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Light phone

Here`s an experiment: Try to remember the last time you purposely left the house without your smartphone.

If you`re having trouble coming up with an answer, you`re not alone — and you`re exactly the type of person the makers of the Light Phone are targeting.

The Light Phone is the anti-smartphone. It does two things and two things only: It sends calls and receives them.

It doesn`t text, it doesn`t connect to Twitter, and it doesn`t have a camera. All you`re able to do with the Light Phone is have your calls sent to it via call forwarding and program in 10 speed dials. Light`s founders actually say the phone is designed to be used "as little as possible." 

So why would a company build a product it doesn`t really want you to use? Easy: To help cure smartphone addiction.

I tested the Light Phone — which costs 150 — to see if I could leave my phone at home and "go Light." It was a lot harder than I thought. 

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Productivity...but at the cost of connectivity

I decided to begin testing the Light Phone during a work day to see if it made me more productive.

That was a huge mistake. 

For starters, I write about tech for a living and half my job is to cover apps. So testing out a phone during work where you physically can`t download an app was extremely stupid of me. 

Light phone

Here`s a sampling of my notes during the first few hours I spent using the phone:

10:46 a.m. So far so good. It`s way less distracting to have this little guy on my desk instead of having my phone light up constantly with emails, alerts, doubled up Slack messages, etc.

11:17 a.m. OK except now I need to look up something in the App Store aaaaand I can’t


11:27 a.m. The smartwatch I’m trying to review isn’t working, and I need my phone to reconnect the Bluetooth. I’m officially useless at work.  

Clearly, my first day didn`t go very well. 

It quickly became apparent that the Light Phone isn`t necessarily designed to be used during the work day, at least for people who have a job like mine. 

Still, there`s something to be said about minimizing your distractions during the day. If I`d been working on something else the day I tested it, like writing a long feature story, the Light Phone would have been the perfect tool for keeping me focused. 

Before the know-it-alls get all worked up: Yes, I know you can use the "Do Not Disturb" setting on your iPhone. I`m fully aware you can also put your phone out of your line of sight, or in your bag, or in a drawer. But having a tool that keeps you connected but isn`t constantly lighting up, ringing, vibrating, or otherwise pulling your focus is much more effective. 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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