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Gifts to make a `dumb` car as smart as a Tesla

We can`t all drive teched-out cars like a Tesla Model 3, with its touchscreen and phone app that can bring the car to you in a parking lot

Sure, some car owners can use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to text and listen to podcasts, but then the rest of us are driving practically blind with no proximity sensor warnings and only the radio for our entertainment.

But those of us with "dumb" cars don`t have to stay that way. With some simple after-market tricks, you can give your ride a high-tech makeover with advanced driver assistance features. 

Hey, your car might not be Tesla smart, but it`s learning.  Read more...

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This 5-piece professional Damascus knife set is more than 75% off

TL;DR: Add something unique to your kitchen with the 5-Piece Professional Damascus Chef`s Kitchen Set for 152.99. 

Before all the passionate steel aficionados out there decide to chime in, allow us to offer a disclaimer:

No, the Damascus steel on these chef`s knives was not actually forged by a Syrian bladesmith in the Levant several hundred years ago. However, this modern-day reproduction still features the steel`s distinct flowing pattern and each blade is extremely sharp and strong.

Glad we got that out of the way.

This beautiful five-piece Damascus chef`s kitchen set features professional-grade blades that will allow you to chop, slice, and dice with precision. The length of the blades range from 4 to 8.25 inches, so you`ll have the perfect knife for the job every time. Plus, each knife is secured by a rosewood and leather handle with brass spacers. So even if you buy them and then decide to order take-out for the ensuing year anyway, the knives will still look good on your chopping block. Read more...

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Medea by Artemisia Gentileschi (1620)(Public Domain)

In his Argonautica, ancient Greek author Apollonius of Rhodes provides a rather romantic introduction of Medea as a young woman desperately in love.

Representative image of Gautamiputra Satakarni a ruler of the Satavahana dynasty. Source: Pranjal / Adobe Stock.

In India as in various parts of the world, from the time of the Vedic culture of around 1,500 BC, the royal dynasties have always held the names of their fathers when a new king succeeded to the throne. 

Why use words when you can just DM friends colorful rectangles?

Words, man. Amirite? They`re so limiting — with their defined meanings and their need for correct spelling. And don`t even get me started on grammar.

If you, too, are sick of words, ooh buddy do we have an app for you. Meet Color Chat: an app which lets you DM with your friends by sending colored rectangles of various sizes and hues back and forth. 

It might not be super efficient at getting a message across, but it`s perhaps more fun — and definitely prettier — than just shooting the regular shit.

The future of social is:
- the color chat app where you can chat with colored rectangles only. no text no emoji no video. just colored rectangles pic.twitter.com/KSzyZaOEzd

— freia lobo (@freialobo) December 13, 2019

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Representation of Harald Fairhair, the first King of Norway. Source: Fotokvadrat / Adobe Stock.

The early history of Norway, and Scandinavia in general, is characterized by powerful seafarers, traders, and warriors and by rich heathen mythologies and ambitious chieftains.

He died with 190M of customers` crypto. Now they want to dig him up.

Gerald Cotten died unexpectedly in December of 2018, but don`t try telling that to the people who lost millions worth of cryptocurrency as a result. 

The then 30-year-old founder of the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX was traveling in India when he reportedly died from complications resulting from Crohn`s disease. His former customers, however, suspected foul play — and now, reports Coindesk, they want Cotten`s body exhumed. 

Why? Well, that would be because they don`t think he`s actually dead

The problem, other than the supposed death of course, was that Cotten had sole access to the approximately 190 million worth of customers` cryptocurrency held by the exchange. With him gone, no one could touch it. To those who lost access to their funds, Cotten`s overseas death just seems too fishy to believe, especially considering the questionable way in which his company was run.  Read more...

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Apple aims for better iPhone photos using AI and infrared

The quality of the photos smartphones capture has become increasingly important, and Apple just acquired a company called Spectral Edge to ensure future iPhone photos look even better.

As Bloomberg reports, Spectral Edge is based in Cambridge, England and focused on developing technology that improves the photos we take automatically. It does this using a combination of capturing an infrared version of each photo taken and then using machine learning to use it for image enhancement. The end result is a crisper photograph with more accurate colors.

Clearly Apple is impressed by what Spectral Edge was doing because it acquired the company. Although there`s been no official announcement yet, Peter Ronald Denwood is now listed as a director at the company. He`s better known as one of Apple`s corporate lawyers. It`s also telling that all other board members have been terminated, leaving Apple in control. Read more...

