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Intelligence officers detained a Hebron businessman who defied an official Palestinian boycott of the Trump administration’s economic conference.
Yemen`s Iran-aligned Houthi group attacked military positions and aircraft hangars at Saudi Arabia`s Jizan airport, the group`s Al Masirah TV said on Saturday, citing a military spokesman.
Scores of Asia specialists, including former U.S. diplomats and military officers, want President Donald Trump to rethink policies that "treat China as an enemy," warning the approach could hurt U.S. interests and the global economy, according to a draft open letter reviewed by Reuters on Saturday.
Britain`s lead Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins will leave his role in government shortly after briefing the new prime minister, The Sunday Times reported.
Saudi-Led coalition forces intercepted a drone launched by Yemen`s Houthis at Jizan airport, a Saudi-led coalition spokesman said in a statement released by the Saudi Press Agency early on Saturday.
Sudanese security forces raided the head office of a leading opposition group on Saturday, a day before huge protests that are planned to demand a transition to civilian rule, witnesses and a spokesman for the group said.
Forces allied to Libya`s internationally recognized government based in Tripoli captured sophisticated U.S. and Chinese rockets as well as drones when they seized a town from eastern forces last week, officials said on Saturday.
A woman who was around eight months pregnant was stabbed to death in London on Saturday, and her baby was in a critical condition, British police said.
A Turkish observation post in the Idlib region of northern Syria was attacked by mortar fire launched from territory controlled by Syrian government forces, Turkey`s defense ministry said on Saturday, adding that there were no casualties.
Most of the Saqqara mummies were poorly preserved and had decayed coffins

An amazing cache of mummies has been found in Egypt near one of the world’s oldest pyramids. Polish archaeologists discovered several hundred of them at the site. The unearthing of the mummified bodies is expected to help researchers better understand a very important site and also the religious beliefs of ordinary ancient Egyptians.

The mummies were discovered by a team of Polish archaeologists from the Department of Egyptology at the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Oriental Studies that were led by Dr. Kamil Kuraszkiewicz. They had been working in the area near Djoser Pyramid, close to the ancient capital of Memphis in Lower Egypt.

The majority of the mummies found near Djoser pyramid were laid to rest with only modest arrangements

The majority of the mummies found near Djoser pyramid were laid to rest with only modest arrangements. (J. Dąbrowski / PCMA)

The University’s experts have been investigating the location for almost 20 years and they have made numerous important discoveries. In recent years, they found the ‘graves of noblemen from the era of the 6th dynasty, dating to the 24th-21st century BC,’ according to Poland. In.

A Roman shipwreck with amphorae as cargo has been found off the coast of Cyprus.

A ship that has lain at the bottom of the Eastern Mediterranean for about 2000 years has been found by marine archaeologists according to the Department of Antiquities of the Republic of Cyprus. The Roman shipwreck was found off the coast of Cyprus and it is expected that the discovery can help researchers better understand the economy and society of the Eastern Mediterranean during the Roman Empire.

The wreck was found off Cyprus’ ‘southeast coast, near the popular beach resort of Protaras,’ according to France 24. This is a well-known tourist resort which is not far from the Cypriot port of Larnaca. According to the In-Cyprus website, ‘it is the first undisturbed Roman shipwreck ever found’ in the waters of the Mediterranean island nation.

Roman trireme on the mosaic in Tunisia

Roman trireme on the mosaic in Tunisia. (Mathiasrex/CC BY SA 3.0)

Source: Ministry of Environment

The Ministry of Environment installed the first two stations to monitor the surrounding air in Sohag Governorate. A monitoring station was installed at the top of the central administration building of Sohag University in the east of the Nile, bringing the number of air monitoring stations at the national level to 100 stations.

This is part of the Ministry of Environment’s plan to focus on the environment in Upper Egypt, which led to the establishment of monitoring stations in the provinces of Qena, Minya and Luxor to monitor the air pollutants and achieve the environmental targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In 2018, the Ministry of Environment announced a strategy for Egypt to reduce its air pollution rate by 50 percent in 2023.

In the recent years, both the public sector and the private sector in Egypt have been actively working towards environmentally sustainable solutions by introducing electric cars and electric buses to its transportation system.

Egypt is one of the few countries in the Middle East region, Africa and Asia that owns such a large number of air quality monitoring stations, according to the ministry.

According to ACS Publications, the amount of pollution in the city’s air shortens its resident’s life by 1.85 years, with an estimated 43,000 Egyptians dying from diseases related to air pollution in 2012.

The most common diseases in Egypt are reported to be bacterial diarrhea, typhoid fever, and schistosomiasis, all of which have a connection to unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Here are our top tips for tackling air pollution.



A ship carrying 69 containers of waste mislabeled as plastic recyclables returned to Canada on Saturday from the Philippines, closing a chapter on a dispute that started in 2013 and sparked a diplomatic furor between Ottawa and Manila.
Hundreds of firefighters brought wildfires under control in southern France on Saturday as a stifling heatwave brought record-breaking temperatures to parts of Europe, killing at least six people.
The United States and China agreed on Saturday to restart trade talks after President Donald Trump offered concessions including no new tariffs and an easing of restrictions on tech company Huawei in order to reduce tensions with Beijing.
Congo`s interior minister vowed to remove all illegal miners by Sunday from a copper and cobalt mine run by Glencore following a landslide this week that killed at least 43 of them.
The United States on Saturday urged an immediate end to a mobile data blackout in parts of two Myanmar states, saying a service restoration would help provide transparency to what the government says are law enforcement actions to avert unrest.
Naomi Osaka reckons that she can be guilty of over-thinking things but now her mind`s been freed of having to protect the world no.1 tag, the young Japanese is actually feeling liberated by the idea of grabbing back that accolade at Wimbledon.
CAIRO - 29 June 2019: The New Cairo Prosecution ordered the detention of Mawada al-Aqabawy, daughter of defendant in “Al Amal Cell” lawsuit Osama al-Akbawy, for four days pending investigations. Mawada is charged with joining the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and acquisition of incitement documents.

The State Security Prosecution ordered on Wednesday the detention of nine people including political and economic figures who are believed to be behind the so-called Al-Amal (Hope) Plan to 15 days pending investigations.

The defendants include Zeyad al-Eleimy, Hossam Mo`nes, Mostafa Abdel Mo`ez, Osama al-Akbawy, Omar al-Shenety, Hesham Fouad, and Hassan Barbari. Those along with Qassem Abdel Kafi were transferred to Tora Prison.

On Thursday, the State Security Prosecution ordered seizing the defendants’ funds. It also ordered banning them from leaving the country.

Al-Amal Plan, according to a security statement, is a terrorist plot by Muslim Brotherhood leaders to target the state facilities institutions in coincidence with the celebrations of the anniversary of June 30 Uprising, according to a statement issued Tuesday. The arrested figures are believed to be Muslim Brotherhood operatives.

The ministry said in its statement that “the national security sector has managed to uncover a villainous scheme, orchestrated by fugitive Muslim Brotherhood leaders in cooperation with their operatives inside the country who claim to be representatives of civil political powers.”

According to the statement, the scheme worked on uniting the Brotherhood group members, funding them from the revenues of some economic entities as they seek to undermine the state and its institutions on the June 30 Uprising anniversary.

Information received by the National Security Service revealed that the plan is focused on establishing routes for the financial funds sent illegally from abroad by some hostile countries to work on carrying out violent acts across the country to disrupt celebrations of the revolution`s anniversary, the statement said.

The statement also noted that the scheme aimed at launching inciting campaigns in the media and on social media and satellite TV channels that are broadcast from outside the country. The statement identified some of the MB leaders who are involved in the plan including Mahmoud Hussein, Ali Bateekh, anchor Moataz Matar, Mohammed Nasser as well as the fugitive leader of El-Ghad Party Ayman Nour.

Acting on such information, security forces, in coordination with the High State Security Prosecution, targeted 19 economic entities which are secretly run by the MB leaders and seized documents, amounts of money and electronic devices that were in their possession, the statement added.
Iran will soon exceed an enriched uranium limit under its nuclear deal, after remaining signatories to the pact fell short of Tehran`s demands to be shielded from U.S. sanctions, the semi-official Fars news agency cited an "informed source" as saying.
A scorching heat wave is forcing Europe to realize how dangerously unprepared its cities are for climate emergencies.
Grime superstar Stormzy has won plaudits for a rip-roaring and history-making headline set at Glastonbury on Friday night, which saw him highlight Britain`s knife crime crisis and racial inequality in its criminal justice system.
A United Nations official on Saturday joined Dutch lawmakers in criticizing Queen Maxima over a meeting she held with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Osaka this week.
Thousands of people took part in Singapore`s annual gay pride rally on Saturday, with many calling for a law banning gay sex to be scrapped following similar measures elsewhere in the region.

