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Do you call yourself a movie addict but have your sound playing from your TV speakers? Watch movies how they were intended with the Klipsch R-24F floor-standing speaker, and add a Klipsch 300W subwoofer to significantly extends the bass range, dynamics & performance. Test those new speakers with the complete animated series of Batman in Blu-Ray which is on sale for 43.99. 

If you prefer to watch movies or catch up on your Netflix binge on the go, then a 10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro would be your perfect companion. 

Check out more of today`s best deals from Amazon, Walmart, B&H Photo-Video, Home Depot, and PCMag Shop for Friday, July 19th.   Read more...

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IMAGE: Amazon
400 OFF (50%) 799.99 Prime

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IMAGE: Amazon
15.00 OFF (43%) 34.99 Prime

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50 OFF (13%) 399 Prime

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219.01 OFF (22%) 999 Prime

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193.38 OFF (48%) 399.99 Prime

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40 OFF (67%) 59.99 Prime


TL;DR: Grab these professional-quality USB audio interfaces and bundles from the PCMag Shop for 99.99 to 225. They`re normally 139.99 to 339.99, so you`ll save up to 34%.

Think you`ve written the ditty that finally bumps "Old Town Road" off the top of the charts?

Well, get this: Instead of dooming your bop to a pitiful existence as a shoddy-sounding Voice Memos file, you can easily turn it into a studio-quality recording on your computer using what`s called a USB audio interface.  

A USB audio interface is an audio device that takes analog signals from voices or instruments and turns them into digital signals you can then edit, mix, and master on a PC. They`re usually rectangular in shape and compact enough to to fit on a desk or shelf; most look like a DVD player that`s been tricked out with a bunch of knobs and ports. Read more...

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The Trump racism controversy isn`t going away anytime soon. After posting a series of racist tweets about four Democratic Congresswomen on Sunday, the president is now attending rallies where the crowd openly chants "send her back" — a grim echo of a line from one of the president`s own tweets.

His weak excuse afterwards? "I disagree with it. But again, I didn`t say that, they did."

Needless to say, Stephen Colbert wasn`t having any of it.

"Wait a second Trump, you disagree with it?" asks the Late Show host in the clip above. "Hey mister, this is your party. You`re the bride at the white power wedding. Read more...

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Look, we’re all psyched about the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on July 20 — but The Weather Channel is really, really into it. And we mean into it — as in, they’ve literally inserted themselves into it.

Not satisfied with the (definitely not filmed on a soundstage) original footage, they’ve created an Immersive Mixed Reality (IMR) simulation that does the absolute most. 

It starts with TWC host and meteorologist Jim Cantore standing on the moon, obviously. He`s surrounded by a forest of CGI features, from Apollo 11 astronauts descending from the command module and sweeping aerodynamic patterns glowing in mid-air, to an American flag planted in the moon-dirt.  Read more...

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The CATS trailer dropped on Thursday and everyone is deeply uncomfortable. 

Many stage-to-screen productions are wonderful adaptations of beloved stories, showing off the vast expanse of creativity that dwells within the entertainment industry. This is... something else.

With a star-studded cast that includes James Corden, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Taylor Swift, and Rebel Wilson, audiences would expect a spectacular performance. That`s not to say that the movie won`t be spectacular, but the trailer shows two minutes and 20 seconds of very famous actors digitally dressed in fur unitards and cat ears, getting into the various shenanigans that typical house cats adore.  Read more...

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Your new favorite HBO fantasy drama is almost here.

At San Diego Comic-Con Thursday, the network dropped the first full-length trailer for His Dark Materials, based on the bestselling trilogy by Philip Pullman.

This one is set in a world not terribly unlike our own, except that each person has an animal soul companion known as a "daemon" hanging about. At the center of the story is Lyra (played by Dafne Keen of Logan), a young girl who gets entangled in a dark conspiracy after her friend is kidnapped.

It`s the second screen adaptation of the series, which was previously made into a movie in 2007. If the new TV series is able to capture the spirit of the novels, prepare yourself for one strange, twisty, and irresistibly addictive ride.  Read more...

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is a virtual playground where Marvel stans can live out all the scenarios that used to be the sole domain of action figures and imaginations. It couldn`t have arrived at a better time.

It`s been almost an entire decade since the last game in the series, not to mention a leap to a new publisher and developer. It`s also a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and it`s releasing in a world that`s more Marvel-obsessed than ever. And yet, for all these changes, this is still the Ultimate Alliance fans know and love.

