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The hottest new gaming device isn`t a PlayStation. Or an Xbox. Or a Switch. Nope, the best new gaming comes courtesy of your good friend Google.

Yes, you heard it here first. If you`re in need of a new hobby, or some amusement to pass the time between work meetings, or let`s be honest during work meetings, there are a ton of interactive Google Doodle games to cure spells of boredom.

They don`t require a controller or fancy Blu-Ray disks, they`re simple and the best kind of fun for an undercover gaming session right at your desk. 

Look, we get it. Sometimes work isn`t the most riveting. Sometimes you can`t make the math on spreadsheets equal "F U N." Maybe you just want to play some Pac-Man. Maybe you want to destroy some cartoon ghosts as a jovial cat wizard. Maybe you want to shoot some free throws. Read more...

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Hunched over a hot water bottle. Bent over in pain. Curled up in the fetal position. This is how menstruating women are portrayed in 91 percent of stock imagery and image search engine results, according to a new analysis of online period-related content. 

Period subscription service Pink Parcel conducted an analysis of period-related content from 100 popular websites, including Google, Bing, and the UK`s National Health Service (NHS) website. The findings — emailed to Mashable — revealed that nine in 10 images depicting menstruation showed women looking "weak, upset, or vulnerable." Stock image sites, search engines, and health advice sites found to be the worst offending sources.  Read more...

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If you turn the `90s into a board game and put it in a box, the toy you`d likely get is Crossfire.

Crossfire was a table top game that tasks players with pushing two pucks into their opponent`s goal by shooting metal balls out of plastic guns mounted on either end of the board. Think foosball but smaller, and with way more pieces to lose. (Check out the original instructions here.) 

It was tense. It was fast paced. It was peak `90s. It was Crossfire.

This week on The Toy Shop, Mashable`s new show where we revisit our favorite retro toys from the `80s and `90s, we get caught in the showdown of Crossfire. Join us in the episode below. Read more...

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Full stack developers are considered the jack of all trades of the tech world. They`re the ones who have specialized knowledge of every layer of software development. They are capable of working with both front-end and back-end technologies and can turn a prototype into a fully-functioning product (for example, the idea of sending self-destructing nudes into Snapchat). Simply speaking: full stack developers know how to do it all. Read more...

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The race to 5G is officially on.

Today, T-Mobile became the latest major carrier to announce plans for the beginnings of its first 5G network. The carrier says it will have 5G-ready networks in a number of U.S. cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Dallas, by the end of the year.

But T-Mobile customers shouldn`t get too excited just yet. Though the company plans to have networks ready in 2018, the reality is that most subscribers won`t see the benefits of the blazing-fast 5G speeds for some time.

That`s because the first 5G-ready phones aren`t expected to hit the market until 2019. And though a number of phone-makers have committed to having a 5G capable handset next year, many phones likely still won`t support the technology. And two of the biggest names, Apple and Samsung, have so far remained silent about their plans for 5G phones. Read more...

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It had to happen: Android phone makers are adopting the iPhone X`s notch. 

One of the first major manufacturers to do it is Asus, whose ZenFone 5 is a dead ringer for Apple`s flagship, with a notch on the top bezel that hides the selfie camera, sensors, and speaker. 

There are differences, of course: With a 6.2-inch screen, the ZenFone 5 is larger than the iPhone X. Its notch is a bit narrower, and its bottom bezels is a bit bigger than the one on the iPhone X (there`s no fingerprint sensor there, though — it resides on the other side of the phone).  Read more...

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Costume designer Ruth E. Carter and jewelry designer Douriean Fletcher made history together by creating the Afrofuturistic costumes of Black Panther. Their inspiration came from Afrofuturism, which explores an alternate reality for Africa — one that`s technologically advanced and free of outside influences. Read more...

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Carl Grimes is dead! So is Jack Pearson! Who needs a spoiler alert? Both of these story points are common knowledge.

Spoilers used to be anathema on social media. But a funny thing happened in December when Carl Grimes began the journey that would ultimately end his fictional life: The internet couldn`t stop talking about it.