Rachael Parker

  • Rachael Parker is a principal engineer at Intel.
  • She joined the tech giant in the `90s, and was the first person in the company to transition from male to female in a visible fashion.
  • With the support of her wife and coworkers, Parker has gone on to become a prominent trans advocate in tech.
  • Visit Business Insider`s homepage for more stories.

In 1995, I had a new job, a new wife — and an old secret. I`d spent many years struggling with the pain of understanding who I was.

While growing up, I didn`t identify with boys and knew I was different, but I had no information about what I was feeling. I had only recently understood what it meant to be transgender, because it wasn`t common for trans people to be out at the time (the Internet was much smaller and younger then).

After coming across a trans support newsgroup, I immediately knew that this is who I was and that there were others like me. Although I was terrified, I was also excited to learn more about it.

My family was supportive about my decision to transition. At the time, I`d known my wife since 1989, and it was a gradual process coming out to her. My spouse was there for me, which is exceptionally rare. Often, transition ends in divorce, and I was blessed to have someone who was able to love me just for who I was. She had a friend from college who had just come out to her as being trans, so it helped that it wasn`t a foreign concept.

Having two young children, my family was my number one priority. It was important to me not to push them or rush them. The transition was gradual, and they saw me getting happier and healthier, which was positive reinforcement to continue transition and gave me the strength to also be out in other areas of my life.

Read more: Coworkers said my androgynous look was scaring clients, so I switched jobs and found a boss who helped me accept my true self

The importance of creating a professional `sanctuary`

Navigating the workplace was a different experience. I joined Intel as an engineer and was largely closeted for the first year and a half. After starting, I joined the company`s employee resource group IGLOBE (Intel Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender Employees), which back then did not include the word "transgender" in its charter — nobody had ever asked them to include the transgender community. To change that, I conducted informational sessions and presentations where I shared my story, taught them what it meant to be transgender, and explained why it was important that the LGB community should be allies with and advocates for the transgender community.

After changing the charter for IGLOBE, it became my sanctuary, and I participated fully. I held multiple officer positions, eventually serving as president of the group. But I wasn`t done. Although I was terrified, I knew I needed to transition for my own survival.

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to transition, you would normally quit your job, move to a new place and start a new life, never revealing your status. But I had a wife, a young family — and I had worked very hard to build my career. I wanted to stay at Intel, which was at the epicenter of semiconductor development, and where I had already built career equity through my contributions, patents, and publications.

When I decided that I was going to transition at work, I wanted to make sure Intel was a safe place to do that. It was the `90s, and I was the first person to transition at Intel in such a visible fashion, so there were no policies or processes in place to build from. I started meeting with HR and legal to encourage Intel to change its equal employment opportunity (EEO) and non-discrimination policy to include gender identity. This was key: At the time, Intel`s protections didn`t include gender identity, and I needed to know that I wouldn`t be fired, as that was not uncommon for the times.

While I had advocates, there was still a lot of education to be done around what constitutes harassment. Many people had never heard of what it meant to be transgender. Although I leveraged support from HR on a few occasions, I focused more on working to educate coworkers — as well as my broader workplace — about what was acceptable behavior.

Read more: This top Accenture exec came out as gay to coworkers at an office party 32 years ago. He says it was one of the best career decisions he`s ever made.

Why advocating for company-wide change can lead to greater acceptance

Changing Intel`s EEO statement and non-discrimination policy was a big step, but there was still a long way to go. I continued my work by advocating for trans healthcare benefits at Intel. It was important to ensure people had access to prescriptions and hormone-replacement therapy, which technically was excluded from coverage for transgender people.

Therapy was another area that wasn`t covered: any trans person should have the right to go to therapy and have it covered by their insurance. Today, many companies have added protections for gender expression and identity to their policies, as well as healthcare coverage for people who are transitioning. I`m very proud Intel was among the leaders in this area. 

While I will never stop fighting and advocating for equal rights, it has been wonderful to find a workplace where I finally feel accepted for who I am.

Having my family and finding support at work through this process was critical, and it inspired me to be more active in the community. I began serving as an Intel representative to the Human Rights Campaign and as a board member of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. As other companies started taking steps to make changes, I was able to act as a resource, sharing best practices and the process we went through at Intel.

There are still places where people are not safe today, and while we must work to change that, it`s been very meaningful for me to help create environments where people can truly be themselves. 

Rachael Parker is a Principal Engineer at Intel working in the Mixed-Signal IP group, where she runs a small team that develops hardware security circuits. She has been with the company for 24 years and holds over 25 patents.

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Romania`s centrist President Klaus Iohannis said on Saturday he would decline any offer to get the European Union`s top job, seeking instead to win a fresh term as the country`s president.

apollo command module space capsule astronauts atmospheric reentry plasma heating heat shield artist illustration nasa S68 41156_orig

Apollo 11 is rightfully hailed as an extraordinary success for the US. After all, NASA rocketed humans to the moon`s surface for the first time and brought them home alive.

But there were quite a few close calls during the historic mission that could have ended it in tragedy.

Minutes ahead of the moon landing, for instance, alarms blared inside the lunar-landing spacecraft, indicating that the flight computer was overloaded and might quit. Then a surprise crater threatened to botch the landing, so Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (the two moonwalkers) used up nearly all of their fuel navigating to safer lunar pastures.

These and other stories — frozen fuel lines, a stuck hatch, a busted switch required to leave the moon — are well-shared among spaceflight enthusiasts and historians.

But according to a forthcoming book, the mission`s three astronauts may have been in far more peril than previously reported.

A serious anomaly occurred as the crew careened toward a landing on Earth, according to Nancy Atkinson, a science journalist and author who details formerly classified information about the event in her new book, "Eight Years to the Moon: The History of the Apollo Missions."

"Through my interviews and research for the book, I uncovered a serious anomaly that occurred during Apollo 11`s return to Earth," Atkinson — whose book comes out July 2 — told Business Insider in an email. "The event was discovered only after the crew had returned safely to Earth."

The problem happened just before Apollo 11 returned to Earth, causing a discarded space module to nearly crash into the crew`s capsule.

What`s more, Atkinson`s sources suggest, the same issue also threatened the crews of three other Apollo missions.

`We were lucky`

apollo moon mission command service lunar modules drawing artist concept nasa S69 18546_orig labeled

The anomaly happened less than an hour before the Apollo 11 crew landed. As Atkinson tells it, most everyone at NASA did not realize the peril it put astronauts in until weeks after they`d returned to Earth.

For most of their eight-day mission, the crew of Apollo 11 rode inside a gumdrop-shaped capsule called the command module. This capsule sat on top of the service module: a large cylinder that carried supplies, propellants, and a large rocket engine. NASA called the two-part spacecraft the command and service module, or CSM.

The CSM delivered a third part, called the lunar module, to lunar orbit. Then that lander took Aldrin and Armstrong to and from the surface, while astronaut Michael Collins remained in orbit around the moon. The CSM then rocketed everyone back toward Earth on a three-day voyage.

About 15 minutes before the astronauts splashed into the Pacific Ocean, the CSM fully separated into its two parts. This was necessary because only the command module (which held the crew) had a heat shield. The heat shield protected the astronauts by deflecting and absorbing the scorching energies created by plowing through Earth`s atmosphere at about 25,000 mph — more than a dozen times as fast as a speeding bullet.

apollo 14 moon mission command service modules drawing diagram cutaway nasa S71 16823_origThe service module became useless and posed a collision risk after the two parts separated, so it was supposed to skip off Earth`s atmosphere like a stone thrown across a pond.

But it did not.

Read more: An Apollo astronaut explains how he nearly killed himself `horsing around` on the moon in 1972

Instead, as Atkinson explains, the service module chased the astronauts during their descent.

"Houston, we got the service module going by. A little high and a little bit to the right," Aldrin, who was looking out of the command module`s window, told Mission Control over the radio.

Moments later he added: "It`s coming across now from right to left."

As plasma built up ahead of the capsule, its radio communications temporarily went out (as expected) yet prevented the astronauts from offering any more details. But an airplane pilot spotted the returning command module and service module, the latter of which was breaking apart and splintering into glowing pieces.

Gary Johnson, who worked as an electrical engineer on the Apollo program, told Atkinson that the service module should have been "absolutely nowhere close to the command module" as it descended.

If the part had collided with the command module carrying the astronauts, it could have crippled or destroyed the vehicle or sent it flying out of control. Chunks of the disintegrating service module could also have struck the capsule, which could have led to catastrophe as well, Atkinson wrote.

"If things had gone bad, we could have lost the Apollo 11 crew," Johnson told Atkinson. "We were lucky."

Why the Apollo jettison anomaly isn`t well known

apolo 11 moon mission command service module spaceship earth atmospheric reentry plasma sky heat shield july 24 1969 nasa 5246_640

The astronauts, mission controllers, and communications personnel didn`t understand there was a problem until after NASA debriefed the three moon men about their mission weeks later.

