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`Cards Against Humanity` stunt has writers battling a comedy AI for their jobs

On this Black Friday, writers for Cards Against Humanity are working to prove that they are better at writing comedy than an AI, and you can watch them do it live.

This year`s Cards Against Humanity publicity stunt involves a livestream that began at 11 a.m. ET and will last for a total of 16 hours. A group of card writers are collaborating to produce better and funnier cards than a machine-learning AI trained on Cards Against Humanity brainstorming documents. As new cards are created, you can see them get posted on this special Cards Against Humanity Black Friday website.

You can also watch along as the writers work and the AI chugs out card ideas here: Read more...

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Google Pixel phones are up to 350 off for Black Friday — yes, including the Pixel 4

We told you the Google Pixel 4 would be on sale for Black Friday and we weren`t lying. But it`s not alone in seeing discounts. The Google Pixel 3/3 XL and Google Pixel 3a XL are also on sale during this shopping holiday.

So, how much savings are we talking here? Up to 350. Google`s not messing around. 

Google Pixel 4 — save 200

The Pixel 4 is Google`s latest iteration of the smartphone and has only been on the market since October 2019. Seeing a price drop this major on something so new is a big deal. The phone has a super impressive camera with a night mode so powerful it can capture photos of the stars. The Google Pixel 4 is normally 799, but for Black Friday it`s on sale for 599. Read more...

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Watch the Bon Appétit chefs compete to see who can make pizza the fastest

If you need a break from all the talk of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and pie after Thanksgiving, the chefs over at the Bon Appétit`s Test Kitchen are here to give you a much-needed break as they compete to see who can make a pizza the fastest.

Starring 10 chefs, the Pizza Making Speed Challenge is a fun little diversion for most of these people. Several of the cooks mention that they don`t like doing things quickly, and Priya Krishna notes that she`s never made a pizza before. Her lack of experience really shows when some errant mozzarella catches fire in her oven and Brad Leone puts it out for her with a bunch of salt. Read more...

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Holy crap, you can get a full year of Hulu for just 2 a month this weekend

TL;DR: New and eligible returning Hulu subscribers can get 12 months of streaming for only 1.99 a month. Just choose the 1.99 limited time offer and you`re on your way!

As if you needed another excuse to go into couch potato mode this winter, Hulu`s biggest deal of the year has gone live just in time for Black Friday.

Now through Cyber Monday at 11:59 p.m. PST, new and eligible returning subscribers (i.e., anyone who hasn`t subscribed within the past year) can sign up for a 12-month subscription to the popular streaming service for only 1.99 a month. 

No, your eyes aren`t deceiving you — you can score access to thousands of shows and movies (see: Killing Eve, Love Island, The Fast and the Furious, and Kill Bill: Volumes 1 & 2) and award-winning Hulu originals (hi, Pen15 and The Handmaids Tale) for less than a cup of coffee this weekend.  Read more...

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Vandals carved graffiti into a famous Maya temple, the Tikal Temple II pyramid in Guatemala. Source: Simon Dannhauer /Adobe Stock

A shocking case of vandalism has been revealed in Guatemala. Two men, believed to be tourists, etched some graffiti on one of the most remarkable Maya temples in all of Central America. 

Best Black Friday vacuum deals: Shop Dyson, Shark, Bissell

There are tons of great vacuum deals going on for Black Friday, but we`ve deemed Macy`s and Best Buy the best places to score one.

Macy`s has the Dyson Big Ball multi-floor canister vacuum on sale for just 199.99 — that`s 200 off the MSRP from Dyson`s official site.

Best Black Friday vacuum deals: Shop Dyson, Shark, Bissell

Image: dyson

This vacuum is super powerful and maneuvers easily on any surface. Plus, it`s a Dyson; do we really need to say more?

Best vacuum deals at Macy`s 

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Woman claims restaurant review in Washington Post exposed husband`s affair

The Washington Post`s food critic Tom Sietsema received some unexpected feedback on one of his recent restaurant reviews.

