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Reverence can be blinding, but Bluepoint Games` Shadow of the Colossus remake uses it as a guiding light instead.

The original 2005 release from Team Ico has achieved near-mythic status in video game fandom. It`s simple enough on the surface: A young boy sets out to destroy 16 towering Colossi in a cursed land, and in return, the life of his dearly departed love will be restored.

There isn`t an army of baddies separating you from each Colossus — just a vast open world dotted with 16 lumbering behemoths, each one a kinetic puzzle disguised as a boss fight. Read more...

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Given that President Trump isn`t such a straight shooter in the facts department, it might not surprise you to learn that he cheats at golf. 

That`s the claim leveled against the Commander in Chief by old friend, and LPGA star, Suzann Pettersen. Speaking to the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang over the weekend, Pettersen gave quite an interesting interview about Trump, his personality, and his desire to follow the rules of golf.

Pettersen has been friends with Trump for over 10 years, and described their friendship as, "a very personal contact." And, they`ve played enough rounds of golf for her to know the truth about the president. Read more...

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Once upon a better time, watching the State of the Union address each year was considered a civic duty. Now that Trump is president, it`s rightly considered a spectacular waste of time. 

Last year, Trump successfully read off a teleprompter for an hour straight and was deemed "presidential" by a bunch of CNN talking heads who somehow make more money than you. Few in the punditocracy cared about whether Trump would actually follow up on his promises. They were just thrilled to learn that our nation`s commander-in-chief was borderline literate.

Don`t make the same mistake these people did, or maybe you even did last year. Don`t watch the SOTU. Change the channel and learn something. Read more...

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If you didn`t believe dragons existed before, now you will.

Yesterday @whalesafaris pointed out on his local weather channel that Everett, Washington, was about to be eaten by a dragon. Maybe that sounded like a bit of hyperbole, but the radar photos suggest otherwise. 

@Q13FOX Weather - Everett, Wa is about to eaten by dragon pic.twitter.com/N7OBAwKH1T

— Aquatic Safaris (@whalesafaris) January 30, 2018

OK, so it`s a storm in the shape of a dragon, but it`s a very realistic dragon. Specifically Reptar from Rugrats, even though he`s a dinosaur. Or that green dragon from DragonTalesOr the green dragon from Game of Thrones. Really most dragons, one dinosaur. Read more...

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Rob Bliss wants you to pay 5 to use his priority access lane. 

If you drive past the FCC`s office building on 12th Street in Washington, D.C., you`ll either have to pay Bliss to use the "fast lane" or get behind his very slow bike. 

Bliss created the fast lane to protest the FCC`s recent repeal of net neutrality — right outside of the FCC headquarters. Quoting FCC chairman Ajit Pai himself, Bliss said "consumers can pick the plan that`s right for them."

When stopped by police officers, he insisted that paying for a priority package made perfect sense. 

"I`m trying to restore automotive freedom," Bliss told a cop who stopped him, "It`s a good deal." Read more...

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Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), signaled in testimony before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on Tuesday that he is open to revisiting a bedrock scientific analysis that paved the way for his agency to regulate planet-warming greenhouse gases. If he does so, it could take the EPA entirely out of the ballgame when it comes to limiting emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and other global warming pollutants. 

It would also set up an epic legal battle that could go on for years.

That Pruitt is willing to entertain the notion of revisiting what is known as an “endangerment finding” under the Clean Air Act tells you a lot about how Pruitt views his own agency. He has spent his first year as administrator as a kind of trojan administrator, bent on destroying the agency’s work from within. He has swiftly rolled back regulations on everything from pesticide use to methane emissions, all while downsizing the agency’s workforce to Reagan-era levels.  Read more...

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Hello, readers who are not men. Have you ever been minding your own business when a man suddenly starts telling you a bunch of things you did not request to hear? 

Interesting! Same with me. Anyway, here`s an image that neatly encapsulates that feeling, courtesy of Reddit.

Yes, the image is called "Siblings," and we are sure these siblings, at their cores, love each other very much. But the image also reminded user @NoMagRyan — and many others, judging by the likes and RTs — of Twitter. Huh!

