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This beautiful, hypnotic video of the sun is in the highest resolution ever taken

The resulting video looks almost like a honeycomb come alive. Read more...

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Enjoy sweet dreams: Budget Zinus mattresses on sale for less than 200

TL;DR: Buy a budget-friendly Slumber 1 by Zinus mattress for as little as 79 on sale at Walmart. You can get an extra firm 8-inch Zinus mattress in any size for less than 200, or you can buy a 12-inch firm king-size mattress for just 203.72. 

If you made a resolution to sleep better this year, an old mattress won`t do you any favors. The best first step to live healthier is better sleep, and a new mattress-in-a-box helps you in an flash without the hassle of driving to a mattress store. If you want the right mattress to help with back pain that doesn`t hurt your budget, this sale on Zinus mattresses from Walmart is a dream come true.  Read more...

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Video shows fast-paced Australian bushfire overrunning firefighters within seconds

The extreme ember attack lit numerous spot fires, quickly overrunning the crew and forcing some to evacuate less than a minute after the wind changed. Read more...

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Here`s what we know about Apple`s stack of new gadgets rumored to release in 2020

A new iPad with a triple rear camera and 3D support could arrive as early as March. Read more...

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`The Good Place` turned into a perfect show to binge

The Office is more popular than ever. Just ask writer/producer Mike Schur, who also appeared on the show numerous times as Dwight Schrute`s cousin Mose.

"I`m literally getting recognized for playing Mose on The Office more now than I was when I was playing Mose on The Office 15 years ago. It`s really wild," Schur said in a 2019 interview looking back over the past decade. 

"There`s an entirely new generation of people out there who are watching The Office," he continued. "Every 11-year-old kid I know is watching [it], including my own son, who just binged the entire nine seasons. And they don`t know that it predates their existence on Earth." Read more...

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Get 3 free months of Hulu and Pandora when you buy a Roku from Walmart

TL;DR: For a limited time, you can get three free months of Hulu (without ads) and Pandora Premium — a 65 total value — with the purchase and activation of select Roku players from Walmart.

Whether you plan on watching the big game, live-tweeting the commercials, or avoiding football altogether to catch up on the latest season of Shrill, chances are you`ll be spending some quality time with your TV this coming weekend.

If futzing with cable equipment or flipping between different streaming services *isn`t* on your agenda — fair! — you`re definitely going to want to pick up one of Roku`s media players. They effectively serve as a hub for all of your entertainment, making it easy to stream both free and paid content (including TV, live news, sports, shows, movies, and music). Hellooo, convenience.  Read more...

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This high tech heated clothing seriously has no chill

Groundhog Day is almost here...again. That means six more weeks of winter is inevitable. But that doesn`t mean you have to resign yourself to six more weeks of being cold.

Here are four good heated winter gear options on sale now at Amazon to help you beat Old Man Winter at his own game.

1. Ororo heated fleece jacket

Start with a stylishly practical outer layer that`ll keep you toasty from city street to mountain lodge. The ORORO men`s heated fleece jacket is 50 off the regular price of 189.99. It includes three carbon fiber heating elements that warm up in seconds for adjustable temperatures that`ll help you find that sweet spot. The rechargeable battery also provides up to 10 hours of heat and comes with a universal travel adapter so you can take it just about anywhere. Bonus: the heating elements are even machine washable.   Read more...

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Twitter knows it has an echo chamber problem. Topics could fix that.

Twitter`s plan to nudge users into interacting with accounts they don`t follow is starting to take shape.

Three months after introducing topics, which allows Twitter users to follow interests the same way they`d follow individual accounts, the feature is rapidly expanding. While initially limited to sports-related topics, there are now nearly 1,000 topics available to follow. 

Astrology Twitter. Knitting Twitter. Bird Watching Twitter. Bobsledding Twitter. Cat Twitter. With these topics, it`s easier than ever for Twitter users to browse new (and sometimes strange) corners of the platform they might not normally view.  Read more...

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Original position of the skeletal remains inside submerged cave of Muknal.    Source: Jerónimo Avilés /© 2020 Hubbe et al CC BY 4.0

Scientists are claiming current theories “over-simplify” how the Americas were populated. Most of us were taught that the Americas were void of humans until around 13,000 years ago and authors like Graham Hancock in his new book America Before: the Key to Earth`s Lost Civilization...

Zoo seeks donations of Calvin Klein Obsession for its big cats

If you didn`t know, now you know: Big cats can have little a perfume, as a treat.

Experts have known for years that tigers, leopards, lions, and their other large felines are fans of fragrances, particularly Calvin Klein`s Obsession for Men. Zoos all over the world incorporate scents into their animal enrichment programs, and big cats are known to roll around excitedly (presumably to replace the scent with their own) when the right smell hits.

There`s a scientific reason for this, as the New York Times reported in 2018: Cats love civetone, a pheremone secreted by a mammal called the civet. It`s also frequently manufactured synthetically for use in perfumes, which is how it made its way to zoo animals` adoring nostrils. Read more...

