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Do you want to cuddle pigs? This animal sanctuary needs your help.

Give back with cuddles!

On Tuesday, Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary, a South Carolina-based volunteer organization dedicated to helping animals in need, put out an open call for volunteers. Specifically, the group is seeking participants eager to rub noses with pigs in need of socialization. 

Once properly cuddled, the pigs will be one step closer to finding their forever families through adoption. According to the sanctuary`s website, pot belly/mini pigs are the most in need of placement. 

Sound like the dream gig? Well, Twitter thought so. Although the original post received limited likes and retweets, one look at the volunteer calendar and you`ll see all of the "Pig Socialization" slots are full until March — and even those are going fast.  Read more...

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Amazon`s Ring will now allow users to opt out of all police video requests

After a wave of bad press involving police partnerships, hacking, and other privacy violations, Amazon`s Ring doorbell has released an update. 

On Friday, the smart device`s mobile app rolled out a new control center that grants users more authority over their privacy and security settings. You`ll now be able to add and remove shared users on an account, restrict third-party access, view two-factor authentication settings, and (perhaps, most importantly) opt out of all video request notifications from law enforcement.

Uncovered in reporting by Motherboard and Gizmodo in 2019, the scale of Amazon`s Neighbor Portal program is much larger than originally believed — and its various affiliations with law enforcement has raised alarming ethical questions.  Read more...

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Representation of an ancient pandemic. Deriv: ‘Plague in Rome.’ 1869. Paris Orsay. (jean louis mazieres/CC BY NC SA 2.0) Woman in a mask worried about novel coronavirus. (Yasser Alghofily/CC BY 2.0)

The world is asking “are we on the edge of the next pandemic?” as the new coronavirus looks set to go global and case numbers rise. But looking back at ancient pandemics

A custom Xbox add-on turns your power wheelchair into a controller

It`s time to re-purpose Nintendo`s old "Now you`re playing with power!" tagline.

There`s a new custom-made add-on for the Xbox Adaptive Controller that allows people to use their power wheelchair controls to play games. This so-called "Freedom Wing Adapter" came out of a partnership between the AbleGamers charity organization and ATMakers.

That latter group, founded by a man named Bill Binko, describes itself as "an experiment in solving problems in Assistive Technology using the skills and tools of the Maker community." AbleGamers, meanwhile, has been working since 2004 to make games more accessible for people with disabilities. Read more...

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Watch Dr. Doofenshmirtz of `Phineas and Ferb` sing the hell out of `Bad Guy`

It`s the song taking over the Tri-State Area.

On Friday, a Phineas and Ferb fan shared video of show co-creator Dan Povenmire belting out Billie Eilish`s smash hit "Bad Guy" for Twitter. 

Povenmire, who voices series villain Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, rewrote the song to fit his character`s treacherous ways and later performed it at the Disney Channel Holiday Party. Fans just catching on to Doofenshmirtz`s burgeoning music career were elated.

Take a listen:

The lyrics, as Povenmire has written them, are: 

Lab coat, now red my bloody nose
When you visit we come to blows
But first I get caught up in prose
I’m too vociferous.  

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FCC confirms wireless carriers broke federal law by selling location data

The other shoe is about to drop for wireless carriers that violated customer privacy. 

On Friday, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai, a Donald Trump appointee, informed the House of Representatives that an investigation into the unauthorized sale of users` real-time location data had concluded. The inquiry, which began in early 2019 following numerous investigative reports into the matter, found at least one carrier broke federal law.

“Following our longstanding calls to take action, the FCC finally informed the Committee today that one or more wireless carriers apparently violated federal privacy protections by turning a blind eye to the widespread disclosure of consumers’ real-time location data," said Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ), Chairman to the Energy and Commerce Committee, in a statement. Read more...

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Quibi debuts a tense teaser for the fake news-ified reboot of  `The Fugitive`

The Fugitive is back with a modern twist. Though the trailer for Quibi`s upcoming series looks like a present-day reboot of the Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones movie (and the 1960s TV series that inspired it), stars Boyd Holbrook and Kiefer Sutherland will play all-new characters engaged in a similar game of cat-and-mouse... with a 21st century twist.

