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Remember that massive Yahoo hack? Not the one in 2013 that resulted in the theft of around a billion users` data, but the breach in 2014 that led to the compromising of some 500 million user accounts? Yeah, that one. 

Well, one of the people related to the scheme just pled guilty. And, surprise, he claims his role in the plot was to hack accounts the FSB, a Russian security agency, was interested in.

The Department of Justice issued a statement yesterday detailing the plea, which notes that the man, Karim Baratov, is a Canadian national but was in cahoots with the Russian government. Three other defendants were also named in the statement, although U.S. authorities say they remain at large in Russia.  Read more...

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Facebook has long allowed advertisers to target users based on race—and exclude users based on race, too. 

On Wednesday, Facebook said they`re temporarily stopping that ability to exclude after repeated investigations uncovered how easy it is to discriminate. 

The update comes after a ProPublica investigation published last week revealed advertisers can still target housing ads to white people only. That`s damning not only because it violates the federal Fair Housing Act but also because ProPublica already made Facebook aware of the issue back in October 2016. Facebook later promised to step up its enforcementRead more...

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We may have just gotten an early look at a ton of new Instagram features.

Instagram has been busy testing several new features, including a "close friends" feature, GIF search, and the ability to follow specific hashtags the way you`d follow an account, according to the tech site The Next Web.

One of the most interesting features the website found was something called "close friends," which will allow users to share posts with only a small group of their closest friends. This appears to be an extension of the "favorites" feature the app began testing earlier this year. Read more...

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Chrissy Teigen has an idea up her sleeve from all the trending headlines these days.

She tweeted a sketch idea for Saturday Night Live today, inspired by the ongoing sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood. The idea was probably inspired by today`s big firings, but any of the big shake ups that have happened over the past few months would fit into it.  

An SNL sketch where the reporters report on their own sexual misconduct and firings but they don`t know it until live prompter

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) November 29, 2017

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There are already dozens of ways to free up storage on your iPhone, but the issue always seems to rear its ugly head for just about everyone. 

If you can afford it, we recommend buying an iPhone with maximum storage capacity. But if you can`t pony up the cash or frequently find yourself running out space anyway, there`s still hope. Here are some fresh new tricks that will help you regain some of your precious iPhone storage.

SEE ALSO: 12 hidden tips and tricks every iPhone X owner needs to know

In the past, we`ve covered some of the easiest ways to clear up your iPhone`s storage. So before you try any of these new tricks, you might want to try some of those older ones, like deleting duplicate photos and screenshots, backing up photos and videos in the cloud using services like Google Photos, or using this strange iTunes rental hack. If those methods don`t work, you can try some of these: Read more...

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Bitcoin enthusiasts rejoiced on Monday as 1 BTC traded at 10,000 for the first time.

The celebration was short lived, but not because it immediately crashed back to earth. Just one day later, Bitcoin hit 11,000. 

The meteoric rise in value of Bitcoin in 2017 has left skeptics flabbergasted—and warning that people buying in risk losing a healthy amount of money. At this point, it`s a little hard not to understand their concern. Bitcoin`s value has risen so quickly that it`s been drawing comparisons to other historic bubbles, such as the infamous Dutch tulip mania.

It`s easy to see why. In 2017 alone, Bitcoin is up a whopping 1,000 percent. To put that in perspective, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (the most widely followed stock index) is up 193 percent... since 1997. That`s 20 years of investment in what is generally considered to be the best long-term investment, and it doesn`t even come close to what Bitcoin has done this year.  Read more...

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Disney might be perfectly happy to keep the Star Wars train chugging `til the end of time. But that doesn`t mean all of its stars want to stay on board forever.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Daisy Ridley revealed she`s ready to step back from Rey after Episode IX

"I am really, really excited to do the third thing and round it out, because ultimately, what I was signing on to was three films," she said. "So in my head, it`s three films. I think it will feel like the right time to round it out."

And it does seem like Episode IX will be the end of an era. In the same story, director J.J. Abrams says he sees his Last Jedi sequel as the end of the Skywalker saga (though he adds that "the future is in flux.") Read more...