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Claire Saffitz attempts to recreate the Milky Way, and it`s a journey

Pastry chef and collective internet crush Claire Saffitz took on another challenge: Milky Way bars. Unfortunately, it involves tempering chocolate. 

In the latest episode of Gourmet Makes from  Bon Appétit, Saffitz had to recreate three key components of the candy bar — chocolate, nougat, and caramel.

As usual, Saffitz underestimated how much reverse engineering would break her. 

"I think I got this," a hopeful Saffitz said early on day two of this project. "I think I`m gonna make it today."

At that point, there were still 25 minutes of the video left — reader, she did not finish the gourmet Milky Ways. Getting the nougat on point took an entire day.  Read more...

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Porsche`s Star Wars `spaceship` sorta looks like the Taycan?

A new Star Wars movie is coming out around the same time German carmaker Porsche will deliver its first all-electric vehicle, the Taycan, to U.S. customers.  

So on Friday, Porsche and Star Wars released a behind-the-scenes look at its new "starship," the Tri-Wing S-91X Pegasus Starfighter. The Taycan shape seems to be in there, somewhere. Sure. 

You`ll have to wait until Star Wars: The Rise of Starwalker`s premiere in Los Angeles next week to see the actual model the designers made. Read more...

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9 Christmas tree alternatives for tiny apartments

Tiny apartment-havers face a unique dilemma during the holidays: How do you set up a Christmas tree when your home is smaller than one?

That`s when it`s a useful time to consider some Christmas tree alternatives. Wreaths, branches, a big leftover pumpkin that you`ve wrapped in tinsel (don`t do that one) ... rest assured you can make your space festive without also making it unlivable.

Please note that none of these items are intended to replace a Christmas tree. Nothing can replace a Christmas tree! These are simply fun alternatives for those whose living rooms can`t accommodate a full pine.

And if it`s the smell you`re after, just light a pine-scented candle. Read more...

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This indoor vertical farm grows produce without soil or natural light — Future Blink

Aiming to lower the environmental impact of farming, Aero Farms has created an indoor growing system that uses 95% less water than field farming systems.  Read more...

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The Instant Pot Ace 60 blender is cheaper than it was on Cyber Monday

TL;DR: The multi-use Instant Pot Ace 60 cooking blender is on sale for 44.96, down from 99.

Vitamix is top dog in the blender world, but the brand is frankly expensive as hell. There are other blenders that can hold their own against Vitamix but come at a much more affordable price tag.

One such blender is the Instant Pot Ace 60, which retails for 99. Right now, it`s on sale for just 44.96 (which is lower than its Cyber Monday price).

We love this blender because it has both hot and cold settings, making it super versatile. You can make hot soup without even touching your stove. There are also programs to make smoothies, purées, ice cream, soy milk, nut milk, and more. Read more...

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Ivanka Trump will reportedly speak at CES

Ivanka Trump may be gracing the halls of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 

According to "internal documents" obtained by CNET, the most palatable Trump is set to appear on a keynote panel alongside Consumer Technology Association (CTA) President Gary Shapiro on Wednesday, January 8. 

CNET doesn`t give much detail about these internal documents. However, it also discovered that a CES website has a placeholder card for "Ivanka Trump" in its list of upcoming livestreams.

Mashable reached out to the CTA (which runs CES) to confirm whether these rumors are true, and will report back when we know more. Read more...

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AT&T 5G is now up and running in 10 U.S. cities

From cities located all across the U.S., customers will need a 5G-capable phone to take advantage of faster internet speeds.  Read more...

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Airport builds Christmas tree from confiscated knives, scissors, box cutters, and lighters

The Vilnius Airport in Lithuania is celebrating the holidays in the way only an airport can.

While families all over the world have been placing stars and angels atop their Christmas trees, the Lithuanian airport has fashioned a tree of its own. However, you may notice a slight difference between this tree and the traditional one.

Airport builds Christmas tree from confiscated knives, scissors, box cutters, and lighters

Image: Martynas Jaugelavicius

This tree is decked with items confiscated from passengers during security screening, according to Marius Zelenius, Lithuanian Airports` Head of Communication. Knives, lighters, and scissors (oh, so many scissors) take the place of ornaments, lights, and ribbons. It`s five feet tall and took over two weeks to craft,  BBC News reported. Read more...