It`s an outstanding comparison. Men yelling at you online does feel very similar to someone blowing a trumpet directly into your ear when you are just trying to get home, eat a peanut butter sandwich, and watch Riverdale. It comes on at 8, for god`s sake. Read more...

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Former NBA star, Shaquille O`Neil chatted with us at this year`s CES in Las Vegas about the upcoming sequel of `Shaq Fu`, the classic SNES fighting game, and what to expect for round two of `Shaq Fu`.  Read more...

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On Wednesday, people in the Western part of the United States will get the chance to see the moon in a special light. 

The lunar surface will be cast in a ghostly red pallor as the Earth`s dark shadow moves across it. 

This total lunar eclipse will occur as the moon reaches its closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit, making it a "super blood moon." But that`s not all.  

This is also the second full moon in the month of January, colloquially known as a blue moon.

People in the Western parts of North America will have a great chance to see this "super blue blood moon" live and in person, but you can still check out the special moon even if you aren`t lucky enough to live on the left coast.  Read more...

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Financial markets are a tricky beast. Depending on what you`re investing in, they can be extremely volatile and difficult to navigate for ordinary human people like us. The highs can be high, the lows can be low, and it can be tricky to know the ideal times to buy and sell. 

While there`s no such thing as a shortcut in life, there are certainly tools, techniques, and strategies to make stuff a lot easier — and financial trading is no exception.  Read more...

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A preliminary investigation into that terrifying ballistic missile false alarm that sent Hawaii into an end-of-the-world tizzy a few weeks ago has found the hysteria was caused by a worker who sent it really believed a missile was on its way. 

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that the FCC investigation found a comedy of errors led to the decidedly unfunny false alarm, including the poor interface which had previously been blamed for the errant message. But it wasn`t just pressing the wrong button alone that caused the mess.  Read more...

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The price of Bitcoin plummeted below 10,000 Tuesday morning as news broke that The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission had subpoenaed Tether and Bitfinex, a so-called stablecoin cryptocurrency and one of the world`s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, respectively. 

First reported by Bloomberg, news of last week`s subpoenas follows allegations from critics of Tether that the digital currency may not in fact be backed on a one-to-one basis with U.S. dollars as its founders claim. 

“We routinely receive legal process from law enforcement agents and regulators conducting investigations,” Bitfinex and Tether said in a statement published by Bloomberg. “It is our policy not to comment on any such requests.” Read more...

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The State of the Union is one thing, the state of porn in D.C. is quite another.

As Donald Trump prepares to give his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night, porn site xHamster reports there`s been quite a change in the way people are searching for porn in Washington since the President took office.

According to data released by the site (link NSFW, duh), searches for porn using the word "grope" are up by 334% during the Trump administration versus when Obama was in office. 

Image: xHamster

It`s an eye-opener, for sure (as is the sudden decrease in "leather" searches but that`s a story for another time). And there`s some basis in why that term has rocketed to the top of D.C.`s porn charts. Read more...

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Alexa, make health care better. 

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is finally publicly stepping into the healthcare industry. Amazon has teamed up with banking giant JPMorgan and holding company Berkshire Hathaway to start a healthcare business, the companies announced on Tuesday. 

Per typical tech company fashion, the initiative`s goal is to disrupt an old industry by providing technological solutions and, in turn, simplify and decrease the expenses of the process for consumers. The new initiative does not have a name or CEO yet, and is being headed by three executives from each participating company.  Read more...

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J.K. Rowling has always been very open when it comes to sharing writing advice on Twitter, and this special Tuesday is no exception.

Today, Rowling`s 14 million followers had the pleasure of learning how the famed Harry Potter author goes about planning her books.

It all started when Rowling answered a few questions about Lethal White, the upcoming fourth novel in her Cormoran Strike series.

The author then began an impromptu Q&A, sharing all sorts of personal efforts she puts into planning her novels.

For instance, she uses color-coding systems with blue ink for clues and red ink for red herrings or things that come across as misleading or distracting to readers. Read more...

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Life was so much simpler when you lived with your parents and they took care of everything, especially the gross stuff like taking out the garbage and cleaning the fridge. Once you move out, there are so many adult tasks that need to get done. 