NASA launched an investigation based on their reports and found that two prior missions — Apollo 8 and Apollo 10 — had suffered the same glitch. Those astronauts did not see the service module outside their windows, however, so they didn`t report it, Atkinson wrote. (A review of old radar recordings showed the service modules on those missions did also fly dangerously close to the command modules, though.)

The problem`s cause turned out to be a bad sequence in a controller that helped jettison, or separate, the command and service modules. NASA knew the same problem was baked into the Apollo 12 spacecraft, which launched in November 1969, but decided not to fix it due to time constraints, Atkinson said.

According to Johnson, NASA kept the Apollo 11 astronaut debriefs classified until November 1970 — about six months after the harrowing Apollo 13 mission — and the anomaly stayed out of newspapers.

"The event never made it into the Apollo 11 mission reports and somehow was largely forgotten — I think due to the frantic-ness of the time, of needing to move on to the next flight, etc.," Atkinson said. "The first time the fix for this anomaly was in place was for Apollo 13. And of course, you know what happened with 13, and I think the anomaly was probably largely forgotten due to all the other excitement."

More details about the anomaly can be found in Atkinson`s book.

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Skengdo x AM

  • UK police are monitoring more than 2,000 "drill" rap videos on YouTube in their war against London street gangs.
  • YouTube has deleted 130 videos at the request of police because of their links to crime. The gangs use YouTube to threaten rivals and boast about their attacks. And the police have used YouTube videos as evidence against gangs in court.
  • The stakes are high: More than 4,000 people a year are stabbed in London, mostly in gang conflict.
  • At least four rap groups are now banned by court order from performing or publishing their music.
  • Drill rappers are angry. "This is a threat to freedom of speech. Nobody in a free society should be imprisoned for words," one group says.

As soon as the dark blue Ford Mondeo pulled to a stop on Gordon Road that night, the 16-year-old boy standing at the side of the road knew he had made a mistake. He had been tricked into the rendezvous by an acquaintance. Driving the car was Isaac Donkoh, 21, a local rapper who also ran a gang in the Beckton E6 postcode area, a dreary neighbourhood in the east of London.  It is best-known for being the home of the world`s largest gasworks. Donkoh`s crew that night consisted of four teenagers — two other 16-year-olds and two 14-year-olds.

Donkoh and his colleagues got out of the car, and forced the 16-year-old into the vehicle. Once inside they threatened him with a machete and tied two plastic bags over his head.

"I thought they were probably gonna kill me," the boy later told police.

In fact, they needed him alive. They wanted to torture him.

Over the next two hours, Donkoh and the others stripped the boy naked, beat him with a pole, cut him with scissors, forced him to swallow cannabis, and scalded his head and feet with boiling water. Then they made him call his parents and beg for £1,500 (about 1,900) as a ransom.

The gang filmed the whole thing on an iPhone. In April of this year, London Metropolitan police later used it to secure convictions and prison sentences against all four young men.

The police were particularly interested in Donkoh`s nascent career on the "UK drill" rap music scene. "Donkoh fronted drill music videos for his gang which goaded rivals and recruited boys as young as 14 to commit serious violence," Detective Chief Inspector Jim McKee said in a statement after the case was over. "We identified a direct correlation between his drill videos which glorified violence and shootings and stabbings on the streets."

The Donkoh torture case — and the drill music linked to it — is not an isolated incident.


`Operation Domain` tracks and controls London`s drill rap scene, aided by YouTube

YouTube has removed 130 rap videos from its platform at the request of London police, who allege that the videos are weapons in a gang war that has led to hundreds of stabbings across the city in the last couple of years.

At least 20 convictions have been made in the Metropolitan Police`s "Operation Domain" investigation of rap gangs, all leading to convictions. Eighteen received prison sentences.

The most controversial part of the campaign is the extent to which police are now monitoring — and banning — music videos on YouTube to track gang warfare and prevent attacks. The police told Business Insider that they are currently tracking more than 2,000 music videos in their database. "As of 21 June, the Met has submitted requests to YouTube to remove 154 of the 2,040 indexed videos, 130 have been removed," according to Detective Superintendent Mike West.

Two professional rappers, who go by the name Skengdo x AM, are now banned by a court-sanctioned "criminal behaviour order" from making music, performing songs, or publishing music videos without the approval of the police.

They received nine-month suspended prison sentences in January for an unauthorised performance of their music. "It [the CBO] was breached when they performed drill music that incited and encouraged violence against rival gang members and then posted it on social media," the Met told Business Insider.

"The injunction was originally made against the individuals as they were members of a gang in Lambeth and were associated with the escalating gang violence in the borough."

A further 11 less well-known rappers in groups linked to the 1011 and W12 gangs are also banned from performing without police permission.


An official for YouTube confirmed to Business Insider that the company was cooperating.

"We have developed policies specifically to help tackle videos related to knife crime in the UK and are continuing to work constructively with experts on this issue. We work with the Metropolitan Police, The Mayor`s Office for Policing and Crime, the Home Office, and community groups to understand this issue and ensure we are able to take action on gang-related content that infringe our Community Guidelines or break the law," a spokesperson said.

The music bans raise obvious issues around censorship, free speech and creativity: Should the police have the power to ban the mere performance or publication of music? Is YouTube right to cooperate?

London`s gangs are responsible for thousands of stabbings per year

From the police point of view, Operation Domain is a straightforward law enforcement action. The scale of London`s gang wars is terrifying: In the 2018-2019 year ending in March — the most recent numbers the Met has published — there were 4,277 stabbings. The previous year there were 4,732. There were 122 homicides of all types in the most recent year, an indicator that stabbings tend to leave their victims alive. 

There were more than 1,300 stabbings in London, and 80 murders, in the first six months of 2018 alone, according to a Sky News investigation. "The overwhelming majority of these are gang-related," Sky`s Andy Hughes reported. The conflicts are conducted between dozens of tiny postcode-based crews. It`s not a "war" as such. More like a chaotic free-for-all, conducted in continuous fits and starts. 

The police say that they are simply responding to criminal threats and incitement. The fact that the threats rhyme and are delivered via slick videos on YouTube makes no difference, police say.

"Gangs try to outrival each other with content - what looks like a music video can actually contain explicit language used by gangs to threaten each other. They can include gestures of violence, with hand signals suggesting they are firing weapons and graphic descriptions of what they would do to each other," superintendent West said.

"The speed at which an online disagreement can escalate into violence, often very serious violence, is staggering."

Slow, ominous beats and lyrics about violence, revenge, and demands for respect

The police are focused on a single genre of music: UK drill.

Drill was invented in Chicago sometime around 2010. But it has been taken to another level entirely in London. UK drill is characterised by slow, ominous beats with a cinematically gloomy melody looped on top. Rappers deliver their lyrics rapid-fire, in strong London accents. The songs are predominantly about gang violence, revenge, and demands for respect.

UK drill videos also have signature visual tropes. They`re often shot on a low budget, with dark, shadowy backgrounds. The performers pose in masks and bandannas as if they fear being identified, and they flash various threatening hand signals. Conspicuously absent are the wealth symbols — jewelry, cars, swimming pools — that populate mainstream US rap videos.

The whole scene looks like a fantasy of what a scary London street gang might look like.

The police say that, in fact, they are London street gangs — who are genuinely scary. 

It is not clear where the rap groups end and gangs begin

For instance, five members of the Notting Hill-based group 1011 were arrested last November while carrying three machetes, a large knife and two baseball bats, according to The Guardian.


They were sent to prison in May 2019 for conspiracy to commit violent disorder, receiving sentences ranging from one year to three years and six months. "The gang pleaded guilty at Kingston Crown Court on Wednesday, 16 May, after arming themselves with machetes and baseball bats to take on a rival gang last November," West said.

The 1011 gang/group is now banned from making music for three years without police supervision.

"The gang can meet in public to make music if they have authorisation from police. They must notify police of any new official music videos (i.e. filmed by media companies) they feature in within 24 hours of publication. They must also provide police with a list of their official videos that are currently unpublished so they can be taken out of circulation if they breach the conditions of the CBOs," West said.

"He called other gang members who quickly arrived and a large group, armed with large knives, swords and wooden sticks, launched an attack"

Prior to that, eight members of the W12 gang in Shepherds Bush were sentenced in September 2018 for their involvement in a melee in which one of their members was stabbed in the back, leaving him with serious injuries.

One member had spotted members of a rival gang from Kensington and Chelsea on their turf in the White City section of Shepherds Bush.

"He called other gang members who quickly arrived and a large group, armed with large knives, swords and wooden sticks, launched an attack on the three males," West told us. "They chased them through the area and the incident ended in a violent confrontation during which one of their own - [a 16-year-old] - was stabbed in the back."