After the younger half of The Walking Dead`s central family took a zombie bite to the abdomen during December`s mid-season finale, AMC couldn`t act fast enough to let everyone know it was real. Actor Chandler Riggs made it clear in an interview published that very night: "Yes, Carl is going to die." Read more...

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So you jumped on the bandwagon, and now you`re desperately trying to figure out how to get off. 

Welcome to the world of Vero, the Instagram-challenger currently taking social media by storm. The app has seen a surge in downloads over the past week, with people excited about chronological timelines and a promised absence of ads. What they`re less excited about? The questionable history of the company`s CEO. 

And now many new users want out, but there`s just one problem: Deleting your account isn`t exactly a straightforward process. 

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Macaroni and cheese is a universal delight. And apparently, it`s a dish that our Founding Fathers could`ve eaten.

Townsends, a YouTube Channel dedicated to 18th-century living and dining, featured this 1784 recipe for the dish we know as macaroni and cheese. Simply known as "Macaroni" back in the day, this dish is simple and reminiscent of our own childhood lunches.

The host John Townsend, dressed in full 18th-century style, takes us step-by-step through this recipe. The dish is familiar enough, but Townsend peppers the video with historical facts and anecdotes. 

It`s a simple recipe with an old time twist—easy enough to try at home, but cool enough to post on social media. Read more...

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`Elastic Shore` uses a custom `live painting` software that allows a visual artist to create real-time imagery that follows a dancer`s movements.

The visual artist draws the imagery on a tablet with one hand and controls the style and color with his other hand via a MIDI controller. The look of each brush stroke can change in real time, allowing the artist to spontaneously flow between different styles and colors as he follows the dancer`s movements.

The goal is to revolutionize live entertainment by creating experiences that push the limits of cutting-edge technology. Read more...

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Chrono Trigger has long been regarded as one of the best role-playing games of all time and now it`s finally on PC. 

With no warning, 1995`s Chrono Trigger came out on Steam Tuesday. The classic time-bending SNES and PlayStation game has already been re-released on Nintendo DS and on mobile, and the new version on PC is a port of the mobile version, which means it has kept its classic, up-ressed graphics but the font in the game is a little less than appealing. The PC version does include two bonus dungeons from the DS version of the game as well as updated audio, controls, and autosave.

Chrono Trigger on Steam costs 15, and hopefully Square Enix can clean up the messy text with an update in the future.  Read more...

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After months of debate about the moral implications of loot boxes in video games, in-game purchases like those are finally being recognized by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB).

The ESRB, the preeminent video game rating system in the Unites States, announced Tuesday that it will be adding a new label to video games that include in-game purchases and loot boxes to make players and parents aware of what they are buying.

An update on in-game purchases from your friends at ESRB: pic.twitter.com/pqmfJe0Ywz

— ESRB (@ESRBRatings) February 27, 2018

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Smartwatch lovers and hypebeasts alike just got a new reason to get excited.

Initially announced in August 2017, the Fitbit Ionic Adidas Sport Edition went on pre-sale on Tuesday, and it looks pretty nifty. It`s the company`s latest release in the war of the wearables, which Fitbit so far appears to be losing to Apple.

The Ionic is Fitbit`s 300 smartwatch, which it released in October to disappointing sales numbers. The Adidas edition adds some branded pizzazz to the Ionic, the product on which Fitbit is pinning its financial future.  Read more...

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Throwing a needle through a pane of glass is one of the most difficult skills to perform as a Shaolin Master, taking at least ten years to train. It`s impressive enough on its own, but how does it look slowed way down?

YouTubers Slow Mo Guys invited three Shaolin Monks to their show to demonstrate this feat. 

After concentrating his energy, one of the Shaolin Monks throws the needle. In true Slow Mo Guys fashion, the footage is slowed down so we can see the exact moment the glass shatters. Though the needle itself does not pass through the glass, it shatters it hard enough to leave a crack and pop the balloon on the other side. Read more...

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A study from the investment company Acorns has found that a surprisingly high percentage of Americans would skip the final Game of Thrones season in exchange for 1,000. The Iron Bank may not be so keen to know that, but it goes to show how much gold weighs on our minds beyond Westeros. 