The whole thing started during a live chat with Sietsema on the Washington Post`s website about the dining scene in DC. An anonymous woman alleged that a recent restaurant review from Sietsema helped expose her husband`s affair. 

"Well Tom your latest review is accompanied by a picture of my husband dining with a woman who isn`t me!" the woman writes. 

So, this popped up on my live online food chat today. Cheaters, take heed! pic.twitter.com/1LzQ6qS7Kb

— Tom Sietsema (@tomsietsema) November 27, 2019

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Here are all the best Black Friday deals at Walmart (so far)

It`s heeere.

As of the wee hours of this morning, Walmart`s Black Friday sale has officially begun — and as you`ll see below, we`ve scoured its website to find all of the best online deals on smartwatches, fitness trackers, tablets, gaming consoles, and TVs. (Stay tuned to find out which air fryers, Instant Pots, robot vacuums, headphones, laptops, and smartphones are on sale at Walmart, too — we`ll be adding those soon.) Note: Walmart is busy today, so if you get an error message on any of these links, just hit "try again" and it should work!

Do your thing, shoppers:


Here are all the best Black Friday deals at Walmart (so far)

Image: Apple

You`re in luck here, Apple users: Several variants of the new Apple Watch and iPad (as well as a couple of older models) are on sale on Walmart`s website right now.  Read more...

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Study of 110 Bamburgh skeletons indicates Anglo-Saxon enlightenment. Source: Bamburgh Bones

110 Anglo-Saxon skeletons dating to 1,400 years ago have been found under dunes in Bamburgh, England. Dating to about the 7th-century or Early Middle Ages, the team of researchers say the skeletons belong to people of “high social standing” within the royal court. 

Best Black Friday robot vacuum deals: Shark, Roomba, and more

Thanksgiving is over and now we`re in Black Friday territory. If you hosted for turkey day, you likely spent the morning of Black Friday cleaning your house instead of shopping for deals. That is not the move.

Prevent this from happening next year and maximize your shopping time by investing in a robot vacuum. It does the cleaning for you! (OK, it won`t do the dishes for you, but it will pick up all of the dropped bits of food on the floor.)

We`re doing the ground work for you by finding all of the best robot vacuum deals going on during Black Friday. All you have to do is pick the one you want and feel good about saving money on it. (You can thank us later.) Read more...

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Best Black Friday Samsung TV deals: Walmart and Best Buy go hard


The fact that both Walmart and Best Buy are throwing Samsung-specific savings events (with their own tab and everything) tells you that Samsung is a guaranteed winner this Black Friday. All other brands just get shoved in the regular TV tab. Read more...

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This Tesla Cybertruck sculpted out of mashed potatoes is a mashterpiece

When you`re a kid you`re told not to play with your food. But what if creating works of art with your food was actually a good lesson in creativity.

As an adult, 30-year-old Greg Milano from Connecticut can play with his food all he wants. So on Thanksgiving on Thursday, he created a starchy version of Tesla`s Cybertruck with some homemade mashed potatoes.

Greg`s brother, Dan Milano, shared some videos on Twitter showing Greg carefully sculpting a glob of potatoes on a dinner plate with a knife. "My brother has been working on a mashed potato cybertruck for over an hour," Dan tweeted.

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Best Black Friday 2019 LG TV deals: Save on 4K TVs with AI ThinQ


LG TVs have a way of making you feel like you have LG`s 30,000 88-inch 8K TV in your living room even if you just have a 65-inch 4K one. Even if that comparison is a stretch, any LG UHD TV is a milestone purchase. Read more...

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Meteorologist`s Apple Watch contradicts his forecast during live broadcast

People accidentally trigger Siri on their Apple devices all the time, but it usually doesn`t chime in with something that`s straight up disrespectful to your expertise.