One task you probably dread (if you`re human) is cleaning out the gunk in the kitchen sink (with the bathroom sink at a close second). Just look at what`s in there — all the dinner detritus and crusty dishes you`ve promised to clean later, only to leave it in there for weeks. It can clog your drain and make life a total nightmare — unless you have the right gadget. Save yourself from touching wet food permanently with the Original Tweak StrainerRead more...

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Soon after taking office on Feb. 17, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt set out to revamp his agency`s websites in order to take down longstanding information on climate science and policy. This included the agency`s authoritative resources on climate science findings and data, a climate change for kids page, and a website detailing the landmark Clean Power Plan. 

Documents released Monday by the Environmental Defense Fund show that Pruitt was involved in ordering and monitoring his staff`s progress in taking down these specific websites, and putting up interim redirect sites in their stead.  Read more...

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Charles in Charge star Nicole Eggert has her own #MeToo story to share about Scott Baio.

Eggert appeared on NBC`s Megyn Kelly Today Tuesday to detail Baio`s alleged "sexual touching and abuse" that started when Eggert was still just 14. The interview comes only a few days after Eggert suggested on Twitter that she`d been "molested" on set by her co-star.

Baio responded on Sunday with a Facebook Live video and subsequent text post in which he strenuously denied the allegations. 

In her interview with Kelly, Eggert claims that Baio "immediately took to me and befriended me and earned my trust" when the show started shooting in the fall of 1986. "Then he started expressing his love for me," she said, pausing to suppress tears, "and talking about marriage in the future." Read more...

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Mute may look like a Blade Runner spinoff, but it`s actually connected to another well-loved sci-fi flick. It`s director Duncan Jones` "spiritual sequel" to Moon, his acclaimed 2009 sci-fi film.

This one stars Alexander Skarsgård as a mute bartender with a dark past. When his girlfriend (Seyneb Saleh) goes missing, he heads into the dangerous underworld of 2052 Berlin. 

Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux also starMute hits Netflix February 23. Read more...

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Zapata Racing, the inventor of Flyboard, is testing a new hoverboard that looks like it`s going to be the Segway alternative for the skies. It`s not too long ago that the company tested their first flying device, Flyboard Air, but Zapata Racing has since released some new footage of a hoverboard called EZFLY. EZFLY comes with hand grips and seems easier to learn how to ride it. The product is not yet available for purchase. Read more...

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Calmingstone can help you normalize your heart rate and breathing during a panic attack. Read more...

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iPhone fans hoping for some meaty new iOS features might be in for disappointing news later this year when the next version of the mobile software, tentatively called iOS 12, is expected to be released.

Craig Federighi, Apple`s senior vice president of software engineering, has reportedly ordered the iOS team to focus on performance and stability (translation: under-the-hood changes) instead of flashy new features like a "refresh of the home screen," according to Axios.

Other features such as a redesigned CarPlay interface and "updates to the picture-taking, photo editing, and sharing experiences" have also reportedly been pushed back to iOS 13 in 2019. Read more...

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Every single Instagram trend that`s ever existed can go home. Bathleisure just cancelled everything. 

And it`s all because of Rihanna. 

Flash back to the December cover of Vogue Paris, which featured Rihanna posing with her hair wrapped in a towel and looking high fashion beyond belief. From her iconic look, a new trend was born: #bathleisure. 

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We know, we know. Late January is far too early to declare a movie the most anything of the year, especially when said movie isn`t coming out for another four months.

But seriously: Watch this trailer and tell us Hereditary doesn`t look like the scariest film of 2018. 

Hereditary is the movie so creepy, it spooked even the most jaded film critics at Sundance. Phrases like "game-changing" and "pants-wettingly scary" were being thrown about. 

Then again, so were ones like "not quite a horror movie at all," so YMMV.

Whatever the case, what we can say for sure is that this trailer`s got our attention. We don`t know about you, but we`re definitely gonna be there June 8 when this thing hits theaters. Read more...

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Snap made it a lot easier to perfect your Bitmoji. 

Now, instead of painstakingly going back and forth between every eyebrow shape, hairstyle, and eye color, you can just consult your latest selfie. 