According to Acorns` 2017 Money Matters Report™, Americans are mostly split on whether money makes them feel "anxious and depressed" or "confident and hopeful" (11 percent report that it makes them feel "meh"). 76 percent of those surveyed between the ages of 18 and 44 said they would skip GoT Season 8 if it helped their financial situation. The percentages were similar when it came to staying off the internet for a week or not drinking coffee for a year. Read more...

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The `Soundboks 2` is a bluetooth-enabled speaker that can blast your tunes at 122 decibels.  Read more...

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Things rich people can do to mourn their pets: 

Barbra Streisand naturally went for the final option, revealing in a Variety profile that two of her three current dogs are actual clones of her late Coton de Tulear, Samantha. Iconic.

As writer Ramin Setoodeh explains, Streisand had cells taken from the dog`s mouth and stomach in order to create her current pets, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett. Samantha died in 2017. 

From Variety:

Dog cloning is no new phenomenon, but it`s still prohibitively expensiveViagen Pets says a cloned version of beloved pets can run clients anywhere between 25,000 and 50,000, while the New York Post reports that a man spent more than 100,000 on a clone of his dog. Read more...

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Between rebuilding Tennessee and making my Spotify playlists so damn good, Dolly Parton has become the unofficial Queen of Good Works.

Today, the country music star heads to Washington to deliver her 100 millionth book donation from her Imagination Library to the Library of Congress. Founded by Parton, the Imagination Library sends free books to children from birth until their start of school, regardless of their parents` income.

Parton started the program in 1995. Less than 10 years later, Parton had donated a million books. After the singer launched operations in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, donations started running into the tens of millions. Read more...

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If you`re in the market for upgrading the pots and and pans rusting away in your kitchen, then this awesome deal on a set of Cuisinart stainless steel kitchenware is just what you need.

All set on the kitchen front? Here`s a pro tip: Bridal shower season is coming and this would make an excellent gift for a new couple.

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Six months ago, SanDisk unveiled the world`s first 400GB microSD card and made me feel like god having so much data storage on the tip of my finger. 

Now, at Mobile World Congress, the storage company`s back to explode heads with a newer version that`s more than 50 percent faster.

The new "Extreme A2 microSD UHS-1 microSDXC" card`s the same physical size and capacity as the old one, and it`s red and gold instead of red and silver; however, it`s no longer the world`s largest microSD card anymore because that honor belongs to the 512GB card by Integral Memory — but it`s still hella fast. Read more...

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If you`ve amassed a fortune in cryptocurrencies, you probably don`t keep it all (or any of it) on your mobile phone. But a company called Sikur wants you to reconsider that. 

On Tuesday, the company has launched a security-oriented smartphone called the SikurPhone. One of its main features is a built-in cryptocurrency wallet which, ideally, would allow you to keep cryptocoins on your phone without having to worry about losing them. 

The phone itself is based on a highly customized version of Android 7.0, Sikur`s COO Alexandre Vasconcelos told me at the company`s booth at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It`s not for the common user: It doesn`t have access to Google`s Play Store, it won`t run any apps that haven`t been vetted by Sikur, and its interface is far more spartan and corporate-looking than that of your typical, everyday Android.  Read more...

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I`m sure you`ve seen tons of articles over the past few weeks with suggestions on how to make the most of your Black History Month. 

Maybe you learned something about supporting Black-owned businesses, uncovering overlooked Black historical figures, or even getting involved with (or amplifying existing) social media challenges. I hope you took some of those suggestions and made this month count. In fact, some of you may have enjoyed participating in Black History Month events so much that you`re sad it`s ending.

But here`s a novel idea: What if I told you that you could celebrate Black excellence and accomplishments beyond February? Read more...

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There`s only one thing better than junk food and that is giant junk food.

YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood is dedicated to recreating DIY versions of our favorite treats, often with a fun twist. In this case, that twist is the giant version of popular Japanese snack, Pocky. 

The hosts of the video, JP and Julia, face off with their friends to create their own giant Pocky. While Julia and her teammate Martina take a more traditional approach by baking the dough, JP and his teammate Simon decide to...shave off a baguette to use as the base.