During a broadcast on BBC Thursday, meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker was presenting the weather and describing snowy conditions in parts of the U.S. Midwest, when Siri on his Apple Watch chimed in to say that there was no snow in the forecast.

Schafernaker laughs and apologizes for the small gaff and tries to move on, but the news anchor at the desk doesn`t let him get away with it easily.

"There is snow in your forecast, I thought," the anchor says. Read more...

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Get a free Nintendo Switch with your next mobile phone deal

TL;DR: Fonehouse is offering a free Nintendo Switch or PS4 with its mobile phone deals for Black Friday.

Mobile phone deals have been the undisputed stars of Black Friday in 2019, and just when we thought the deals couldn`t possibly get any better, they do exactly that.

Fonehouse has already delivered loads of great deals on mobile phone contracts, with some of the latest handsets included in its sale. The online retailer has taken things up a notch with its latest promotion however, and is now offering a free Nintendo Switch or PS4 with its mobile phone deals.

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Feel your music with these Beats headphones on sale

TL;DR: Beats Solo3 wireless headphones are discounted in the Amazon Black Friday Sale, saving you up to 44% on list price.

Black Friday has such a long build up, and then in a flash it`s gone. You can wait patiently for weeks to get the best deals, and then miss out by a matter of hours.

Missing out on exactly what you wanted at a discounted rate is a nightmare situation, and that`s why we`re letting you know that Beats Solo3 wireless headphones are discounted in the Amazon Black Friday Sale. These deals expire at midnight on Nov. 29, so even though there isn`t much time left, you deserve a chance. Read more...

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Baby Yoda shines in an action-packed chapter 4 of `The Mandalorian`

Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for Chapter 4 of The Mandalorian.

With the intent to lay low for a while, the titular Mandalorian and his adopted 50-year-old baby son head to a low-key swampy planet at the beginning of The Mandalorian Chapter 4, hoping to get some rest after an intense battle against a slew of bounty hunters.

Everything seems nice for a moment as the Mandalorian and little Baby Yoda take a stroll through a forest. At least, until the Mandalorian meets Cara Dune, played by Gina Carano, and then he finds out that even this peaceful-seeming planet has pretty harrowing problems. Read more...

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Best Black Friday Apple deals at Walmart, Amazon, and beyond

Anyone who strictly uses Apple products probably has at least one Apple item on their list this year. 

It would be nice if the Apple Store could be a one-stop shop with all of the best sales, but unfortunately, Apple isn`t into participating. (You could get a free 25 to 200 gift card with your full-price purchase, which only really helps if you`re planning on buying two Apple items.)

SEE ALSO: Get a 100 iTunes gift card for only 80 during this Black Friday deal

Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart will be duking it out for the best Apple sales of Black Friday. A few hot Apple deals are already out of stock, and switching tabs to compare prices wastes precious shopping time — so we`ve pulled out all the best Black Friday Apple deals for you. This mini guide also lets you in on tips like the fact that Walmart hyped its 129 AirPods deal while forgetting to mention the fact that it was an in-store deal only. Read more...

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Bad Lip Reading takes on `Stranger Things` with 14 minutes of hilarious overdubs

If you`re looking to fill the Stranger Things void in you Netflix queue, YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading has a fresh take on the series.

Well, actually, it`s 14 minutes of footage from the show overdubbed with often nonsensical yet hilarious dialogue that can be shockingly convincing at times.

It`s definitely stranger, that`s for sure. 

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How did the Shark ION vacuum get this cheap? Thank you Black Friday.

TL;DR: The Shark ION R75 is one of the better budget robot vacuums out there — and Walmart is offering it on Black Friday for just 149 (130 off), which is the lowest price you`ll find it right now.

Next to folding laundry, vacuuming has got to be one of the worst chores imaginable. Even if you have a fancy Dyson vacuum, you still have to, you know, do stuff to make it work. With a robot vacuum, you don`t have to do shit. Just press a button, and it`ll (in theory) suck up all that dust and  discarded Cheerios hanging out under your couch. 