But what if you`re not a fan? The "MUA" games (pronounced "MOO-uh"), as longtime players fondly call them, take the best aspects of Marvel Comics — the heroes and villains, and their range of powers and colorful costumes — and fuse them with an action role-playing game that`s basically superhero Diablo. Read more...

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Your dumb privacy tricks aren`t working. They still know what kind of porn you`re watching. 

So concludes a not-so-surprising study, which determined that online pornography sites are loaded with various trackers that leak private and identifying details about their users to third parties. And no, the study authors take pains to insist, Google`s Incognito mode won`t keep your secrets. 

This latter point highlights broad confusion among the general public about what the Google Chrome feature actually does. Many people believe it renders their online browsing private, when in reality it just prevents Chrome from "[saving] your browsing history, cookies and site data, or information entered in forms."  Read more...

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Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2019 and we have the entire internet to contend with.

If you thought that the big-headed babies from YouTube were done with eating sugar and telling lies, then you`d be dead wrong. 

From the depths of cursed children`s videos on YouTube, Billion Surprise Toys, the production company who produced the bizarre viral smash "Johny Johny Yes Papa," has another mind-boggling animation that has been making the rounds on Twitter. Read more...

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Peep this 1500 investment in burning stuff.

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The city of Palenque. Source: Jérôme Rommé / Adobe Stock.

Hidden in the verdant hills of the Sierra Chapaneca in the beautiful state of Chiapas, southern Mexico, is the ancient capital of the B’aakal Kingdom.


New York City really is going through it.

An innocent commuter was nearly swept off a platform and into train tracks when he got caught in a rapidly flooding subway station. 

The heavy rain pouring down on Court Square in Long Island City was so intense on Wednesday that it forced a wall to collapse, causing a rush of water that knocked a commuter off his feet. In a video posted by the Instagram account @subwaycreatures, the commuter was nearly pushed into an incoming train car as he struggled to stand up. 

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It`s here, it`s real, and it`s kitty-riffic! Cat-tacular! Meow-gnificent! It`s the first trailer for the live-action movie adaptation of Cats!

Starring Taylor Swift, James Corden, Judi Dench, Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson, and many more stars as, and I cannot stress this enough, a bunch of literal cats, Cats the movie has one of the most stacked Broadway-to-movie casts of all time. 

Cats arrives in theaters December 20, 2019.

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Maybe you want to make some nice floral centerpieces for a party, or maybe the nagging pressure to find a hobby has hit you at last. Whatever the case, you want to learn some basic floral design skills. Great! You are about to have a cool and interesting ability.

With the help of YouTube and websites like Skillshare, it`s fairly easy to pick up the basics of floral decorating online. There`s also a small but active floristry community on Reddit, which is perfect for troubleshooting. 

Even if you don`t plan on continuing with the hobby — you`ve been put on flower duty for a bridal shower, for example, and just need to come up with something — you can learn enough to get your specialized project done without spending hours in an internet hole. Here`s what to do: Read more...

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MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have designed a “hybrid drone,” that combines the stability and flexibility of a multicopter, with the speed and fuel efficiency of an airplane. Read more...

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What`s the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?

For some, it might be "president." But in today`s troubling news cycle, others — like Brooklyn-based artist Adam Ellis — find themselves struggling to choose between "rapist" and "racist."

Since the 1970s, more than 20 women have accused the president of sexual misconduct — including one who claims Trump raped her when she was 13-years-old at a party hosted by registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Now that Epstein`s back in the news facing charges for child sex-trafficking, discussions of Trump`s past accusers have reignited. Read more...

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In the dramatic first trailer for Top Gun: Maverick, an austere Ed Harris tells Tom Cruise that he "can`t get a promotion, won`t retire, and despite your best efforts you refuse to die." He could be talking about Cruise`s iconic Top Gun character Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, or about Tom Cruise himself, whose superstardom launched with the release of the original Top Gun in 1986. 

The trailer doesn`t say much about the plot or other characters in the movie, but it does also feature Cruise riding a motorcycle very fast, piloting fighter jets, and donning his iconic Ray Ban sunglasses for old times` sake. Looks like he`s about to do an incredibly brave thing. Again.  Read more...