Holbrook plays Mike, a father and husband suspected of bombing the Los Angeles subway system who then has to fight for his life, family, and innocence while evading capture by Detective Clay Bryce (Sutherland). 

But the real villain in Quibi`s adaptation might be more nefarious: Social media. A Dec. 2019 report from Deadline suggests that the chase at the heart of the show is fueled by social media misinformation and sloppy reporting. Read more...

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Lyft will offer free rides for voters during the 2020 primaries

Voters struggling to get to the polls can look to Lyft.

On Friday, the ride share service announced that it would be expanding its free and discounted ride program throughout the primary calendar and general election. Part of the company`s LyftUp initiative — a charitable effort that helps in-need riders of all kinds — the Voting Access Program will start with the Iowa caucus on Monday. 

"Every citizen who wants to exercise their fundamental right to vote should have reliable, affordable access to the polls — regardless of income, age, zip code, or political affiliation," Lyft said in a statement on their company blog. "Yet in the last presidential election, it’s estimated that more than 15 million eligible voters didn’t go to the polls in large part because they lacked a way to get there." Read more...

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Pietraperzia, an example of one of the pyramids in Sicily. Source: Università degli studi di Catania

There is a fascinating architectural structure that comes to us from the distant past. It is found almost everywhere on Earth and many independent researchers propose a unique cultural origin for its presence over the millennia

Watch this very smart dog climb over a freaking fence

Most animals might be deterred by a chain link fence, but not the scrappy dog in this new video. The pup in question comes up against a fence, and instead of turning around and heading home with his tail between his legs, our intrepid explorer scales the fence

Not only does the dog skillfully climb all the way to the top, but he lands successfully after leaping/falling several feet (are we sure this dog isn`t part-cat?). This is either the smartest, best pup, or the beginning of some kind of dog zombie apocalypse movie.

We`ll let you decide.

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Yes, you`ll be able to watch the Super Bowl on your Roku

Shortly after Roku warned its customers that Fox channels would stop streaming right before Super Bowl LIV, an updated agreement has kept the deal between the two companies going. What that means for Roku users is that the Super Bowl will once again be streaming.

Roku tweeted the update Friday night:

We are delighted that we reached an agreement with FOX to distribute FOX channels on the Roku platform

Roku customers can stream the Super Bowl through FOX Now, Fox Sports and NFL in addition to other ways.

— Roku (@Roku) February 1, 2020

Roku, like AppleTV, allows users with cable or streaming subscriptions to access their favorite platforms through apps on the device. Not all TV platforms have a live viewing option, but Fox has had it for years and been a reliable streamer on a day like Super Bowl Sunday. Read more...

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LeBron James, L.A. Lakers pay tribute to Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Less than a week after the helicopter crash that resulted in the deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, the Los Angeles Lakers played again at the Staples Center, where Bryant played in and attended so many games over the years. Friday`s game between the Lakers and the Portland Trail Blazers began with a pre-game tribute to Bryant, Gianna, and fellow victims Alyssa Altobelli, John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Payton Chester, Sarah Chester, Christina Mauser, and Ara Zobayan.

The Lakers all appeared on the court wearing Bryant`s numbers 8 and 24, and every seat was draped in his signature jerseys. The tribute included performances by Usher and Boyz II Men, as well as a speech from LeBron James.  Read more...

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Twitter`s iOS app now visibly threads together replies

This new change doesn`t make Twitter any less of a dumpster fire, but for iOS users at least, it`s now an easier dumpster fire to follow.

The company revealed – via tweeted GIF, naturally – that a new tweak to Twitter`s official iOS app makes conversations easier to spot. It`s all thanks to a visible line that will now be drawn between connected tweets in your timeline.

See for yourself.

We’ve given conversations a makeover on iOS. When people you follow are in a conversation, you’ll see their replies in a new way in your Home timeline.

This new layout makes it easier to see who`s replying to who so you can join in on relevant conversationspic.twitter.com/xNmnAtQFeI

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) January 31, 2020

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What this year`s Sundance movies taught us about going viral

In 2020, "going viral" is hardly a new concept. We all know what it means, even your Luddite relatives. We`ve all seen it happen, and and have maybe even experienced it ourselves to varying degrees. 

And yet there remains an air of mystery to the very concept. What does it signify? What does it feel like? How does it happen? And why? 