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Determined rescuers successfully saved a baby elephant from an abandoned well in India recently, and its family couldn`t be more thankful. 

According to UPI, the young calf had accidentally fallen into the well the night before and struggled to escape the deep hole.

Luckily, a team of forest officials appeared to the scene around 7 a.m. and gathered equipment to free the anxious baby.

An excavator was used to dig out the well and created a pathway so the elephant can finally break free while its herd stood aside patiently waiting to be reunited with their little one. 

The rescue mission lasted a total of five hours and soon, the calf was back in its family`s love and care.  Read more...

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Uber`s new CEO has been trying to clean-up the mess cofounder Travis Kalanick left behind. One sweeping change was a total crackdown on secure messaging apps when it comes to business matters. 

CEO Dara Khosrowshahi tweeted Wednesday that he forbid employees from using apps like Wickr and Telegram shortly after he joined the company. He shared that nugget of information while Uber`s top lawyer is currently testifying on allegedly receiving stolen proprietary information from Google`s Waymo. 

True that Wickr, Telegram were used often at Uber when I came in. As of Sept 27th I directed my teams NOT to use such Apps when discussing Uber-related business.

— dara khosrowshahi (@dkhos) November 29, 2017

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Writer and radio personality Garrison Keillor says he has been fired from Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) over allegations of inappropriate behavior.

The former host of "A Prairie Home Companion" told the Associated Press via email he`d been fired over "a story that I think is more interesting and more complicated than the version MPR heard."

Minnesota Public Radio confirmed the news, saying he was terminated "after learning of allegations of his inappropriate behavior with an individual who worked with him," without giving further details. Read more...

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Mentors often play a crucial role in helping people achieve their goals. Now, Facebook wants to help foster those relationships all in one place.

The social media giant launched a new product Wednesday called Mentorship and Support, which will connect users with mentors to get the advice and support they need. The aim is to bring together people who have shared experiences and goals but don`t already know each other.

Facebook is partnering with nonprofit organizations that already pair mentors and mentees, but they`ll use Facebook to work through a step-by-step program tailored to the mentee`s goals. It will begin as a pilot program starting with just two nonprofits and focus areas: iMentor, for education mentorship, and the International Rescue Committee, for mentorship in crisis recovery.  Read more...

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Donald Trump`s week on Twitter has been a raging tire fire, even worse than his usual shenanigans.

Now, granted, that`s a pretty high bar to clear. 

But since coming back from Thanksgiving break, Trump has been spewing toxic sludge in 280 characters or less at an extraordinarily high rate, even for him. 

Trump has railed against "illegals," African American athletes, used slur Pocahontas and shared anti-Muslim videos this week. It`s Wednesday

— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) November 29, 2017

Indeed, Trump wasn`t too stuffed with turkey or overcooked steaks and ketchup to avoid Twitter. After taking it light on Thanksgiving Day, Trump had his own sort of Black Friday and hasn`t relented since. Read more...

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Meet the next new Disney heroine.

The studio`s making progress on its live-action remake of Mulan, and it`s finally found a star to fill the title role: Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Liu won the role after an epic search that involved almost a thousand candidates from five continents. 

Liu (who is also known as Crystal Liu) may not be a familiar face to most Americans yet. But she`s a big star in her native country, having launched her career in the mid-2000s when she was just a teenager.  Read more...

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After Matt Lauer was fired from the Today show because of an allegation of "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace," Megyn Kelly joined the network`s other anchors and talk show hosts reporting on his sudden termination from NBC News.

After reading NBC News chairman Andy Lack`s official statement confirming the complaint, Kelly  reacted to the news by urging people to focus on the victims in tough times like these.

"This one does hit close to home," Kelly said on her morning show. "I, too, have known Matt for a long time and he has been a friend and kind and supportive to me in my transition to NBC News."  Read more...

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The grim reaper has come to take what`s his from the media industry.

On Wednesday, BuzzFeed and ESPN both announced layoffs, with each company`s CEO issues a statement.

In the U.S., BuzzFeed`s layoffs will mostly affect employees in their business and advertising departments, while in the UK, some content teams will lose employees. The shift in the business and sales teams, possibly affected by BuzzFeed missing their revenue targets by more than 20 percent this year, also includes new roles for BuzzFeed president Greg Coleman, who will focus on the advertising side. 