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After more than two years of denying that the graphic suicide in the first season of 13 Reasons Why could put vulnerable young viewers at increased risk for self-harm, Netflix and the show`s creators have finally removed the controversial scene. 

Now instead of seeing the protagonist, Hannah Baker, carry out her suicide in gory detail, the viewer watches as she cries prior to her attempt. The next time we see Hannah, her mother is standing over her body, expressing both panic and agony. Gone from the series is how Hannah harms herself, and her body remains largely out of sight.  

The decision to delete the method and visual aftermath was the right call, even if critics argue that it`s a form of censorship or a way to sanitize a previously gut-wrenching scene. It remains a devastating portrayal while avoiding details that researchers know, based on studies of media coverage, can negatively influence those at risk of suicidal thinking and behavior. That includes depicting the method with haunting specificity, which may lead to copycat deaths and can have the unintended effect of glorifying the act of suicide.  Read more...

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The look takes lots of layers and practice.

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Instagram is changing its rules so it can disable accounts that break its rules more quickly.

The company announced a policy change that allows the service to delete accounts that break too many of its rules during a set period of time. Up until now, Instagram only removed accounts that had "a certain percentage of violating content."

That percentage rule — the company doesn`t disclose the exact percentage — is still in effect, but now there`s a new rule that will allow Instagram to take down accounts that break a lot of rules in a shorter period of time.

The change comes as the company faces criticism for its inability to block graphic images of a teen`s dead body on its platform. Though Instagram says it has used image-blocking tech to prevent the photos from spreading, the platform hasn`t been able to catch everything, as my Mashable colleague Morgan Sung earlier reported. Instagram said it disabled many anonymous accounts responsible for the continued sharing. Read more...

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Instagram’s rolled out their latest feature update in a number of key markets, making like counts on posts visible only to the account holder.

After an initial test in Canada from April, the company expanded the feature to Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand across the course of Thursday. 

We’re currently running a test that hides the total number of likes and video views for some people in the following countries:

✅ Australia
✅ Brazil
✅ Canada
✅ Ireland
✅ Italy
✅ Japan
✅ New Zealand pic.twitter.com/2OdzpIUBka

— Instagram (@instagram) July 17, 2019

The official line is that it`s designed to "reduce pressure” on users and increase focus on the content itself, rather than the numbers it generates.` Read more...

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The famous Lions Gate into the hill fortress where Mycenaean armies originated.

The Aegean Bronze Age is predominately known as the period in which the battle-hardened Mycenaeans conquered the simple sea-trading Minoans and rose to become one of the most powerful trading powers in the Eastern Mediterranean. While the Minoans have long been presumed to be a peaceful race due to archaeological findings (or rather, the lack of military findings), the same has never been presumed of the Mycenaeans. 


All right all you tinfoil hat wearers, these Area 51 memes might be going a little too far.

Local CBS affiliate 8 News NOW Las Vegas recently released a report on how the parody Facebook event is becoming much bigger than anticipated. That`s not to say that it`s no fun at all to imagine Naruto running at a U.S. Air Force base and potentially stealing a little alien buddy, but things are starting to get a little too real. 

The segment includes interviews with locals from Rachel, Nevada, a town close to the military base, who are predicting major traffic jams and influxes in their business. A motel called the "Little Áléinn" is booked solid around the September 20 event date. Joerg Arnu, who runs an Area 51 research website, also says his web traffic has increased from 500 hits a day, to around 3,000. Read more...

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The final trailer for It Chapter Two has arrived and it really leans in on the supernatural terror that is Pennywise the clown.

The cosmic clown/child murderer isn`t finished with the kids he terrorized in the first It movie, now haunting them in their adulthoods as they continue to struggle with their past. Between the child trapped in the hall of mirrors, the insane amount of blood, Pennywise`s reality-bending horror, and a look at Pennywise without all of his makeup, this trailer is really gearing up fans for quite the sequel.

It Chapter Two arrives in theaters Sept. 6.

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Among search terms are "alien impregnation,” "alien sex," "alien girl," and "alien probe."

Read more here.

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Jay and Silent Bob, the infamous indie movie duo from the `90s, are back with a reboot.

The trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot brings Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) back together in the spotlight for the first time since Clerks 2 in 2006. The two have popped up in several movies here and there since `06, but this is the first live-action movie to focus on them in over a decade.