Both gangs evaded the police that night but, astonishingly, the Kensington and Chelsea crew made two drill videos describing the fight. The lyric to one song went, "Wit 2 shanks up creep up like luga leave man cut now the 12s all hot." The police were able to identify the gang member who had carried two knives ("shanks") that evening. "The 12s all hot" is a reference to the police presence that moved into the W12 postcode area after the clash. Another member uploaded a video to his Instagram account while he was awaiting trial. They were all convicted and given a range of sentences, the longest being four years.

The cases put police officers in the unique position of being music critics who make legal judgments about what song lyrics really mean. The lyrics and the videos were used as evidence to convict the men. "They [the police] presented evidence to the courts of a number of drill music videos to demonstrate the tensions between the groups," the Met said in a statement given to Business Insider.

"We are not trying to prevent young people`s artistic expression but when music is being used to encourage violent attacks we must act, as the public would rightly expect us to do so," the Met said.

Skengdo x AM are now all-but banned from performing unless they are willing to go to prison

The most controversial rap ban was the CBO affecting Skengdo x AM. They were previously the subject of an injunction on their music due to their association with the 410 gang in Brixton, South London. They played a gig at the Koko venue in Camden, capacity 1,400, in December. The police said the concert breached the CBO. It "was breached when they performed drill music that incited and encouraged violence against rival gang members and then posted it on social media." The pair — real names Terrell Doyley and Joshua Malinga — were given nine-month suspended sentences.

Skengdo x AM are now all-but banned from performing any of their music, unless they are willing to go to prison. Neither performer made himself available when Business Insider reached their manager.

Civil liberties campaigners such as Index on Censorship and Liberty are appalled.

Another drill group, Krept and Konan, started a Change.org petition demanding that the police stop using the Serious Crime Act to prosecute drill artists. (The band did not immediately return a message requesting comment.)


"The police are using laws made for terrorists and sex offenders to criminalise musicians who sing violent lyrics," their petition states. "It means that the police no longer have to prove any link between an artist and a specific act of violence to secure a conviction for `inciting violence`. This is a threat to freedom of speech. Nobody in a free society should be imprisoned for words."

The police seem to be aware that they`re treading into civil rights territory.

In an email, Detective Chief Superintendent Kevin Southworth told Business Insider, "We`re not in the business of killing anyone`s fun, we`re not in the business of killing anyone`s artistic expression — we are in the business of stopping people being killed. When in this instance you see a particular genre of music being used specifically to goad, to incite, to provoke, to inflame, that can only lead to acts of very serious violence being committed, that`s when it becomes a matter for the police."

Donkoh and his crew —the boys who tortured the 16-year-old in Beckton — did not receive CBO bans on their music, however. They were not needed.

Donkoh will be in prison for the next 12 years. The other four received two-and-a-half years apiece.

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Credit: Mena FN

On the sidelines of the two-day G20 Summit held in Osaka, Japan, from 28-29 June, Egyptian president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi participated in various important meetings with other world leaders, including the Japanese and Italian prime ministers and German chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss ways of enhancing cooperation and to consult about a number of regional and international issues.

Sisi’s participation follows Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s invite, whose country is chairing the 14th summit for the first time since its inception in 2008, according to a statement made by Egypt’s presidential spokesperson Bassam Rady.

The invite comes in light of Egypt’s presidency of the African Union in 2019 and in the context of growing relations between the two countries, which are discussing means of boosting cooperation in the fields of trade and economy.

The G20 (Group of Twenty) Summit assembles the most important developing economies including the European Union to discuss key issues pertaining to the global economy. In addition, leaders of several guest countries as well as representatives of international organizations are invited to participate in the meeting.

The themes of interest to the 2019 summit include global economy trade and investment, innovation, environment and energy, employment, women’s empowerment, development and health.

Credit: The National

Egypt’s recent successful experience was hailed during several of the meetings the president held on the sidelines with other leaders taking part in the summit.

The Japanese-Egyptian round-table saw a number of Japanese businessmen working in fields such as renewable energy, transportation and petrochemicals discuss means of boosting bilateral cooperation.

In a statement released on 27 June, the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry said that the event will be a chance to discuss some of the key issues of interest to Egypt and Japan and probe means of fostering bilateral relations in the sectors of economy, trade and investment, besides shedding light on Cairo’s economic reform.

The ministry statement added that trade exchange between the two countries hit 1.26 billion in 2018, compared to 969 million the year before, according to Egypt Today.

At the African-Chinese mini summit held ahead of the summit on Thursday, 27 June, Sisi stressed the importance of the Chinese “Belt and Road” initiative, which aims to enhance trade, investments, and infrastructure in more than 150 countries across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

He also asserted that Egypt was keen on achieving the goals of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the UN’s 2030 Agenda for sustainable developments.

On Friday 28 June, Sisi met with Italian PM Giuseppe Conte to discuss the two countries’ mutual interest in further investigating the case of the murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni in Egypt back in 2016. They also discussed recent regional developments, whereby Sisi noted the necessity of reaching a peaceful political settlement in the Libyan crisis.

During the session, he also spoke about the importance of a trilateral cooperation between Egypt, Italy and Africa, especially during Egypt’s current chairmanship of the African Union.

The Italian prime minister on his part, expressed his country’s appreciations of Egypt’s regional role as a pillar of security and stability in the region.

The president similarly met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the first day of the summit to discuss the great leap in bilateral relations and ways of strengthening tripartite cooperation frameworks between the two countries, along with coordinating efforts with Egypt as a leading partner in combating terrorism and illegal immigration.

Merkel in turn asserted that Egypt is one of Germany’s strategic partners in the Middle East region, affirming her country’s keenness on backing Egypt’s measures to improve the economy and achieve development, mainly through increasing investments as well as by transferring German expertise, technology and industry.

In talks held with the Saudi Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman on Saturday 29 June, the Syrian crisis was top of the agenda, while the talks showed that views aligned regarding latest developments in the Gulf region, according to Reuters.

Credit: Kremlin.ru

In his meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Sisi again assured Egypt’s aspiration to deepen bilateral relations on different levels.

During their meeting, the Egyptian president praised the various joint projects being implemented in Egypt, including the El Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant and the Russian Industrial Zone in the Suez Canal Economic Zone, which is expected to take economic bilateral relationship to an unprecedented level.

For his part, Putin said that Russia prioritizes developing bilateral ties with Egypt in the coming period, as part of the strategic cooperation between both countries, according to the president’s spokesperson Bassam Rady.

Other issues of concern addressed by Sisi on Saturday took place in a session on inequality and women’s empowerment, where many of the participating international parties lauded the recent progress Egypt has made in these areas, for instance by citing recent constitutional amendments which helped increase the representation of women in the parliament to more than 25 percent, according to a statement issued by Rady.

The G20 summit has expanded its agenda since 2008, when it held its inaugural summit in Washington D.C in response to the global financial crisis. Initially a semi-annual event, since 2011 the meetings have been held annually.

Chinese President Xi Jinping signed an order for a prisoner amnesty on Saturday, to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People`s Republic of China, though many exceptions will apply.
Sudan`s ruling military council said on Saturday that a coalition of protest and opposition groups would bear the responsibility for any loss of life or damage resulting from a protest march planned for Sunday.


  • Starsky Robotics is operating unmanned semi-trucks on public highways in Florida as of June 16.
  • It`s a first for the trucking industry, which usually has at least two folks inside an autonomous truck.
  • Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, CEO and cofounder of Starksy Robotics, said the company`s tack on government regulations helped Starsky get its unmanned trucks on the highways quickly.
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Plenty of trucking companies have driverless trucks on the highways, and some are even carrying loads for major companies.

But only Starsky is operating driverless trucks without a single person in the car on public highways. As of June 16, the company, which has raised 20.3 million in funding from investors like Y Combinator and Shasta Ventures, is running driverless trucks in Florida.

"We drove the same route a whole bunch of times in a row, without the safety driver ever needing to do anything, and that`s why we`re able to be statistically confident that we wouldn`t need the safety driver to do anything,"Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, CEO and cofounder of Starksy Robotics, told Business Insider.

Read more: A company you`ve probably never heard of is quietly building a fleet of self-driving semis that could revolutionize the trucking industry. And the founder says it has one big advantage over Tesla, Uber, and Waymo

In a Medium post announcing the tests on June 25, Seltz-Axmacher highlighted Starsky`s approach to autonomous trucks that highlighted drivers operating the trucks from an office.

He also emphasized that the company sees government regulators as partners, not impediments, to their goal of getting more unmanned trucks on the road.

"Anyone who says autonomy is not here because of regulations is either stupid or lying," Seltz-Axmacher told Business Insider.

It`s a different tack on regulations than most experts on the field have. Regulations on self-driving cars have been recently described as "a complicated challenge" and a source of "backlash" to new technologies. Others say the legal component is part of the reason why self-driving trucks are still a decade or more away.

Stefan Seltz-Axmacher Starsky Robotics

But Seltz-Axmacher said recognizing that the laws are indeed flexible on autonomous testing is crucial. It`s legal to test self-driving cars on public roads in 36 states. In seven of those states, companies are not required to put a safety driver in the vehicle.