With the latest Bitmoji update, which Snap is calling "Bitmoji Deluxe," you can start each new Bitmoji creation with a quick selfie. Once you snap it, the selfie will sit alongside your avatar in order to help you better perfect your look

Though the selfies are for now meant to be a reference tool, the feature could be used for much more in the future. In a patent filed in 2016, Snap hinted that it could one day use facial recognition to automatically create users` Bitmoji avatars. There`s no sign of facial recognition in this update, but adding a selfie feature to the app could certainly be a step in that direction.  Read more...

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It should come as no surprise that Peter Dinklage chose fire over ice after playing Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. His character joined forces with dragon queen Daenerys two seasons ago, and now Dinklage is channeling the power of fire for a Doritos ad to air during Sunday`s Super Bowl.

"I guess I can`t escape it at this point," Dinklage told Mashable via phone interview. "It`s following me around."

Dinklage and Morgan Freeman headline a star-studded Doritos/Mountain Dew spot that shows us what Thrones fans already know: That ice and fire make a kickass team. Read more...

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Mess with the Dora Milaje at your own peril.

That`s the hard lesson learned by more than a few wicked henchmen in the latest Black Panther clip, which has Okoye (Danai Gurira) kicking ass in a South Korean casino. 

It`s one thing to take a guy out with a retractable vibranium spear. But using your wig as a weapon of distraction? That`s genius. (Using your stiletto heel to slash someone, as Lupita Nyong`o`s Nakia does, is pretty badass too.)

The scene also shows T`Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) engaged in the action, as mayhem unfolds all around them and Klaue (Andy Serkis) tries to make a quick escape.  Read more...

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P!nk has written a fiery letter to the Recording Academy after its president said women needed to "step up" in all aspects of the music industry.

Asked about #GrammysSoMale, Neil Portnow`s told Variety that he thinks women "would be welcome" in the industry.

P!nk penned a brilliant response to Portnow`s comments, saying women in music "don`t need to `step up`" because they`ve been "stepping up since the beginning of time."

"Stepping up, and also stepping side, women owned music this year," wrote P!nk. "They`ve been KILLING IT. And, every year before this."  Read more...

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Marvel`s year may be starting off big, but it`s going to end very, very small.

Disney has released the first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp, their third and final Marvel movie of 2018. 

Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, and Michael Douglas return to play various insect-themed hero types, while Michelle Pfeiffer, Laurence Fishburne, and Walton Goggins join in new roles. 

The last Ant-Man left with Scott Lang (Rudd) a hero, while Captain America: Civil War introduced him to most of the Avengers. In the sequel, Hope van Dyne (Lilly) finally gets to step up to the plate in her very own wasp suit. Read more...

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Anyone who`s ever watched Watership Down will know that cartoons aimed at small children aren`t necessarily going to be trauma-free.

British TV show The Animals of Farthing Wood, based on the books by Colin Dann and aired back in the early 90s, is further proof of this.

On Sunday, a Twitter thread chronicling all the horrendous things that happen over the show`s three-Season run went viral.

I’ve rewatched The Animals of Farthing Wood. Here’s the horrific casualty list in full. Brace yourselves... (1/13) pic.twitter.com/IqUGZRZyfA

— Ben (@bilbo983) January 28, 2018

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It`s common knowledge that clowns, scarecrows, and ventriloquist dummies are all creepy, but did you know that small children can be just as terror-inducing?

Well, they can.

On Saturday night, writer Mikki Kendall proved it.

People who interact with kids, what is the single weirdest/creepiest thing a kid has ever said to you? It`s Saturday night so why not creep yourself out? pic.twitter.com/6pK92nOkmG

— Mikki Kendall (@Karnythia) January 28, 2018

A few days on and that tweet has been shared almost 10,000 times, with a solid 1,600+ responses. It`s now been turned into a Twitter Moment, too. Read more...

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has announced it will be delivering "thousands" of Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans to Waymo, formerly known as Google`s self-driving car project.

The cars will be used for Waymo`s driverless taxi service; delivery will be in late 2018 and the minivans will be deployed in multiple U.S. cities.

This is in addition to the 600 Pacifica Hybrid minivans FCA has delivered to Google in 2016 and 2017.  Read more...

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Donald Glover: actor, writer, musician, and tantalisingly infrequent tweeter.

Donald Glover attended the Black Panther premiere on Monday night, and has added his voice to the overwhelmingly positive reception of the film.

We`ve uploaded a screenshot of the tweet because Glover tends to delete tweets after posting them. This included, he has totalled nineteen tweets since joining in 2009. 