Based on the trailer, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot looks like it pokes fun at its own reboot premise with the kind of profanity-filled language and jokes that Kevin Smith fans have come to expect with a whole bunch of cameos. Read more...

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The fear of being buried alive is taphophobia. (Sergey Nivens / Adobe Stock.)

Modern medicine is full of wonders and lifesaving, revolutionary methods - many of which are taken for granted. 


Tesla points out that NHTSA`s data at the end of Q1 and Q2 was one crash per 436,000 miles and 498,000 miles, respectively. However, while the numbers look good, Autopilot is most often used on highways so Autopilot-on and Autopilot-off miles can’t be directly compared.

Read more here.

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Tens of millions of Americans will feel triple-digit heat between Thursday and Sunday. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) noted that 20 to 30 high temperature records could fall between the Rockies and the East Coast. There will be little relief even at night: The weather agency expects 123 records for the warmest daily low temperature to be either broken or tied this week. The Midwest will see many of the highest extremes on Thursday and Friday, while the East Coat will feel its most intense heat on Saturday.

The NWS labeled this excessive heat as "scorching." On Saturday in Washington D.C., the confluence of humidity and air temperatures are forecast to produce a heat index (or feeling) of around 110 F. Meteorologist Michael Ventrice called these forecasted conditions "dangerously hot." Indeed, heat waves kill more Americans than any other weather event. Read more...

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One of Facebook’s main selling points for the digital currency is the ability to provide instantaneous monetary transfers at minimal fees. However, both Republicans and Democrats asked why the network needs to create a currency to achieve this goal.

Read more here.

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Though Instagram has been using "image hashing" and other means to remove the gruesome photo, the platform has not been removing it at a fast enough rate.

Read more here.

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TL;DR: The stainless steel Jack LaLanne Fusion juicer is only 59.88 at Walmart, saving you 10 off of the already-low original price.

Jack LaLanne and Hurom juicers are the brands that come to mind when thinking about high-quality juicing, but those price tags are usually saved for health nuts who have been juicing for years.

Newbies, you can get a Jack LaLanne juicer for less than 60: Walmart has Jack LaLanne`s Fusion model at an already-out-of-this-world price of 69.88, and you can currently take an extra 10 off and grab it for 59.88

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TL;DR: The health-tracking, long-lasting Samsung Galaxy smartwatch comes in two different sizes — 42mm and 46mm — which retail for 329 and 349, respectively, but you can save 50 by ordering yours from Amazon.

There are a lot of great things about the Apple Watch Series 4 (the latest iteration of Tim Cook`s smartwatch), like its massive high-res display and advanced health tracking tools. But there are also a few not-so-great things about the Apple Watch Series 4 — namely, the fact that it starts at 399 and has a measly battery life of 18 hours.

Don`t get us wrong: We love the Series 4; Mashable`s Ray Wong gave it an impressive score of 4.5 out of 5 when he reviewed it last year. But we also know it`s nice to have options. Read more...

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TL;DR: The high-performance Logitech gaming G513 keyboard and G502 mouse bundle is 139.99, saving you 90.

Any PC gaming setup needs a good keyboard and mouse. Decent versions of these accessories can get pretty pricey, so if you don’t want to drop a ton of money, keep your eyes peeled for discounted bundles.

We found a Logitech bundle including the G513 keyboard and G502 mouse on sale for 139.99 as part of Dell’s Cyber Monday in July event. That’s a 90 discount and 70 cheaper than buying them separately from Logitech’s official site.

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TL;DR: The beautiful Apple 10.5-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi, 64GB, previous model) is 474 at Walmart for the gold and rose gold models. That`s a 175 discount on one of the best tablets available right now. 

After months of hype, Prime Day was over in a flash, taking with it many huge discounts on tablets. Some of them might still be live, but you might feel a sense of FOMO if you forgot to search for a great deal on top tablets. Just take it easy and relax, because Walmart has the perfect hangover cure in the form of a special iPad Pro offer

Buy the iPad Pro 10.5-inch model with 64GB and Wi-Fi for only 474 from Walmart. This is the previous model, but try to say no to a 175 discount on a tablet that`s still super powerful. The savings only apply to the gold and rose gold model, but honestly why would you waste your time with boring old silver and space gray colors?  Read more...

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There`s no crying in baseball, but I`m crying watching this sweet video. 

