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All good things must come to an end, on Earth and even in space. 

NASA announced on Tuesday that the Kepler mission — which has transformed how we understand planets outside of our solar system — is officially over.

According to the space agency, Kepler has run out of fuel in space, ending its 9.5-year planet hunting mission.

"Before we launched Kepler, we didn`t know if planets were common or rare in our galaxy," Paul Hertz, NASA`s Astrophysics Division director, said in a press call Tuesday.

Thanks to Kepler`s data, which was all safely beamed back to Earth before the end of the mission, we now know that planets are, in fact, exceedingly common.  Read more...

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Star of Johnny English Strikes Again Rowan Atkinson sits down with Mashable to discuss how his James Bond–wannabe character is both foolish and admirably brave. Read more...

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The 2018 thriller A Quiet Place was the inspiration for this Halloween couple`s costume — and damn did they really nail it. 

Twitter user @nomadstrange shared a photo of her sister and husband dressed as Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) and Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) from the film, and you`re really just going to have to take a look:

my pregnant sister and her husband dressed up like The Quiet Place for halloween and i’m kinda obsessed pic.twitter.com/nAEJh9g9b4

— danielle 16 (@nomadstrange) October 30, 2018

From the outfits and accessories to the lighting, these two perfectly replicated this look. Also, being pregnant at the time definitely added to the authenticity.  Read more...

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Halloween is almost upon us, which means the world is eagerly awaiting the annual costume reveal of one Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.

Every October (into early November,) Queen Bey graces her Instagram followers with a flurry of Halloween-themed posts in which she reveals her extraordinarily elaborate and thoroughly impressive costumes. It`s a true blessing for all.

On Tuesday, Beyoncé got a head start on the holiday and dropped three photos of her 2018 costume: singer Toni Braxton...or should we say Phoni Braxton?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

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This little girl`s Halloween costume comes with an extra level of spook. 

In Southbay Village, Philippines, a child named of Maya went trick-or-treating this weekend as a headless girl in a flower dress. She walked around carrying her "decapitated" head on a plate. 

It looks even creepier than it sounds. 

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Oh, baby! The new 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros are  really nice.

The last time I was this excited about an iPad was when Apple released the iPad Air 2. Each iteration since then, including the original iPad Pro, has been iterative. The iPad Pro`s screen has grown over the years, but this is the first time the hardware (inside and outside) has changed so drastically, the tablet feels entirely new again.

This is the iPad`s redefining moment, ushering in new a design and features that set it up for building upon for the next decade.

Since the iPad Pro launched in 2015, Apple has tried year after year to position it as "real" computer. With faster processors, better display technologies (like the 120Hz refresh rate ProMotion), and more powerful features introduced in iOS 11 like drag-and-drop and being able to open up to three apps at once, the iPad has inched closer towards being more Mac-like. Read more...

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This is Ode To..., a weekly column where we share the stuff we`re really into in hopes that you`ll be really into it, too.

Poorly Drawn Cats is a Twitter account dedicated to, as the name suggests, poorly drawn cats. But calling these charming little pictures "poorly drawn" doesn`t seem like a fair description considering how beloved they`ve become by the account`s many followers.

The crude, contour-line drawings created by a Brazilian artist named Heloísa, who started the account in 2016, capture the distinct personalities of cats — not always an easy task. The drawings featured on the account are of cats featured in photos submitted by fans of the account. Read more...

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Warning: If you thought shopping for women in general was hard, just know that it gets harder. Try shopping for a teenage girl.

Juuls, Tide Pods, Converse (but only the white ones), and saying LOL (ironically) — yup, we’re talking about the ever-changing hell that is teenage girl trends. It can be tricky to choose a gift that she’ll like and use for longer than a month, but does that mean you throw in the towel and plop a gift card in an envelope? That’s basically code for “I don’t get you at all.” 

Instead of resorting to looking like an old, there is a way to show the teenage girl on your gift list that you “get them.” We’re talking music tech, phone accessories, room decor, artsy cameras, and more — all things to help her live her best life with her friends, branch out and be social, and help her figure out her passions. (Also known as gifts that won’t be met with an eye roll or her tweeting about you.)  Read more...

