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Face ID

When Apple introduced the iPhone X at its latest event on Tuesday, it touted its new Face ID biometric authentication system as one of the phone`s exclusive features. However, the first demo on stage seemingly failed to work properly.

When Apple engineering SVP Craig Federighi grabbed the iPhone X on stage, he looked at it and waited for Face ID to authenticate him. However, the phone blocked him out, and required a passcode.

He went on to use a backup device, which then worked effortlessly.

People naturally assumed that this had something to do with Face ID, or the iPhone X itself, and a stream of "Apple FAIL!" posts went up on the internet.

Apple Face ID FAIL

However, the reality of it is a little different.

If you look closer at the demo iPhone X Federighi was using on stage, you can read the revealing sentence yourself.

It says: "Your passcode is required to enable Face ID" — meaning that Face ID was not active at all the moment Federighi picked the brand new iPhone up.

So Face ID itself didn`t actually fail; the reason why the demo didn`t go as planned, however, may be the one thing you can blame Apple for.

Face ID Apple Event

Speaking with Apple representatives, Yahoo`s David Pogue was able to confirm that the device disabled Face ID after multiple failed attempts at recognising Federighi`s face.

Apple employees were setting up the demo unit before the presentation, and didn`t realise that, while doing so, Face ID was actively working and trying to find its owner`s face.

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