While we usually don`t recommend the super-cheap end of the spectrum for robot vacuums, this budget purchase is a hard one to pass up: The Shark ION R75 is currently at its lowest Black Friday price at Walmart. Paying 149 for a robot vacuum that`s just as good as the more expensive Roomba 675 is a steal.  Read more...

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Time is running out to snap up this discounted LG 4K TV

TL;DR: The LG 49-inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV is on sale for £349 on Amazon, saving you 37% on list price.

Black Friday is an unpredictable beast. Some products will go on sale and others won`t, and there isn`t ever much explanation as to why this happens.

To make things more complicated, some devices will drop in price and stay there, whereas others will continue to fall right until the end of the sale. The LG 49-inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV falls into the latter category, but has now dropped in price for what we think is the final time.

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Arlo Pro home security camera systems are half off for Black Friday

TL;DR: Feel worry-free with the Arlo Pro 2 security camera system for 299.99, a ridiculously good deal that`s more than half off. 

Keeping your home safe is worth any price. But it is nice if that price is much cheaper than what you would originally pay for a quality home security system like this one.

In honor of Black Friday, Amazon has the Arlo Pro 2 3-Camera Wirefree Home Security Camera System on sale for 299.99, a huge savings from its original 679.99 price tag. 

Completely wire-free, the system`s 1080p HD video can be captured from anywhere you`d like. It gives you options to set up Activity Zones, areas in your camera`s view where you want to receive motion alerts, and 24/7 continuous recording. This can all be done with Amazon Alexa/Echo Show/Fire TV/Google Assistant compatibility.  Read more...

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This is your best chance to save on Lego before Christmas

TL;DR: Lego building sets are discounted in the Amazon Black Friday Sale, saving you up to 40% on list price.

It doesn`t matter who you are or where you`re from, because chances are there is at least one person on your Christmas list who would love some Lego this year. It might even be you who loves those famous little bricks.

The one problem with Lego is that it doesn`t come cheap, and that`s why it`s so important to take your chances and save when you can. Amazon has dropped the price of a number of popular sets in its Black Friday Sale, so this is your best chance to bag a bargain before Christmas. Read more...

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Amazon is offering one of the best 4K TV deals for Black Friday

TL;DR: The Samsung 50-inch Ru7100 HDR Smart 4K TV is on sale for £359 on Amazon, saving you 35% on list price.

We`re not going to pretend like this Black Friday sale has been brilliant for 4K TVs, because it hasn`t. In the past we`ve seen literally hundreds of massive savings on 4K TVs, and this year has been a little underwhelming.

Even though things haven`t been as wild as previous years, there are still deals well worth your time and money. Amazon has dropped a bunch of new deals on Nov. 29, with one in particular standing out from the crowd.

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Top Image: The skeleton of an ancient Egyptian warrior (anibal /Adobe Stock) provides hard evidence for the revolt described on the famous Rosetta stone. (Peter Thoeny/CC BY NC SA 2.0)

A team of archaeologists have excavated the 2,200-year-old remains of a warrior slain in the ancient Egyptian uprising described on the famous Rosetta Stone.

Doctors are using TikTok to blow off steam and educate teens

Doctors are turning to TikTok to educate the youngest generations and blow off steam after a stressful day of keeping people alive. 

Gynecologist Danielle Jones, known on YouTube and TikTok as @mamadoctorjones, uses the app to dispel reproductive myths. Does melatonin make birth control ineffective? No, she explains, but it can make you sleep through your determined time to take the pill. In another TikTok, she shows off her copper IUD Halloween costume. In another, she goofs off and dances to music as she shares some of the common things people say to her when she tells them she`s an OB-GYN. Read more...

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Here are the best Black Friday air fryer deals at Amazon


Air fryers are one of the most sought-after Black Friday purchases this year. These guilt-free (almost oil-free) appliances join the multi-cookers, slow cookers, and pressure cookers of the world as one of the must-have countertop accessories available to amateur home chefs. If you`re hosting company for the upcoming holidays, you`ll want to add one of these to your lineup.  Read more...