At this year`s Sundance Film Festival, several films attempted to grapple with precisely those questions, from a wide array of angles to equally diverse results. Perhaps the most explicit is Feels Good Man, a documentary about one of the most viral memes of all — Pepe the Frog. Read more...

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How Google Assistant changed my bedtime routine

Living in New York, it should come as no shock that my room is very small — like, literally 63 square feet*insert smiling through the pain emoji here*

But you better believe I still have all of my electronics — space heater, lamp, AC unit, and TV — hooked up to a smart power strip. Never mind that I can reach everything from my bed. I`m a millennial, so yes, everything has to be "smart" in my home. 

Using my beloved Google Home Mini, I`d normally say things like "Hey Google, turn my air conditioner on" or "Hey Google, play Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard on Spotify." 

But that was before I moved to a new place located directly above a punk rock bar (trust me, it`s not as cool as it originally sounded in theory). I`ve since had to get creative with different ways to drown out the awful music hammering away at my eardrums the minute my head hits the pillow. Read more...

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5 skills that can help you turn your marketing clout into a side business

TL;DR: Gain five necessary marketing skills with the Digital Marketing Side Business Certification Bundle for 29, a 97% savings. 

Freelancing was once associated with foregoing a traditional job environment – complete with a nice check, 401(k), and health insurance – to pursue your true passion. But today, you can have both, and call it a "side hustle."

You probably have dreams beyond what you`re currently doing, right? Maybe you want to start your own business or become a pop star. Don`t just up and quit your day job, though. Start a side hustle and watch it bloom into something special. The digital age has birthed tons of opportunities for side hustling – from driving for Uber to being an Instagram influencer – but digital marketing may be the most practical and lucrative. And this Digital Marketing Side Business Certification Bundle can help you get started. Read more...

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Gamer to gamer, here`s why you need the right chair (and desk)

The days of sitting cross-legged on your floor playing Mario Kart are long gone. Modern day gaming takes more hand-eye coordination and endurance than ever before, and as such, ergonomic accessories like gaming chairs and desks are important investments that hardcore gamers need to help ensure they can play comfortably and safely for hours on end. 

The right chair, for instance, should offer lumbar support, as well as have plenty of padding to help cradle your head and neck. In the case of desks, it should be wide enough to support multiple screens, and let you get close to your monitor without sacrificing room for your accessories. And because gaming equipment like controllers, consoles, and games aren`t cheap by any means, scoring a chair and desk setup on sale is key.  Read more...

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Lay off the Starbucks —  these coffee makers are all on sale this weekend

You need a cup of coffee in the morning in order to function — that`s a given. But instead of dishing out your hard-earned cash for venti beverages at your local Starbucks, why not just make your own brew at home? Not only will you never have to wait in line, but you`ll also save money in the long run. Plus, there`s a 100% chance your name will never be spelled wrong on your morning cup of joe (and that alone is worth the price, isn`t it?)

When it comes to coffee, there are typically two schools of thought: cold brew or hot coffee. Whatever your tastebuds crave, one of these 11 affordable devices will serve it up just like your barista: Read more...

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This canless air duster is about to change your life

TL;DR: Clean in an environmentally-friendly way with the X3 Hurricane Variable Speed Canless Air Duster for 119.99, a 24% savings. 

Not to go all Dr. Oz on you, but your electronics are germ-ridden cesspools full of bacteria we shall not speak of. And those canned air cleaners you use are full of fluorocarbons and other mildly toxic substances. 

Unfortunately, we can`t prevent bacteria and dirt from building up in the cracks of your phone. But we can help you clean it in an environmentally-friendly way with this X3 Hurricane Variable Speed Canless Air Duster.

Like canned air, the X3 Hurricane Duster can tackle all those tiny gunk-filled crevices with ease. Only instead of using a mix of various gases like most canned air products, it electronically compresses the air and blasts it at up to 260 miles per hour. Not only does this prevent harmful toxins from being released into the air, but this reusable device also eliminates the need to toss the can when it runs out. In fact, on a fresh charge, the X3 Hurricane is equal to over 5,000 cans of a traditional duster. No biggie. Read more...