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Avast won`t sell data to Jumpshot anymore

Avast will stop selling user data to its subsidiary Jumpshot, the company announced Thursday. 

"As CEO of Avast, I feel personally responsible and I would like to apologize to all concerned," Ondrej Vlcek wrote in a blog post. "Protecting people is Avast’s top priority and must be embedded in everything we do in our business and in our products. Anything to the contrary is unacceptable."

He continues, "For these reasons, I – together with our board of directors – have decided to terminate the Jumpshot data collection and wind down Jumpshot’s operations, with immediate effect."

The decision follows a joint investigation from PCMag and VICE`s Motherboard into the way Avast`s free anti-virus software was harvesting user data and how that supposedly anonymized data could be linked back to specific users.  Read more...

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Hummer to officially return as electric SUV

Hummers are back with a jolt. 

General Motors` Hummer vehicle line ended in 2010, but this weekend it`ll return with an electric twist. 

The massive vehicle is now an all-electric SUV from GMC. During Sunday`s Super Bowl game an ad will reintroduce the world to the revamped vehicle.

The 30-second ad will play during the second quarter, so don`t mute the commercial breaks.

The car itself will be unveiled on May 20. Production will be at GM`s Detroit Hamtramck assembly plant, where GM is creating an EV-only factory. A possible 2022 arrival was rumored in a Wall Street Journal report. That timing matches almost too well with Tesla`s first electric pickup, the CybertruckRead more...

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Watch Mike Bloomberg`s very expensive Super Bowl ad about gun control

Mike Bloomberg isn`t afraid to throw around cash. 

The low-polling presidential candidate dropped 11 million on a Super Bowl ad that that debuted on Thursday. The one-minute spot will run during the big game on Sunday and focuses on a key issue for the billionaire: gun control. 

The ad tells the story of Calandrian Kemp, a mother who lost her son George to gun violence. Kemp backs Bloomberg in the ad, saying she trusts the former NYC mayor to fight for gun control 

“I know Mike is not afraid of the gun lobby — they’re scared of him,” Kemp says in the ad. “And they should be.”

The former New York City mayor has long been an advocate for gun control. He founded Everytown for Gun Safety and his campaign released a sweeping gun-control plan in December.  Read more...

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Bring your TV`s audio back to life with a Bose soundbar

TL;DR: Upgrade your listening experience with Bose soundbars and bass modules for up to 100 off on Amazon.  

"Can you make it louder?" is something we`ve all definitely said at least once while watching TV. You can`t blame your flatscreen for not having the best audio system — I mean, where do you expect them to put it with the screens getting thinner and thinner by the year? What you can do is add a soundbar to your entertainment setup. 

Soundbars are meant to enhance your TV`s sound so you can hear everything from an explosion to a pin drop. These Bose soundbars (two of which are on sale for 699 and 499) get the job done while also blending seamlessly into your decor with their tempered-glass top and sleek wraparound metal grill.  Read more...

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This is the best way to stay cozy and warm this winter

We`re in the thick of winter where all the fun holidays are over and now it`s just cold. It`s making us want to just stay snuggled in our beds all day.

While we don`t all have the luxury of doing that, we can make the time spent in our beds as cozy as possible. Heated and weighted blankets are winter essentials and we found a few on sale.

YnM weighted blanket

This is one of Amazon`s top choices for weighted blankets and has a 4.6-star rating with more than 9,000 reviews. The blanket has seven layers and small compartments for even weight distribution. It comes in multiple sizes, weights, and colors, which means there`s an option for almost everyone. The YnM blanket retails for 79.90, but you can save 32 by clipping the coupon on the listing. Read more...

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Yes, you should be cleaning your jade roller. Here`s how to do it.

If you aren`t already using a jade roller as part of your skincare routine, you`ve probably heard their siren call on Instagram. If you`re thinking about joining the facial roller community, though, there are a few things you`ll should know — including, yes, that you should be cleaning your roller regularly.

First, there`s a bit of misinformation out there about the jade roller`s benefits. For instance, it won`t help your skincare products penetrate your skin or cure your acne and dullness, but it will provide a pretty good facial massage that`s likely to improve facial circulation.

It doesn`t necessarily matter whether your roller is made of jade, either. Any roller is technically able to give you a facial massage. However, a real jade roller is likely to last longer — and since jade is a stone that`s naturally cool to the touch, it`ll feel cool and pleasant on your face even if you don`t store it in the fridge. (You should, for the record.) There are also literally hundreds of years of precedent for using jade: The tool dates back to at least the seventh century. Read more...

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Save big on MacBooks during this Best Buy sale

If you`re a Mashable Deals regular, you already know how much we love a good tech discount. Hell, we obsessively collect all the best ones two times a week as it is.

But we simply couldn`t wait until tomorrow to tell you about this MacBook sale that`s currently going on at Best Buy. If you were planning on getting a MacBook, now is your chance to save over 1,000 on one.