The battle is heated, but the end result sure is delicious.  Read more...

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Soarsay? Sheershay? Smearshay? What is it???

Youtuber Owen Harvey put together clips of Oscar-nominated Lady Bird actress Saoirse Ronan explaining her name in multiple interviews. The pronunciation has been butchered for so long, Ronan doesn`t mind teaching a whole new audience every single time. 

So, if you didn`t know her name before, you do now. Also, maybe interviewers can switch up their questions every once and a while. She is an Academy Award nominee after all.  Read more...

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Dear Simon,

Thank you.

That’s the first thing I wanted to say after seeing Love, Simon, 20th Century Fox’s new teen rom-com, directed by Greg Berlanti, based off of the bestselling novel Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli.

Love, Simon follows Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), a high school senior who has "a totally perfectly normal life." He has a squad — best friends Leah (Katherine Langford), Abby (Alexandra Shipp), and Nick (Jorge Lenderborg Jr.) — and a loving family, and he drinks way too much coffee. You know. Typical high school stuff. Except Simon has "one huge-ass secret": he’s gay. And nobody, including his friends and family, knows. Read more...

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Many people from the Marshall Islands move to Arkansas to escape the impacts of climate change and nuclear bomb tests. To quell homesickness, some visit a lake in their new landlocked home.

Read more in our three-part multimedia series about the Marshall Islands, here. Read more...

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People have been leaving hats, gloves, and scarves out for the homeless to help them stay warm during the current snap of cold weather sweeping Britain.

The annual campaign involves people leaving items of clothing tied to posts and railings with a note attached. It`s part of a movement called "Keep Bristol Warm", which was started by Gavyn Emery in summer 2015 and is run by volunteers from the local community.

The notes all have a similar message written on them:

"I am not lost. If you are in need, please take me to keep warm." Read more...

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Usually, decisions about who gets cast in a film take place behind the scenes.

Obviously there are rumours and reports that circulate, but for the most part the whole process is done behind closed doors.

Not always, though.

This is 2018, after all, pretty much everyone is on social media, and speaking to people on Twitter is the new speaking to people in person.

This time, it started with a simple request.

@JamesGunn, could you do me a huge favour and find a role for @HamillHimself in Guardians 3? The awesomeness of it might end me, but I’m willing to risk it. Thanks 🙂👍

— Ian Fee (@IanFee) February 25, 2018

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Good music is one of the many small, but forgotten things that can make an Uber or Lyft ride great.

While most drivers might just leave that job to the radio, 21-year-old TJ Jones from Asheville, North Carolina, has created a series of Spotify playlists for his car.

But these aren`t just regular Spotify playlists with generic mood descriptors like "chill" or "motivation." These are meant to fit every kind of passenger he`d come across.

From "white dudes who look like [they] like rap," to "quiet ppl," to "fucking hipsters," the 11 playlists try and cover it all. And he`s been getting a lot more compliments on the music, as per his tweet. Read more...

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Mobile World Congress is open for business, and the brightest business minds from around the globe have descended to chart new paths across the technology landscape.

The coming days will witness cutting-edge conversations around hot topics like 5G, blockchain and the Internet of Things — the outcomes of which will help set the direction for the industry in the coming year. It’s here that British experts are actively staying ahead of the curve, shaping those discussions and sharing their insights and technology. 

We’ll be updating this article every day with the latest trends from MWC 2018 and examples of dynamic British companies forging ahead in these areas. Read on below for what we’ve learned so far. Read more...

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Google is bringing a world of magic artefacts into the digital space.

Last year, the British Library opened their exhibition Harry Potter: A History of Magic. We went to check it out back in October and we left bitterly disappointed that magic really truly doesn`t exist — but the exhibition itself was fantastic. 

The physical exhibition is due to close February 28, but in partnership with Google Arts & Culture, the British Library has now made it accessible online. Ten original exhibits in six languages — English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese — are now available to peruse using the dark magic that is Google. Read more...