That`s how big a deal this is.

You`re BACK?!!

— liv (@BEYF0UR) January 30, 2018

I am starting the countdown to when this tweet is deleted

— Kyle (@WinActive) January 30, 2018

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Your fitness tracker knows too much about you. 

Where you jog, where you work, and, yes, where you sleep — all this and more is collected, aggregated, and analyzed by the companies behind the exercise apps on your smartphone and the devices you strap to your body. And that`s a problem.

Just how big of a problem was brought into stark relief Monday, when a Twitter user pointed out that the Strava global heatmap — an online, interactive map of activity by people who use the Strava mobile app or have a Fitbit or Jawboneinadvertently revealed the location of military bases overseas. To make matters worse, Wired reported it`s also possible to take data publicly available via Strava`s API and see the names of individuals tied to specific running routes. Read more...

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Kids these days, what are they like? With their YouTubing and their bit-pennies. Luckily the internet is here to explain.

Internet users have been constructing handy guides to acronyms like LOL and ROFL for baffled parents. The only problem, is they`re pretty specific...

Is your child texting about @olivegarden? Here’s a quick guide to find out:
OG: Olive Garden
LMAO: love me an olive
LOL: lots of lasagna
ROFL: ravioli or flavorful linguine
BRB: breadsticks rock, bro
WTF: where’s the fettuccine
STFU: some tiramisu for us

— jillian dradzynski (@jillianallyce) January 22, 2018

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If you happen to be a star in Game of Thrones, interviews — pretty much any interview, even if it`s not directly about the fantasy epic — must be something of a minefield.

The further along the show has progressed, the more obsessed we`ve all become with finding clues about where the story`s headed. During the last Season, scripts and even whole episodes were being leaked on an almost weekly basis.

The latest detail to make headlines, though, wasn`t a plot point — it was a supposed release date.

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Not one to watch if you get vertigo.

On The Graham Norton Show, Tom Cruise described the biggest Mission Impossible stunt sequence ever filmed. In involves him flying, and then dangling out of, a helicopter.

Because just flying a helicopter would be too damn easy. Read more...

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When it came time for Cathy Bartlett-Horwood to drop her dressing gown to the floor and stand naked in her village hall in front of her friends, she was nervous. The 60-year-old has had a complicated relationship with her weight for many years. She was so nervous, in fact, that she was physically sick beforehand.

Nevertheless, she persisted. Bartlett-Horwood became part of a group of brave women who’ve come to be known as the "Wonders of Whimple." The "wonders" are thus-named because they posed naked in the village’s most scenic spots for a calendar celebrating the beauty of the village`s female population. Read more...

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While reboots have long been the rage in film, news of an alleged Crocodile Dundee sequel just seemed too good to be true. 

And look, the doubters could be rightAs per recent reports, the whole thing might just be one big Super Bowl ad for Australian tourism, and we tell you what, the newest Dundee trailer certainly aids the conspiracy.

The trailer reveals the entire star-studded cast, all Aussies in Hollywood of course: Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Isla Fisher, Ruby Rose, Liam Hemsworth, Jessica Mauboy, and Luke Bracey. 

That`s on top of Danny McBride as the son of Mick Dundee, and Chris Hemsworth as a not-so-bumbling sidekick. OK, so why aren`t they actually making this into a real film again? Read more...

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The hype around Black Panther was certainly palpable.

It already has the biggest pre-sale numbers for a Marvel movie, and even Lupita Nyong`o — who plays Nakia in the film — struggled to get tickets for the opening night. 

Following the global premiere, press were able to share their initial thoughts on the movie on social media from 1 a.m. ET Tuesday. And fortunately, it looks like we can all truly believe in the excitement.

As Mashable`s movie reporter Angie Han wrote on Twitter:

#BlackPanther: I never wanted this movie to end, and as soon as it did I wanted to go back. Solid action, smart story, tons of personality. Shuri is my new fave, Nakia is everything, Killmonger is incredible, T`Challa deserves to rule the MCU. Coogler has done it again. 💜🖤💙 pic.twitter.com/t9gG3DLuCL

— Angie J. Han (@ajhan) January 30, 2018

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I love to decorate, and I love it more when it`s difficult. Small spaces, strange corners, storing six pairs of socks inside a boot so it looks nice on a shelf —- sign me up. I love it all.