Here`s everything you can get (and hurry, some of them are selling pretty fast):

MacBook Air — save up to 200

The thinnest and lightest of Apple`s MacBook offerings, the MacBook Air is a great option for traveling professionals or anyone who`s averted to bulky tech. You won`t get the coveted touch bar that`s included in the Pro models, but you will be able to use the ever-popular Touch ID feature.  During Best Buy`s sale, you can save 150 on the 128GB version, and 200 on the 256GB version. Read more...

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These brothers recreated `Toy Story 3` shot-for-shot and the final result is delightful

If you`ve been going through Toy Story withdrawal since Toy Story 4 aired in 2019, fear not. A new take on one of the franchise favorites is here, and it`s absolutely delightful.

Eight years ago, brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew set out to celebrate their favorite movie, Toy Story 3, by creating a shot-for-shot remake of the 2010 film. Their hard work and dedication to detail resulted the an hour and 40-minute-long cinematic masterpiece above.

The film shows the brothers` unique depiction of everything from the opening Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios screens, to the touching final scene and entertaining end credits. Read more...

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Get a free heart-shaped pan when you shop Le Creuset`s winter sale

TL;DR: Le Creuset`s Winter Savings Event takes up to 200 off signature cast iron dutch ovens and skillets. Spend over 200 and get a free heart-shaped cakelet pan in time for Valentine`s Day.

There`s an unspoken rule that Valentine`s Day gifts have to have a wow factor. The occasional gift guide will try to steer you in the direction of avoiding clichés and grabbing something cheap, and those ideas can be romantic when done right.

But when it`s a big anniversary or you need to make up for a bombed holiday gift, Valentine`s Day is the time to make a big move. 

A dish from Le Creuset is essentially a status symbol for foodies and makes a way better gift than expensive jewelry. Le Creuset is conveniently in the midst of its Winter Savings Event, saving you up to 250 on its iconic cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, and more. If you spend 200 (you probably will), a free heart-shaped cakelet pan will be thrown in with your purchase. Read more...

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Samsung`s crazy light Galaxy S book is finally available for pre-order

An ultra-thin laptop with almost an entire day`s worth of battery life sounds like a dream, but Samsung will let you pre-order such a thing right this instant.

Several months after its announcement, Samsung has opened up pre-orders for the Galaxy Book S. The 999 laptop will start shipping on Feb. 13. It sports a 13-inch display, runs Windows, and has a generally pretty impressive list of specs that could give something like the Macbook Air a run for its money.

Samsung`s Galaxy Book S, first and foremost, is supposed to be super lightweight at just 0.96 kilograms, or roughly 2.11 pounds. The Macbook Air, which is famous for being light, is actually a decent bit heavier at 2.75 pounds. Read more...

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Google Earth on mobile just got cosmically cooler

You`re going to want to waste a few minutes hours playing with the new Google Earth mobile app. 

The most recent version of the app shows stars in the background when you zoom out. And since you can view from 30,000 miles above the planet, and then rotate Earth to see the stars and the galaxies in the background, it`s pretty friggin` cool. 

For some reason, Google`s official post announcing the feature is gone, but the functionality is there. Check out an image taken on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and the latest version of Google Earth for iOS, below. 



Image: Stan Schroeder/Google Earth/Mashable

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Everyone eats for free at Disneyland Paris

TL;DR: Enjoy free dining for your whole party if you stay at a Disney Hotel or Disney Nature Resort from July 3 to Nov. 1.

Holidays are expensive, especially when you consider the cost of keeping everyone in your group happy for the duration of your stay. Sure, flights and hotels are pricey, but the food and entertainment bill can be frightening.

Disneyland Paris has dropped an offer that aims to reduce this eye-watering figure, by letting everyone in your party eat for free. Depending on what hotel you choose, you can enjoy free breakfast, a free half-board meal plan, or a free full-board meal plan throughout your stay. Read more...

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Two Sundance docs sound the alarm on the dangers of modern AI

Cautionary tales about AI were all over Sundance screens this year, and not as sci-fi flights of fancy.

Two new documentaries, The Social Dilemma and Coded Bias, dig into the pitfalls of artificial intelligence as it currently exists — manipulating our social-media feeds, determining our financial or professional futures, surveilling us on the streets — and what they find isn`t pretty.

Of the two, The Social Dilemma feels broader in scope. Over 93 minutes, it touches upon surveillance, capitalism, addiction, and polarization; looks into social media`s detrimental effects on everything from self-esteem to democracy; serves up personal anecdotes and emphatic pleas and detailed data analyses. Any one of these topics could have made for a compelling documentary in its own right. Collect them all in one place, and The Social Dilemma can get to feel a bit unwieldy. Read more...

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History through a lens – the importance of questioning history.

According to George Orwell, Sir Walter Raleigh stopped writing his History of the World after he was unable to identify the cause of the scuffle and murder that took place outside his cell in the Tower of London. 

6 of the best fitness trackers in the UK

Whether you`re reading this because you genuinely love working out or because your air fryer isn`t making you feel as healthy as you predicted it would, one thing`s for sure: A fitness tracker is a necessity for anyone hoping to get fit this year.

