday to affected customers assures the cars can still be driven, but the cars need to be taken in eventually to have parts replaced. A Tesla representative will be in touch with owners to schedule an appointment. The retrofit is expected to take about an hour.  Read more...

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Don`t freak out yet: This thing isn`t fully autonomous. But it could make life way easier for lazy highway drivers. 

The 2019 Nissan Altima debuted at the New York International Auto Show on Wednesday. It`s the newest update to Nissan`s top-selling Altima. It`s also the third Nissan model equipped with ProPilot Assist, Nissan`s semi-autonomous driving system.

ProPilot Assist is already featured in the Japanese manufacturer`s 2018 Leaf and Rogue SUV. Nissan won`t release fully autonomous vehicles until 2020 (if it sticks to its self-imposed deadline). Read more...

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After the driver of a Tesla Model X died in a fiery crash on a Bay Area freeway last week, federal and local authorities are investigating what happened.

The crash on Highway 101 near Mountain View, California, last Friday looked gruesome with the front half of the electric SUV destroyed in the crash and subsequent fire. 

National Transportation Safety Board spokesperson Christopher O`Neil said in a phone call Thursday that the federal agency was investigating the crash, mostly looking into the fire after the crash and how the vehicle was transported and removed from the scene. Read more...

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Sit down, Pop Culture Twitter. We need to have a talk. Specifically, about this recent rash of pop culture brackets. 

Look, I get it. They look fun and simple and there`s nothing more deviously pleasurable than watching your friends squirm as you make them to pick sides between two things they love.

But most of the ones in circulation are very, very bad, and mostly all for the same reason: They`re seeded incorrectly. Or, more likely, not seeded at all.

If you`re not super familiar with the concept of sports brackets (and I understand there are huge swaths of sports fandom and pop culture fandom that don`t overlap at all), you might dismiss seeding as an unnecessary step that complicates the easy elegance of the bracket.  Read more...

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The all-electric Jaguar I-Pace made its first North American appearance at the New York Auto Show on Wednesday. Among those on display was a future member of Waymo`s autonomous fleet. 

The company, formerly the Google self-driving car project, has partnered with Jaguar to develop the world`s first electric, autonomous luxury vehicle. Waymo will add 20,000 of such SUVs to its "Waymo Service." 

This means that, at some point, you`ll be able to request a ride in one of these bad boys through a Waymo ride-sharing app.  Read more...

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We want to be as overjoyed as Julianna. 

Redditor u/TheFunnyWhore posted this video of their daughter`s excited rant about her new My Little Pony movie rental. It`s not just any movie — it`s the mermaid version, and despite only being in kindergarten, Julianna has some serious reviews.

"But no! This! Is! The! Mermaid! My Little Pony one," she exclaims. 

"I even said the F-word, this is so awesome," Julianna said, "Oh my god, I get a donut and this Xbox movie!"

Julianna even made a point to get out of her car seat to show the camera proof that the DVD was definitely the "mermaid one." 

"This is the best day of my life, even though it`s a school day!" she said.  Read more...

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Under Armour`s digital security is out of shape.  

The athletic apparel company today announced a massive data breach affecting at least 150 million users of its food and nutrition app MyFitnessPal. 

"On March 25, the MyFitnessPal team became aware that an unauthorized party acquired data associated with MyFitnessPal user accounts in late February 2018," reads a press release detailing the breach. "The investigation indicates that the affected information included usernames, email addresses, and hashed passwords - the majority with the hashing function called bcrypt used to secure passwords." Read more...

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Look out, Apple. Subaru`s coming. 

The Japanese automaker unveiled its new 2019 Subaru Forester at the New York International Auto Show on Wednesday. It`s largely similar to previous Foresters, but there`s one major upgrade: It now has a facial recognition feature.

Okay, so it`s not quite as sophisticated as the iPhone X`s Face ID, which has a 1-in-1 million false acceptance rate and opens the phone like a password. But Subaru`s DriverFocus software, which makes its global debut in the 2019 Forester, still has some cool perks. 

Don`t forget your keys, though, because the feature won`t open the car or start it for you. The so-called DriverFocus software uses infrared sensors to recognize who is driving and how they`re feeling. You can introduce it to up to five people, and program in their preferences for seat positioning, mirrors, temperature, and even radio stations.  Read more...

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Apple`s iMessage isn`t just for talking to your friends, anymore.

Today Apple officially rolled out its new Business Chat feature as part of the iOS 11.3 update. First previewed during last year`s WWDC, Business Chat allows people to message companies in iMessage much like the way Facebook users chat with businesses on Messenger.

Though Apple`s version of the feature is still in beta and only in the United States and Canda for now, it could mark the start of some serious competition for Facebook. 

Much like Facebook Messenger, which has been enticing businesses for years, Apple`s new service lets users chat directly with companies using iMessage. The option will start to show up for participating businesses (Home Depot, Marriott, and Wells Fargo are among a handful of early partners) when you search for them in Maps, Safari, or Spotlight Search on your iPhone. Read more...

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Adnan Syed, who was convicted of the 1999 murder of his high school sweetheart Hae Min Lee and gained national interest for being the subject of the podcast "Serial," was granted a new trial. 

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals, the state`s second highest court, upheld a judge`s ruling on Thursday with a vote of two to one that Syed`s attorney in the murder trial failed to provide evidence that could have "directly contradicted the State`s theory of when Syed had the opportunity and did murder Hae." This sends his case back to the lower Circuit Court, granting him a new trial on all charges.  Read more...

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We all need to rethink our approach to storing files. We have too much data and too many devices to manage it all on a single device.

What we all need is a platform-agnostic cloud service that stores all our files in the cloud and gives us access to them wherever and whenever we need. Is that so much to ask? Luckily, there`s no shortage of cloud services that can do this. So why pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage?

Dubbed by TechRepublic as “the best cloud sync you’ve never heard of,” pCloud uses a so-far unhackable encryption technique to guarantee that your personal files stay private and inaccessible to everyone but you.  Read more...

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Star Wars fans are the luckiest fans in the world. I mean, that merchandise selection is seriously infinite. While we have seen numerous Star Wars-themed Bluetooth speakers already, it`s time that you forget those — because there`s a shiny, new line of merch in the galaxy.

Say goopa (that`s hello in Ewok) to the Star Wars Bluetooth Speakers by iHome

Remember how Darth Vader`s ship, the TIE Advanced x1, was the better and faster version of regular TIE fighters? Well, think of these iHome speakers as the TIE Advanced x1 of Bluetooth speakers.  Read more...

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Prothesis by Furrion is a 15-feet-tall exoskeleton that is controlled by a highly trained pilot. It weighs 7,000 pounds, run as fast as 25 mph, and can jump as high as 10 feet.  Read more...

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We went to this year`s New York International Auto Show and took a look at some of the cars of the future. Read more...

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What does it take to get some peace and quiet around here? 

You know the drill: You`re submerged in distracting office chatter at work, and once you get home, family members or roommates are suddenly the loudest people you know — or your neighbor is throwing a party on a Tuesday night. And when you`re traveling, you`re always seated within an ear-shot of the kid that won`t stop crying.

Headphones are a great way to drown out the sound, but no matter how high you turn up the volume, some models can`t give you the unadulterated silence you deserve. 

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Michael Zajkov is a Russian artist who creates the most hyper realistic dolls you have ever seen. Each one is molded into a beautiful doll with realistic hair, makeup, and clothing. Read more...

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