"The key thing is that technology`s really hard, proving safety is really hard, those are things that are really no joke at all," Seltz-Axmacher said. "But regulators have busted their butts trying to be supportive of this industry. Whether it`s economic efficiency or increased road safety, the regulators know just how much there is to be gained by there being autonomous vehicles."

Other self-driving truck companies have run into issues with legalities. California`s Department of Motor Vehicles began investigating Otto, Uber`s now-defunct self-driving truck unit, in 2017 on suspicions it was testing self-driving trucks on public highways without permission.

To avoid lawsuits and investigations, autonomous vehicle companies have become focused on hiring more lobbyists and advisers to sway policy.

"This is not a regulatory problem, this is a productization problem," Seltz-Axmacher said. "At Starsky we are the product-focused autonomous company, which is why we`ve been able to solve this where other people haven`t."

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Jony Ive

  • Apple chief design officer Jony Ive will be leaving the company this year, the company announced on Thursday.
  • But some analysts say it`s not Ive`s departure, but the new role of the firm`s chief operating officer Jeff Williams, that could have broader implications for the company`s future.
  • Analysts don`t seem worried about how this might impact Apple`s future product development, considering Ive had stepped back from daily responsibilities to focus on Apple Park in the past, as Bloomberg reported.
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Apple`s famed design chief Jony Ive announced on Thursday that he would leave the company to launch his own design firm — a firm which will count Apple as one of its clients. The departure marks the end of an era for Apple as it loses the design legend that has been at the helm of its design efforts through some of its most iconic product launches, from the iMac to the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

But some analysts say it`s not Ive`s departure, but the new responsibilities that fall under Apple`s chief operating officer Jeff Williams, that might say more about the company`s direction. Apple`s design team leaders — Alan Dye, vice president of human interface design, and Evans Hankey, vice president of industrial design, will now report to Williams, a 20-year-plus veteran of the company who has led worldwide operations for all Apple products since 2010.

"Fundamentally, whoever runs design is involved deeply in product, and product is at the heart of the company," said Horace Dediu, founder of consulting firm Asymco. 

Read more: The new iPod touch is a nostalgic nod to the past, but it could be important for Apple`s future

Giving Williams a critical role in Apple`s design process while he continues to oversee operations could be an indicator that he`s being considered as a potential successor to Cook as the firm`s chief executive, says Dediu, who also emphasized that this is purely speculation. Regardless, the move has only given Williams — an already crucial figure within the company that`s been called "Tim Cook`s Tim Cook," even more influence within Apple.  

"I think that`s to be determined," says Gene Munster, managing partner at Loup Ventures, on the possibility of Williams one day replacing Cook as CEO. "[Williams has been] given an opportunity to do more, but a decision has not been made. I think this is a long process, step two of 50."

Jeff Williams

It`s hard to say what the extent of Ive`s involvement in Apple`s upcoming products will be, but Cook said in a statement that the company will work with him on "exclusive projects" moving forward. It`s also unclear what the last products developed at Apple under Ive`s leadership will be.

Tom Forte, senior research analyst at D.A. Davidson, says the earliest we would see a new Apple product, developed from start to finish after Ive`s formal departure, could be 2021. Dediu estimates more conservatively that it could be between 3 and 5 years. 

Although Ive has been deeply influential at Apple, some analysts have agreed that the company`s product design won`t suffer from Ive`s absence. 

"They`re less dependent on one individual to be the vision for the future of the company," said Forte. "Cook should deserve a lot of credit for that."

Since Ive had been heavily involved in the construction of Apple Park over the past several years, he had already stepped back from the firm`s day-to-day design duties, as Bloomberg reported. "My view is that we`ve already seen a post-Jony Ive [Apple]," said Munster. 

But that likely won`t stop industry watchers and critics from scrutinizing Apple`s products under the new leadership structure following Ive`s departure. Even so, criticism is nothing new for Apple.

"Every single product has been criticized as being a complete disaster no matter how great or mediocre [it is]," said Dediu. "It`s always been scrutinized. I don`t think that will change." 

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The BRICS bloc, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, has discussed how it might help to broker a resolution to the political crisis in Venezuela, Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak said on Saturday.
Russia will need to wait for the United States and Japan to revise their security treaty before deciding how it is going to affect Moscow-Tokyo talks on disputed islands, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said on Saturday.

Jennifer Hyman Rent the Runway CEO

  • Increasingly, people don`t want to buy stuff. They want to rent it.
  • The segment is growing and retail rentals are projected to near 2 billion in sales worldwide by 2025.
  • Still, the largest online sellers, like Amazon, have not moved to cash in on the trend.
  • Experts say that`s because rental is hard to do right, and it`s expensive, so the margin potential is likely not yet worth the investment.
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Buying products is so 2010.

Increasingly, people would rather rent rather than own their belongings.  Billion-dollar companies, like Rent the Runway, have been formed to take advantage of the trend. Clothing makers like Urban Outfitters, Express, and others have jumped in to compete.

And the trend will likely only continue as today`s youth age up.

Many of the 1,800 Generation Z members Business Insider recently surveyed indicated that they favored sustainability and uniqueness over commodity goods, which makes them strong candidates for rentals.

"Gen Z lives their life in the cloud — their content, entertainment, and music all exist in the cloud with unlimited choice," Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman told Business Insider`s Mary Hanbury. "We are offering them the exact same thing for their physical lives."

But it`s not just clothes. Everything from vacuums to camping equipment is now up for rental at a variety of outlets, from startups like Omni to old guards retailers like outdoor seller REI, which is heavily expanding rental offerings.

For some high-priced brands, rental offers a chance to allow young consumers access to their products at an easier entry point, and maybe even hook a customer for life.

"They don`t necessarily want to commit, but they have disposable income and they want nice brands and want nice furniture and they appreciate good design," Neela Montgomery, CEO of Crate & Barrel, said at a conference in March, according to the New York Times. "We want those customers to appreciate CB2 and Crate at the earliest age."

But Amazon, the largest online retailer in the US, is nowhere in the rental space. It offers rental textbooks for students, but that`s it.

Read more: Millennials` attitudes towards clothing ownership are bringing about a major change in the fashion industry

It`s not hard to imagine some savvy entrepreneur creating the Amazon of Rentals while there`s an opening. Many are already trying.

The hold up may be that rentals are a hard, low-margin business and that demand isn`t meaningful enough yet to attract Amazon, from either an acquisition or an in-house standpoint.

"I don`t think it`s that big a market opportunity," Sucharita Kodali, a principal analyst at Forrester, said, referring to the retail rental market. "Amazon grew by 40 billion last year. No rental business is anywhere near that large."

It`s hard to put a number to the size of the market as a whole, due to its many sectors and players. The online clothing rental industry is projected to double from 1 billion in 2017 to 1.9 billion worldwide by 2023, according to a report by Allied Market Research. 

Rental is also expensive. Startup costs for rental businesses require the retailer to foot the bill for designer dresses, furnishings, expensive electronics, or outdoor equipment without getting a real return until customers rent it a number of times.

It also requires the retailer to master the process of getting items back to them, cleaning them and preparing them to be sent back out again. Quality control and safety for some products are also an issue.

That really isn`t in Amazon`s current wheelhouse.

"They try really, really hard to just be operationally focused on how quickly they turn products through their buildings," said Jim Hull of JDA Software.

For Amazon, "it`s always about getting things, whether that`s digital content, physical goods, directly to the consumer in the fastest, easiest way possible," Tom McLeod, CEO and founder of rental company Omni, said. "And historically, their business hasn`t been around to the circular economy, and getting the things back."

Creating a reverse logistics pipeline that could handle the return part of the rental is something that Amazon does not have expertise in. And they can`t just conjure one out of thin air.

"Quite simply, rental requires a lot of work," Bob Phibbs, a retail consultant, said.

For high-ticket items — watches, cocktail dresses, handbags, jewelry — another way in which rental is labor-intensive is the process required to authenticate the returned goods to ensure they are not counterfeit. That process is both time-consuming and expensive.

It also "doesn`t really scale," Phibbs said.

Another issue is the management of inventory, where Amazon will have to keep, store, and warehouse seasonal items when they aren`t being rented, for example, camping equipment in the winter or wool suits in the summer. That runs counter to Amazon`s standard method of operating, which is to get inventory in and out as fast as humanly possible.

Amazon warehouse

Retail rental has also not yet reached mass adoption. According to a survey of 1,000 customers performed by JDA Software, only 25% of customers said they have used a rental service. Of those who had, 75% said it was for renting apparel for a special occasion like a wedding.

That doesn`t mean Amazon isn`t considering the rental space. 

Earlier this year, Amazon offerred rentals of musical instruments in addition to the textbook rental it still offers. The instrument option is not currently available.

Amazon did not respond to Business Insider`s request for comment.