BuzzFeed media and politics reporter Steven Perlberg first shared the news of the shake-up on Twitter.  Read more...

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The White House Director of Communications for Melania Trump, Stephanie Grisham, tweeted out a picture of this spooky holiday scene and it`s been drawing a lot of attention. Read more...

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There is a lot going on in the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. There`s roughly 2983479 characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and the already-established Avengers themselves. 

But there`s also Thanos, the big baddie who has to appear enough of a threat to warrant the whole nine years of intergalactic cavalry coming to greet him. Thanos (Josh Brolin) has to share the trailer with all his foes, but that didn`t stop Twitter from zeroing in on his flaws (as Twitter does).

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Waze wants to make it easier to find better routes and report bad road conditions without ever taking your eyes off the road. 

The navigation app (which is owned by Google`s parent company Alphabet) just announced a slew of new features in "one of its biggest updates ever," just in time for the holidays. The most useful of these is a new hands-free capability that promises to work just like Google Assistant — just say the wake phrase "OK, Waze," and you`ll be able to control the app using your voice.     Read more...

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Bisha Ali is a British comedian, but she can now also take the mantle of investigator extraordinaire.

Ali recently had something very odd happen to her, and before long it snowballed into a full-blown mystery.


— Bisha K Ali (@bishakali) November 27, 2017

It all began with a message from a friend.

My old friend who I met at Space Camp in Vancouver in 2006 just messaged me out of the blue:

— Bisha K Ali (@bishakali) November 27, 2017

"Hey Bisha! I know this is probably supremely weird but I think I saw a photo of you being used in a public art installation in Calgary..."

— Bisha K Ali (@bishakali) November 27, 2017

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Just as one relationship blooms in England, another disastrously crumbles right here in America.

We`re sad to announce that the The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) and Selena Gomez are now, for real, no more - both romantically and on social media, according to E! News. They broke up just about a month ago, but we all know that a relationship isn`t really over until one person scrubs all proof of it from your Instagram. 

Star Boy has officially done just that and also pressed the unfollow button.


The couple began their romance back in January of 2017 and announced their split after rumors swirling regarding Gomez and Justin Bieber getting back together and rekindling their relationship. Those rumors, of course, turned out to be trueRead more...

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The visuals of Game of Thrones may be fading from your memory now that Season 7 is in the rear-view mirror (also now that Season 8 isn`t likely to hit until early 2019). But we`re willing to bet the show`s sounds will stick in your brain for a lot longer. 

We`re not talking about the theme music or the sound effects of dragon fire or cracking ice — it`s all about the accents, darling. 

Let`s be real: almost everyone in the world outside the U.K. is enamored with the accents of Game of Thrones. Yet few know what those accents are even called, let alone their geographic origins. Certainly, nobody has revealed the fact that the show`s most predominant accent, Yorkshire, is now being spoken entirely by non-native speakers; even Brits don`t realize that.  Read more...

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Dua Lipa just solved all your December problems with some brand new rules. She just might have rescued your bank account.

A fan (@idealising) asked the British singer for advice to get through December without going bankrupt. The "Scared to be Lonely" singer provided the fan with three simple rules to help in the most festive (and expensive) month of the year. 

Move over Santa, Dua Lipa is gracing us with early gifts - whether we`re naughty or nice. 

do u reckon dua lipa has any rules about how to get through december without going bankrupt cuz i wanna get prepared

— joe (@idealising) November 28, 2017

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2017 was the year Congresswoman Maxine Waters was elected president of All in With Chris Hayes.

From the moment she declared that the director of the FBI had "no legitimacy" and then death dropped in front of a gaggle of shellshocked reporters, 79-year-old Auntie Maxine has had our blood loyalty. Every floor she walked on in 2017, whether it was in the Capitol or at the MTV Movie Awards, became her stage and ultimately, a property in her empire. 

More so than any other "deplorable" president with a Ziploc bag of fleas for a brain, Maxine Waters was the de facto leader of the free world/MSNBC in 2017. Read more...