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This open source farming technology aims to combat climate change via soil health – Good Algorithms

OpenTEAM is a new technology platform to help farmers everywhere to improve soil health by  providing them with free access to site-specific data. Read more...

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Xbox Series X, Microsoft`s new game console, is upon us

Here`s a first look at the next Xbox Series X, which is coming holiday season 2020.  Read more...

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George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman chat about what training was like for `1917`

From military training in Nepal to hitting the gym, preparing for the film was no joke according to the actors.  Read more...

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Facebook waited two weeks to tell employees their payroll data was stolen

Hey, Facebook employees, Mark Zuckerberg doesn`t deserve you. 

That much was made abundantly clear today with the news that the Zuckerberg-helmed behemoth waited two full weeks to notify about 29,000 current and former employees of a massive theft of their personal data. 

Specifically, Bloomberg reports that unencrypted hard drives containing 2018 payroll data were stolen from a car belonging to a member of Facebook`s payroll department on Nov. 17 of this year. It took until Nov. 29 for someone to realize that employee payroll data was on the drives and then another two weeks for the company to start notifying those affected.  Read more...

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Longinus piercing Christ’s side with the Holy Lance    Source: Gerrit De La Vallé / Public domain

Christianity, as one of the world’s most prominent and widely practiced religions, brings along a whole string of myths, stories, historical occurrences, and relics. From saints and their remains, to alleged fragments of the Holy Cross

Get a 55-inch Vizio M-Series Quantum TV for less than 400

As 2019 comes to a close, we`re looking at the best TV shows of the year — as well as looking forward to what`s coming in 2020. While we reminisce on Watchmen, Succession, and Big Mouth as some of the best of 2019, we can`t help but look forward to new seasons of Grace and Frankie, Sex Education, and Bojack Horseman debuting on Netflix in January.

Our point? You`re going to have a lot of TV to keep up with, and we can`t think of a better way to take on the new year`s new content than with a 4K TV. (If you try hard enough, you could even squeeze in one of these 2019 shows before the end of the year.) Read more...

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If you`re hosting a holiday party, you desperately need one of these

TL;DR: Dyson vacuum cleaners are currently on sale at Walmart and Amazon for up to 54% off.

Nothing says "holidays" like judgy relatives. If they`re not interrogating you about your (nonexistent) love life at this year`s annual family get-together, you can bet they`ll be silently critiquing everything from the way you`ve prepared the mashed potatoes down to the thoroughness of your vacuuming. `Tis the season (or something).

Speaking of — if you need a new vacuum cleaner ahead of the party you`re hosting later this month, now`s a great time to buy.

Retailers have been going all-out on robot vacuum deals since before Black Friday (they`re basically the new Instant Pot), and there were still plenty of sales to pick through the last time we checked. But if you`re not in the market for an autonomous, dirt-sucking droid — hey, we`ve got to stave off that impending robot apocalypse for as long as we can — you`ll be happy to know that we managed to scrounge up some discounts on traditional models by Dyson, one of the most well-known names in the vacuum cleaner biz. Read more...

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Best laptop and tablet deals for this weekend: Shop Dell, Amazon Fire, Apple, and more

Still stressing about what to get your loved ones as a holiday gift? If you want to make a huge impression, a brand new piece of tech is sure to make a mark (you should hurry, though — we`re halfway through December already). 

Because the holidays are basically days away, we saved you some time by seeking out the best deals on both laptops and tablets to help you choose. Our suggestion? This amazing Dell Latitude laptop for over 1,000 off the original asking price.

But if Dell doesn`t tickle your fancy, there are a lot more options below at different price points — take a look: Read more...

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The viral Mike Bloomberg dance is fake, but you can still love/hate it

The 2020 campaign trail is already taking a toll on my sanity, but at least there have been a few laughs along the way.

An overwhelming number of candidates are running, and for some reason they keep doing a bunch of ridiculous crap. There have been Yang antics, Biden malarky, and more, all while an impeachment trial intensifies Trump`s regularly scheduled nonsense. To say the end of 2019 has been politically hectic and stressful would be an understatement, but there has been one saving grace: the embarrassing campaign dances.