The Philadelphia Phillies posted a video on Twitter of two young boys running to claim a fly ball that made its way into the stands. When the first boy picks up the ball, he hands it over to the second boy. When he realizes that we all just witnessed an adorable act of kindness, one announcer says, "That was nice of him."

Before they go back to their seats, the two boys stop to hug each other. No big deal, but my heart is exploding. 

"Oh my god," one announcer exclaims. "I think we can go home now."

"Yeah, we`ve seen everything," the other replies. 

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TL;DR: Get the Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System for 89.99 from Walmart, a savings of over half off its list price of 179.99.

Iced coffee lovers love hard. We know that there’s no better way to kick off the morning than a nice large ice-cold cup of coffee. Especially on hot days like the ones we’ve had recently (seriously, why is it so hot??). And no one knows how you like your coffee more than you, so why trust anyone else to make it? Your local barista may have your order memorized, but can they really personalize your perfect cup as well as you? Not likely.

The Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System gives you the tools needed to make coffeehouse-quality beverages right in your home. Unlike other instant coffee makers, this one was made with the cold brew connoisseur in mind. It features five brew styles, so you can easily choose the strength of your coffee, giving you the perfect dose of caffeine for those Mondays when you just can’t pull yourself out of bed and Saturday nights when you need to stay up and stream just one more episode.  Read more...

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For the first time since 2011, Netflix lost U.S. subscribers.

The streaming video service said on Wednesday it lost 126,000 subscribers in the U.S. in the second quarter of 2019. The loss in U.S. subscribers wasn`t helped by the underwhelming 2.7 million global subscribers the company added — about half short of the 5 million it was expecting.

The easiest thing to do is point fingers at the growing number of streaming services competing with Netflix. For example, Disney+, available this holiday season starting at 6.99 a month, has everyone already claiming they`ll dump Netflix.

However, the drop in U.S. subscribers and lackluster global growth was largely due to more boring reasons, according to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. In his investor`s note, Hastings said price hikes that went into effect in January contributed to the weaker-than-expected quarter results. The "Basic" plan increased from 8 per month to 9, the "Standard" two-screen plan jumped from 11 to 13, and the "Premium" plan increased from 14 to 16. Read more...

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The problem with Black Mirror is there`s never quite enough of it.

How are we supposed to wallow sufficiently in existential dread if we only have three episodes to do it in, eh Season 5?

Well, don`t despair just yet. Although it may be a while before more Black Mirror cracks its way onto our screens, there are alternatives.

Years and Years, a six-episode series co-produced by the BBC and HBO, is one of those. If you`re partial to shows that fill you with a deep-rooted sense of terror about the direction our society`s headed, you`ll almost certainly love it.

What`s it actually about?

Years and Years follows the lives of one UK family — the Lyons — over a 15-year period. It starts in the present day and immediately lulls us into a false sense of realism, as one of the main characters drives along listening to a BBC Radio 4 news bulletin about real-life 2019 issues. Theresa May. Brexit. The death of Doris Day. The show makes it clear that it`s set in the same world we inhabit — and then it swiftly pulls the rug out from under us. Read more...

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For those looking to work out at home, elliptical machines are the top choice for many fitness fanatics who prefer to keep the gym as close to them as possible — AKA their house. 

Most ellipticals don’t take up that much space, and they provide really comprehensive cardio workouts for even the most dedicated gym rats. 

But for some reason, ellipticals aren’t as well-respected as other cardio-based workout machines — we presume that’s because not everyone fully understands the benefits of using one.

High impact exercises can do a lot of damage to your joints over time, so sticking with low impact workouts (like with an elliptical machine) is the way to go. That’s not the only benefit of using an elliptical machine, though. Read more...

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IMAGE: Amazon


Sole Fitness E35

The pedals, stride length, incline, and more are all adjustable, and its quiet drive system keeps noise levels to a minimum.

  • Maximum stride length: 22 inches
  • Weight: 98 kilograms
  • Bluetooth capability: No
£1,199 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Bowflex BXE326

Integrated controls on the built-in handrails are easy to access, and allow for real-time custom programming.

  • Maximum stride length: 22 inches
  • Weight: 131 kilograms
  • Bluetooth capability: Yes
£2,099 from Amazon
Bab9066e 35f8 4da3 b6b4 ba800154f2d3
IMAGE: Amazon


Schwinn 430I

Packed with 22 pre-set workouts and 20 resistance levels, to keep you moving towards your goal.