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Jennifer Lawrence is pretty funny and hyper-active on a good day. Imagine what she`s like after she`s knocked back three glasses of rum in nine minutes.

Actually, you don`t have to imagine. In the clip above, Lawrence shares several glasses with Stephen Colbert while promoting her new movie Red Sparrow.

The whole thing starts off fairly tame, then quickly escalates to Lawrence talking about her crush on Larry David and how he didn`t reciprocate her flirting at Amy Schumer`s wedding.

Why can`t all interviews be like this?

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Jimmy Fallon will join March for Our Lives, a student-led protest for school safety and gun control, on March 24 in Washington, D.C.

The Tonight Show host addressed the shooting at Parkland`s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Monday night, in the first episode of the show since the tragic event.

Fallon took a moment to acknowledge those lost, and also the students who survived the shooting. "What they had to live through, and what they have to live with, is something that I can`t even imagine," he said.

Fallon described the recent actions of these students, including the organisation of the march "unbelievable," saying, "They`re speaking out with more guts, passion, conviction and common sense than most adults ... They`re creating change. This is a real revolution." Read more...

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Controversial vlogger Logan Paul will have ads restored to his YouTube videos, but he still remains on probation.

With nearly 17 million subscribers, Paul will once again be part of the platform`s monetization program following a suspension, a YouTube spokesperson confirmed.

The YouTube personality was cut off from ad revenue since early-February and took a self-imposed month-long "break" as a result of the worldwide furore over his "suicide forest" video.

Ads were restored after Paul and his team reviewed and understood YouTube`s Community Guidelines and Advertiser friendly guidelines, according to YouTube. He is still ineligible for its top-tier program, Google Preferred, which places top-paying ads on high-traffic videos. Read more...

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Want some sweet, sweet Prince merch? Head to a Twins game.

Minnesota Twins are releasing official merchandise honouring late Minneapolis icon Prince, in a new partnership with Universal`s merch company Bravado.

Only available at the Majestic Twins Clubhouse Store at Target Field, Prince clothing, pins, patches, baseballs and other bits and pieces will be sold at the Twins home opener against the Seattle Mariners on Thursday, April 5. Read more...

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Jennifer Lawrence tried to watch Phantom Thread, and, well, just couldn`t.

On an episode of Marc Maron`s WTF podcast Monday, Lawrence revealed that she attempted to watch Paul Thomas Anderson`s latest movie Phantom Thread, but stopped after just three minutes of viewing.

"I got through about three minutes of [Phantom Thread]. I put in a good solid three," Lawrence said after Maron asked if she had seen the film. "I couldn`t. I`m sorry to anybody who loved that movie."

Maron noted that it`s a movie that takes a bit of time to get into, but Lawrence said she just couldn`t give it her time. Read more...

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Over one hundred million people watch the Super Bowl every year, whether diehard football fans crowding around the TV or those two dudes who seem to show up at your party every year just to eat all of the bean dip. The big game is the most popular TV event in America, but this year its ratings tanked dramatically — except online. Though the NFL playoff final drew seven percent fewer viewers than last year`s game (that’s around eight million people), its online audience actually grew by 15 percent. Read more...

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While icy tears roll down our cheeks, the Winter Olympics bid farewell for another four years. And, yet, there`s a lot to be thankful for because now we have some new favorite sports that we can obsess about while we wait for the 2022 Beijing Games.

These sports all have lives beyond the four-year Olympics cycle. Sure, everything seems to culminate at the games, but there`s so much more happening between those big, global events and it`s gotten even easier to follow them in the internet age.

From World Cup competitions to regular leagues, there are a bundle of ways to keep following your new favorite Winter Olympic sport through the rest of the year. You`ll learn more about the athletes and come to appreciate the years-long effort it takes to make it to the Olympic medal podium, too. Read more...

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There’s no getting around it: some people are just naturally disciplined. They take notes, studiously fill out bullet journals, and keep a planner with them wherever they go. To be frank, it’s kind of obnoxious.

Truth be told though, the rest of us could use a little help. 