The rhetoric around fitness has changed quite a bit recently, and the self-care revolution can be thanked for it. Actively monitoring your fitness progression isn`t just for athletes or people training for their local park run. It`s a factor of wellness that people are building into their daily groove, just like getting regular massages or keeping up with a skincare routine.  Read more...

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IMAGE: Amazon


Apple Watch Series 5

Apple`s cutting-edge tech blazes past competitors with ECG capabilities and emergency calls from anywhere.

  • Battery life: 18 hours
  • Built-in GPS/cellular: Both
  • Water resistant: Yes
£499 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Fitbit Charge 3

There`s no local GPS or music, but you can`t argue with a week-long battery life and personalised cardio scores.

  • Battery life: 7 days
  • Built-in GPS/cellular: Neither
  • Water resistant: Yes
£129.99 from Amazon
D687124f 7e2c 4a15 a9df 85a388fa5aeb
IMAGE: Amazon


Garmin Forerunner 235

From treadmills to off-trail distance training, Garmin`s running modes and meticulous GPS can keep up.

  • Battery life: 11 hours
  • Built-in GPS/cellular: Just GPS
  • Water resistant: Yes
£199.99 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Samsung`s newest wearable is its first real Apple Watch competitor, featuring a digital rotating bezel and better sleep tracking.

  • Battery life: 24-36 hours
  • Built-in GPS/cellular: Both
  • Water resistant: Yes
£289 from Amazon
22262171 a370 4ecf b756 6e0d7928cfa6
IMAGE: Amazon


Fitbit Inspire

A cheap option with must-have health features like sleep stage detection and workout recording.

  • Battery life: 5 days
  • Built-in GPS/cellular: Neither
  • Water resistant: Yes
£89.99 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Garmin Vivosmart 4

Surprisingly seasoned health features like energy and stress tracking come in this budget band, but the distance tracking sucks.

  • Battery life: 4-7 days
  • Built-in GPS/cellular: Neither
  • Water resistant: No
£77.99 from Amazon
Pepe the Frog gets dissected in internet culture doc `Feels Good Man`

Pepe the Frog may not be able to explain everything about these trying times. But Feels Good Man finds the little cartoon amphibian at the crossroads of a whole lot of it. 

Directed by Arthur Jones, the documentary opens on an idyllic scene of Pepe creator Matt Furie carefully cupping a tiny frog in his hands, speaking softly about his lifelong affection for the creatures.

But if you`ve been anywhere near the internet in the past five years, you know the peace won`t last. From there, Feels Good Man traces Pepe`s transformation from indie comic strip character to hate symbol to protest mascot. It follows Furie`s growing dismay at seeing his own creation take on an ugly new meaning, and 4chan`s ride from band of outsiders to mainstream political force, and in the process breaks down the mysterious and unpredictable power of memes. Read more...

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6 of the best robot vacuums for tackling pet hair in the UK

Pets are mediocre roommates. Sure, they’re adorable and they have a preternatural ability to cuddle, but pets are also messy. They pay no mind as to where they shed or track dirt. You’re forced to constantly clean up after them which, frankly, we find pretty rude. 

Fortunately, robot vacuums are here to save the day. Or, at the very least, help cut down on your housework. These devices live for picking up stray bits of food, litter, and hair, ensuring your home doesn’t turn into a den of debris. Of course, before you rush over to Amazon or (gasp!) an actual shop, you’ll want to find out which vacuum might be best for you.   Read more...

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IMAGE: Amazon


iRobot Roomba 980

No matter what type of floors you have in your house, the 980 will quickly adjust.

  • Cleaning Time: 120 minutes
  • WiFi Enabled: Yes
£746 from Amazon
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Eufy Robovac 11S

This robotic vacuum is the perfect solution for pet owners looking for daily pet hair maintenance with zero effort.

  • Cleaning Time: 100 minutes
  • WiFi Enabled: No
£189.99 from Eufy
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IMAGE: Amazon



Offers a lot of the bells and whistles found in more expensive models.

  • Cleaning Time: 110 minutes
  • WiFi Enabled: Yes
£549 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Neato Botvac D7

Armed with a number of exciting features, this is a powerful vacuum that delivers.

  • Cleaning Time: 120 minutes
  • WiFi Enabled: Yes
£556 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


iRobot Roomba 695

Removes dirt and dust from hardwood floors and carpets alike.

  • Cleaning Time: 60 minutes
  • WiFi Enabled: Yes
£499 from Amazon
Ce6be8d8 4c32 4429 aebe cf90912a0378
IMAGE: Amazon


iLife V3

A lightweight and affordable option that won`t let you down.

  • Cleaning Time: 120 minutes
  • WiFi Enabled: No
£255 from Amazon
10 of the best smart scales in the UK for 2020

Whether you’re at the start of a new fitness journey, resolving to get in shape before the end of the year, or just trying to watch your weight, it’s time to ditch your old analog scale and upgrade to a smart scale. 

Typical scales only measure your weight — which is fine if that’s all you need. Smart scales provide you with extra data that can help you tailor your weight-loss plan, with apps or online services to track various metrics and store the information for you. Most of the apps are compatible with other fitness apps such as Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit, so you can sync your data to provide a clearer picture of your progress. Read more...