"Right now, [the website is] only their textbooks, but the way they have worded it, and the way you get to it from some of the different links, implies that they built it to cover a whole lot more," Hull said.

There are also two job openings Amazon is hiring for a program called "Rentals by Amazon," which has a different name than the "Amazon Rentals" logo on Amazon.com/rentals page.

Amazon may be forced to reckon with rentals eventually, as customers — especially younger ones — turn their focus to sustainability and trying to lower the impact of consumerism on the planet.

"It would be myopic to assume that Amazon would never look in this direction because they look kind of in all directions," McLeod said.

"But do I think that they will be the incumbents` first mover into the space? I very much do not think that."

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Jony Ive, apple, sv100 2015

On Thursday, Apple announced that Jony Ive, its longtime chief designer, was finally going to leave the company and start his own business.

I say "finally" because the writing has been on the wall for some time now.

In 2016, Business Insider published a story entitled: "Speculation is mounting that Jony Ive has checked out at Apple." That was three years ago.

The year prior, Ive had been profiled by The New Yorker, which painted the British designer as someone who was "deeply tired." This section from the profile is key (emphasis ours):

"His manner suggests the burden of being fully appreciated. There were times, during the past two decades, when he considered leaving Apple, but he stayed, becoming an intimate friend of Steve Jobs and establishing the build and the finish of the iMac, the MacBook, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad...he`s uncomfortable knowing that a hundred thousand Apple employees rely on his decision-making — his taste — and that a sudden announcement of his retirement would ambush Apple shareholders.

Also around that time, Apple blogger John Gruber of Daring Fireball invited former Macworld editor Jason Snell onto his podcast and told him that Ive "has lately been checked out or not as directly involved with product design, and that he`s been largely focused on architecture."

Given how Gruber has connections within Apple, this fueled speculation that Jony Ive wasn`t happy at the company. A new report published this week by Bloomberg`s Mark Gurman says that by the end of 2015, after Apple had announced its first Apple Watch, Ive was showing up to company headquarters as little as twice a week, and "began to shed responsibilities." 

The impact of Steve Jobs

Of course, Apple is a famously secretive company, and Ive is also known for being quiet and keeping to himself, so there was no way of truly knowing the source of Ive`s dissatisfaction at the time. But many believe the death of Steve Jobs in 2011 took a toll on Ive.

Ive and Jobs weren`t just coworkers, or even friends; many accounts from friends, family, and Jobs` own biographer Walter Isaacson detail the two as soul-mates.

jony ive and steve jobsJobs told Isaacson: "If I had a spiritual partner at Apple, it`s Jony. Jony and I think up most of the products together and then pull others in and say, `Hey, what do you think about this?` He gets the picture as well as the most infinitesimal details about each product. And he understands that Apple is a product company. He`s not just a designer. That`s why he works directly for me. He has more operational power than anyone else at Apple except me."

Jobs and Ive were two sides of the same coin, with complementary strengths. Ive didn`t like public speaking, but that`s where Jobs truly shined: on stage, in front of an audience, selling Apple`s latest products. Ive, though, helped bring Jobs` messages home through his own carefully scripted videos, filmed in front of a white screen, which have become famous in their own right.

Even their offices were right next to each other: According to The New Yorker profile, Jobs` office at One Infinite Loop and Ive`s design lab at Two Infinite Loop were connected by a "covered corridor."

Ive and Jobs were good friends, visiting each other`s homes and families often — Ive was by Jobs` side when he died in October 2011. But when life settled back down, Ive continued working in his office at Two Infinite Loop, right across that covered corridor from Jobs` old corner office, which had been untouched since his death.

"I couldn`t be more mindful of him," Ive told The New Yorker. "How could I not, given our personal relationship, and given that I`m still designing in the same place, at the same table, where I spent the last 15 years with him sat next to me?"

In 2015, just three months after Ive`s profile in The New Yorker that mentioned how he "considered leaving Apple" at various times, the company gave Ive a new title: "chief design officer."

Interestingly, the news was first published in The Telegraph, not in an Apple press release, and the story was written by Ive`s good friend, British comedian and writer Stephen Fry. There was one particular quote from the story that stood out: "Jony will travel more, he told me."

jony iveBy this point, it seemed like Ive`s title change was more about freeing him up to travel, and do other side projects — like Ive`s RED auction at Sotheby`s in 2013, where he teamed up with designer Marc Newson to sell a handful of innovative items for charity. (Notably, Ive designed a pair of Apple earbuds made out of solid rose gold, which sold for upwards of 20,000.)

Read more: Apple`s head designer has made a 250,000 ring out of a single chunk of diamond — and it needs to be seen to be believed

In the ensuing years, Ive split his time between Apple`s headquarters in Cupertino, California and London, near the home where he was raised. According to Bloomberg, Ive "occasionally missed out on Apple product launch events, an unthinkable absence several years ago."

Ive`s influence isn`t going anywhere

In announcing the move, Apple emphasized that it will remain connected to Jony Ive after he leaves to form his new company, called "LoveFrom." It`s right there in the headline of the press release: "Jony Ive to form independent design company with Apple as client."

Apple wants everyone to know that this isn`t a divorce — it`s just a separation. Everyone is still going to be friends at the end of this.

Tim Cook Jony IveThe intention here is to assure investors and shareholders that Apple`s signature design prowess isn`t going anywhere now that its chief designer is leaving. But even if Apple lost all connection with Ive, the company would still thrive.

Read more: Jony Ive`s Apple exit has been a `long time in the making` after he was turning up to the office only twice a week

Apple faced similar concerns when Jobs died almost a decade ago. "What is Apple without its visionary genius? How could it possibly succeed?" Similarly, people are going to wonder if Apple`s designs will be any good without the genius behind the iPod, iMac, and iPhone.

Ive may no longer regularly walk the halls of Apple`s "spaceship" headquarters — a campus he helped build and design, by the way — but his influence will stay at Apple forever. His perspective on simplicity, minimalism, function, and quality are not going anywhere. Ive has inspired millions of people, and the folks who work at Apple have the utmost reverence and respect for the people who helped build the company into the monumental success it is today.

In this new setup, Ive can take on all of the personal projects he wants, and still consult with Apple on occasion. And Apple is going to have the best of both worlds: People within Apple`s close-knit design team will have an opportunity to rise up the ranks, and Ive will still get to lend his opinion whenever Apple wants it. Apple isn`t doomed; Ive`s departure benefits everyone involved. This is a win-win scenario.

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The Palestinian Authority has arrested a Palestinian businessman who attended the U.S.-led economic conference in Bahrain this week, Israel`s Haaretz newspaper and Kan public broadcaster reported on Saturday.
The ball is in Europe`s court to shield Iran from U.S. sanctions and prevent it from further scaling back compliance with its nuclear agreement with world powers, Iranian state TV said on Saturday, with days remaining on Tehran`s ultimatum.
U.S. President Donald Trump proposed a weekend meeting with Kim Jong Un at the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea on Saturday, an encounter North Korea said would be meaningful in advancing relations if it goes ahead.
The Iranian foreign minister said on Saturday that Iran would resist any U.S. sanctions, just as it persevered during the 1980s Iran-Iraq war when the forces of the then Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein launched a chemical attack on an Iranian town.

miley cyrus wrecking ball

  • The Twitter bot REKT shares liquidation events from the cryptocurrency exchange Bitmex.
  • The account is part of a larger trend, where people leverage the open nature of the blockchain to troll each other, watch trends, and see where the money is moving. 
  • Bot accounts have become an important part of this space, since they automatically publish important events.
  • Visit Business Insider`s homepage for more stories.

If you`re not a cryptocurrency expert, it`s hard to tell what the tweets mean.

"Liquidated long on XBTUSD," a recent one reads. "Sell 13,480 @ 11861 🔥 ~ Multi kill." 

The tweet is from an account called REKT, an unofficial bot that tracks when users lose a ton of money on the popular Bitmex cryptocurrency exchange and tweets it out. The name "REKT" is an in-joke among gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike, used when you get "wrecked" by an unfortunate turn of events.  

A major virtue of cryptocurrency is that everybody can see the underlying blockchain, meaning it`s impossible to fake or forge a transaction — a record of the money move is right there, permanent and "immutable," in blockchain parlance. So while each individual user is anonymous, it`s possible to see when a bad decision was made and somebody took a bath.

The REKT account is part schadenfreude, part warning: trading cryptocurrency is risky, and people can lose massive sums of money. On Bitmex, the risk is even higher since people are able to trade on margin, meaning they can borrow money from the exchange by putting down a bit of collateral. 

If things go well, they stand to make a bunch of money — if the price of the token of choice goes up, they pocket the difference, less the loan they took from Bitmex.  If the market turns against them, however, Bitmex can liquidate their position, keeping whatever collateral they put down and potentially even putting them in debt.

To add insult to injury, REKT automatically tweets out how much those users lost, along with funny phrases and emojis that indicate just how bad the loss was. 