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Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

With all the cleaning you`ll be doing for the holidays, this Dyson bagless stick vacuum might make all of it a little easier, and you can save 150 on it today.

This cord-free vacuum uses a lithium-ion battery that supposedly allows 40 minutes of cleaning without losing any power. It covers carpet and hardwood floors, is versatile enough to clean around corners and on ceilings, and it easily switches to a handheld mode for cleaning stairs. Read more...

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Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb kicked off Wednesday`s episode of the Today Show by emotionally delivering the news that their former co-host Matt Lauer had been terminated from NBC News for alleged "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace." 

Moments after learning the news themselves, Guthrie and Kotb went on air to read the conformational statement from NBC News chairman Andy Lack to viewers. You can watch the moment below:

"This is a sad morning here at Today and NBC News," Guthrie began before reading Lack`s statement about a complaint received from a colleague regarding "sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt Lauer." Read more...

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Four months after Marvel teased fans at D23 and Comic-Con with the first footage from Avengers: Infinity War, the full trailer has finally debuted online for the rest of the world to enjoy.

It`s a lot to take in. Thor hanging with the Guardians! Cap`s new beard! Spidey`s spider sense! We already have a full breakdown of the footage released at D23, which features different material from the official trailer, but there`s so much more to dissect here.

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Louis Theroux`s Twitter feed is a beautiful place.

When the British documentary maker isn`t taking part in glorious Q&As or filming himself reading a line generated by an actual Louis Theroux Twitter bot, he likes nothing better than to share his thoughts on an ongoing phenomenon: the Louis Theroux doppelgänger.

As it turns out, pretty much everyone in the world seems to know someone who looks like Louis Theroux.

Here`s the latest:

My friend knows someone who looks exactly like @louistheroux and I don`t know what to do with this information pic.twitter.com/BcpVr4c1qp

— 🚀maya🎭🌈🏳️ (@impossibella_) November 28, 2017

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Snap Inc. has bet its future on being the anti-Facebook. 

On Wednesday, the company made its biggest move yet—a major redesign to its flagship app—to show just how different it is from the social network.

But the redesign simultaneously takes a major page from Facebook`s playbook—relying on algorithms to personalize what you see.

The redesign, rolled out slowly to users over the coming weeks, separates the app into two feeds and infuses each of them with algorithms. Snapchat is now embracing the black-box equations that it once shunned.

The move comes as Snapchat is struggling as a public company with nonexistent user growth and a disappointing ad business. Read more...

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Matt Lauer has been terminated from NBC News for alleged "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace," per a statement from NBC News` chairman Andy Lack that was read on the Today show Wednesday morning by Lauer`s former co-host, Savannah Guthrie (sitting alongside Hoda Kotb).

The statement, following a report by an unnamed colleague, noted that while this was the first time someone had come forward about alleged inappropriate behavior by Lauer, they have "reason to believe this might not have been an isolated incident."

After reading the statement, Guthrie said that as colleagues they only learned the news of his termination a few moments ago, and more details would be forthcoming later. Read more...

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U.S. President Donald J. Trump woke up Wednesday morning and retweeted three anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, unverified videos from the deputy leader of one of Britain`s most extreme far-right groups, Britain First. 

Image: realdonaldtrump/twitter



The Twitter feed of Jayda Fransen, who was convicted of religiously aggravated harassment last year after hurling abuse at a woman in hijab in front of her four young children, is basically just a stream of hateful content targeting Muslims and immigrants. Read more...

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2017 has been a rollercoaster ride, especially when it comes to Instagram. 

There`s always that one post that goes viral, which has everyone talking until another post eventually takes over, leaving us with little time to recover (yes, we`re looking at you Beyoncé).

Well, we got our hands on some very important data: the most liked everything of Instagram in 2017. Instagram sent us the top celebrity photos, videos, most followed accounts, most popular places, and most used hashtags for the year.

See if any of your faves made it to the Top 5 — you may be surprised. Read more...

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Jenga is a stressful game, but rescue dog Spencer keeps it chill.