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IMAGE: Amazon


Withings by Nokia Body+

A good option if you want to splurge a little for a brand you know you can trust.

  • What it measures: weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass
£90 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

An excellent starter scale for anyone new to these devices.

  • What it measures: weight, BMI, body fat, water percentage, skeletal muscle, fat-free body weight, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, basal metabolism, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and body age
£35.99 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale

A great smart scale for the whole family, it`s particularly well-suited to pregnant women.

  • What it measures: weight, BMI, body composition, body fat, muscle mass, water mass, and bone mass
£123.49 from Amazon
4c48d88e 5b8d 42bd 8b5f 170a76067a20
IMAGE: Amazon


Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale

Fitbit users will find this to be an easy addition to their fitness arsenal.

  • What it measures: weight, body fat, lean mass, and BMI
£119.95 from Amazon
A376136e b2d8 4752 96e9 bd44e64b6f9c
IMAGE: Amazon


Eufy Smart Scale

A straightforward scale with few extra features.

  • What it measures: weight, BMI, BMR, water weight, lean body mass, bone mass, muscle mass, visceral body fat
£39.99 from Amazon
C1fa554c 49b1 4f28 9148 b491ffb867af
IMAGE: Amazon


Garmin Index Smart Scale

A device that syncs well with Garmin products, but not others.

  • What it measures: weight, BMI, body fat, water percentage, skeletal muscle, and bone mass
£149.99 from Amazon
C10de77a 6a6e 4a9b 8a71 5ee423e1feb6
IMAGE: Amazon


Mpow Smart Scale

Automatic chart generation helps you to monitor your fitness trends at a glance.

  • What it measures: weight, BMI, body fat, water percentage, skeletal muscle rate, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMR, and metabolic age.
£29.99 from Amazon
370bf262 dffc 4486 8ca6 3c6656e7d472
IMAGE: Amazon


iTeknic Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Specially designed for weight management and long-term fitness improvement.

  • What it measures: weight, BMI, body fat, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMR, metabolic age
£29.59 from Amazon
D131beba acea 430e b8f8 ad9d29ac2e69
IMAGE: Amazon


Uten Body Fat Scale

Measures eight key metrics at a great price.

  • What it measures: weight, body fat, muscle mass, water percentage, bone mass, calories, basal metabolism, active metabolism, and BMI
£23.99 from Amazon
419bf9a7 b172 4bd3 ad78 1ce1a0e61dea
IMAGE: Amazon


YUNMAI Premium Smart Scale

Quick and easy to set up, and able to switch between multiple users.

  • What it measures: weight, fat, BMI, bone mass, water mass, protein, BMR, muscle mass, visceral fat, and body age
£69.95 from Amazon
Kumail Nanjiani and Dan Levy make James Corden settle a 10K bet before their interview

If you`re going to make a 10,000 bet with someone, you`d better be prepared to pay up promptly. Otherwise your entire late night show may end up getting derailed.

James Corden discovers this firsthand in the segment above, after his freshly-shaved keyboard player, Steve Scalfati, demands payment for the wager he and the Late Late Show host made a year ago (basically, if Scalfati went a year without shaving, Corden would owe him the money).

When Corden delays payment, though, the band refuses to play. And then his guests, Kumail Nanjiani and Schitt`s Creek`s Dan Levy, refuse to answer any questions. Read more...

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Get £50 cashback on the new Samsung Galaxy S20

TL;DR: Register for the Samsung Galaxy S20 on Mobiles.co.uk and get £50 cashback after you make your purchase.

There is another set of major mobile launches on the horizon, and this time it`s Samsung taking centre stage.

Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra in February. All of these devices are likely to sport Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED displays with WQHD+ resolution and up to a 120Hz refresh rate. It`s all still speculation at this point, but you can see why there is real excitement surrounding the launch.

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James Corden addresses that viral footage of him not driving during `Carpool Karaoke`

Remember that viral Twitter video of James Corden and Justin Bieber filming Carpool Karaoke? The one that showed them being towed, and led to widespread shock that The Late Late Show host wasn`t actually driving?

Well, Corden has a few things to say about it.

"I know this looks bad," jokes Corden in the clip above, after showing the video. "But I just want to say right now that I always drive the car, unless we`re doing something where we think it might not be safe. You know, like a dance routine or a costume change or if I`m drunk, right?

"But in the case of Justin Bieber it was a safety issue where we thought it was best to tow the car. Frankly, I just kept getting lost in his eyes." Read more...

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Apple rumored to release a stack of new gadgets in 2020. Here`s what we know.

We know from multiple reports that Apple is planning to launch an affordable, 4.7-inch smartphone, likely dubbed the iPhone SE 2, this March. 

But what about all the other gadgets the company is working on for the near future? Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a list (via MacRumors), and it`s an interesting one. 

First, the usual suspects. 

  • Apple reportedly plans to launch new iPads with a triple rear camera and 3D sensing support, paving the way for better augmented reality (AR) applications. The iPads should arrive as early as March.  