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8 of the most in-demand programming skills and the online courses to learn them

If you`re looking for an up and coming career, then look no further than web development and programming. There is an abundance of programming jobs available at the moment, and you could take advantage of this wide selection of online courses ready and waiting to teach you. 

Each course follows a comprehensive breakdown on the most widely used programming languages, including Python and Java, and will suit everyone from beginners to even those with a reasonable amount of experience writing code. 

Massive tech giants such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook all use a codebase powered by programs like Python, and you could be assisting with some of the latest and greatest websites with your brand-new skills.  Read more...

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IMAGE: Udemy


Learn to Code with Python

Take this comprehensive course on everything you need to know about coding with Python. Beginners welcome.

    £11.99 from Udemy
    Cedf5cec f025 439b 84f1 1d7c85723298
    IMAGE: Udemy


    Complete Java Developer Course

    An incredibly in-depth course that teaches you everything required to master Java.

      £11.99 from Udemy
      Ba709a55 11dc 46b9 9101 bc1286a57cd1
      IMAGE: Udemy


      Build Real Projects with JavaScript

      Turn yourself from a beginner to an advanced developer with this course on JavaScript.

        £11.99 from Udemy
        B8ba67b6 81cc 4a0a 80b2 49b26da7f8aa
        IMAGE: Udemy


        Learn to Code Games with C# and Unity

        Take the next step in becoming an advanced gaming developer with this course suited for all skill levels.

          £11.99 from Udemy
          8e72b69a 2278 4401 b303 6f3eff862c1e
          IMAGE: Udemy


          Web Developer Bootcamp

          Start your web development journey with this comprehensive course.

            £11.99 from Udemy
            Dee45529 2f40 4649 a102 422c2cd987fc
            IMAGE: Udemy


            Learn How To Build An AI

            Build your very own AI with this advanced course on Python.

              £11.99 from Udemy
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              IMAGE: Udemy


              Become a WordPress Developer

              Build your very own WordPress site from scratch.

                £11.99 from Udemy
                76f82794 08a7 4b90 ba3f 748cc7d18d64
                IMAGE: Udemy

                BEST FOR APP BUILDING

                Build Android Apps

                Build your very own app from scratch.

                  £11.99 from Udemy
                  Safeguard your online privacy with PureVPN

                  TL;DR: A two-year subscription to PureVPN is on sale for £2.22 per month, saving you 73% on list price.

                  Your privacy matters, and everyone has the right to complete online privacy. This isn`t some brave new idea, but the reality of actually achieving genuine privacy can be tricky.

                  The only real solution is to invest in a VPN. These services send and receive your data through a completely invulnerable tunnel, providing online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection. It`s a simple solution that has great benefits for anyone looking to hide their data and identity. Read more...

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                  Google Doodle honors 60th anniversary of Greensboro Sit-in

                  Sixty years ago, four young students in Greensboro, North Carolina, staged a sit-in at a segregated lunch counter — and started a movement, spurring sit-ins throughout the country to protest segregation.

                  Now, the famed "Greensboro Four" — David Richmond, Ezell Blair Jr. (now Jibreel Khazan), Franklin McCain, and Joseph McNeil — will be honored in a Google Doodle, debuting at 11 p.m. EST on Jan. 31 and staying up for 24 hours in the U.S., until Feb. 1, the sixtieth anniversary of the historic sit-in and the first day of Black History Month. (According to Google, the Greensboro Sit-in is the most searched sit-in in history.)  Read more...

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                  King Arthur statue at Tingagel (Deriv/ CC0)

                  Mythology presented in books, arts, cartoons and movies have subliminally forged impressions of mythical castles, magical mountains and enchanted forests in people’s minds...

                  Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara Tempel in Colombo         Source: hecke71 / Adobe Stock

                  Sri Lanka, a beautiful country renowned for its beaches, is also a historic country with many Buddhist sites. Among the most important temples in the largely Buddhist country is Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara.

                  Here`s what Mark Zuckerberg really meant by being `understood`

                  The gloves are off. 

                  Mark Zuckerberg says he knows his positions are likely to "piss off a lot of people."

                  Two days after a company earnings call in which he stated that his goal for the next decade "isn`t to be liked, but to be understood," the Facebook CEO attempted to explain just what he meant. 