Liquidated long on XBTUSD: Sell 13,480 @ 11861 🔥 ~ Multi kill

— REKT (@BitmexRekt) June 28, 2019

This tweet in particular meant that the user "went long" on a trade, buying the coin with the expectation to hang on and sell it later at a higher price. When the price dropped, Bitmex automatically cashed the user out — at a lower price than they originally bought it for.

Another bot account called Whale Alert, tracks the movement of large sums of bitcoin. Its tweets show large sums of money passing from one account to another, and eventually ending up on an exchange. As a complement to REKT, Whale Alert shows the massive sums of cryptocurrency that are moving around the whole ecosystem.

🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 24,000 #BTC (281,385,607 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Poloniex

Tx: https://t.co/FymeQuLzAL

— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) June 28, 2019


Even with the fortunes made and lost here, people seem to enjoy the spectacle: The REKT account has almost 46,000 followers, while Whale Alert is nearing 98,000.

One follower — prominent cryptocurrency trader Jacob Canfield — says the cryptocurrency community on Twitter — bots and all — is an important resource for traders and investors alike as a way to see how the market is moving. 

"If you`re going to be an active member in the space, Twitter is an absolute must so you watch things happening in real time," he said. 

Canfield is a full-time cryptocurrency investor and has an active Twitter following of his own. A former pharmaceutical trader, he became a "crypto influencer" by warning people about cryptocurrency scams.

A lot of people sat on the sidelines waiting for an entry for BTC, only to be lured in at peak rally from the fear of missing out (FOMO).

In 24 hours:
537 million longs liquidated.
175 million shorts liquidated

Trading requires emotional discipline as much as technical skill pic.twitter.com/AunlxGtB3Y

— Jacob Canfield (@JacobCanfield) June 27, 2019


Today, Canfield runs Signal Profits ,where he gives trading advice and predictions to followers on Twitter, Discord, and YouTube.

"It`s evolved dramatically," he explained. "Due to the level of novice-ness coming in, I had to drastically change my approach. Most setups I give now are as safe as possible."

And that makes sense, so no one gets REKT. 

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Jeff Barr

  • A frustrated developer took to Twitter to complain about Amazon Web Services, saying that it was ignoring the work of volunteer programmers trying to contribute to the cloud giant`s open source projects.
  • He described it as a "slap in the face."
  • AWS has been under fire of late for its role in the open source community — it`s sometimes accused of using a lot of free open source software, without contributing enough back in turn. 
  • Within hours of this tweet, and this discussion it caused, a well-known AWS developer relations exec publicly responded and promised fixes. The story highlights how Amazon is going to great lengths to make programmers, one of its most important audiences, happy. 
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"Hey @awscloud, can we talk about your docs on GitHub?"

That`s how Richard Boyd, a frustrated programmer, began a tweet last week

But what happened next is an insightful look at Amazon`s relationship with one of its most important communities: the programmers that use AWS services as paying customers and care enough them to roll up their sleeves and contribute.

Boyd was complaining about the documentation that Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing giant, included on GitHub whenever it shared an open source project. GitHub is a a Microsoft-owned service for hosting open source software — that is, software that anyone can use, fix or contribute to. Big companies like Amazon use it as a way to get the users of their wares to add features and fix bugs.

Amazon Web ServicesDocumentation, the set of instructions on how to use an app or feature, is often considered the bane of the programming world. We know there must be some programmers that love to write documentation, but we haven`t met many. 

So it`s not unusual for documentation on free, open source software to be hurried or have mistakes. That`s one reason why a development team would post their documentation on GitHub instead of, say, their own website, so that anyone who sees a mistake can submit a fix, in a process known as a "pull request," or PR. The people who run the project can then either reject those suggested changes or accept them via a process called merging. 

Boyd was expressing annoyance not so much at the mistakes in AWS documentation — that could be forgiven, he tells Business Insider — but at how contributions to fixing those mistakes were being treated by Amazon: many of them were just being ignored.

"There are dozens of open PRs that are months old with no action from AWS on merging/denying them," he tweeted, showing one example from six months ago.

"This feels like one slap in the face to developers who are expected to do free work for the world`s 3rd (2nd?) richest company, then a second slap when that work is completely ignored," he tweeted.

While some mistakes in documentation, like a typo, might be meaningless, others are significant. One document told people to use an out of date version of another open source project. If people followed those instructions, the feature they were trying to use "just won`t work. It`s an actual usability bug," Boyd said.

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To add to his frustration, Boyd says that AWS engineers could likely even automate merging many of these pull requests, he tells Business Insider. It doesn`t necessarily require a person`s valuable time to review them all, he believes.

andy jassy aws"When we`re talking about documentation, the impact of an error is much smaller than if we were talking about code. Automation should be able to handle more to make the experience better for contributors," he said.

The interesting thing about his tweet rant is that within hours, several AWS team leaders jumped on the Twitter conversation to reply.

One of them was Jeff Barr, vice president and chief evangelist at Amazon Web Services.

Within hours of Boyd`s tweetstorm — which also saw other devs jumped in to share their experiences, Barr addressed Boyd`s complaint. He tweeted that Amazon had fixed the six-month old example and said. "we`re working on many others. We definitely don`t expect our customers to write the docs, but we value, prioritize, and pay attention to their feedback."

Boyd was satisfied enough with that quick response, although he remains skeptical.

"They are definitely listening," he tells Business Insider. But he`s also watching to see if some of the more serious pull requests get dealt with in a reasonable time frame, like weeks, not months. 

Part of the problem, Boyd suggests, is that each AWS team uses its own communication methods to interact with customers and developers. Some use Slack channels. Some use Gitter, a chat app aimed at developers. Some watch their GitHub contributor activity closely, while others don`t, Boyd said.

Barr, incidentally, is the face of AWS for many developers. He writes the prolific, official AWS blog that explains all the new features that the company continuously rolls out. He`s so well known among the AWS developer crowd that there are cartoon stickers of him, for placement on laptops and notebooks. 

"How you know that you`re in Seattle. Spotting a @jeffbarr sticker on a random bar toilet… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ tweeted Seattle visitor @svdgraaf tweeted last week. (Barr loved that, by the way. He replied with this joke on how Amazon always names all their conferences with a "re:" tweeting back, "Was that at re:Bar")

How you know that you’re in Seattle. Spotting a @jeffbarr sticker on a random bar toilet… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ pic.twitter.com/5wEserO63K

— Sander van de Graaf (@svdgraaf) June 18, 2019


Big cloud companies versus open source

All of this happening against a backdrop where cloud computing companies, particularly Amazon, have been accused of being poor partners in the open source world.

Open source stirs up religious fervor in the hearts of developers. It`s a way for many of them to share their creations with their brethren free of the intellectual property legalities and corporate politics that have historically surrounded software. And if a project takes off and becomes popular enough to warrant commercial versions, it can be their entry into riches and success, too. 

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Open source software, where anyone can take the code, use it and modify it for free, works best when people and corporations give, as well as take.

But cloud companies, especially Amazon, have more recently been painted as the Big Bad Wolf of open source. Companies that offer commercialized version of open source software, like MongoDB, have been accusatory, pointing the finger at Amazon with allegations of being all take and no give. 

"We don`t think it is reasonable is for a cloud vendor to come and take a free version, monetize and not give anything back," MongoDB CEO Dev Ittycheria told Computer Business Review. 

Dev Ittycheria MongoDB CEOAmazon has every legal right to do what it likes with open source code — such is the very nature of open source.

And so, commercial companies like MongoDB and Reddis have used their complaints against Amazon as fuel to change their licenses in order to start putting limits on what cloud providers can do with their free software. 

In turn, Amazon has called out these commercial companies for violating one of the sacred principles of open source by trying to place restrictions on something that was released with the promise of being free and open.  

"Customers must be able to trust that open source projects stay open," AWS executive Adrian Cockcroft wrote in a blog post in March.

No outsiders allowed

Boyd is less concerned with Amazon`s contributions to other vendors` software. While he thinks that`s important, he doesn`t think its the only useful metric to judge Amazon`s open source record, he tells Business Insider. 

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Amazon Open Source projectsHe cares more about how Amazon and the other big tech companies treat the individual programmers who are volunteering to help them improve their code, often using their own personal time to do so.

"What grinds my gears is when they say something is open source, but it`s essentially just `source available,`" he said.

What he means is that he gets frustrated when the only accepted code contributions to an open source project are those who "all work for the same company," while outsiders get rejected. 

"It`s not specific to Amazon...all the big tech companies do this," he said. 

And that means that a really brilliant programmer making "high quality" contributions to the project never gets any authority in the community, unless the company that`s really powering that open source project hires the person. 

While it`s fine for a company to seed its open source projects with its own staff at first, the strength of open source really blossoms when the users of the software, not just the vendors of it, get to contribute.

"After a certain amount of time, to grow the community, you have to have external contributors," he says. 