  • The company will also launch new MacBooks, although it`s unclear whether there will be a new MacBook Pro or a new MacBook Air. A new 13-inch MacBook Pro with a scissor-switch keyboard mechanism (like the one seen in Apple`s recently released, 16-inch MacBook Pro) appears more likely, but we may also see both Read more...

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Nothing beats a beautiful bouquet of flowers if you`re out of gift ideas

TL;DR: The Changing Seasons bouquet is on sale for £23.99 at Serenata Flowers, saving you 40% on list price.

We know we bang on about how chocolates, jewellery, and flowers can be a little cliché, but these gifts are popular, and that`s a fact.

Maybe this sort of gift can seem cliché because it works. We`re all for going with something different, but if you`re out of original ideas, nothing beats a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It`s an easy option that shows you care.

Serenata Flowers should be something to consider if you`re going to go with flowers this year. It has a wide range of impressive bouquets at great prices. You can also save 40% on the list price of the popular Changing Seasons bouquet with the code SMILE. Read more...

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Stormzy gives life advice to little girl who dips McDonald`s fries in her milkshake

If you want to watch something truly adorable today, watch this clip of Stormzy talking to a little girl who loves to dip her McDonald`s french fries in chocolate milkshake. 

Now, that`s an, umm, delicacy that might not be to everyone`s liking. Stormzy isn`t personally a fan of chip-dipping, but he didn`t want to crush the dreams of Fearn, the little girl who rang up BBC Radio 1`s "Unpopular Opinion" segment.

"I like dipping my chips in chocolate milkshake," said Fearn. 

"I don`t wanna crush Fearn`s dreams," Stormzy replied, before whispering: "I don`t really like it."

"Fearn, you do whatever you like, my love," Stormzy added. "If you want to dip those chips in your shake, you shake those chips."  Read more...

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Trevor Noah slams Trump`s lawyer`s bizarre impeachment argument

You can practically feel Trevor Noah`s exasperation growing by the day.

Last week he slammed the bored senators at Donald Trump`s impeachment trial for not doing their jobs properly, and on Wednesday night he turned his attention to the president`s legal team. Specifically attorney Alan Dershowitz, who appeared to be arguing that Trump couldn`t be impeached for trying to get himself re-elected, if he believed it was in the public interest.

"Ladies and gentleman, we have finally arrived," says Noah in the clip above. "First it was, `There was no quid pro quo.` Then it was, `Maybe there was a quid pro quo, but it was to help the country, not Donald Trump.  Read more...

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Indulge your wild side this Valentine`s Day with these spicy gifts

TL;DR: Anne Summers lingerie and toys are on sale for Valentine`s Day, saving you 30% on list price.

We know you`re probably prepared for Valentine`s Day and you`ve already got loads of perfect gifts lined up, but just in case you need any help, Anne Summers is running a sale on lingerie and toys.

Flowers and chocolates are tried and tested Valentine`s Day options, but something from Anne Summers is a lot more fun. We`re not saying you should immediately throw away all those cute gifts you`ve already bought. We`re just suggesting that you add a little something extra.

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Snapchat`s Bitmoji TV cartoon show is here and it`s really, really weird

Snapchat`s new "Bitmoji TV" series is ready for its debut and, yes, it`s about as odd as you`d expect. 

After weeks of dropping bizarre trailers, the company is launching Bitmoji TV, a new cartoon series located in the app`s Discover section which stars each user`s personal Bitmoji.

I`ve now had a chance to watch the first few episodes of Bitmoji TV and I still don`t know quite how to describe it. If there`s an alternate universe where your Bitmoji "lives" in your Snap Map, then Bitmoji TV is like its Saturday-morning-cartoon-themed playground.

While it`s a "show" in the sense that there will be a full season of weekly episodes — 10 in total — there`s no actual overarching plot. And the only recurring characters are you and your friends` Bitmoji which appear throughout each "episode." (The company has also tapped a few celebs, like Randy Jackson and Andy Richter, whose Bitmoji personas will make guest appearances.) Read more...

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Kelly Clarkson joins `Schitt`s Creek` actor Annie Murphy to sing `A Little Bit Alexis`

Anyone who`s ever watched Schitt`s Creek will know that Alexis Rose is probably the worst singer known to humankind. 

So much so that even the Jazzagals probably wouldn`t accept her. 

Turns out, even when a good singer attempts "A Little Bit Alexis" it still sounds, well, pretty damn awful. Kelly Clarkson added her very good vocals to the song and I`m very sorry to report that this song is still a scourge on the ears. It`s no "Since U Been Gone," that`s for sure. 

If you have no idea what "A Little Bit Alexis" is, you probably need to go home right now and binge-watch Schitt`s Creek in its entirety. Basically, one of Alexis` many life experiences was a brief stint as a singer. In one episode, Alexis performed the aforementioned song in an audition in front of her mum Moira Rose and Jocelyn Schitt.  Read more...

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Pagico is the 25 app that will make your digital life less of a hot mess

TL;DR: Organize all your files and projects with Pagico 9 for just 25, a 50% savings. 