                  Speaking at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, an annual conference in Utah, Zuckerberg railed against censorship, saying he "feels like the list of things you are not allowed to say socially keeps on growing."

                  Zuckerberg`s comments are the latest sign that the embattled CEO, who is currently facing an antitrust investigation into his company, plans to change his tone in how he deals with critics. Read more...

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                  This 350 Baby Yoda will not love you back

                  Part of the appeal of Baby Yoda, our collective name for the Mandalorian character officially known as The Child, was that he came into our lives almost entirely merch-free. Both the showrunners and Disney CEO Bob Iger believed that The Mandalorian`s biggest surprise would be ruined by the long lead times and inevitable leaks inherent in the figurine businesses. Baby Yoda could have been the hottest toy of Christmas 2019. Instead, for a few months, we were able to bask in the joy of something all too rare: an uncomplicated, noncommercial love for a fictional creation.

                  But Disney, lest we forget, is a for-profit, publicly-traded company that is legally obligated to create more value for its shareholders every year. And so, in 2020, the stormtroopers from sales struck back. They cracked down on Etsy sellers making a crust with their Baby Yoda homages. They announced so-so T-shirts, a 25 plush 11-inch model that barely resembled The Child, an equally cheap-looking crib version, an oddly unsatisfying, plastic-y cartoonish Hasbro Black Series model, and, of course, the inevitable Funko PopRead more...

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                  Making your own cold-pressed juice is easier (and cheaper) than you think

                  Looking for our picks of all the best juicers? Go here.

                  Raw. Organic. Superfood. Buzzwords that would have been roasted in an early 2000s episode of Sex and the City have turned into the pillars of modern wellness. The green juice trend is one that has really taken off, and drinks made with nothing but fruits and veggies can be a really good thing — when done right.

                  For people who don`t buy produce regularly (or who simply don`t want a side salad for every damn meal), juicing is a way to keep up with vitamin intake in a few swigs. Consistent supplement takers might switch their loyalty to raw juice after finding out that their vitamin C capsules probably aren`t doing much. Though juiced fruits and veggies are *not* a meal replacement and can`t take the place of eating a regular old carrot, they`re still a healthy, refreshing drink with less sugar than a smoothie or orange juice from the carton. Read more...

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                  96bf745f b93a 4dce b6ab 452d3fbe88e9
                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  MOST VERSATILE

                  Omega Slow Juice Extractor (J8006)

                  Choosing between a juicer and a blender? This Omega can make anything from wheatgrass juice to butter or ice cream.

                  • Power: 200-watt motor
                  • Slowest speed: 80 RPM
                  299.99 from Amazon
                  85ce9096 ac23 4481 8cef e6de6e503dbd
                  IMAGE: Hurom

                  MOST HIGH-TECH JUICER

                  Hurom HZ

                  We stan a juicer with brawn and brains. The Hurom HZ is the slowest on the list, can clean itself, and comes in rose gold.

                  • Power: 150-watt motor
                  • Slowest speed: 43 RPM
                  599 from Hurom
                  Bb59e64e 2e12 4984 bb7a 7fea9845ed34
                  IMAGE: Amazon


                  Breville Big Squeeze

                  The locking issues can definitely be overlooked when Breville`s cold press provides such a high yield of gloriously clean juice.

                  • Power: 280-watt motor
                  • Slowest speed: 80 RPM
                  399.95 from Amazon
                  9502775f 7fff 437e bf69 34dcb326b72a
                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  BEST VERTICAL JUICER

                  Tribest Slowstar

                  Make perfect cold-pressed juice when you want it, switch to the mincing attachment, or easily store it in the corner.

                  • Power: 200-watt motor
                  • Slowest speed: 47 RPM
                  379.95 from Amazon
                  F4629118 ae28 4df5 8c8b bc38569d1797
                  IMAGE: 139.99

                  BEST AFFORDABLE OPTION

                  Aicok Slow Juicer

                  Juicing newbies will like this budget juicer`s straightforwardness and pros might just be impressed with how well it handles greens.

                  • Power: 150-watt motor
                  • Slowest speed: 80 RPM
                  216a87b7 0ffe 42b2 8c1c 059591ccad2e
                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  BEST CITRUS PRESS

                  Jamba Juice Citrus Press

                  Jamba Juice ain`t new to juicing, and now you can achieve that authentic, freshly-squeezed feeling at home.

