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  • California lawmakers have approved a landmark bill that could force Uber, Lyft and other companies reclassify independent contractors as employees.
  • Assembly Bill 5 passed in a 29-11 vote in the State Senate and now heads to the State Assembly, where it is expected to pass and then be signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.
  • The move could affect over 1 million workers in California.
  • Three companies likely to be affected by the move — Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash — are now planning a 90 million push for a 2020 ballot proposal if the bill is signed into law. 
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California`s State Senate on Tuesday approved a landmark bill that would force gig-economy companies like Uber, Lyft and others to treat many workers as employees instead of independent contractors, potentially devastating their business and drastically altering the ride-hailing industry as we know it. 

Assembly Bill 5, which will codify a three-part test for determining worker status as written in a recent court decision, passed in a 29-11 vote and will head back to the State Assembly where it`s expected to pass once again.

Following that formality, it will head to Gov. Gavin Newsom`s desk to be signed into law before the legislature goes into recess on Friday. Newsom previously indicated support for the move, saying that tech companies and other employers are eroding worker`s basic protections like "minimum wage, paid sick days, and health insurance benefits."

The landmark move could affect over 1 million workers in California.

Lyft, which is planning a 90 million fight against the new rules should they pass alongside Uber and DoorDash, said it was disappointed in lawmakers.

"Today, our state`s political leadership missed an important opportunity to support the overwhelming majority of rideshare drivers who want a thoughtful solution that balances flexibility with an earnings standard and benefits," a representative said. "The fact that there were more than 50 industries carved out of AB5 is very tellin. We are fully prepared to take this issue to the voters of California to preserve the freedom and access drivers and riders want and need."

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In a blog post last week, the company outlined its proposed compromise it hopes to reach with politicians and labor leaders. 

"That is why we have been at the table in California — with other rideshare companies, lawmakers, the Governor`s office, and labor unions — to propose a truly innovative framework that we believe would preserve Uber`s key benefit for drivers (flexibility) and key benefit for riders (reliability), while improving the quality and security of independent work," the company said. 

Lorena Gonzales, the bill`s sponsor, praised the Senate for finally passing the bill. 

"The State Senate made it clear: your business cannot game the system by misclassifying its workers,"  the Democrat said in a statement. "As lawmakers, we will not in good conscience allow free-riding businesses to continue to pass their own business costs onto taxpayers and workers. It`s our job to look out for working men and women, not Wall Street and their get-rich-quick IPOs."

The law, which would take effect January 1 if signed by the Governor, would codify a three-part test that would determine a worker`s status as an employee or independent contractor. That test says a worker is an employee unless the employer proves that: 

(A): The worker is "free from the control and direction" of the company that hired them while they perform their work.

(B): The worker is performing work that falls "outside the hiring entity`s usual course or type of business."

(C): The worker has their own independent business or trade beyond the job for which they were hired.

Several companies that rely on contract workers, including Uber, Lyft, and the delivery service DoorDash, have pledged 30 million for a ballot initiative that would exempt themselves from the bill should it become law, The New York Times reported last month.

Gonzalez has said she does not predict a successful compromise with the companies.

"Just pay your damn workers!" she wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

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