And that`s what really gets his goat about ignored documentation fixes, as it`s a low-risk area to allow people to participate and maybe develop those star external helpers.

Meanwhile, Amazon is protecting its reputation. It`s sending speakers out to talk about open source at conferences, defending the company`s position and reiterating that the company is more devoted than ever to the community. Indeed, Amazon Web Services recently launched its first-ever open source projects.

And it`s even jumping on the tweets of a developer who complains to say that it`s listening and learning.

Amazon declined further request to comment.

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For teens around the world, the social media scene has seen a new app making its way to center stage in the last year: a short-form video platform called TikTok.

TikTok is a product of Chinese company ByteDance, and came to the U.S. in August 2018 after merging with the similar platform Musical.ly. Since it first launched in 2017, TikTok has garnered more than 1.2 billion downloads according to analyst firm Sensor Tower, and its popularity has skyrocketed as users — especially Gen Z — are increasingly turning to the video app as their go-to social platform.

If you need proof that TikTok is the wave of the future, look no further than Old Town Road, the mega-hit song of the summer, which got its start on the app

TikTok doesn`t necessarily bring anything especially new to social media, but it brings together the most popular and Gen Z-adored features under one app: Vine`s video snippets for copious amounts of content consumption; Instagram`s user feeds for easily following influencers; Twitter`s trending hashtags for keeping up with what`s going viral; and video game-inspired techniques for encouraging in-app spending.

Essentially, if you`re not already on TikTok (or at least familiar with it), you`re already behind.

Here`s how to use the TikTok app — from tracking the latest viral memes, to following the newest crop of influencers, and  creating your own short-form video:

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The first thing you`ll see upon opening the TikTok app is a feed of content from people you follow, similar to Instagram or Twitter. You`ll only see one video at a time, but you simply swipe up to continue through your feed and see more content.

My biggest gripe with TikTok is the setup of the feed, which can be especially daunting for first-time users. There are a lot of options in front of you and not a lot of direction.

It`s likely why I`ve heard from many people — particularly some of my curious, millennial-age colleagues — that when they first opened TikTok, they got so overwhelmed they never opened it again.

The TikTok home page, where your feed lives, is split up into two sections: "following," to only see content from users you follow, and "for you," which amasses popular content from across TikTok, similar to Instagram`s Explore page.

Switching between the two home feeds is as simple as swiping left and right — you`ll know which feed you`re on because the title will be bolded.

In order for TikTok content to end up in the "For You" feed, videos have to be posted with the hashtag "#foryou." More on video-posting later.

The second tab in the menu running across the bottom of TikTok, represented by a magnifying glass, is where you`ll find what`s trending on the app. This is TikTok`s bread and butter: it`s where the latest viral trends are found, and associated hashtags are tracked.

For anyone looking to capitalize on trending tags and viral memes in their next video, this search tab is the place to go. Having your video appear high in the results for a certain popular hashtag can get your content seen my millions, and potentially push you a bit more toward viral fame.

The next tab in the menu bar is your inbox, where you`ll find notifications for followers, mentions, likes and comments on your videos, and notifications about people you follow. You can also access direct messages with users in the top-right corner.

Notifications on TikTok can easily be filtered, which can be especially helpful to popular users who have lots of followers and mentions to sift through.

The right-most tab in the menu bar is where you`ll find your personal TikTok profile. I personally have yet to post anything so my feed is empty, but here I can also edit my profile and bio.

In the top-right corner you can also access your "TikCode." The barcode works exactly like a Snapchat SnapCode — basically, it`s something you can show other users and have them follow you with one click. 

Now onto all those icons dotted around each video in your feed, because there`s a startling amount of options TikTok gives you for interacting with each post. If you want to see more info about the account that posted each video, you can either click on the username toward the bottom of the video, or the top-right icon to follow the user.

You can also swipe to the left on the video to pull up the account`s profile page.

Clicking on a username will bring you to the account profile page, which isn`t so different from an Instagram profile. Here, you`re able to view all the videos posted by the user in a single feed, and check out the users other social accounts (marked by an icon like the YouTube play button or Instagram camera). In the top-right corner, you can easily share user profiles to social media, and toggle notifications for each user.

Certain profiles, like the one above, will be marked with checkmark icon. It works similarly to checkmarks on Twitter and Instagram signaling that you`re a verified figure, but TikTok also uses them to designate "popular creators" with hundreds of thousands — and even millions — of followers.

Sometimes when you go to a TikTok user`s profile, you`ll see a pink circle around the icon with a "Live" button. That indicates the user is live-streaming, a popular feature within TikTok that allows popular creators and influencers to interact directly with their fans. If you have notifications turned on for any users, you`ll get notified in your Inbox tab when they go live.

Musical.ly, TikTok`s predecessor, used to have a separate app dedicated to live-streaming called Live.ly. However, that app shut down when Musical.ly merged into TikTok, and now live-streaming can occur directly inside the same app.

In livestreams, users can add comments and emoji reactions. But more importantly, users can purchase "coins" on TikTok, which can be given to live-streamers — sort of like a tip.

These live-streaming gift add-ons alone have brought in more than 100 million in revenue for TikTok, according to data from mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Back in your news feed, videos will often be posted with hashtags in their descriptions. Clicking on these hashtags will lead you to individual landing pages, where you can find the number of videos using that hashtag and see just how viral it`s went on the platform. You can click on the "save" button to bookmark a certain hashtag for easy tracking in the future.

Hashtags that have been recognized as viral movements may have TikTok-given descriptions explaining a bit more what users have been using the hashtag for.  So although #plankton has apparently been used more than 13 million times, it doesn`t have the same clout as trending hashtags that have hundreds of millions of uses.

For TikTok, each posted video requires the use of a "soundtrack." That doesn`t mean you can`t record your own sound — it`ll be denoted as "original sound," which makes publicly available for others to use by clicking on the music track located at the bottom of a video. In turn, for your own videos, you can overlay them with popular music for lip-syncing videos, or for tracks that have been meme`d — like this "Rich boy check" audio.

The "rich boy check" meme has been used almost 138 million times on TikTok by users showing off their opulence and wealth, and others in turn satirizing that privilege with parody videos.

All of the content that you save on TikTok — videos, hashtags, sounds, and video effects — lives in a bookmark tab that`s found on your profile.

The bookmark feature making it easy to find the latest posts under trending viral memes, keep track of  your favorite videos, and save sounds you want to use for yourself in the future.

Now, for creating your own content. To create a TikTok video, click on black square in the middle of the menu bar. Doing so will open up your camera and all of the features available to use within your video.

TikTok offers a number of templates for users to draw inspiration and ideas for creating videos. TikTok users have gone to great lengths with their videos to create masterpieces that I still have yet to figure out how they were made.

TikTok videos can go up to 60 seconds in length. The endless number of features you can apply to content makes it easy to make personalized videos — you can slow down or speed up your video, add Snapchat-like effects, and record and stitch together multiple clips.

Instead of turning to the numerous apps out there for tech-savvy photo and video editing, TikTok lets you do custom editing in the app itself. Adding effects and special touches is easy, which makes the app even more accessible for its younger users.

When it comes time to add a sound, TikTok has a vast library to find music, from snippets of the latest hits, to TV show theme songs, to clips from movies. If there`s a sound you want but it`s not in the library, that`s where your "saved" tab comes in, where you can add your own spin on someone else`s soundtrack.

If you decide you don`t want to add someone else`s sound until later, that`s okay — TikTok lets you play with the volume, so you can mute your own sound and add a soundtrack on top after recording.

Once you create your video (like this one of me watching the US women`s soccer team play in the World Cup at work), there are even more effects at your disposal. Here you can trim your video as you want, add transition effects for between video clips, and add stickers and text similar to those on Instagram Stories.

These numerous effects have led to the creation of memes, like the "Karma is a b---h" challenge and this super cool subway ride warp.

Once you`re done creating your video, you`ll be sent to a screen where you can control how your video is used. Just like Instagram, you can add hashtags and friend mentions. You can also choose video-by-video whether you want the post to be public, private, or visible to friends only.

You can also choose whether to make your video available for duet and react videos, which is how TikTok enables users to collaborate and interact with each other in video form.

Outside of creating videos, TikTok also allows for users to create two other kinds of videos: "reacts" and "duets." With a "duet,"on the left, users can add to already existing videos can add their own commentary and effects to existing videos online. With a "React" (on the right), videos are similar to reaction videos found on YouTube where your video is minimized into the corner of an existing one.

You can find some good examples of TikTok duets and reacts on YouTube.

In order to create a Duet or React video, click on the arrow that appears on any TikTok video. If the user has enabled duets and reaction videos, you`ll find the options in the menu that pops up.

Remember, this is only a comprehensive overview of what TikTok can do. With the number of features that extend across the app, TikTok can be incredibly overwhelming to the unsuspecting user. But with more than a billion people using the app, there`s likely a niche area of TikTok somewhere on the platform just for you.

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