                  • Power: N/A
                  • Strongest press force: 550 pounds
                  159.99 from Amazon
                  20dd9045 5a3b 4f13 b824 48d0ddd04f73
                  IMAGE: Amazon


                  Original Healthy Juicer (Lexen GP27)

                  If you`re only in it for the kale, celery, or wheatgrass game, this well-reviewed manual juicer saves serious money.

                  • Power: Manual
                  • Slowest speed: N/A
                  64.95 from Amazon
                  Best electric toothbrushes — and one you should totally avoid

                  If I`m being honest here, I think that brushing my teeth at night has to be the most annoying chore within my routineMy bed is just so comfortable and I`m usually quite tired. (Before you start judging my oral hygiene, I do brush my teeth every night. I`m just venting.)

                  Brushing your teeth is a vital chore, no matter how tired you are, though. Just think about how awful it feels to wake up in the morning with a stale, musty mouth because you didn`t take two minutes to polish those pearly whites the night before. Doesn`t sound worth it now, does it?

                  Of course, don`t neglect a brushing session after you wake up, either. Your coworkers certainly won`t appreciate that.  Read more...

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                  Cf4ebe9b 6197 4ce6 86f9 6071bffb9fce
                  IMAGE: Quip



                  quip`s manual-meets-electric design and great, optional subscription service model make it one of the best affordable electric toothbrushes on the market.

                  • Power source: One AAA battery
                  • Battery life: Three months
                  • Adjustable settings: No
                  40 from Quip
                  Fe497bca dbc3 4dc9 9cc8 9dfe54396bbf
                  IMAGE: Shyn



                  If you want your brushing routine to be uniquely yours, Shyn gives you a multitude of customization options to get you to your perfect toothbrush experience.

                  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
                  • Battery life: Up to one month
                  • Adjustable settings: Yes
                  50 from Shyn
                  77713001 b170 4a63 88e0 e7a97586f5b5
                  IMAGE: Amazon


                  Waterpik Electric Toothbrush and Water Flosser Combo

                  The Waterpik`s dual nature will ensure that you never forget to floss again, finally rounding out your daily dental hygiene.

                  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
                  • Battery life: 8-10 hours
                  • Adjustable settings: Yes for water pressure, no for sonic vibrations
                  159.99 from Amazon
                  8d6ddab2 fd7d 4454 9d56 c1baf81c02b3
                  IMAGE: Walmart

                  BEST ROTARY BRUSH

                  Oral-B 1000 CrossAction

                  It`s not the most high-end rotary toothbrush you`re going to find, yet it`s still one of the best thanks to its many included features.

                  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
                  • Battery life: Two weeks
                  • Adjustable settings: No
                  49.94 from Walmart
                  Db2912d0 cc20 4d46 9755 d26754b9fdf3
                  IMAGE: Burst

                  BEST FOR SENSITIVE GUMS


                  If you find that your gums are hurting every time you brush your teeth, Burst may be for you — its gentle bristles will help fight pain from gingivitis and keep sensitive gums safe from harm.

                  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
                  • Battery life: Up to one month
                  • Adjustable settings: Yes
                  99.99 from Burst
                  40375a7f ed37 41d3 8568 fb84e6af03f0
                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  BEST FOR TRAVEL AND BUDGET

                  Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro+

                  This low-investment brush is affordable and can either act as a great secondary travel toothbrush, or a beginner`s venture into electric territory.

                  • Power source: Two AA batteries
                  • Battery life: Three months
                  • Adjustable settings: No
                  8.83 from Amazon
                  1a3bf0ac c97b 4105 91d6 da7b6d076d21
                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  BEST OVERALL

                  Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9300

                  You`re not going to find a better electric toothbrush than this one — its smart features, options for customization, and other quality-of-life perks make it a clear winner.

                  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
                  • Battery life: Two weeks
                  • Adjustable settings: Yes
                  189.99 from Amazon
                  F5877504 bd69 4def 8652 a45f97a82d8e
                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  BEST TO STAY AWAY FROM

                  Foreo Issa 2

                  The Foreo Issa 2 sounds good on paper, but because it doesn`t deliver on many of its promises (and costs almost 200), we cannot recommend buying one at this time.