In November, a video of the "Buttigieg Dance" — a sequence of mortifying moves that Pete Buttigieg supporters set to Panic! at the Disco`s "High Hopes" — made the rounds on social media. People loved to hate on the dance, and it wasn`t long before another candidate, Mike Bloomberg, inspired a follow-up campaign dance. Except it wasn`t from Bloomberg`s team at all.  Read more...

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These species went extinct in 2019

The creatures that went extinct or likely went extinct in 2019 are as follows:

1. The Hawaiian snail Achatinella apexfulva: The last known member of its species, "George" died in a tank in a Hawaiian lab on New Year`s Day. The species is likely extinct, said David Sischo, the snail extinction prevention program coordinator at the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. 

"I’ve been scouring the mountains trying to find more," said Sischo. "People have been looking for them for well over 20 years."

Like many native Hawaiian snails, Achatinella apexfulva died out because decades ago the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture intentionally introduced an invasive species (rosy wolfsnail) to exterminate another introduced invasive species. The plan had an unintended fallout: The out-of-control wolfsnails ate up Achatinella apexfulva. Read more...

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Get the holiday party started with these Sonos speakers on sale

TL;DR: Throw the perfect holiday party with the help of a Sonos speaker or subwoofer for up to 17% off. 

Whether you want to blast Mariah Carey loud enough for the neighbors to hear, or actually drown out what feels like the millionth chorus of "All I Want For Christmas Is You," Sonos can do it for you. 

Just in time, Amazon has a few Sonos products on sale. You can let Alexa set up the tunes with the Sonos One (Gen 2) speaker for 30 off, making it 169. Or you can upgrade the quality of your home theater audio with the Sonos Sub for 100 off, making it 599. The Sub focuses on giving you pure bass without any buzz, rattle, or vibration when you connect it to any Sonos speaker.  Read more...

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Need a gift for a teenage girl? These instant cameras are on sale.

TL;DR: Instant cameras and portable printers from Fujifilm, Polaroid, and Sharper Image are on sale — save up to 100.

Instagram is probably doing away with likes soon. The company thinks that getting rid of this popularity contest will make people post more because they`re not worried about the best "times" to post — and you know our validation-seeking asses will probably go along with their plan.

You now have your chance to be one of those hipsters who Instagrams pictures of instant photos like some photography-ception. Conveniently, instant cameras and portable printers that can sync to your phone are on sale at Walmart and Amazon: Read more...

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In the age of drones, these architects say it’s time to ditch scaffolding

Why use an expensive scaffolding when a drone could do the renovation job? This was the premise of MuDD Architects` latest project in Brussels, Belgium, where they used their drone spraying technique to refurbish a building`s facade. Read more...

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Watch the best news bloopers of 2019 and try to keep yourself from totally losing it

News Be Funny`s best news bloopers of 2019 are here and it`s 15 minutes of madness and hilarity. 

News anchors, reporters, and meteorologists had quite the year — forgetting their names, talking about farts, and making more than a few Freudian slips. 

We`re laughing more with them than at them because we`ve slipped up and said the wrong word; ours just aren`t broadcast to an audience of viewers and posted to YouTube to be seen by millions. Thanks for the laughs, TV people of the world. Keep fighting the good fart – er, fight. Read more...

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Samsung`s new Galaxy A71 and A51 hint at what the Galaxy S11 will look like

As promised, Samsung`s new A-series mid-range phones are here. Even if you`re not looking to buy one, they might give us an early taste of what Samsung`s upcoming Galaxy S11 flagship will look like. 

Both the new A71 and the A51 are visually very similar: On the front, there`s a large, AMOLED screen with a tiny chin and a centrally positioned punch-hole selfie camera on top. On the back, they feature a large, rectangular camera bump hosting four sensors and a flash. 

Samsung`s Galaxy A71 has a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with a punch-hole selfie camera in the top center.
Samsung`s Galaxy A71 has a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with a punch-hole selfie camera in the top center.
Image: Samsung

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The Mandalorian becomes a horror movie monster in Chapter 6

The Mandalorian Chapter 6, titled "The Prisoner," starts off like most of the other episodes of the show, but about halfway through it takes a pretty dramatic turn as Mando really leans in to the "hunter" part of "bounty hunter."