Raise your hand if your work computer is a hot mess. Join the club. Between files, emails, tasks, client contact information, and presentations, it can be even harder to stay organized today than when we relied on old school paper files and rolodexes. 

Sure, there are apps that can help organize your inbox and apps that can streamline your contacts and communications, but then you`re stuck with more apps, more chaos, and multiple monthly subscription fees. 

Alternatively, you can use Pagico 9, which does the work of multiple apps to manage all your tasks, files, projects, and clients in one package (that`s also easy on the eyes). Unlike other apps, Pagico works double duty as both a data manager and task manager so you can oversee every aspect of a project from start to finish in one place. That means you can create a task, and then store all files and documents that might go along with it. Read more...

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Get a (super) early start on your summer plans with this LG wireless speaker — now 50 off

TL;DR: Start prepping for summer early this year, starting with a stellar playlist. Play it on this LG speaker while you`re at it — it`s 50 off in the PCMag Shop for a limited time. 

We know it`s only January, but it`s never too early to start planning your summer music playlists for the forthcoming beach trips, poolside hangs, and backyard BBQs. The days of the boombox are over (unless you`re super into retro tech, which is cool, too). If you truly want a summer full of tunes, you should pick up a wireless Bluetooth speaker

Making it a waterproof speaker helps, too — like this one from LG. It`s on sale in the PCMag Shop for 50 off, so get a move on. [Editor`s note: PCMag and Mashable are both part of Ziff Media Group.] Read more...

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Everything you thought you knew about hair straighteners is wrong

It`s time to part with your old hair straightener.

A wet-to-dry straightener (gulp) may have worked as your middle school flat iron. And your college flat iron may have gotten the job done for the past decade because it technically still works. But just like we learn that no, moisturizing once a week won`t prevent wrinkles (unless you`re Elizabeth Warren), blasting your locks with 400 degrees on the daily will come back to haunt you.

Bringing self-care to your hair routine means investing in a reliable straightener. Not only are hair tools a true "you get what you pay for" purchase, but they actually have an expiration date: After four years, the plates start to crack, lift, and heat unevenly, causing hot spots that can scorch one end of hair and leave the other wavy. If you`ve noticed your hair getting stuck in the wand, that it`s extra dry and scraggly, or that it`s taking longer than usual to finish a section, your outdated flat iron may be the culprit.  Read more...

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IMAGE: Amazon


GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler

The future of hair straightening is GHD`s Platinum+, which adapts by the second to stay heat safe and consistent.

  • Plate type: Ceramic
  • Plate size: 1 inch
  • Temperature range: Fixed at 365 degrees Fahrenheit
249 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Sephora


Bio Ionic 10X

The vibrating plates of the Bio Ionic 10X prove that speedy straightening doesn`t have to involve high heat.

  • Plate type: Ceramic
  • Plate width: 1 inch
  • Temperature range: 280 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
230 from Sephora
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IMAGE: Amazon


BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium-Plated Straightener

Unruly hair is no match for these smoothing, A1 heat-conducting titanium plates.

  • Plate type: Titanium-coated ceramic
  • Plate size: 1, 1.5, or 2 inches
  • Temperature range: 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
139.95 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Bedhead Pixie On Point Straightener

Short hair styling is a breeze with Bedhead`s Pixie straightener, with tapered plates designed specifically for reaching the root.

  • Plate type: Tourmaline-ceramic
  • Plate size: 0.5 inch
  • Temperature range: 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
29.99 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Sephora


Drybar Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush

Add some life to straight hair with this heated paddle brush that offers a blowout *without* a Drybar appointment.

  • Bristle type: Ceramic
  • Brush width: 2 inches
  • Temperature range: 360 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
145 from Sephora
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IMAGE: Sephora


T3 SinglePass Compact Styler

Adorable, easy to pack, and super hot, this compact styler works quickly but will destroy damaged hair.

  • Plate type: Ceramic and tourmaline
  • Plate size: 0.8 inches
  • Temperature range: Fixed at 410 degrees Fahrenheit
74.99 from Sephora
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IMAGE: Sephora


Dyson AirWrap

Damaging plates who? Dyson`s latest innovation gives straightening some life with high speed, low heat air jets.

  • Bristle type: Ceramic
  • Barrel length: 1.2 or 1.6-inch
  • Temperature range: Fixed at 302 degrees Fahrenheit
549.99 from Sephora
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IMAGE: Amazon


Chi Original Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

Chi continues its reign as flat iron royalty with the original ceramic Chi, which will probably last you forever.

  • Plate type: Ceramic
  • Plate width: 1 inch
  • Temperature range: 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
79.99 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Remington S5500 1" Anti-Static Flat Iron

This Remington straightener won`t stand the test of time, but it`s great for a tween who needs a cheap starter flat iron.

  • Plate type: Ceramic
  • Plate width: 1 inch
  • Temperature range: 310 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit
17.84 from Amazon
How this everyday device can help reduce your carbon footprint

Need a new computer, but can`t afford to dish out 1,000 or more? We get it. You`re probably still paying off your holiday debt. Plus, you know, all your other bills.