                  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
                  • Battery life: One year
                  • Adjustable settings: Yes
                  169 from Amazon
                  Bloodstained Shirt Worn By Charles I At His Execution Is Going Public

                  It has been announced that the silk shirt that was worn by the English king Charles I at his execution is going on public display.

                  Best back-up cameras for your car

                  Were you looking for the best dash cams instead? Go here.

                  If you’re less than gifted when it comes to parking, or want to peer into a precarious blind spot, a backup or rear view camera is a great addition to your car or truck (and much cheaper than buying a new auto that has one built in).

                  Since May 2018, new cars sold in the US have to have backup cameras built in under a federal regulation, to help drivers avoid accidents in which pedestrians are run over because a driver can’t see them when they are reversing. While older cars don’t need to be retrofitted with a camera, they are handy and can be super affordable too.  Read more...

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                  54bb6920 bb61 424f b36f 2c55cd4e58b2
                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  EASIEST TO INSTALL

                  Yada Digital 4.3-inch Wireless Monitor

                  A great kit for anyone who wants a good all-around cam that`s super easy to install.

                  • Video quality: 720p
                  • Screen size: 4.3 inches
                  • Viewing angle: 110 degrees
                  • Special features: Weatherproof, night vision, parking assist
                  139.99 from Amazon
                  31a360a1 b424 4103 8e74 93478a59819c
                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  BUDGET PICK

                  LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

                  A cheap and cheerful option that offers all the features you need, but it might take a while to install.

                  • Video quality: 720p
                  • Screen size: 4.3 inches
                  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees
                  • Special features: Night vision, front view camera
                  39.99 from Amazon
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                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  BEST FOR GARMIN FANS

                  Garmin BC 40

                  A feature-filled option for people who already have a Garmin and are looking for a super easy installation.

                  • Video quality: 720p
                  • Screen size: n/a
                  • Viewing angle: 150 degrees
                  • Special features: Completely wireless, weatherproof, voice commands
                  130 from Amazon
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                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  BEST SUPER CHEAP OPTION

                  eRapta ERT01

                  Tunnels into your on-board system to everything you need for super cheap, just be prepared to spend some time installing it.

                  • Video quality: Sharp (though no specifics are listed)
                  • Screen size: n/a
                  • Viewing angle: 149 degrees
                  • Special features: Waterproof, night vision
                  21.99 from Amazon
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                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  BEST OVERALL CHOICE

                  ToGuard 7-inch Backup Camera

                  More than a simple rear view camera, it acts more like a dash cam and is packed with features, but is tricky to install.

                  • Video quality: 480p
                  • Screen size: 7 inches
                  • Viewing angle: 120 degrees
                  • Special features: Dual cam views, loop recording, touchscreen, motion detecting, parking monitoring
                  59.99 from Amazon
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                  IMAGE: Amazon


                  Auto-Vox T1400

                  This display will fit onto your rearview mirror incredibly neatly and the kit offers lots of features with relatively easy installation.

                  • Video quality: 720p
                  • Screen size: 4.3 inches
                  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees
                  • Special features: Wireless, waterproof, night vision
                  141.99 from Amazon
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                  IMAGE: Mashable

                  BEST HIGH-END OPTION

                  Auto-Vox X1 Mirror Dash Cam

                  A top pick for people who love big screens and lots of features, but it’s redundant for those who already have a dash cam.

                  • Video quality: 720p
                  • Screen size: 9.88 inches
                  • Viewing angle: 140 degrees
                  • Special features: Touch screen, night vision, loop recording, parking monitoring, GPS tagging
                  Excitement for `Mulan` builds in sneak peak for upcoming trailer

                  Blink and you`ll miss it! To build hype for what seems to be a second full trailer for Mulan, Walt Disney Studios released a rhythmic and suspenseful sneak peak, complete with action shots and Mulan dodging multiple arrows in slow motion. 

                  The second full trailer will air online on February 2 to coincide with Superbowl LIV, which sees the San Francisco 49s duke it out with the Kansas City Chiefs. Get ready!

                  Mulan premieres in theaters on March 27, 2020.

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