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There`s never a dull moment with this Hitachi 4K TV

TL;DR: The Hitachi 50-inch Smart 4K LED HDR TV is on sale for £249.99 at Argos, saving you £120 on list price.

Most shoppers think that Black Friday comes down to a battle against time, with most deals expiring in a matter of hours. Whilst this is partly true, the real enemy is limited stocks.

The best deals don`t tend to make it to the deadline, as stocks can`t keep up with the rate of purchases. This is the main issue with every deal around this particularly busy shopping period.

One of the best deals from Black Friday comes with a warning of limited stocks, so you`ll need to act fast to bag a bargain. If you`re quick, you can get a Hitachi 50-inch Smart 4K LED HDR TV for just £249.99 on Argos. This is down by £120 on list price, which is a massive drop on such a popular model. Read more...

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All the best Black Friday air fryer deals live now

Best Black Friday air fryer deals live right now:

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All the very best Black Friday deals


Is everyone all rested from arguing about politics over Thanksgiving dinner? Hope so, because it`s go-time. Read more...

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How to clean up cord clutter in your home

Anyone who makes tech a big part of their life knows one painful truth: Dealing with cables is still a massive pain.

Even in 2019, with all the advancements we`ve made to make tech feel genuinely futuristic, most things still require some kind of cable to operate or charge. Plus, power outlets aren`t always super accommodating because plenty of homes weren`t designed with these things in mind.

If you`re reading this, it`s probably safe to assume you`ve got a real cable mess that makes your home life a headache from time to time. So while you wait for that all-wireless utopian dream to come, there are some easy steps you can take to reduce cable clutter in your living space.  Read more...

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Snoop Dogg casually hands out weed to Lilly Singh`s staff

It`s rude to show up somewhere with two arms the one length. 

Snoop Dogg cannot possibly be accused of doing so, because when he rocked up at the set of A Little Late with Lilly Singh, he brought a ton of weed with him that he promptly handed out to her staff.

They each came to him with various fake ailments and Snoop "Doc" (as they called him) prescribed something medicinal for them. 

Who needs gin and juice? 

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The Apple Watch Series 3 has just dropped to its lowest ever price

TL;DR: The Apple Watch Series 3 is on sale for £185 on Amazon, saving you 34% on list price.

You need to be quick to capitalise on the best deals around Black Friday, because they inevitably go quickly. When the best deal is on an Apple product, you need to be doubly quick.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is now on sale for just £185 on Amazon. This is down by 34% on list price, saving you £94. This popular device has never been cheaper, so expect stocks to disappear before your eyes. We said you`ll need to be quick.

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Stay on target with these cheap Xbox controllers

TL;DR: Xbox controllers are on sale for £34.99 on Amazon, saving you 22% on list price.

We know we probably sound like a broken record at this point, but this really is a great time to be a gamer. The Black Friday gaming deals just keep coming, and you can now pick up Xbox controllers for under £35.

Wireless controllers for the Xbox would normally set you back £44.75, which is a lot of money, especially considering the fact that most games are cheaper than this. The good news is you can now grab a controller for just £34.99 on Amazon, saving 22% on list price.

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Seth Meyers has a sharp comeback to Trump`s Thanksgiving message

The day before Thanksgiving, Trump issued a proclamation where he spoke about uniting "together as one people" in gratitude of "the freedoms of prosperity that thrive across our land."

Well, Seth Meyers had a bone to pick with that one.

During Thursday`s episode of Late Night, the host made fun of Trump – a President who constantly picks fights – for his sudden call for unity.

"President Trump issued a Thanksgiving proclamation and called for the country to rise above divisiveness and celebrate, united together as one people," Meyers says in the video above. "Added Trump, `even the Democrats, Never Trumpers, deep staters, NFL players, fake news media, women, latinos, Muslims, late night hosts, and Eric.`" Read more...