Aeon Timeline 2, which works on both Mac and Windows, can help you create multiple timelines to manage dates, relationships with different people and businesses, and even help you link specific events with images, websites, and external documents. It has a fully customizable interface, so you can make it work the way that makes the most sense to you. Read more...

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From directing horror comedies like What We Do In The Shadows to superhero blockbusters like Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi is a man of many talents.

Add master napper to his already packed resume — Waititi recently posted this photo of himself napping in his daughter`s stroller. 

"Dad of the year," he tweeted. 

Dad of the yearpic.twitter.com/vkyZsslaIP

— Taika Waititi (@TaikaWaititi) February 24, 2018

As Twitter user @wolgang pointed out, the director is pretty good at napping anywhere, anytime.  Read more...

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Like a growing number of people, Steve Wozniak has been stung by a cryptocurrency scam.

The Apple co-founder told the Economic Times of India that he had seven bitcoins stolen from him via fraud. 

While there`s been plenty of attention on pesky fake Elon Musk cryptocurrency scams, the Woz was swindled by an arguably antiquated tactic: A stolen credit card. 

"The blockchain identifies who has bitcoins... that doesn’t mean there can’t be fraud though," he told the newspaper. 

"I had seven bitcoins stolen from me through fraud. Somebody bought them from me online through a credit card and they cancelled the credit card payment. It was that easy! And it was from a stolen credit card number so you can never get it back." Read more...

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It`s the Wild West on California roads.

On Monday, the state Department of Motor Vehicles announced it will allow autonomous cars on public roads without an approved driver.

That means cars with no one in the driver`s seat can start being tested and driven throughout the state once the regulations go into effect April 2. A remote "driver" far from the actual vehicle can be in control.

Once the new rules are implemented the DMV can start issuing permits to autonomous car companies, like Uber, Waymo, Tesla, and other big players in the race to put autonomous vehicles on the road.  Read more...

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It`s karma at its best. 

Chinese news outlet CGTN shared footage of a prank gone wrong. After the boy in the video urinated on the panel of elevator buttons, he got ready to bolt out. But things did not go as planned.

Instead of opening, the elevator`s doors remained closed, and the entire panel of buttons began lighting up. The boy was forced to touch his own urine in an attempt at exiting the elevator.

Maybe don`t sabotage the very thing keeping you safe?

According to the South Chinese Morning Post, the boy was eventually rescued. Read more...

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Now this is a story that`ll make you go "wow."

Fans of the Owen Wilson meme gathered in Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia on Monday afternoon, as part of an event organised by a Facebook page called Owen Wilson Wowposting.

And yep, people really did gather and say "wow" in unison.

For those unfamiliar with the meme, it all has do with how much Wilson says "wow" in his films. The dude really does say the word a lot. 

Leading the way was the event`s organiser and page creator of Owen Wilson Wowposting, Nic Zoumboulis, who told ABC Radio that he put the whole thing together for the "positivity of a simple wow." Read more...

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Yes, Black Panther`s Wakanda isn`t real — technically. But life continues to mimic art, as the film inspires more real-world activism tackling the film`s underlying themes of black empowerment. 

To celebrate the Marvel movie`s unprecedented, record-breaking box office success, Disney is donating 1 million to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. According to a press release, the organization is dedicated to supporting young people in STEM, with a specific focus on underserved communities.

“It is thrilling to see how inspired young audiences were by the spectacular technology in the film,"  Disney CEO Robert A. Iger said in a statement. "So it’s fitting that we show our appreciation by helping advance STEM programs for youth, especially in underserved areas of the country, to give them the knowledge and tools to build the future they want.” Read more...

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After a weekend of pressure from social media activists, FedEx has announced it will not end its discounted rate program for members of the National Rifle Association, which offers a discount of up to 26 percent.

Following a school shooting which left 17 people dead in Parkland, Florida earlier this month, there has been a public crackdown on brands that associate themselves with the NRA. A call-to-action led by student survivors brought mass attention to the various brands that offer discounted rates and services to NRA members, causing multiple large brands like United, Hertz, and Delta to end such programs.  Read more...

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Shooz are fully customizable footwear. The sole and skin can be mix and matched to create a different type of show for any environment. Read more...

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