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If you want to become serious about your photography — whether as a profession or as a hobby — it all starts with the camera. How do you think sports photographers get those perfect pictures of Steph Curry dropping endless three-pointers? Duh, they have great cameras.

Investing in a quality rig is going to set you back — which is why you`d be smart to shop the sales.

Best Buy has the Nikon D750 with the AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm (with lens) on sale for 1,899.99, which is 300 off the original price of 2,199.99. They`ll also through in the Nikon MB-D16 Multi Power Battery Pack for free with the camera, saving you another 349.99. (And trust us, you`ll be glad you had that battery back.) Read more...

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My 2017 iPad Pro, with uncanny timing, has started acting up these past few days. 

All of a sudden there`s a patch of lighter-than-the-rest pixels at the bottom of the screen, and I can`t stop looking at it. It`s the proverbial fly in the ointment, the stain you can`t remove: a reminder that even mighty Apple technology will break down and die, faster than you`d like. 

So when Apple came calling with a new iPad Pro lineup Tuesday morning — without mentioning it costs more than 2,300 at the upper end —  I was probably more vulnerable to the sales pitch than the average fanboy. 

*A 1TB iPad Pro w/ cellular, Apple Care, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard is actually 2356* (the 15-inch MacBook Pro starts at 2399 by comparison) pic.twitter.com/wal9tS5Sev

— Karissa Bell (@karissabe) October 30, 2018

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Apple`s MacBook line has clarity again.

The MacBook Air, formerly the neglected stepchild among Apple laptops, is reborn: It`s still basically the same wedge-shaped computer Steve Jobs introduced in 2008, but it`s sporting USB-C ports, a retina display, and a modern chip inside.

Importantly, it fills another hole in Apple`s lineup: the midrange. When Apple refreshed its MacBook Pros in the summer, it didn`t bother updating the non-Touch Bar model, meaning for anyone who didn`t want to shell out 1,800+ didn`t really have an option if they wanted something with the latest Intel chip tech.

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There was a big Apple event on Oct. 30. Perhaps you watched it. 

If you did tune in, you would have caught all kinds of Mac Mini, iPad, Apple Pencil, and Lana Del Rey news. What you would not have seen, however, is any announcement regarding AirPower or the next generation of AirPods. 

Despite announcing AirPower, "an Apple-designed wireless charging accessory," in September 2017, we`ve yet to see any inclination that the product will be available before the end of this year. And the glaring omission of any AirPower mention during today`s promotional event only serves to drive home the message that we`re likely not getting the charging pad anytime soon. Read more...

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Confession: I probably know more about the geographies of Westeros than the United States — you know, the real-world country I actually live in. 

I`m a creature of the r/asoiaf subreddit (not just r/GoT — which is mostly for filthy casuals). I mean, a good chunk of my job is to read, investigate, dig up, and analyze Game of Thrones theories. 

So you can call me Khaleesi of the Tinfoil Wearers when it comes to imagining how Game of Thrones will end. But the newly launched iOS game Reigns: GoT gave me a run for that title. 

Yet despite foiling me at nearly every attempt to use my useless knowledge as strategy, Reigns: GoT made certain flickers in the flames of theorizing very clear. Read more...

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Any time Apple puts on an event, you can bet there will be some new goodies from one of the world`s biggest companies. And for this event, new iPads are taking center stage.

LIVE: Apple`s 2018 event in Brooklyn

Well you better believe that with every major Apple event, Amazon and Walmart know just how to celebrate — with deals! There are plenty of iPads on sale to choose from (many of which have free shipping) that are sure to please any Apple faithful or bring in new converts.

Check out the best deals below:

iPads on sale:

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It feels like we literally just wrapped up a major Apple event with three new iPhones. But wait, there`s more...

It`s only been a month, and Apple is already releasing more hardware. This time the company held a special media event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where it showed off new iPads, MacBooks, a Mac Mini, and even a revamped Apple Pencil. 

Here`s a look at everything that was revealed. 