To make the most of living in a small apartment, I often consult the internet for decorating tips. A particularly good resource is Instagram, which is full of professionally staged homes as well as personal shots. I prefer to look at the latter, though. Since I have a real home, I want to see what someone`s real home looks like.

So where the hell is everyone`s stuff?

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This pupper just can`t catch a break. 

No matter how hard the poor pup tries to catch the snowballs its human throws, they just keeps losing them in the snow. 

In the original video posted to Twitter, the shiba inu bounds after the snowballs, but ends up digging through piles of snow trying to find it.  

Despite never catching one, this shiba inu is still having a heckin` good time.   Read more...

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Uber is set to meet a familiar foe Down Under.

For the first time, ride-hailing giant Ola is setting up outside of India. The company said it plans to launch in Australia in early 2018, and is currently signing up drivers in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. 

The latest Uber challenger follows in the footsteps of Estonian ride-hailing company Taxify, which launched in Sydney last December, and recently began operations in Melbourne. 

On its website, Ola said it will initially charge a 7.5 percent commission from drivers. For the time being, it`s considerably lower than Taxify`s 15 percent, and Uber, which is around 25 percent. Ola is yet to reveal its entire fare structure in Australia. Read more...

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The AquaJet H2 is the perfect device that lets you explore the mysteries of the ocean. Your friends can even tag along for the journey. Read more...

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The lack of diversity in tech isn`t a new issue, and yet top leaders in Silicon Valley still struggle to talk about it. 

The latest stumble comes from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki speaking with MSNBC`s Ari Melber and Recode`s Kara Swisher at the media companies` first town hall titled "Revolution: Google and YouTube Changing the World," which aired Sunday. 

According to Wojcicki, one reason for the lack of women in tech is its reputation for being a "very geeky male industry."  


That kind of statement makes it seem like Wojcicki has forgotten about the diverse and minority perspectives that are fighting for representation in the industry. For instance, with the #IlLookLikeAnEngineer campaign, engineer Isis Wenger wrote about the sexism she faced working in tech and inspired a movement of women shutting down stereotypes.  Read more...

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Steven Soderbergh`s Unsane feels very of-the-moment, in more ways than one. 

First is the plot, which centers around the apparent gaslighting of a stalking victim (The Crown`s Claire Foy). From here, it`s easy to make the connection between her predicament and those of all the harassment and assault victims who`ve spoken out in recent months, only to be told they were in the wrong.

Unsane`s other very 2018 quality is less immediately obvious: The feature film was shot entirely on an iPhone. You wouldn`t know it by looking at the trailer, which just goes to show how good iPhone cameras have gotten in recent years. Read more...

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On Tuesday night, Donald J. Trump will address Congress in his first official State of the Union address as president, but some attendees are reportedly still waiting for their tickets because of a typo. 

It seems that tickets set to be given to guests of the House of Representatives labeled the event as the "State of the Uniom," causing a delay in their distribution. 

Republicans may have to recall all State of the Union tickets because they say "Uniom" not "Union," per two Dem aidespic.twitter.com/FosSnznIHp

— Laura Barrón-López (@lbarronlopez) January 29, 2018

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Ever heard of Python? No, not the snake, but the programming language. Nope, not a snake that can code either, but an actual programming language. 

SEE ALSO: Make 2018 the year you finally learn how to code

If you`re thinking about picking up a new skill this year by learning how to code (because who isn`t coding these days?), then you should consider getting a crash course in Python.

For starters, Python is 100% free, open-source, and readily available online. You just have to install it on your computer, open whatever notepad app you use, and get to coding. It`s also a general-purpose programming language, which means it`s highly versatile and can be used for a variety of projects — websites, video games, business tools, and more. Read more...

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Macaulay Culkin is a big fan of bunny ears.

For the past few years, the actor has been stocking up on bunny ears because "Easter`s the one time of the year when you can buy bunny ears."

Most recently, Culkin has been working on a new project: a podcast called Bunny Ears. He discussed his new project, as well as his thoughts on Home Alone and his favorite memory of Michael Jackson, during his Reddit AMA on Monday. 

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