The Mandalorian, in his never-ending quest for work in the galactic gig economy, teamed up with a dastardly crew with ties to his past for one big (and difficult) job. There`s a Twi`lek who seems to be attracted to Mando, a devil-looking Devaronian with an attitude problem, a guy named Mayfield played by Bill Burr, and an egotistical droid.

It`s a classic setup, but the way it all pans out isn`t exactly typical. Read more...

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Mashable`s 2019 Gift Guide: All the weird stuff we loved this year

’Tis the season to find weird stuff on the internet and gift that weird stuff to the ones you love. Ho ho ho.

If you still need to find a present that will delight, we have you covered with a list of Mashable staff picks. You’ll find what you’d expect from us (gadgets, Star Wars doodads) and a few things that might make you say, “wow, who at Mashable wants a Guy Fieri holiday shirt?”

Browse our selections below and maybe buy that Milk cake for yourself.


This is your year. 2020. Distract yourself (or someone you’re shopping for) from politics and focus on self care with this selection of gifts that’ll help you get shit together.
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You need to watch the movie where Tom Hanks learns to love dogs

I was delighted when I opened up Disney+ recently and discovered Turner & Hooch just sitting there, waiting to be watched.

It`s OK if you don`t recognize that title. The movie came out more than 30 years ago, in 1989. It was reasonably successful at the box office, but it`s also exactly the kind of formulaic, schmaltzy buddy comedy that flies right past awards season. 

So what gives? Why shine a light on this totally-fine-but-seemingly-forgettable movie now, in 2019?

Two reasons: Tom Hanks, and his dog friend. The "buddy" piece of this buddy comedy is Beasley the dog. Beasley, a hulking, brown French mastiff, played Hooch in the movie`s odd couple pairing. This is a movie where Hanks` character, a fastidious neat freak, learns to let go and love that dog life. Read more...

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13 gag gifts to prank someone with this holiday season

`Tis the season to be jolly, and guess what? We can help make that happen for you and your loved ones.

A surefire way to lift someone`s spirits is to buy them a hilarious present, so we scoured the internet to find the goofiest, most creative prank gifts on the market.

If you`re looking for the perfect giggle-inspiring gag gift to lighten the mood around the holidays, we`ve got you covered. From small gifts like fake-out stickers and misleading jewelry boxes, to more substantial items such as candles, soaps, and pillows, here are 13 gag gifts that are sure to make someone laugh (or cry). Read more...

1. AirPod stickers

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Samsung says it sold 1 million Galaxy Fold phones

Samsung`s Galaxy Fold, the folding smartphone with a shaky history and a 1,980 price tag, is selling surprisingly well. 

Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin on Thursday, Samsung Electronic`s president Young Sohn said the company is "selling (a) million of these products." 

“There’s a million people that want to use this product at 2,000 each," he said. "We sold one million products."

Sohn was also asked whether the company feels comfortable selling what is essentially a beta device for as much as 2,000. "It`s still good enough in my view," he said, and explained that putting the Fold in the hands of the consumers gives the company much-needed feedback.  Read more...

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`The Mandalorian` and Baby Yoda merchandise launches on Amazon

TL;DR: You can now buy a selection of Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian merchandise on Amazon, including a brand-new Baby Yoda Funko POP! Figure now available for pre-order. 

Disney did a very good job of keeping Baby Yoda, or The Child, a secret until after the launch of The Mandalorian Star Wars series on Disney+. 

As a result, however, there isn`t a massive selection of merchandise involving the adorable companion just yet. 

But, there is now a small glimmer of hope for Star Wars fan, as Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian products and apparel are slowly starting to appear on sites such as Amazon. Some of the best pieces include adorable Baby Yoda t-shirts, and there`s even a new Funko POP! Figure available for pre-order.  Read more...

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Michelle Obama posts in solidarity with Greta Thunberg after Trump tweet

Greta Thunberg can stand her own ground against Donald Trump`s weirdly petty Twitter attacks, but a little public support doesn`t hurt.

Especially if it`s from Michelle Obama.

The best-selling author and former first lady tweeted a message of solidarity with the teen activist on Thursday, following a bitchy tweets from the president.

"Don’t let anyone dim your light," Obama wrote. "Ignore the doubters and know that millions of people are cheering you on."

She also praised Thunberg as having "so much to offer us all," and compared her to students she met during a recent trip to Vietnam with Julia Roberts, in which the duo aimed to promote young women`s education with the Global Girls Alliance, which is part of The Obama Foundation. Read more...