MacBook Air

First up was the new MacBook Air equipped with a Retina Display. The popular laptop now has thinner bezels, a thinner profile, and it`s lighter than the previous generation at just 2.75 pounds.  Read more...

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Ad Content from Home Depot

A house is more than just a space to inhabit. It’s a sanctuary, a stage for countless family milestones — big and small — and a blank slate upon which to build unique holiday traditions. The process of turning a house into a home takes time and dedication, and it starts by finding the ideal décor that will serve as the backdrop for decades of memories to come.

You may think of Home Depot as the go-to place for garage renovation supplies, hardware knick-knacks, or daunting DIY flooring projects. But you might not know that Home Depot also stocks a wide variety of furniture and décor items, so you can decorate any room in your home according to your precise tastes Read more...

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Barricades of Hambach Forest protest.

Thousands of environmental protesters have unified in a plight to save the last 200 hectares of Germany`s ancient Hambach Forest from being felled by the coal hungry German energy giant RWE.


You know when you`re watching a 70-minute Apple ad and you`re like, I really wish I could burst into tears right now? Lana Del Rey made dreams come true on Tuesday.

The singer closed out Apple`s special event in Brooklyn, performing two songs from her upcoming album Norman Fucking Rockwell. Unfortunately, she could not identify her album nor her second song, "Venice Bitch," because Apple told her not to swear. Them`s the breaks, Lana. Maybe you should have done "Brooklyn Baby" instead.

Jack Antonoff, who produced her upcoming album and loves to make surprise appearances at his collaborators` shows in Brooklyn, was also there to play piano. Read more...

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It happened. Apple finally removed the headphone jack from the new iPad Pro models. Now, a single USB-C slot is the only physical port on the device.

The removal of the headphone jack means, if you want to listen to audio from your device, you`ll need USB-C or bluetooth headphones — or you could buy the brand new USB-C to headphone jack dongle that Apple just quietly released.

Apple is selling the new USB-C to headphone jack dongle for 9.00 at the Apple Store right now. Interestingly enough, even though this accessory would be considered by many as crucial to the iPad experience, it didn`t get mentioned on stage during the special media event today in Brooklyn, New York. Read more...

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Say it with me now, kids: It`s not censorship if it`s a private interest. Remember that. Repeat it when the Trump stans start to cry.

RPGnet is one the internet`s oldest gaming-centric discussion forums. It`s also, as of Oct. 29, 2018, a Donald Trump-free zone. 

A Monday post from one of the forum`s moderators spells out a new rule that bans any discussion of Trump support from RPGnet. The reasoning behind the ban is made abundantly clear right at the outset.

The strongly worded statement goes on to state that Trump`s "public comments, policies, and the makeup of his administration are so wholly incompatible with our values that formal political neutrality is not tenable. We can be welcoming to (for example) persons of every ethnicity who want to talk about games, or we can allow support for open white supremacy. Not both." Read more...

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Whether it`s Gilgamesh or urban legends, the art of storytelling has been around for thousands of years. In the case of creepypastas, just replace the campfire with a computer screen.

For those that have never experienced this internet genre of storytelling, creepypastas are horror-related stories, images, or videos. The name is based off the term "copypasta" because the stories are typically copied and pasted all over the internet. 

But over the past few years, the popularity of the genre has dwindled after tragic events caused the community to reel itself back and stifle creation. 

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An interview with the Jewish president of the hospital that treated the gunman who opened fire at a synagogue in Pittsburgh has gone viral.  

Dr Jeff Cohen, was interviewed by Channel 4 News about his experience of meeting the man who killed 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, where he himself is a parishioner. 

He`s been praised for showing compassion in the face of extreme adversity. 

"Quite honestly, he`s just a guy," Dr Cohen told Channel 4. "He`s some mother`s son. And how did he get from that to where he is today. That`s going to be a large debate that we have to wrestle with as a society." Read more...

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After a nearly 20-mile rift formed across Antarctica`s retreating Pine Island glacier in early September, about 115 square miles of ice — an area more than five times the size of Manhattan — has now broken off into the sea.

The single largest chunk of ice is four times the size of Manhattan.