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Our best audio deals for Black Friday: Earbuds, headphones, and speakers

The holidays are supposed to be cheerful and bright, but can often feel exactly the opposite. That`s where music comes in to save the day. There`s nothing like a good holiday playlist to make rough days merrier (or anti-holiday playlists – whatever you prefer). But in order to crank up the tunes, you`re going to need some audio equipment.

That`s why we`ve rounded up 20 of the best audio deals on Bluetooth speakers, noise-canceling headphones, and more in the Mashable Shop for Black Friday. Just enter the code BFSAVE20 at checkout and slash an extra 20% off the sale price. Read more...

VIZIO SP30-E0 SmartCast™ Crave Go™ Wireless Speaker

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19 of the best Black Friday deals on chargers

Between the Galaxy Note 10, the iPhone 11, and the Google Pixel 4 all being released in the last half of 2019, practically everyone is walking around with a new phone. Well, either that or they`re expecting to receive one as a "totally unexpected gift" in a few weeks.

Regardless, we`re all in need of some good charging accessories. You know – cables that don`t fall apart after a few months, wireless charging pads, portable power banks, etc. And it just so happens that there`s no time like the present to stock up.

These cables, charging docks, wireless pads, and other charging accessories are all massively discounted for Black Friday. Use the coupon code BFSAVE20 at checkout to slash an extra 20% off the already-discounted prices. Read more...

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Get unlimited data for just £10 a month this Black Friday

TL;DR: Three is offering the first six months of an unlimited data plan for £10 per month, saving you 50% on list price.

When predictions are made before every Black Friday, there are a few things that repeatedly crop up. Everyone expects big deals on TVs, laptops, and other big-ticket items, and that has been the case again this year. There has been one notable surprise, though.

Nobody expected quite so many impressive mobile contract deals this year, as pretty much every retailer has dropped cheap offers to try and beat the competition. We have kept tabs on all these deals, and the best might be from Three. Read more...

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The Apple iPhone XR has never been cheaper

TL;DR: The Apple iPhone XR is on sale for £549 on Amazon, saving you 27% on list price.

The Apple iPhone XR was released in September last year, and since then prices have actually held pretty firm. Until now.

You can now pick up the Apple iPhone XR (64GB) for just £549 on Amazon. This is down by 27% on list price, saving you £200. There is no time limit on this deal, but we can`t see stocks lasting very long at this price.

The Apple iPhone XR comes with a 6.1-inch liquid retina display, a 12MP camera with OIS, a 7MP TrueDepth front camera, and Face ID for secure authentication. It`s also IP67 water and dust resistant, but none of that is really important at this point. It`s all about this deal. Read more...

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Xbox gamers need to check out this Black Friday bundle

TL;DR: Get a three-month membership of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with a controller for £37.48 on Amazon, saving you £13.50 on list price.

Xbox gamers can start Black Friday in the best possible way, with a bundle deal on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

You can now sign up to a three-month membership of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with an Xbox controller for just £37.48 on Amazon. Buying these items seperately would normally cost you over £50, meaning you save £13.50 with this Black Friday deal.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Live Gold and over 100 high-quality console games. With games added all the time from every genre, there`s always something new to play, with something for everyone.  Read more...

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You cannot miss these Black Friday iPad deals at Walmart

TL;DR: Walmart just caught up to Amazon`s amazing new iPad discount — get 100 off the 128GB model, and 80 off the 32GB model for Black Friday.

Remember when we said that nobody else would be selling the new iPad for 100 off like Amazon is? Just kidding — Walmart finally caught up. 

Which just so happens to be great news for you, dear reader, because your chances of grabbing one of these tablets at their Black Friday discount just doubled. Right now, you can get the latest and greatest Apple iPad in two different versions: 100 off for the 128GB model, and the 32GB model for 80 off. So yeah, you could say that this one is a doozy.  Read more...