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Ryan Reynolds describes how he made that viral Peloton Wife spoof ad in just 36 hours

Ryan Reynolds is obviously a successful actor, but his marketing skills are clearly up there, too. Last Friday, the Deadpool star had another ad for his gin company go viral after he cast the lead actor of that infamously unsettling Peloton commercial in a 40-second social media skit. The ad sees Monica Ruiz, now known to the internet as Peloton Wife, sitting in a bar with concerned friends while she knocks back a glass of Aviation Gin. "You`re safe here," one friend whispers.

Appearing on The Tonight Show on Thursday, Ryan Reynolds explained the thinking behind it.

"I`ve been there, in that position as an actor, where you do something that doesn`t quite work," he tells to Jimmy Fallon in the clip above. "I really wish someone from a gin company called me right after Green Lantern and was like, `Hey, I got something funny you can do as an answer to that!` Read more...

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Check out one of the best smartwatch deals of the year

TL;DR: The long-lasting Huawei Watch GT is now only £109.99, down from its £199.99 list price.

Not all smartwatches need to cost over £300, especially when you can pick up devices like the Huawei Watch GT for only £109.99 in the Amazon Christmas sale. 

This is one of the best smartwatch deals of the year, and the perfect time to invest in a piece of wearable tech if you`ve been holding off so far. 

The GT watch features an impressive AMOLED touchscreen, two weeks in battery life, and continuous heart rate tracking. 

With advanced running courses and training guidance, alongside sleep tracking and multiple outdoor/indoor activity modes, the Huawei Watch GT will be a personal coach looking to keep you fit. Read more...

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If you`re going to be a no-shoes tyrant, get yourself a slipper basket

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better.

When it comes to shoes in the house, I am an absolute despot. 

Wearing shoes in the home, during my childhood, was simply unthinkable. Between tradition — removing shoes indoors is common in many cultures, and is especially prevalent in Asian households — and the fact that I grew up in a house with cream-colored carpeting, taking shoes off at the door wasn`t an option.

My mother reigned over the house with an iron fist slipper. The slippers were essential in a house that banned shoes beyond the foyer, and offering them to guests made it easier to enforce that rule. I now do this (you can gloat now, mom), and you should, too. Read more...

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These are the 5 tech terms you won’t be able to ignore in 2020

As we enter a new year and a new decade, it`s important to be ready for all the new tech lingo you`ll see in the coming months. 2020 is sure to pack in plenty of tech advancements and with that comes buzzwords or phrases we all have to learn.

It`s a pain, sure, but it`s necessary. Once upon a time, "WiFi" was just another silly tech term you had to know before it became a daily necessity. Will the 2020 tech terms on this list ever rise to that same level of importance? We don`t know, but it can`t hurt to learn them now just in case they get to that point.

To that end, we here at Mashable have assembled a quick guide to a handful of terms you might want to know by the end of 2020. None of these are new necessarily, but we expect them to at least show up in many a headline or news story about products from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others. So if you read up on them now, you likely won`t have to Google them when that happens. Read more...

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This Yoda Chia Pet is the only White Elephant gift you need this year

Baby Yoda has rightfully claimed the title of Cutest Thing in the Universe, but we still love adult Yoda.

If you can still bear to look at wrinkly old Yoda, we have found the perfect gift to help you win your next White Elephant gift exchange. (We know it`s not really a competition, but if people are fighting over the gift you brought, that counts as a win, right?)

Chia Pets have somehow survived the times and are still a booming business, and we are currently obsessed with the Yoda Chia Pet. I mean, just look at it.

This Yoda Chia Pet is the only White Elephant gift you need this year

Image: chia

This Yoda Chia Pet is the only White Elephant gift you need this year

Image: chia

This little kit has everything you need to give Yoda his signature wispy locks. Plant the seeds and the greenery will sprout to full growth in one to two weeks — it`s pretty hard to kill a plant in that short of a time frame. A Yoda Chia Pet is a hilarious gift that people will actually have fun with. The best part? It`s 19.99, so it probably clocks right into your White Elephant budget. Read more...

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What to eat, drink, and avoid at Star Wars: Galaxy`s Edge

Bright suns, fellow travelers! Mashable is back on Earth after a quick recon trip to Black Spire Outpost at Star Wars: Galaxy`s Edge. Though there were a few hiccups on our trip, like that time this reviewer got captured by the first order riding Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, but all of our blaster wounds have healed and we`re ready to talk about what`s really important on the outer rim planet of Batuu: the food. 