This iceberg calving event reinforces a continuing story of the melting and retreat of Antarctic glaciers, particularly due to relatively warm oceans eating away at the ice from below.

#sentinel1 shows the rapid evolution from a rift across Pine Island Glacier in September to the calving of ~300km² of icebergs end of October, where the largest iceberg (226km²) will be named B-46 by NIC @CopernicusEU 1/2 pic.twitter.com/kQ7QyE6I7h

— Stef Lhermitte (@StefLhermitte) October 30, 2018

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Deadly storms across Italy have brought Venice face-to-face with one of the city`s worst floods in at least a decade — leaving residents, store owners, and tourists alike fending off knee-high flood water. 

New photos of the flooding show tourists and residents in boots trudging through the ancient city.

But flooding in Venice is nothing new. 

A few times during winter, strong winds push water from the Adriatic Sea into the Venetian Lagoon, causing high tides and minor but widespread flooding across the ancient island.

Tourists gather to take pictures in knee-high water in the Piazza San Marco.

Tourists gather to take pictures in knee-high water in the Piazza San Marco.

Image: Getty Images

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Diablo 3 is one of the most enrapturing games of all time.

With the third installment of its gothic dungeon crawling series, Blizzard Entertainment created a masterpiece that continues to completely engross the brain six years into its life. The release of Diablo 3 and its expansions on Nintendo Switch is the perfect excuse to revisit one of the greatest games of all time.

I jumped into the Nintendo Switch version of Diablo 3 and sunk more than a dozen hours into the game within just a couple of days. Despite having played through the story and beyond a handful of times since its PC release in 2012, Diablo 3 pulled me in again, except this time I could play it anywhere I wanted. Read more...

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Apple`s new iPad Pro tablets are here.  Apple today unveiled two new iPad Pros during a press event in Brooklyn, New York.

It`s the first time Apple has updated the iPad Pro lineup since June 2017, and the new tablets are much more than a simple refresh — it`s a total redesign.

The new iPad Pro comes in both an 11-inch model and 12.9-inch variations. But, thanks to barely-there bezels, both tablets are much smaller than their predecessors. The tablets are also significantly thinner and have rounded cameras.

The new set of iPad Pros are Apple`s first tablets to ditch the home button in favor of FaceID, much like the iPhone X line. This means the tablets have a similar edge-to-edge display as the recent iPhones though, notably, there isn`t a display notch. Read more...

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On the hunt for a new Apple device? Today is the day. But if you`re looking to snag something on sale — well, today`s also the day. 

We`ve rounded up the best deals on iPads, plus travel gear, stuff for the kitchen, and Amazon devices, while we also have amazing deals on adult learning courses from Udemy. If you ever wanted to master the web, now is your chance.

Here are the best deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Udemy for Tuesday, Oct. 30:

iPads on sale: All with free shipping

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Onlookers were caught by surprise on Saturday when hundreds of "witches" breezed past them on brooms paddleboards, according to Oregon Live.

The floating coven turned heads as men and women dressed up in full witch and warlock attire paddled along the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon for the Stand Up Paddleboard Witch Paddle, an annual event in the area.

Ginny Kauffman started the event two years ago after seeing a similar event take place in California, according to Oregon Live. Now they have hundreds of participants. Read more...

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The Apple Pencil just got a significant upgrade. And yes, it pairs quite nicely with the new 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

For starters, the Apple Pencil now has a fully enclosed design. Unlike the first generation accessory, there is no top cap that, when removed, reveals a Lighting connector. It will attach magnetically to the iPad Pro, where it will charge wirelessly. 

It also makes sense to remove the Lightning connector since the new iPads use USB-C.

Apple has built touch sensors into the sides of the Apple Pencil, which allows for new UX controls. For instance, double tapping near the tip can trigger an event in an app or open your preferred note-taking app. Read more...

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Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon clearly have something of a love/hate relationship. Despite being friends, the two regularly enjoy trolling each other at public events.

The World Series, which they attended together wearing matching "I`m with stupid" shirts, was no exception.

"There`s nothing worse than paying a lot of money for tickets and having to sit next to an obnoxious jerk the whole game," Kimmel says in the monologue above. "And that is that last time I ever use Groupon again.