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Stock up on these cheap PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers

TL;DR: The Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 controller is on sale for £29.99 on Amazon, saving you £15 on list price.

If there is one thing that has come up again and again during this busy shopping period, it`s how gamers can really profit from Black Friday.

Gamers have already been treated to a wide range of deals on everything from subscriptions to console bundles, and now controllers are on sale. It really is a great time to be a gamer.

You can now pick up Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers for just £29.99 on Amazon. These are usually priced at £44.99, meaning you could save £15 this Black Friday. It`s a great opportunity to either stock up on cheap controllers, or replace that faulty device that has been troubling you all year. Read more...

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Man slices fruit with a sword in glorious slow motion

If we`re honest, the most entertaining part of The Slow Mo Guys` latest video isn`t even the 4K footage of a sword slicing through fruit – it`s Dan`s reaction to getting repeatedly clunked in the face by giant tomatoes.

"That would look amazing," says Gav at 3:43, after Dan`s suggested he simply holds the blade in front of his face while Gav throws fruit at him. "But there`s no way I`m not going to beam you in the head with it."

You can probably guess what happens exactly 45 seconds later.

(Oh, and you probably don`t want to try this at home.) Read more...

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10 things to do if Black Friday shopping is so not your thing

If the idea of navigating a crowded mall on Black Friday — the busiest shopping day of the year — fills you with utter dread, then we`re here to tell you: Don`t do it.

You don`t need to go shopping. You don`t need to leave the house. Hell, you don`t even need to leave the couch.

Instead of searching for the best air fryer deal, or scanning the shelves at Walmart for the very last pair of AirPods, you can use this time to do something else — like literally anything else. (Here`s a similar list we did for Black Friday 2018.)

Perhaps — and stick with us on this — you could even turn Black Friday into a day of zen. A time when you re-connect with some of your favorite movies, discover a new app, or even learn a new skill. But how, you ask? Read more...

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All the best Black Friday TV deals that just went live


"TVs" and "Black Friday" go together like cats and broken tree ornaments.

But purchasing a TV on Black Friday isn`t as much of a no-brainer as you think. Actually, BestBlackFriday.com suggests that you wait until that ~big football game~ to cop a new TV. Not only are retailers going after sports fans who decided at the last-minute that they need a 75-inch TV, but January is typically when TV brands launch their new models and last year`s models go on sale. Read more...

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The `Stranger Things` kids are having a heated argument about reindeer on Twitter

The Stranger Things kids may be incredibly close, but they don`t always agree on everything.

Whether it`s to do with who`s dressing up as which ghostbuster for Halloween or how best to find Will Byers, the crew have had their fair share of disagreements in the past.

And apparently reindeer are no exception.

This argument started – as many arguments presumably do – on Thanksgiving, when Gaten Matarazzo (a.k.a. Dustin) shared a video of himself ranting about Rudolph.

"No one likes Rudolph, alright?" yells Matarazzo in that clip, prompting an audible gasp from whoever`s holding the camera. "He has a shiny nose, that`s all he`s got going for him." Read more...

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Best Black Friday AirPods deals: Where to snag AirPods for 129


AirPods will be one of the most popular items of Black Friday 2019. We`re calling it now.

Go type "AirPods" into Google Trends and check out the related queries. Searches like "Black Friday AirPods" and "AirPods Black Friday sale" have risen by 700% from October to November and over 250% in the last seven days. This leads us to one question: Who will have the best price on AirPods for Black Friday 2019? Read more...

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What`s the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, anyway?

With the shift toward online shopping, the lines between Black Friday and Cyber Monday can become blurred. When does one end and the other begin? 

In recent years, the two shopping “holidays” have been essentially combined and now extend into week- and month-long events. This year, more than 165 million people are expected to shop from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday with Black Friday being the busiest day, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). 

If you’re not really sure what the difference is between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (there isn’t much) follow us as we dive into a bit of history.  Read more...

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