  • Maximum stride length: 20 inches
  • Weight: 74.5 kilograms
  • Bluetooth capability: No
£838.99 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Nautilus E628

Padded handlebars are designed to provide optimal comfort throughout the duration of your cardio sessions.

  • Maximum stride length: 22 inches
  • Weight: 75 kilograms
  • Bluetooth capability: Yes
£1,469 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Nordic Track E11.5

The entire machine folds down so you can easily store it under a bed or in a cupboard.

  • Maximum stride length: 20-22 inches
  • Weight: 100 kilograms
  • Bluetooth capability: No
£699 from Amazon
Ead56f25 b83e 4e6d bc1c d7e0f40dd318
IMAGE: Amazon


Octane Zero Runner ZR7

Looking to conserve energy? You`ll never have to plug in this elliptical because it`s completely self-powered.

  • Maximum stride length: 58 inches
  • Weight: 88 kilograms
  • Bluetooth capability: Yes
£2,414 from Amazon
1c9e4986 b6fc 4459 8f51 32810fe221fc
IMAGE: Amazon


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3609

Great for someone who is on a budget and doesn`t need anything too flashy to get their workouts done.

  • Maximum stride length: 11 inches
  • Weight: 32.66 kilograms
  • Bluetooth capability: No
£229.99 from Amazon
D4c803e1 876b 4c6f 8629 619173e6b277
IMAGE: Amazon


ProForm Hybrid

You can convert the ProForm from your standard elliptical machine to a stationary bike in seconds.

  • Maximum stride length: 15 inches
  • Weight: 56 kilograms
  • Bluetooth capability: Yes
£1,971 from Amazon
4b360373 cc1e 41a3 9c14 85078cf4ca67
IMAGE: Amazon


ProForm Cardio

When you use the HIIT trainer, you`ll be activating your calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, biceps, and triceps all at once.

  • Maximum stride length: 15.7 inches (vertical)
  • Weight: 85 kilograms
  • Bluetooth capability: Yes
£999 from Amazon

Barring any odd, last-minute surprises, we know what the upcoming iPhones will look like

There will be three of them, each corresponding to a model in the current iPhone XS/XS Max/XR lineup, with the biggest visual difference on the new phones being a large, square camera bump on the back. 

3D renders only go so far, but now, we can check out the phones in detail in a new video — sort of. 

The devices in the video, published by Mobile Fun, aren`t actual phones; they`re dummy models, based on rumors and CAD designs of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R. As such, they could differ (considerably) from the final, official versions.  Read more...

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TL;DR: The comprehensive Eufy smart scale is on sale for 31.49, down from 44.99.

Just tracking your weight is not the most accurate indicator of your body’s health or your workout progress. Trade in your standard scale for a smart scale to measure body fat and get a full reading of your body composition.

The Eufy smart scale is currently on sale at Amazon — clip the extra savings coupon to take 30% (or 13.50) off your total. Heads up, you`ll have to go to your cart to actually see the savings applied.

This scale measures weight, body fat, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, water weight, lean body mass, muscle mass, bone mass, and visceral body fat. It gives you a more holistic view of your physical health. Read more...

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Summer is going by faster than you can say "sunblock" — but, there`s plenty more streaming fun to be had this August.

Next month, Hulu is streaming movie classics like Rushmore and The Terminator alongside recent releases like How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and The Beach Bum

Plus, they`ve got hits like Alien vs. Predator, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Pink Panther (and its sequel), The Lincoln Lawyer, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and more.

Unfortunately, the service is a little light on new television options this time around. But if you`re looking to wrack up a day or so worth of content, then you can always marathon Hulu`s Final Destination and Star Trek collections, both premiering next month. Read more...

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The Amazons were a tribe of warrior women. (Atelier Sommerland / Adobe Stock).

Famous ancient Greek historian Herodotus once wrote of the Amazons - or as he called them Oier Pata (‘Killers of Men’) – a  tribe of fierce warrior women.


There`s one scene in HBO`s new drug and sex-filled teen drama Euphoria that perfectly captures how easy access to the internet and porn is influencing young people`s real-life sexual experiences.

A high school boy is getting hot and heavy with a high school girl. He`s kind and respectful; she`s enthusiastically consenting. When they prepare for intercourse, though, things take a sudden turn for the violent. 