"You know he eats other people`s unfinished food off the floor, like a rodent?"

This really is the feud that keeps on giving. Read more...

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So you`ve been asking where can you find a deals round up that covers all the bases for a while now.

You`ve been pining for a list that includes gaming bundles, technology for the home, television sets, and toasters. Well look no further because we are right here, with absolutely everything you`ve been searching for. What a happy coincidence!

We have scoured the internet for the very best deals on a host of goodies, including offers on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S, and Playstation VR bundles. You can pick up an Xbox One S with Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fallout 76, all for £249.99. That represents a bundle saving of almost £80. Read more...

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Muse 2
The Good
Lightweight • Now tracks breathing • stillness and heartbeat • Great battery life
The Bad
Expensive • `New Age` soundscapes
The Bottom Line
Forget regular meditation apps. This upgraded brain-sensing headband is the best way to kickstart your mindfulness practice.
Mashable Score4.75
Cool Factor5.0
Learning Curve5.0
Bang for the Buck4.0

The list of indispensable gadgets that come with me every day, no matter where I am in the world, is a pretty short one. Most items on it are made by Apple: iPhone, iPad, MacBook. One is made by Fitbit: the Charge 2. One is made by Bose: wireless noise-cancelling QC30 headphones. Read more...

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What better way to mark the end of Cyber Security Month than by heeding its message and getting protected?

There are plenty of different VPNs on the market that each handle your security in different ways, but NordVPN is one of the strongest contenders when it comes to keeping you safe online, with a selection of offerings that boost protection and give you peace of mind:

  • Access 4,952 servers worldwide

  • No logs policy

  • Connect six devices at the same time

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Not only does NordVPN keep your online activities secure, but they look out for you with deals that protect your bank account too. You can now buy a three-year NordVPN plan for just £2.35 a month. That works out at a total cost of £84.42 over the three years, a saving of £253.26 on list price. Read more...

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King Robert the Bruce.

A controversial new history book called Traitor, Outlaw, King, written by eminent medieval historian Dr Fiona Watson, a former lecturer of history at Stirling University with a PhD from the University of Glasgow


As Americans face the reality that the Supreme Court could now overturn the federally-protected right to abortion, advocates have launched a website and helpline to offer legal information and attorney referrals to people who induce their own abortion.  

The SIA Legal Team Helpline debuted Tuesday and offers three confidential ways to contact its experts: phone, the messaging app Signal, and the form service Formstack. Communication via Signal and Formstack is encrypted. 

"People who self-manage their abortions, and those who assist them, can risk unjust arrest, prosecution, and jail time," said Jill E. Adams, founder and strategy director of the SIA Legal Team, an organization that works to change laws, argue cases, and provide legal information and referrals in support of people who`ve independently ended their pregnancies. "The idea is if people know their legal rights, they can understand factors that have led to arrests and prosecution, and keep themselves safe."  Read more...

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After giving us a glimpse at the house of the future with home robot Vector, Anki is refocusing on Cozmo, its adorable robot companion. 

Nearing 2 years old and still going strong, this toy robot still has quite the magnetic personality and ecosystem to support it. Now, its companion app is getting a facelift that focuses on letting you do what you want, when you want, with Cozmo.

It`s a relatively small update, but should improve the experience in major ways. Anki is now emphasizing what you can actually do with Cozmo over just taking care of him. Previously, there was a chance you might have to feed him or give him a tune-up before you could take control, or more importantly, gain access to Explorer Mode and games. Read more...

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If you`ve been following Apple news lately, you know that today, Oct 30, is the day when Apple is set to reveal (likely) new iPads, (probably) new MacBooks and (possibly) new iMacs and Mac mini.  

And, as it typically does, the Apple Store has gone down ahead of the event. Prepare your wallets, Apple fans.  

The event, held (surprisingly) at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City at 10 a.m. ET, is likely to have an education theme. And Apple sort of owes us AirPower, which we haven`t heard much about since its unveiling in Sept. 2017, as well as a new version of AirPods, with a wireless charging case that plays nice with AirPower.  Read more...