In an absolutely thrilling video, the good pup attempts to extract a block from a Jenga tower that`s starting to resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But Spencer has no fear — he`s a practiced competitor who`s watched his humans play for a while now. The block comes out, and the tower stays standing.

Spencer, congratulations.

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NASA just tested the limits of artificial and human intelligence by pitting an AI-operated drone against one flown by a man.  

The test was supported in part by Google-funded research and took place at an indoor track in Pasadena, CA. The drones flew at speeds of approximately 40 miles per hour. The opponents completed TK races.  

To ensure the race was as evenly matched as possible, scientists enlisted pilot Ken Loo (aka FlyingBear), who participates in the International Drone Racing League. 

At first, Loo was no match for his AI opponent. "This is definitely the densest track I`ve ever flown," Loo said in a press statement.   Read more...

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We all knew science was cool, we just didn`t know how cool.

YouTuber Mark Rober demonstrated how adding air to sand in a certain way causes the sand to look and act like a fluid. The next logical step was to fill a hot tub with the stuff.

Not only does this video teach you about industrial application of science (fun!) — you also get to watch him giving his nephews a fright when he hides under the sand only to burst out.

Science!

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The weather outside might be frightful, but today`s Google`s Doodle is so delightful. 

In a tribute to British horticulturalist and garden designer Gertrude Jekyll on what would be her 174th birthday, Google has created a stunning floral-themed doodle which is full of the joys of spring.

"If not for legendary horticulturist and garden designer Gertrude Jekyll, the world might be a much drabber place," reads a Google blog post about the doodle. 

Today’s #GoogleDoodle celebrates Gertrude Jekyll, a British garden designer recognised for creating over 400 gardens globally pic.twitter.com/P8fjrpYARP

— Google UK (@GoogleUK) November 29, 2017

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Algorithms and social media are bad, unless they`re good, according to Snap CEO Evan Spiegel.

Yes, quite confusing, but that`s exactly what the cofounder of the app Snapchat argues in his first-ever op-ed posted on Axios Wednesday. The piece dropped just hours before Snapchat is expected to announce the details behind its massive redesign, Axios teased.

Why the talk of algorithms? Well it`s in Spiegel`s personal interest to both dispute and defend them. Snapchat plans to infuse its app with algorithms in a massive redesign, but while that`s similar to Facebook`s News Feed, it won`t be exactly like that.  Read more...

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You`d think guessing well-known Star Wars quotes would be pretty easy, especially if you`re Daisy Ridley.

You`d be wrong, though. Turns out if you`re wearing headphones, listening to loud music and trying to guess the quote by lip-reading Jimmy Fallon, it`s way harder.

Fallon`s decision to bust out a Yoda impression doesn`t help, either. Read more...

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A writer is crafting poems to strangers based on the Twitter DMs sent to her and they`re truly beautiful. 

Morgan Harper Nichols sent out a request on Twitter for people to send her their stories so she can write a personalised poem inspired by them. Her project forms part of her overarching aim to write a million poems to strangers during her lifetime. 

The stories are kept anonymous, but Harper Nichols shares some context for each poem so readers can gain a sense of its deeper meaning. 

One of her poems is addressed to "O" a teenage girl who sent her story about being lonely and having no friends.  Read more...

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Obama is no stranger to mixing messages of hope and change with a twist of humour.

On Tuesday Jimmy Kimmel Live held their third annual (RED) shopathon to help in the fight against AIDS, and President Obama was there to talk to the nation about the virus.

He pointed to the fact that there was cause for hope. "Since the peak of the virus," said Obama, "AIDS-related deaths have been cut in half."

He also tried to motivate people to join the fight by promising a go piloting Air Force 1, and offering to share his classified files on "the aliens".  Read more...

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Instagram wants you to "remix" your photos.

The photo-sharing app has added a new feature that lets you edit pictures sent to you via direct message. 

Once your friend drops you a photo in your DMs, you can edit and decorate it however way you like, be it with stickers, doodles, or sending it back with another photo of yourself. 

For example, here I am replying to a photo that`s been sent to me.

My photo reply includes a photo sticker of the original image I`m replying to (on the right), which I`ve moved, resized and doodled on. Read more...