There`s a lot to eat at the outpost, some of which are the best darn vittles on the galaxy, but others of which are better avoided (or at least left to non-human tastes). Here`s the definitive guide to the snacks, meals, and bar scene at this happening galactic hotspot. Read more...

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All-new Echo smart speaker reduced in Christmas sales

TL;DR: The all-new Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers are now discounted in the Christmas sale on both Amazon and Currys PC World. 

Take advantage of the latest Christmas offers on Amazon smart speakers, with the Echo and Echo Dot both getting significant reductions in price. If you missed out on the Black Friday deals, now is the time to make up for it. 

The Echo Dot continues to be half its list price at £24.99, while the all-new Echo smart speaker is back down to its Black Friday price of £59.99. 

Funnily enough, it is actually better to buy the Echo from Currys PC World at the moment, not Amazon. Amazon seems to be low in stock, and Currys still has its 6-month Spotify promotion live as well.  Read more...

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Stephen Colbert tears down Trump`s Twitter attack on Greta Thunberg

On Thursday, Time magazine named Greta Thunberg as its "Person of the Year" for 2019. And a short while later, Donald Trump jumped on Twitter to have his say.

"So ridiculous," tweeted the president. "Greta must work on her Anger Management [sic] problem then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend!"

Unsurprisingly, Stephen Colbert had some thoughts on that.

"First of all, teens don`t go to movies anymore. They stay at home and Tik-Tok their Vape pens on Fortnite. I don`t know. Teenagers scare me," says Colbert in the Late Show clip above.

"But since Thunberg is Swedish, let me put this in culturally appropriate terms: Mr President, go Fjuk yourself. Which I can say on CBS, because Fjuk is an island in Sweden. Read more...

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Women made history at the 2019 UK election

The UK is waking up to the biggest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher`s 1987 victory after a historic general election. 

Not everyone will be celebrating that notable victory but it`s worth pointing out that history was made in another, very significant way. More women MPs than ever before have been elected to the House of Commons. 

A record 220 MPs were elected at the 2019 election, beating the previous record of 208. 

Almost two-thirds of seats are still represented by men, meaning we`re a long way off 50:50 gender parity in the House of Commons. The new record means the proportion of female MPs now stands at 34 percentPer the Guardian, this is this "highest portion of either chamber in parliament to date."  Read more...

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Samsung says it`s sold 1 million Galaxy Fold phones

Samsung`s Galaxy Fold, the folding smartphone with a shaky history and a 1,980 price tag, is selling surprisingly well. 

Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin on Thursday, Samsung Electronic`s president Young Sohn said the company is "selling (a) million of these products." 

“There’s a million people that want to use this product at 2,000 each," he said. "We sold one million products."

Sohn was also asked whether the company feels comfortable selling what is essentially a beta device for as much as 2,000. "It`s still good enough in my view," he said, and explained that putting the Fold in the hands of the consumers gives the company much-needed feedback.  Read more...

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Claim a free set of JBL headphones with this SIM-only mobile deal

TL;DR: BT SIM-only plans now include a free set of JBL noise-cancelling headphones for a limited time. Existing BT internet customers can save an extra £5 a month. 

If you`re not looking to upgrade to the latest device this year, or you simply want to continue using a SIM-only plan, we`ve got a great deal for you. 

BT SIM-only contracts currently come with a free set of JBL noise-cancelling headphones worth £179.99. These are available on 15GB to 100GB SIM plans, and the headphones will be automatically sent out you after a 30-day cooling period. 

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Ranking the 10 cutest characters in 2019 entertainment

Mothered by despair, fathered by dread, and raised in the bowels of hell, 2019 was an incubus of existential terror. But also, it was kind of adorable?

From the cutest of kids to the goodest of dogs, the past twelve months were chock full of cuties who made us go “Awww,” “D’awww,” and occasionally “Squeeee!” But nowhere did things get cuter than in the world of entertainment. 

There were obvious stars (rhymes with Yaby Boda) and surprise scene stealers, like Ruthie from BoJack Horseman. But who rose to the top of this adorable heap? We sorted it out. Here are the 10 cutest things in 2019 entertainment, ranked. Read more...

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