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If you`re not from New Zealand, chances are you`ve no idea what "welly-wanging" is. 

It is, in fact, a simple game of who-can-throw-a-rubber-Wellington-boot-the-furthest. And apparently, Meghan Markle is really good at it. 

The Duchess of Sussex challenged her husband to a game of welly-wanging during their visit to New Zealand. And she won. The couple were given tips on how to throw by a group of local kids.

Just look at that glorious boot throwing technique. 

AUCKLAND, AUCKLAND - OCTOBER 30:  (NO UK SALES FOR 28 DAYS) Meghan, Duchess of Sussex participates in wellie wanging with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex as they visit the North Shore to dedicate a 20-hectare area of native bush to The Queen`s Commonwealth Canopy on October 30, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on their official 16-day Autumn tour visiting cities in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.  (Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Image: WireImage

AUCKLAND, AUCKLAND - OCTOBER 30:  (NO UK SALES FOR 28 DAYS) Meghan, Duchess of Sussex participates in wellie wanging with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex as they visit the North Shore to dedicate a 20-hectare area of native bush to The Queen`s Commonwealth Canopy on October 30, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on their official 16-day Autumn tour visiting cities in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.  (Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Image: WireImage

AUCKLAND, AUCKLAND - OCTOBER 30:  (NO UK SALES FOR 28 DAYS) Meghan, Duchess of Sussex participates in wellie wanging with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex as they visit the North Shore to dedicate a 20-hectare area of native bush to The Queen`s Commonwealth Canopy on October 30, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on their official 16-day Autumn tour visiting cities in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.  (Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Image: WireImage

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On September 12, 1970, the Soviet Union landed a robot on the moon. The probe, named Luna 16, drilled into the lunar ground for seven minutes and removed around 100 grams — just over one-fourth of a pound — of small moon rocks and fragments from a wide-volcanic plains named the Sea of Fertility. Then, it blasted off back to Earth.

Now, three tiny lunar fragments from the Luna 16 mission are being auctioned to the highest bidder through Sotheby`s. The current owner of the little bits of moon, however, remains anonymous.

It may seem odd that human-gathered lunar fragments fell into private hands — similar to perhaps a prized Picasso or a van Gogh. Indeed, most moon specimens are kept in closely-guarded environs, like most of NASA`s 842 pounds of treasured lunar material. Read more...

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Snapchat has just announced the launch of 26 premium video series for its UK audience which could rival the likes of Instagram`s IGTV and YouTube. 

Rami Saad, head of international content partnerships at Snap, told Mashable at an event on Tuesday that the company is expanding its Snapchat Shows product with local video-on-demand programming. 

Partnering with media organisations and influencer agencies, Snap unveiled a roster of new original series which can be viewed in its new "show profiles". The new feature, according to Saad, is an auto-play "destination" within the app that allows viewers to subscribe to series, "catch up where you left off" and to automatically advance to the next episode.  Read more...

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Rami Malek is very convincing as Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody.

He`s less convincing when he has to namedrop a new band name with each letter of the alphabet. In a game of A-to-Z with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Malek struggled more and more the further into the alphabet he forayed. 

When he got to the letter Y, Malek`s best shot was the famous band "You 2" (yes, the one with Bono). Read more...

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Google`s Doodles — near-daily re-imaginings of the company logo — have become so elaborate in recent years that it was only a matter of time until the company turned the Doodle into a full-fledged, multiplayer game. 

So, this Halloween, we`ve got the Great Ghoul Duel. The game is a simple but playable arcade in which you, a ghost, team up with other ghosts to collect "Spirit Flames."

To play, move around with arrow keys, collect little flame thingies, which add up behind you, creating a tail of sorts. Bring them to your base to collect bonuses such as a speed boost. Whichever team has the most of these when the game timer`s up, wins.  Read more...

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Halloween is both the most wonderful time of the year, and one of the most problematic.

Among the Instagram posts of clever puns, obscure movie references, and popular superheroes, you`re bound to scroll past a costume that makes you lose all faith in humanity. You`ve probably had this experience: You stop scrolling, zoom in, and maybe take a screenshot to ask the group chat, "Did nobody tell them this is awful?" 