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Sport might be for all, but LGBTQ fans following their team at the World Cup next year have been warned about showing public displays of affection.

The warning comes from the anti-discrimination group, FARE network, who have advised FIFA in the past about on how to combat racism, sexism and homophobia in its stadiums.

FARE will produce a guide advising fans how to stay safe during 2018`s World Cup, which takes place in Russia.

Although homosexuality has been legal in the country since 1993, anti-LGBTQ sentiment is abound in the country. So-called "gay propaganda" laws which ban the promotion of homosexuality to people under 18 were enacted in 2013, but advocates say it "reinforces stigma and homophobia." Read more...

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North Korea has tested its most powerful rocket yet, and this one is finally capable of reaching the entire U.S. mainland, it claims.

North Korea on Wednesday announced the new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), called the Hwasong-15. It`s reportedly tipped with a "super-large heavy warhead," greatly increasing the country`s fire power against enemies.

In a television broadcast, North Korea said the new missile reached a record height of around 2,780 miles (4.475) — more than 10 times the distance between Earth and the international space station, if true. Read more...

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Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo sure has a nice face, but you wouldn`t figure that from the bust that was made in his honour earlier this year.

Created by artist Emmanuel Santos, the errant bust was unveiled in the Madeira Islands, Portugal back in March, and bears Ronaldo`s name as the country is his birthplace. 

Quickly becoming a source of ridicule and plenty of Photoshop, at least now Ronaldo can finally confide in a bust that actually looks like him. 

This one was unveiled Saturday at the museum in Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid`s home stadium, and it`s much, much, much better. Read more...

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Like Marvel superheroes, women are all power, all the time, and can seriously obliterate a pair of shoulder pads.

Looking for an "afternoon pick-me-up," MTV`s chief TV critic Inkoo Kang called out on Twitter for photos of women in suits on Tuesday, paired with a "gang`s all here" image of the kickass women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kang wrote she was inspired by Thor: Ragnarok actor Tessa Thompson`s "boxy plaid."

I need an afternoon pick-me-up. Please reply with your favorite pictures of women in suits. Tessa Thompson`s boxy plaid is my new lewkpic.twitter.com/eenusAX9wz

— Inkoo Kangst (@inkookang) November 28, 2017

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Samsung`s not giving up on Bixby, despite initial lukewarm responses to its AI assistant.

Bixby is the South Korean firm`s answer to other voice assistants like Apple`s Siri and Amazon`s Alexa. But when it debuted, fans found it just wasn`t as smart as the competition.

To buff up Bixby`s brains, Samsung has now acquired Fluently, which makes an AI chatbot that can compose smart replies in English and Korean.

Fluently produced an app that plugged into messengers like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and offered natural-sounding contextual responses.  Read more...

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Facebook`s fight against spambots now includes a request for user photos with their faces "clearly" visible. 

Wired confirmed with the social network that the test will go out to users who try to perform actions that spambots typically do, such as creating accounts, sending friend requests, and creating ads.

Several isolated examples of the photo request have been spotted over the past few months by users online, but it`s likely to start going out more widely now that Facebook is comfortable confirming it. Read more...

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Congratulations, it`s a big cheesy pizza pie! 

Domino`s is launching their very own baby registry. They partnered with Gugu Guru, a registry consulting company, to provide a platform for parents to create a wishlist. 

The website coincides with the wedding registry they created earlier in the year which basically means they want pizza to rule over your life. What`s next real estate? Health insurance?  

Instead of all the predictable baby items like a stroller, bottles and diapers, the pizza chain is offering food packages perfect for new parents, annoyed parents, or someone that`s not even a parent and wants a good deal. Read more...

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Red Bull is known for pushing extreme stunts, but its latest endeavor has pushed yet another limit.

French wingsuit flyers Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet of the team Soul Flyers managed to fly into the door of a plane flying through the sky. Yes, a real plane, with a propellor that could easily slice them to shreds.

The stunt began with a BASE jump from the top of Jungfrau mountain in Switzerland. The duo then chased the plane through the air using only their wingsuits, finally landing safely in the back of the plane.

Was the stunt totally ridiculous and unnecessary? Yes. But it was still pretty awesome.  Read more...

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