The sweet boy throws her on the bed, forces her arms up, grabs her by the throat — not minding her choked protests. Thankfully in this case, the girl is comfortable enough to push him off with a forceful, "Stop." He immediately drops the act, apologizing. When she asks incredulously why he`d do all that, he explains genuinely: "I thought you liked that." Read more...

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This deals roundup focuses on the biggest and the best. We have lined up a bunch of deals on 4K TVs, laptops, and tablets, from likes of Apple, Samsung, LG, and Dell.

You can save on a wide range of top devices, including an Apple iPad Pro, a LG 55-inch 4K TV, and a portable Sony speaker. This is the place to be if you want to pick up a massively popular device, at a heavily discounted price.

Elsewhere in this list, you can pick up LEGO sets, Amazon devices, and protein powders at low prices. There really is something for everyone.

These are the best deals from across the internet for July 18.  Read more...

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£25.00 OFF (50%) £49.99

Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f1016997%2f480846f0 62c1 4971 a782 5385cc4bc0c5
£30.00 OFF (33%) £89.99

Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f1016999%2f5b93a64c 2f40 4767 b5f8 24713794a578
£21.11 OFF (35%) £60

Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f1017001%2fe3db4bef 368a 4b18 936e 8e5691e7adef
£28.78 OFF (58%) £49.99

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£47.50 OFF (59%) £79.99

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£21.04 OFF (23%) £89.99

Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f1017007%2f57b4837d 3899 4a4c becd eee7aba010ab
£8.04 OFF (23%) £34.99

Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f1017009%2f80ecd304 8ffd 47f9 bfdd 5afb82d74e55
£23.20 OFF (55%) £41.99

Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f1017011%2f4833d3ae c2f1 4f53 acdf c513fac1db99
£15.00 OFF (35%) £42.99

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£16.50 OFF (55%) £29.99

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£477.99 OFF (50%) £949.99

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£171 OFF (29%) £599

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Tesla`s new Vehicle Safety Report is out, and things are looking good for the electric car maker, especially its Autopilot set of self-driving features. 

Tesla`s accident data for the first quarter of 2019 shows that there was one accident for every 2.87 million miles driven in which drivers had Autopilot engaged. For drivers that had Tesla`s active safety features turned on, but not Autopilot, the company registered one accident for every 1.76 million miles driven. Finally, for those driving with both Autopilot and active safety features off, Tesla registered one accident per every 1.26 million miles driven.  Read more...

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It`s been 50 years since NASA’s Apollo 11 moon landing, but July 20, 1969, still looms large in the consciousness of a nation desperate for something — anything — to be proud of. 

So why not celebrate that anniversary with this fresh as hell Google Doodle? Made "in partnership" with Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, the Doodle "will allow users to experience the journey to the Moon and back to Earth," according to a Google statement.

Oh yeah. Bring on the experience that officially begins at 9 p.m. PT today! 

Blast it off.

Blast it off.

Image: google

So dope. 

But wait, there`s more! 

The moon.

The moon.

Image: google

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Boosted Rev
The Good
Big • thick wheels to tackle streets • Three types of brakes • Tops out at 24 mph • Up to 22-mile range
The Bad
Heavy AF at 46 lbs • No bell • 3-4x more expensive than other consumer e-scooters
The Bottom Line
Boosted`s first electric scooter is big, heavy, and very fast. But most importantly, it`s the safest e-scooter we`ve ever ridden.
⚡ Mashable Score 4.25
😎 Cool Factor 4.0
📘Ease of Use 4.0
💪Performance 5.0
💵 Bang for the Buck 4.0

You probably know Boosted for its popular electric longboards and skateboards. But did you know it`s now branching off into e-scooters? Read more...

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TL;DR: NordVPN is on sale for just £2.29 a month, saving you £247.21 over the course of the plan.

What exactly do you want from a VPN? You probably want it to look sleek, and offer fast connections, with lots of server locations, and around-the-clock customer support. You probably want all of that, but not above a secure service.

When it comes to a VPN, the security and protection it offers has to be the priority. There`s no debate here. A VPN is designed to keep your online activities secure, and if it doesn`t do that, then you need to look elsewhere.

When it comes to security, NordVPN is right up there with the best services in the market. NordVPN does not insert ads into your web traffic, and doesn’t profit from the sale of user data. On top of that, NordVPN only collects aggregated app-crash statistics and voluntary diagnostic data, meaning that the service doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information. This is great news for anyone concerned about data leaks. Read more...

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