Newsflash: You can dress up without being deeply offensive! Whether racist caricatures or making sexual assault puns, here are 10 costumes to avoid this Halloween.  Read more...

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Bumping into a celebrity in public can be a tricky road to navigate.

You want to say hello, but you don`t want to embarrass them. Maybe you want an autograph, or perhaps that much-coveted selfie as proof of the encounter, but you don`t want to risk them saying no.

Nobody is more familiar with the potential awkwardness of a celebrity encounter than Twitter user Xan.

On Monday night, she met the star of Bohemian Rhapsody.


— xan 🌾 (@enemyfiIm) October 30, 2018

Her attempt to film a video with him didn`t quite go as planned, though. Read more...

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Learning doesn`t have to end the second you receive your diploma and move your tassel from right to left. In fact, continuously feeding your brain with brand new information is the secret to facilitating personal development, career advancement, and maybe even a big, fat paycheck.

According to scientists — also known as people who never stop learning — an average person consumes a total of 34 gigabytes of information, or 100,000 words, every single day. And isn`t a massive chunk of that better reserved for taking a course that could change your entire career?

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Life can get super busy sometimes, but getting the family together for some fun is mandatory. If everyone is down to take a break from their computers, tablets, and smartphones, it might be a good idea to play a family board game.

And, we’re not only talking about the classics like Monopoly or Scrabble. Today, there are so many ways to get your game on, whether you want to build an empire or challenge yourself to make crazy words. To find a game that works for everyone in your squad, whether they’re adults, teens, or kids, consider a few things:

Skill level: Take note of family members’ skill levels. If they’re teens or adults, you can opt for a family board game that’s more complex, challenging, and has pop culture references. On the other hand, if you’re playing with children, choose a game that will delight them for hours and won’t be too hard to play.  Read more...

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Gaming isn’t an inactive hobby. While maneuvering a controller, keeping an eye out for enemies, and sitting for hours, your body is in fight-or-flight mode. While you’re catching up on Assassin`s Creed or streaming play-by-play footage, you might not be seated properly. Whether you play for leisure or stream full-time, a gaming chair can help you perform your best and stay comfortable.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to gaming chairs. There are ergonomic-style chairs and chairs with additional cozy fixings, such as foot rests. Regardless, it can be hard to find the right gaming chair for your digital entertainment needs. Before you drop major bucks on a gaming chair, there are a few things to consider. Read more...

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Deny it all you want, but you likely don`t floss your teeth as often as you should. It`s okay, you`re not alone.

A study by the American Dental Association found that 20% of its participants only floss their teeth when they have something stuck in `em, and 8% of participants admitted to never doing the deed. It`s kind of weird, right? We`ve been told time and time again to regularly brush and floss our teeth ever since we can remember. And while we have no problem brushing our pearly whites twice a day, we can`t bear to floss `em.

Of course, there are plenty of perks to flossing your teeth. Not only does it help combat gingivitis and gum disease, but it can also make you less tempted to snack after dinner.  Read more...

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A very sombre Stephen Colbert responded to Pittsburgh`s synagogue shooting on The Late Show Monday. 

After declaring that "hate is not what America stands for," and praising the Muslim group which raised more than 140,000 for the shooting`s victims, Colbert turned his attention to Trump`s indefensible response to the tragic event.

"Naturally, in times like these our nation looks to its president for comfort and guidance. That`s our first mistake," he said.

Of particular annoyance to the late show host was Trump continuing with a rally hours after the attack, where he claimed that he did so because the New York Stock Exchange opened the day after 9/11That claim was in fact, false. Read more...

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Although Queen built up to their legendary 1985 Live Aid performance at Wembley Stadium over years and years of success and turmoil, the Bohemian Rhapsody cast had to jump right on stage on day one.

Rami Malek, who plays legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in the film, told Jimmy Fallon on Monday night that it was the first point of call for the producers.

"You`re not going to believe this, but one of the greatest rock performances in history, it`s considered maybe the greatest, for some reason our producers thought it would be a good idea to start with that on day one," Malek told Fallon in an interview. Read more...

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