Fortunately, you don`t need to spend a fortune to upgrade your setup. Refurbished computers are a budget-friendly way to get all the perks of a new device, minus the astronomical price tag. They`re certified to work as good as new and just happen to be pre-loved by someone else. Even better, buying refurbished is a respectable way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are some deals on pre-loved Chromebooks and laptops that`ll cover every budget. Read more...

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Give your aching muscles a break with a massage gun

TL;DR: The Miuco X3 massage gun is on sale for £129.99 on Amazon, saving you 57% on list price.

The only thing harder than exercise is recovery. Anyone can drag themselves to the gym from time to time, but the days of aching muscles and joint pain that comes afterwards is tough to get through.

Rest is not for the weak, and proper recovery is essential for muscular development and growth. There are loads of tried and tested techniques to help with this process, but nothing compares to a massage.

The thing is, massages don`t come cheap. We`re not all in a position to drop a lump of cash on a professional massage whenever we feel achy, and that`s why massage guns are so popular. These clever devices relaxe tense muscles, recover soft tissues, accelerate blood circulation, and reduce lactic acid build-up after exercise. They do this through deep and powerful vibration stimulation. Read more...

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Stephen Colbert unpacks one Trump lawyer`s latest argument. It`s absolutely bananas.

As Republicans freak out very slightly in the face of actually having to call some witnesses in Donald Trump`s post-impeachment Senate trial — such as John Bolton, former NSW advisor and author of the spiciest tell-all of the upcoming fall publishing season — their star lawyer Alan Dershowitz launched a wild new "legal" "defense". 

Basically: Presidents want to get elected because they think they will be the best president for the country, and therefore anything they do to get elected, no matter how shady it is, is totally kosher.

I`m barely paraphrasing.

An incredulous Stephen Colbert unpacked that argument line by line in Wednesday night`s Late Show monologue, and it`s worth watching just to make sure you`re hearing Dershowitz correctly. Read more...

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Twitter finally rolls out its election disinformation reporting tool to U.S. users

As the country gears up for a bruising presidential election year, Twitter has finally announced that users in the U.S. will be able to report misleading content about elections.

The reporting tool, which is currently used to alert the platform`s moderators of spam, harassment, or even self-harm, will be expanded to include the option to flag as misleading text, images, and videos in tweets about elections or voting.

The tool has been in use since last year in other regions, rolling out first for elections in India and the European Union in April 2019, and in use again for the U.K. general election in December.  Read more...

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Tesla finally figures out how to make electric cars on schedule

All eyes were on the Model Y after Tesla`s latest earnings call. The compact electric SUV based on the "budget-friendly" Model 3 sedan is apparently arriving sooner than expected.

During the Wednesday call, Tesla went over production plans for its newest vehicle and they were surprisingly ahead of schedule. No, we`re not talking about the Cybertruck, as that`s still a ways off before production, although Tesla CEO Elon Musk did rattle off some high praise for the sci-fi-inspired electric pickup. He was recently spotted in the Los Angeles area showing off the truck to former late night host Jay Leno. Read more...

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Facebook agrees to 550M slap on the wrist following facial recognition suit

Facebook`s privacy violations are adding up. 

The Mark Zuckerberg-helmed behemoth has agreed to a 550 million settlement following a class-action lawsuit alleging the company violated an Illinois privacy law. So reports the New York Times, which notes that Facebook copped to the settlement in today`s earnings call; a call that also happened to include the announcement of 21 billion in fourth quarter revenue.

In other words, the 550 settlement is chump change to the same company that successfully brushed a 5 billion FTC settlement off its shoulder. But that doesn`t mean today`s news of the settlement doesn`t matter. Far from it. Read more...

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Self-driving Waymo minivans will assist UPS with deliveries

It`s not just people who get to experience self-driving minivans in the Phoenix area. 

On Wednesday, Google spin-off company Waymo announced a partnership with UPS, the package delivery service. Soon, Waymo`s self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans will be moving packages around instead of humans. The autonomous driving company is more than a one-trick pony, expanding beyond its robo-taxi service in the Phoenix area called Waymo One.

It`s only in the Phoenix area to start, but Waymo vehicles will pick up items from UPS Store locations in Phoenix and bring them to a UPS facility in Tempe, just outside the city. Read more...

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Raging Australian bushfire overruns firefighters within seconds in terrifying video

A new video shows the unfathomable speed at which the Australian bushfires are spreading, completely overwhelming a firefighting crew in less than three minutes. It`s a stark example of why, for so many people, running from the flames is much easier said than done.

Filmed around 7 p.m. on Jan. 4, the clip shows the Dunmore Rural Fire Brigade set up to protect property in Tomerong, approximately 90 miles south of Sydney and home to over 1000 people. However, 62mph winds hit the area 10 minutes earlier than expected, blowing thousands of embers their way. 

The extreme ember attack lit numerous spot fires, quickly overrunning the crew and forcing some to evacuate less than a minute after the wind changed — and less than a minute before the fire took over the road completely. Read more...

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